12 Reasons Why Baby Cries at Night Suddenly 2021

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It’s the wee hours of the night and everybody is sound asleep, including you which has just fallen asleep 30 minutes ago after soothing your fussy baby.

Then, you’ll hear another hysterical cry from your 3-month-old baby which has made you jump from the bed again. This happens almost every night and you are always asking the universe, “When will this ever end?”.

Don’t you worry, mommy! In this article, you will be enlightened as to Why Baby Cries at Night Suddenly.

According to a study by Antonia Reuter et al., it is important for parents to establish good sleeping routines for babies to decrease the likelihood of having long-lasting problems in settling your child to sleep.

For us, moms, it is honestly frustrating and exhausting to be sleep deprived for months, especially if you are still recovering from giving birth; but we really have no choice but to calm and soothe our babies out of our unconditional love. Let’s run down the reasons why your little one cries at night with some solutions to help you out of course!

Reasons why babies cry at night

1. I’m Hungry, Mommy…Again!

I’m Hungry, Mommy…Again!

One of the most common reasons why baby cries at night suddenly is because their little tummies are again, hungry! During the first three months of life, expect your cutie little one to nurse and feed every 2 to 3 hours round the clock. He would never care how much you are dying to have a decent sleep! You can recognize the hungry cry when you hear a short, low-pitched cry that rises and falls.

How to Soothe:

Breastfeed the baby or offer him a bottle, whichever is your routine. You can also offer him a pacifier if he has just been fed and is still crying. Babies usually need something to suck on every now and then to soothe themselves.

2. The Dreaded Colic

The Dreaded Colic

Another reason of why baby cries at night suddenly maybe Colic. Is your baby crying for more than 3 hours in a day, for 3 or more days in a week, even if he is healthy and well-fed? Then your baby must have colic! There are usually no definite causes for this condition.

I know you are so desperate to have even just a day without crying, but don’t you worry amazing mama! This condition is usually overgrown by your baby when he reaches 3 to 4 months of age.

There are no definite reasons why babies experience this condition but some theories include a growing digestive system, gas on their tummies, oversensitivity or overstimulation, or he’s just a moody baby ☺. You can also notice that your baby is experiencing colic when he cries in a high-pitched voice, his face turns red as he cries, his belly bulges, and his legs are bunched up to his tummy.

How to Soothe:

You can try to rock your baby to create a secure and warm feeling for him. You can also use white noises like running the dishwasher or vacuum to lull them to sleep. It is never bad to ask for another helping hand if you are getting tired and frustrated. You got this mommy! In case you notice that your little one is crying more excessively and you feel like something is wrong, you can always visit his pediatrician for a piece of professional advice.

3. Babies Get Overtired to Even Go to Sleep Too

Babies Get Overtired to Even Go to Sleep Too

One of the reason why baby cries at night suddenly might be oversleeping. Have you just been to grandma’s house and all of your little bubba’s aunts and uncles can never stop cuddling and talking to him for hours and now it’s the middle of the night and your baby is crying hysterically? Mommy, your cute little sunshine is probably overtired from all the activities that he has gone through the day.

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When a baby is overtired, he is simply exhausted to even go to sleep and his stress-response has been activated. You can prevent this by making sure that your little one gets adequate rest depending on his age:

  • Newborns should not be awake for more than 45 minutes
  • 6-month old babies can handle 2 hours of awake time
  • Toddlers should only be awake for 4-5 hours

How to Soothe:

If you have a newborn, you can try to swaddle him to mimic the feeling of the womb and make him feel more secure. If you have an older baby, a walk with a stroller or a change of scenery might do a magic trick!

4. I Get Nightmares Too, Mommy!

I Get Nightmares Too, Mommy!

Nightmares could also possibly the reason why baby cries at night suddenly. Babies can get lonely and scared even at their very young age. They also get nightmares and waking up alone at night after having a bad dream makes them cry even more. It might seem unusual that babies get nightmares but they indeed do! All he needs is the safety of your arms around him to lull him back to sleep and get those monsters away.

How to Soothe:

A gentle talk and a soothing cuddle can make your baby calm down and fall back to sleep. You can stay with him for a few minutes so he would not feel lonely until he falls into a deep sleep.

5. What Did I Eat?

What Did I Eat?

Why baby cries at night suddenly can also be associated with allergies. If your child is under 6 months of age and you are exclusively breastfeeding him, the type of food that you eat can be passed through your little one. So you have got to make sure that you are not eating anything that may cause allergies to your little ones like cow’s milk, nuts, wheat, or other foods.

How to Soothe:

After knowing the reason why baby cries at night suddenly, follow this tip to soothe them properly:

If you think your baby has food allergies, it is always best to talk to his pediatrician. If you are breastfeeding, the doctor may advise you to restrict certain foods to avoid passing it onto your little one. If your baby is taking the formula, the doctor may advise you to change his formula milk into a hypoallergenic one.

6. Hot or Cold?

Hot or Cold?

Another reason why baby cries at night suddenly is that the room temperature is either too hot or too cold for him. Adults feel hotness and coldness as they sleep and we tend to adjust the room temperature for us to have a comfy sleep but for babies, they need your help in making the temperature comfortable.

How to Soothe:

After knowing the reason why baby cries at night suddenly, follow this tip to soothe them properly:

Check the nape of your baby’s neck to check if he is sweating or feeling cold. Flushed cheeks and rapid breathing can be a sign of overheating. You can also feel his hands and feet to know if the room temperature is too cold.

7. My Heart is Burning!

My Heart is Burning!

Another common reason why baby cries at night suddenly is having heartburn. If your baby cries so loud after he has just been fed, he must have been having heartburn. This can happen mostly to breastfed babies. If your little sunshine is bottle-fed, make sure to use anti-colic bottles that prevents your baby from sucking on too much air.

How to Soothe:

After knowing the reason why baby cries at night suddenly, follow this tip to soothe them properly:

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Make sure to burp your baby after every feeding. You can also feed them while they are in a slanted position to make sure that the milk won’t go back up. Also, try staying away from smoking cigarettes, and your pediatrician may advise you to get your baby a thicker formula.

8. Teeth Coming Right Up

Teeth Coming Right Up

Teething can also be one of the reasons why baby cries at night suddenly. It is indeed painful for your little ball of sunshine as each new tooth pushes right up through his young gums. This can vary for different babies as some may be a lot fussier at night when teething begins and others do not seem to feel anything at all! You can try to check his gums with your clean fingers and see if you feel a little hard bump underneath.

How to Soothe:

After knowing the reason why baby cries at night suddenly, follow this tip to soothe them properly:

Offer your baby a teething toy to help him scratch his itchy gums on it so he can be a little more comfortable with his current situation. You can also purchase some teething gels to help relieve the pain and give him a soothing feeling as he sleeps.

9. Stick to the Routine

Stick to the Routine

Another reason why baby cries at night suddenly maybe something changed on the way you do the bedtime routine tonight, or you are in another place. If this is currently happening, your baby might be routine crying. Routine crying is usually attributed when something on the little cutie’s normal sleep habits has been disrupted or change and he’s not used to the new kind of situation.

How to Soothe:

After knowing the reason why baby cries at night suddenly, follow this tip to soothe them properly:

Like all that we have mentioned earlier, you can bring your baby back to sleep by rocking, cuddling or swaddling him. White noise can also be useful while doing body contact so he knows you’re there with him through the night.

10. Getting Excited with New Milestones While Sleeping

Getting Excited with New Milestones While Sleeping

Getting excited about milestones can also be one of the reasons why baby cries at night suddenly. Your baby might have just started to learn how to roll over, sit up straight, crawl, and stand. All of these new milestones are indeed exciting, but not during sleep. These milestones can be wired as they sleep. One example is when a baby learned how to roll but not rolling over to the other side yet, he might still do this action while he sleeps and ends up crying because he couldn’t roll back! Of course, we cannot stop them from moving but we can help them get back to sleep.

How to Soothe:

After knowing the reason why baby cries at night suddenly, follow this tip to soothe them properly:

Lay your baby flat and comfortable as soon as he gets back to sleep. You can also try putting him back to his cot when he is sleepy but still awake so that he knows that he is safe on his bed. Never forget the warmth of your arms to get him back to sleep too, and patience! ☺

11. Separation Anxiety

why baby cries at night suddenly

Some babies at a specific stage – especially around 8 months, may experience separation anxiety which leads them to become more clingy who always want your attention. They’ll more likely play tantrums and howl when you leave them even just for a minute. 

This separation anxiety is one of the common reasons why your baby wakes up in the middle of the night as they were longing for your presence. 

How to Soothe:

After knowing the reason why baby cries at night suddenly, follow this tip to soothe them properly:

You don’t want them to be dependent on you and cling all the time as you’ll pretty much be left with a lot of work and chores to do if you’ll always give them the attention that they want. The best step to help them overcome this stage in their lives is to give them sleep training and let them soothe themselves so they can go back to sleep on their own without needing any help from you. 

12. Ear Infection

reason why baby cries at night suddenly

Ear Infection can also be one of the reason why baby cries at night suddenly. If you’re having trouble in determining what is the reason why your baby is crying, he/she might be experiencing some kind of ear infection which can hurt a lot especially during the night as lying down can cause pressure change within the ear. 

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How to Soothe:

After knowing the reason why baby cries at night suddenly, follow this tip to soothe them properly:

Aside from following the prescribed medication from your baby’s doctor, you should also ask your baby’s pediatrician for some ways to elevate your baby’s head while sleeping or other forms of pain reliefs to help your baby feel better and refrain from crying in the middle of the night. 

Baby sleep patterns

Babies’ sleeping patterns differ depending on what month they are. Newborn babies are known to be reckless sleepers and tend to sleep for about 16 to 20 hours a day since their internal clocks aren’t functioning fully. 

After this stage, babies will then sleep for four to five hours simultaneously until they become used to eight to nine hours of sleep during the night. You baby will get to use to the normal sleeping pattern as they age. 

How can I prevent night wakings?

Whatever the reason for your baby who suddenly cries at night, here are some of the tips on how you can help your baby soothe and minimize waking up in the middle of the night. 

  • Develop a good sleeping routine. Having a good sleeping routine works in letting your child sleep continuously at night. You can prepare them for about 30 to 45 minutes before bedtime. Whether you want to read them books or sing with them a lullaby they’ll eventually feel sleepy. 
  • Feed him a lot during the day. Let your babies finish their last bottle of milk within the day before bedtime to let them refrain from getting hungry in the middle of the night.
  • Don’t habiduate them to play at night. Never allow your baby to play at night especially if it’s already near bedtime. Dim lights and lie down with them until they become sleepy. You must also refrain from changing their diapers while they’re asleep as they’ll pretty much wake up if they feel it. 
  • Never skip naps. It may sound like a good thought to skip daytime naps for babies who often wake up in the middle of night, but actually it will never be a good idea in real life. This nap is crucial in keeping your baby healthy and maintaining a good sleeping routine. 

Why Baby Cries at Night Suddenly: FAQs

When to call a doctor 

Here are some of the signs on when you should be calling your baby’s doctor if all of the soothing methods recommended doesn’t feel them better:
– Your baby cries out in pain
– Sudden changes on your baby’s sleep pattern
– Sleep problems occur consecutively and interrupt your baby’s function
– There may be feeding problems like not getting enough breast milk or having a milk formula sensitivity. 
If you feel like your baby isn’t getting better after following all of the possible steps in soothing them, it’s best to seek advice from a pediatrician to help you determine the reason for your baby’s issue in waking up in the middle of the night. 

How do I soothe my baby while they’re still sleeping? 

Soothing your baby while they’re still asleep requires a lot of attention on what may be happening with them – they may be needing a diaper change, hungry, or they’re hurting. You should respond quickly on what they need quietly without needing any unnecessary noises to make it clear for them that nighttime is all about sleeping. 

Does Colic only happen at night?

Colic can be experienced by your babies anytime, day or night. However, in most cases, babies often feel this in the afternoon or at night at the same time on most days. Most parents refer to this as the “witching hour”.

How can I calm my baby at night?

Always lay your baby down on her crib after they have fallen asleep. Calm them by playing a soft baby sound to keep your babies sleep undisturbed. You should also avert them from places where loud music and unnecessary noise is as they can be irritated when they hear these noise. 

Yes, babies can suddenly cry at night

Having a long night with a crying baby can sometimes be a misery. There are other things that cause your baby to wake up crying at night but one thing is for sure: this is temporary. As long as your little sunshine is growing healthily, all of these will go to the past. Eventually, he will sleep on his own without your help.

Never feel guilty about being exhausted and frustrated because you are not perfect too, but we all know that you’re always trying your best to give this new tiny human all the love and care he needs.

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