What to Pack in a Hospital Bag for Baby

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Meeting a new addition to the family is definitely exciting, but before heading out to the hospital it is important to bring a full packed hospital bag. Going into labor is definitely not an easy thing that is why expecting mothers can give birth comfortably and lessen the hassle and stress if both she and their baby’s things are properly prepared ahead of time.

It is important to pack your hospital bag a few weeks before your due date to avoid forgetting the essentials for you baby. It is advised to also check with the hospital on what you are allowed to bring especially if you want to make your area more personal such as by bringing your own pillows for example. It is advisable to have your hospital bag ready between 32 to 35 weeks of pregnancy

To help you prepare during labor, birth and even postpartum, here are a few suggestions on what to pack in a hospital bag for baby.

Top 12 Baby Stuff that you need to pack in your Hospital Bag

1. Newborn Baby Clothes

Dress your newborn baby in this soft and comfortable baby clothes. It is made from high quality cotton that is safe for your baby’s delicate skin.

Newborn Baby Clothes
Price: $13.23

It super soft and does not shrink even after washing. The round collar is designed for your baby’s neck comfort. The snap button fastener makes it easy to check and change diapers.

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2. Newborn Cloth Diapers

Start making a conscious effort in saving the environment with your newborn with this reusable cloth diapers. Available in different fun and cute patterns, these cloth diapers are soft, breathable and waterproof.

Newborn Cloth Diapers
Price: $4.08

It has a leakage prevention system and is made from BPA free, polyester product. The hook and loop closure are adjustable and secure. These cloth diapers will surely save you from spending money buying different sized diapers every time your newborn grows out of their current size.

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3. Muslin Blankets

Blankets are one of the most important things to pack in a hospital bag. It has multipurpose use such as a swaddle for the baby and a nursing cover during feeding sessions.

Muslin Blankets
Price: $3.66

These blankets are made from high density soft cotton material making it durable and safe for your baby. It can also be used as a cloth diaper if ever you packed the wrong size for the baby. It comes in different colorful patterns that would surely go with your other baby items.

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4. Baby Wet Wipes

Another must-have in your hospital bag is a reliable unscented baby wet wipe. These wipes are pearl grained and non-woven. It does not contain any fragrance, pigments and alcohol. It has a low pH level making it safe to use for your baby’s skin.

Baby Wet Wipes
Price: $1.26

Compared to tissues and hand towels, wet wipes are much gentler to the baby’s skin. It can be used for easy handwashing and instant cleaning.

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5. Newborn Cap

Perfect to give warmth to your baby and protect them from the cold environment, these adorable newborn caps are made from 100% cotton and is available in different colors and design.

Newborn Cap
Price: $0.69

Caps and hats have a comforting effect to newborns just as a swaddle does. It makes them snuggle right in and feel secure because of the warm feeling it gives. Keep your baby warm and cozy with these newborn caps.

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6. Newborn Socks and Mittens

Another item to help you baby keep warm are newborn socks/booties and mittens. There are times when babies are born with long fingernails and I may take a while before parents can get a hang on trimming their nails without harm.

Newborn Socks and Mittens
Price: $3.20

Mittens are a perfect solution so that your babies can avoid accidentally scratching their faces. Socks/booties on the other hand makes your baby’s feet warm and makes an officially going-home outfit look cute and complete.

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7. Newborn washcloth

What makes newborn washcloth different from a normal washcloth is that they are made much softer and sometimes a lot thicker. It is safe to use in wiping your newborn baby’s face and body making a quick bath time easier.

Newborn washcloth
Price: $3.67

Its small and compact size is suitable for reaching small creases and folds of your child’s body. These l,lkkwashcloths are made from 1l00% cotton and do not have any rough and scratchy surface.

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8. Hooded Baby Bath Towel

Hooded towels are recently becoming a must have. Babies can feel super comfy while drying off. The hooded part makes it easier for their hair dry more quickly. It is made from 100% cotton material which makes it durable and super absorbent.

Hooded Baby Bath Towel
Price: $10.41

This towel can also be used as a receiving cloth after giving birth or act as another layer of comforting blanket to keep your baby warm. Hooded towels can also back up as a swaddle in case you forgot to bring one.

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9. Newborn Feeding Bottle

Not all mother and babies can become comfortable with direct breastfeeding right away. Bringing an emergency feeding bottle can come in handy. Mothers can pump their milk first and transfer it to these feeding bottles if they cannot get the hang of breastfeeding yet.

Newborn Feeding Bottle
Price: $1.81

It is also a good start for practice especially if you are going to introduce you baby to formula milk. It is safe and easy to clean and suitable for newborns.

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10. Baby Car Seat

Upon leaving the hospital, the baby should be put on a car seat or a baby carrier to give temporary and partial relief to the mother who recently gave birth.

Studies show that a properly installed car seat deceases the risk of fatal injury by 71% for infants. It is proven to provide lifesaving and injury-reducing benefits to child passengers. This baby car seat can also be transformed into a reliable baby carrier and stroller making it the perfect tool for a stress-free travel with your baby. This may not fit your bag but it is surely important to bring one.

Baby Car Seat
Price: $89.12

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11. Portable Milk Powder Formula Dispenser

This carefully designed formula dispenser has a revolving cover. It has a good seal which ensures that the content will not spill on your bags. It has a detachable compartment that lets you store the milk powder in 3 portions.

Portable Milk Powder Formula Dispenser
Price: $2.24

Aside from milk powder, this dispenser can be used to store fruits bites and other snacks that parents may need during their hospital stay. It is available in pink, blue and yellow colors.

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12. Going Home Outfit

Made from high quality materials that does not harm your baby’s skin. These cute rompers will make your baby look more stylish and cuter. It can be used as the perfect going home outfit for your baby.

When preparing for an outfit, it is advisable to pack in different sizes because you will never know how big or small the baby would be. A newborn size and one that fits 0-3 months is a good option.

 Going Home Outfit
Price: $0.01

It is always better to come into the hospital well prepared with what your baby needs as soon as he or she enters the world. But aside from these baby needs, parents especially moms should come in prepared too. A list of other important things is listed below:

  • Insurance, birthing plans and other paper works: Having a printed copy of these important document makes it easier for doctors and other medical staff give you the services that you and your baby needs. Other important documents such as medical records, id and insurance are usually one of the first few things that will be asked from you.
  • Robe: After giving birth, a soft bathrobe can make newly birthed mothers feel calm and more at ease. It also makes pacing around the hospital more comfortable.
  • Nursing Bra: Bringing 2 or 3 nursing bras is okay especially if you are planning to breast feed your child.
  • Toiletries: Bringing travel sized shampoo, deodorant, lip balm, toothbrush and toothpaste will make you feel fresh before and after giving birth.
  • Books and gadgets: Waiting for your baby may sometimes take a few more hours than expected. A gadget or a good book to read will make the waiting time more bearable for both you and your partner.
  • Snacks and Water: Hospital food may not be available all the time and it might not suit your palate too. Labor may also take some time too. It is good to bring your favorite comfort snack will help you feel at ease after giving birth. You might want to check with your doctor if you are allowed to eat or drink anything while in labor.

Getting Ready for your Baby’s Arrival

It may get a little overwhelming to think and choose which items to bring from your baby shower is essential during the trip to the hospital or birth center. This hospital checklist covers almost anything that you need to bring in your hospital for you and your baby.

Preparing for these things help parents avoid scrambling around the house and risk forgetting important items for hospital needs. It maybe a good idea to also leave a few spaces in your bags just in case you need to bring home anything from the hospital.


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