Where to get FREE Birthday Gifts?

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where to get free birthday gifts

It’s the best day ever because it is your birthday! Hooray! Congratulations to your another year of existence and wisdom! I am sure everyone awaits a perfect way to celebrate their birthdays, so why not get a free birthday gift to your favorite restaurant or store? Nothing to worry, we will make your birthday the best one because we will guide you through Where to Get Free Birthday Gifts!

What will make this article even more exciting is you can get endless options on where to get your gift! From restaurants to shops, you can visit everything that you can on the list to make your special day memorable and full of presents! Let’s start the party now!


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Free Birthday Food 2020

A birthday would not be special without a celebration with your favorite food. But what if you can get a freebie on your favorite restaurant on your special day? That is now possible with all the listed gifts for you on all the restaurants that we can gather. Step up your cravings and get some complimentary food as an excellent reward for another awesome year for you!

There’s nothing better than the Mexican cuisine of Abuelo’s once you get your special gift on your birthday! Just sign up for the Mi Abuelo’s Rewards program to receive your gift.

The best way to start your birthday is with free coffee. Get one from Au Bon Pain through signing up on their reward program.

Join their e-club to get your free birthday gift so that you can enjoy your big day even more!

Get a free root beer float on your special day once you sign up for A&W All American Food’s Mug Club!

Enjoy a sweet treat from Applebee’s on your birthday once you sign up on their email club! Please be reminded that if you’re going with your birthday guests, reservations are not available. They are first-come, first-serve, so dine early!

Dig into Arby’s signature sandwiches and get a free milkshake on your birthday! Just register with Arby’s email list, and you are all set!

Download the Pretzel Perks App, where you can earn points on your way to getting a free pretzel! You also get to enjoy something extra special on your birthday.

Who doesn’t love ice cream on their birthday? The famous ice cream chain’s Birthday Club members get to have a free scoop of ice cream, including a special discount on a birthday cake!

Grab a hearty free meal from Bd’s Mongolian Grill once you sign up on their eClub. Plus, you get additional $5 off on your next visit!

If you have a kid, take them to Barnes & Noble’s after you sign them up on their Kids’ Club. They get to have a free cupcake on their birthday! In addition to that, your kids are entitled to get 30% off on any kids’ book offered by this restaurant.

Complete your birthday with a free biscuit from Bojangles’. Join their E-Club and enjoy a tasty Bo-Berry Biscruit on your special day!

Brio Tuscan Grille will surprise you with free food as a greeting on your fantastic day! Sign up for their newsletter to get this perk.

Satisfy your cravings on your birthday with a B1G1 Entrée and a free dessert from Bennigan’s! Sign up now!

Who wants a $30 coupon on their birthday? If this is you, then sign up on the Chef’s Table and enjoy this coupon if you are hungry for Benihana on your birthday! You can also sign your kids up for a free birthday treat through Benihana’s Kabuki Program. They get to enjoy a surprise kiddie birthday meal and a free mug. What an exciting birthday present for your cute munchkin!

Another Buy One Get One offer for your birthday is from Bruster’s. You can get B1G1 Waffles for free using the Sweet Rewards Program.

The best birthday meal is about to be yours with a free steak dinner…yes, a STEAK DINNER from Black Angus Steakhouse! Just join the Prime Club to get this free meal on your first birthday as their member. It’s just that; you can only get this deal once for a lifetime. On the other hand, you can immediately get a free dessert once you join, so that’s still quite a deal, though.

  • Capital Grille
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At last, a birthday gift that does not require your email address is here! Simply dine in at Capital Grille on your birthday to get a complimentary dessert to end your sumptuous meal. You would end your birthday free of spams and emails!

Receive a buy-one-get-one-free coupon for Blizzard desserts from Cold Stone Creamery on your birthday! Just join the Blizzard Fan Club and enjoy it!

Be ready to wear a sombrero and get serenaded with a spirited birthday chant from Chevys Fresh Mex! You also get to enjoy a free birthday gift plus other special offers when you join their e-club.

  • Cheesecake Factory

Tell the waiter that it’s your birthday, but of course, prove it too! ☺ Then you’ll get a free bowl of ice cream, plus a song! Another free birthday gift without your email, yay!

Another free dessert offers at your favorite restaurant! Join Chili’s Rewards Program to get your complimentary dessert and end your big day with something sweet.

We’re all a fan of Dairy Queen’s blizzards so, make sure to join the Blizzard Fan Club! You will receive a blizzard treat on your special day.

Denny’s will treat you a hearty Grand Slam breakfast on your birthday once you join them!

Refresh your taste buds with a free Dippin’ Dots ice cream snack once you sign up for their Dot Crazy email club. Your taste buds will surely get crazy every time you taste their ice creams!

Del Taco will gift you their smooth and indulgent milkshakes that go very well with their tacos on your special day! The best thing is, you get to choose from Vanilla, Chocolate, or Strawberry. What a sweet way to celebrate your existence!

What’s better than a box of 12-piece chocolate-dipped fruits FREE on your birthday? Just sign up for the Edible Awards to get this sweet and healthy birthday present.

Subscribe on Famous Dave’s email newsletters, and get a FREE meal on your birthday! It’s simple to do, and you would get the best birthday meal ever!

Get the best tasting subs on your birthday for free from Firehouse Subs! You will get a free medium sub reward on your birthday, or within the following six days. Of course, you only get to get one! Sign your email up and get this delicious meal.

If you are looking for the best birthday cake for yourself, get it at Friendly’s and receive a $3 discount on your birthday cake. Register your email on their website to learn more.

If you are a member of the Fuddruckers Fudd Club (we know that it sounds like a tongue twister), you get to enjoy exclusive promotions and specials, and the best one is a BOGO burger on your birthday! Gobble up your two burgers because you deserve it on your big day.

If you always loved Godiva chocolates, then you should be a member of their rewards club. You can get free shipping on your chocolate orders, and you can indulge in a free birthday chocolate offer! There’s no better way to celebrate your happy day with chocolatey goodness from Godiva!

Who wants some wings on their birthday? Hooters got your finger-licking good wings on your birthday. Just make sure to sign up on Hootclub to get this offer. Plus, you get to have another $5 off on your first purchase of $25 or more just by signing up.

Get a $5 coupon on your birthday on Jason’s Deli! You must try out their new The Carmela sandwich, a hot and spicy Italian sandwich, which is packed with salami, pepperoni, ham, and melted creamy provolone! Are you now craving? Just sign up for their newsletter so to get the coupon on your big day!

Get a free sub and drink every year on your birthday from Jersey Mike’s Subs! Your birthday every year won’t be special without their free subs. Just create a My Mike’s account, and you are all set for your yearly sub reward!

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Catch some free appetizers once you sign your email upon Joe’s Catch. Have a delicious crabby meal at Joe’s Crab Shack on your birthday!

Being a member of the Rocket eClub is amazingly delicious! Why? Because you get to enjoy a free burger with a purchase of an entrée and drink. That’s a perfect combo for an excellent birthday movie because you can also enjoy a discounted movie ticket!

Another sizzling steakhouse restaurant is about to give you a free dessert on your birth month! All you need to do is to sign up for a Longhorn Account to get a free dessert of your choice during your cake day. Plus, you are also entitled to a free appetizer just by signing up.

The most famous fast-food chain in the world never forgets your birthday! Did you know that you can pick up a free Happy Meal on your birthday? That is right! Just sign up for McDonald’s newsletter and let the Happy Meal wish you a Happy Birthday!

If you haven’t tried out the pies on Marie Callender’s, then you must try out their featured lip-smacking Lemon Meringue Pie! Setting the cakes aside, you can get an exclusive birthday present once you sign up on their eClub!

The famous fondue restaurant would treat you six chocolate-covered strawberries on your birthday! That’s undoubtedly a mouthwatering gift to celebrate another year of awesomeness. Just register your email on the Club Fondue to receive email updates from the Melting Pot and get other fantastic fondue features.

Get a coupon for a free burrito on your burger, all thanks to Moe’s Southwest Grill. In addition to that, you get to enjoy a free cup of queso by just signing up. That liquid white gold and endless nachos are truly irresistible!

For your birthday dinner, you should try the Penne Rustica of Macaroni Grill. This pasta dish is made of roasted chicken, shrimp, prosciutto, rosemary cream, and parmesan cheese! Are you already drooling? Well, this restaurant will also treat you like a free dessert if you are a member of their email newsletter. That does not end to a free dessert because the crew will serenade you with a “Happy Birthday Song” in Italian! Buon compleanno!

Score some pizzalicious rewards on the famous Pizza Hut. Just be a member of the Hut Rewards Program to get some treats on your big day.

Craving for lobster? Treat yourself with fresh plates of seafood at Red Lobster! And since it is your birthday, you can receive a special birthday treat of your choices such as a petite lobseter and shrimp roll, a lobster and a langostino pizza, or your choice of dessert! Just join the Red Lobster Rewards Programs to avail of these. You would need to download the app to make your selection. Also, make sure to join the program ten days before your birthday.

Your daily coffeeshop get you a drink, on the house, on your birthday! You just need to register a Starbucks Prepaid Card with My Starbucks Rewards. Once you sign up, you are on your way to earning all sorts of perks, including a 15% off. Make sure to register a card 30 days before your birthday to receive your drink!

Are you thinking about the best birthday lunch? Get it at Subway! Sign up on the Subway MyWay Rewards Program to get something special on your big day!

Enjoy some hand-cut steaks along with a free appetizer on your birthday! If you want to get a memorable birthday, hop on the saddle and wave the napkin while the resto crew sings a Happy Yee-haw Birthday to you!

  • TGI Fridays

Sign up on the Fridays Rewards and get a free birthday dessert, which sometimes comes with sparklers even to sparkle up your birthday celebration.

Are you a Waffle House regular? Then register on the Waffle House Regular’s Club to get a free waffle on your birthday!

Free Birthday Clothing Discounts 2020

Luckily, some clothing brands offer a great birthday present to their valued customers. If you badly need a birthday outfit without having to rip off your cash, why not take advantage of your special day? We have listed down all the famous clothing lines that offer discounts and gifts for your birthday because we want you to look the best on your cake day! Let’s start shopping for a new selection on your wardrobe in these stores:

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Simply share your email address, and receive 15% off on your birthday month!

Once you join the Anthro Perks, you can have a lot of premium perks, plus a special treat on your birthday!

Get a funky and trendy outfit on your birthday at ASOS. If you register your email on the A-list rewards program, a 15% awaits you on your birthday outfit! You are also entitled to collect more points as you shop. Then, you can get a lot of other freebies and a free next-day delivery! Now, get your wardrobe ready and shop!

Another 15% off on your birthday awaits you at Top Man! If you sign up for the free Topman Newsletter, you get to enjoy the said discount via a unique code. Plus, you get another 10% off by just signing up! How awesome is that?

Get your favorite outdoor outfits, and enjoy a great time outside wearing your Columbia clothes. Feel comfortable as you enjoy a day out with a free 20% discount coupon on your birthday! Just sign up as a member, and you would know that it is worth it!

Partner up your outdoor clothes with shoes that are perfect for everyday use. The great thing about DSW is you can find a variety of shoes, aside from the regular running shoes! Plus, you can get a $5 coupon on your birthday.

We heard that you could get a free birthday coupon from Old Navy! Just register your email for their newsletter sign up page and enjoy your freebie!

If you are a member of the Express Next Program, you will get a free birthday gift right at your doorstep at the end of your birthday month! How sweet is that? We never know what surprise is this because their gifts change every season, so that makes it more exciting! You can either get a physical gift or a coupon to enjoy your birthday shopping.

  • Victoria’s Secret

Are you feeling like a Victoria’s Secret Angel? If you are, then sign up with their Angel Credit Card and receive a free birthday gift every single year! Of course, you have to use your card periodically to keep it active. If you are one great fan of their brand, then this is as easy as ABC. Oh, and by the way, you also get to have a $25 off on your first order as an Angel Credit cardholder.

Free Birthday Beauty Discounts 2020

Did you know that you can simply ask for a birthday gift at Sephora’s register? You heard it right! Make sure you are a Beauty Insider to be entitled to this freebie. We heard that the past gifts had included Marc Jacobs gel eyeliner, Fresh face cleanser, Tarte lip gloss, and a lot more.

Need new makeup? Sign up for Smashbox’s Rewards Program to receive a gift on your birth month. It’s a surprise, so we don’t have an idea of what Smashbox can give you this year!

Stock up on your makeup now because Ulta Beauty gives you 2x Bonus Points on all your purchases during your birth month. In addition to that, if you are registered on Ulta beauty emails, you get to receive a coupon for a free pretty present. This is one sure way to get more beautiful on your birthday!

Be the most fabulous birthday girl ever with a chic and fab birthday gift from Bare Minerals. Join the Friends and Benefits Program for this gift!

Other Free Birthday Gifts 2020

Simply sign up for the World Market Explorer Program and be ready for a birthday surprise!

Movie birthday date? Get a free birthday reward once you sign up for the Regal Crown Club. Plus, you also get to enjoy a free small popcorn when you opt-in to receive text messages from Regal Cinemas.

Is it your pet’s birthday? Give them an excellent treat once you sign their profile up to Palsrewards Program. Plus, you can also earn 1 point for every $1 spent!

Be a POP! (Perfectly Organized Perks) member to get your way into organizing everything in your apartment. As a POP! Member, you can start saving on fab organizational products, plus a birthday freebie!


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