What Size Comes After 5t?

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What size comes after 5t

First time buying clothes for your kids? Tired of browsing the rack at the shopping mall’s children’s section to look for the exact 5t size? What is the difference between just buying a regular size 5 with size 5t? 

Read along and get acquainted with practical tips and knowing the guide on children’s clothing, what really is 5t, what size comes after the 5t size, when to buy new clothes for your kids, what are its counterparts or specifications in other measurement units and terms of height, weight, waist and chest measurement, and a lot more!


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A Quick Guide on Children’s Clothing

What Size Comes After 5t?

It is every parent’s ultimate goal to find clothes for their children that will perfectly fit their small and delicate bodies. Providing them with the perfect clothes is also providing them with comfort so they can perform at their best, whether it’s for playing, learning, or even sleeping! Clothing that perfectly fits and makes them look good and comfy is a dream for parents to see, most especially for moms!

Below are the basic sizing categories which you will usually see whenever you shop or the ones being plugged in children’s clothing advertisements:

  • Baby (Preemie, 0-24 months)
  • Toddler (2T-6T)
  • Little Kid (4-6X)
  • Big Kid or Tween (7-16) 
  • Extended sizing (18-20)

These sizing categories can be further defined by age in months, weight, and height. It is very important to take note of your kid/s’ weight and height as clothing brands usually vary in fitting in terms of just referring to your kid/s’ age in months.

Reading and Understanding the T sizing categories for Toddlers

Understanding how the T sizing works should not make you all sweaty. The number before “T” indicates the age of your kid/s. 2T, for example, should fit the average-sized children at two (2) years of age.

Although this size, for some brands, also coincides with twenty-four (24) months sizing which will leave you wondering that aren’t these ages the same? Well, it’s a Yes but in children’s clothing size, it’s a No. According to ©MomLovesBest, “In the case of a single age on a label, such as 24 months, that indicates the item is for a child of up to 24 months.

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Height41 to 43.5 inches104 to 111 centimeters
Weight38 to 44 pounds17 to 20 kilograms
Chest23 to 25 inches58 to 64 centimeters
Waist21 to 22.5 inches53 to 57 centimeters

When it comes to 2T, it indicates that the item is for a child of 2 years old. In a more practical sense, T sizes are usually made in slimmer fits as compared to sizing categories indicated in month sizes. However, this does not go the same when comparing the regular 5 sizes with the 5T size.

Clothes labeled with the 5T size, most especially for bottoms and pull-ups, are usually made bigger and longer to give allowance so they can still fit even if your kids are still wearing their diapers and in the process of potty training. To give you a more clear visualization of the 5T size, here are its average specifications in height, weight, chest, and waist:

These measurements are the best reference when buying from shops like Walmart, Target, Old Navy, and Carter’s as these shops use these measurements as their basis. There are some instances where size 5T is almost as close as Size 6 but this is not always the case, very few brands make their 5T sizes almost the same as Size 6. Most brands make Size 6 a lot bigger and longer as compared to 5T size making it the next size coming after 5T. 

Some kids best fit with a 5T top and a size 6 bottom. Here’s a quick guide from ©BrightColorMom on choosing tops and bottoms once your kid/s belong in this type of sizing:

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When your kid/s outgrow the 5T size but is still not well-fitted to size 6, your next option would be the size ⅘ as they usually have the same length although not all brands with ⅘ sizes have a generic width.You can never go wrong buying size 6 pants once your kid/s cannot wear their 5T pants and bottoms anymore.This can be tricky as they are not the same with the shirt and pants’ sizing.
*Refer to further Tables below to find the best fit of underwears for your kid/s

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Average Girls’ Underwear Size Chart

SizeWaist SizeWeight
421 inches28 to 38 pounds
622 inches39 to 49 pounds
823 inches50 to 67 pounds

Average Boys’ Underwear Size Chart

SizeWaist SizeWeight
4 to 522 inches34 to 43 pounds
6 to 822.5 to 24.5 inches44 to 68 pounds

In non-American clothing sizes, like those with British brands, their sizing categories are dependent on age while sizing categories in Sweden use the centimeter unit of measurement which is usually based on the kid/s’ height data. 

For a particular Swedish clothing brand, namely Hanna Andersson, below is their sizing guide which they use for both their baby and toddlers clothes:

  • 50 cm = 18-22 in and 0-3 Months
  • 60 cm = 22-26 in and 3-6 Months
  • 70 cm = 26-30 in and 6-12 Months
  • 75 cm = 28-30 in and 12-18 Months
  • 80 cm = 30-32 in and 18-24 Months
  • 85 cm = 32-34 in and 2 years
  • 90 cm = 34-38 in and 3 years
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You may check out Hanna Andersson’s latest clothing collection by clicking the link below:

PRO Tip: Toddlers and children’s wear, in general, have many variations per brand and are presented in approximate range and measurements. It is always best to keep in mind that before spending your hard-earned money on your kid/s’ clothing, always use conversion charts that have the actual measurements instead of just depending and referring to size listings.

Once your kids cannot fit into T sizes, you may now want to consider checking out the sizes for Kids as they are now considered beyond the toddlers sizing categories as shown in the table below to further guide you in choosing your kids’ clothes:

Size in NumbersSize in LettersEquivalent European Size
4/5XS (Extra Small)107 to 119
6/6XS (Small)119 to 129
7/8M (Medium)129 to 137
10L (Large)137 to 145
12XL (Extra Large)145 to 151
14XXL (Extra Extra Large)151 to 157

When is the best time to buy your Kids new set of clothes?

Toddlers and children grow fast without you noticing it, here are the signs that they need to have a new set of clothes to make them feel comfy again and help them be productive to perform their everyday tasks, may it be for fun or learning:

  • Sleeves of their tops do not reach their wrists anymore
  • Neck holes of their shirts are too tight
  • Pants’ length is hanging on their shins instead of hanging close to their ankles
  • Their underwears and underpants are leaving their waistlines with marks
  • You see them struggling taking off their tops and bottoms

PRO Tip: In buying new sets to replace their old wardrobes, it is always best to buy the ones which are a bit loose and not the ones that closely fit. In this way, their new set of wardrobes will last longer than expected and you can save up for the next purchase!

Now that you are all set on being a Pro in choosing the best fit of clothes for your toddlers and kids, sharing with you some of the top Best Baby Clothing Brands which you can either browse virtually or visit physically:

  1. Carter’s: Cute and Comfy (For product viewing, click link: Jumpsuit & Bandana 2 piece Set)
  2. Primary: Bright Basics (For product viewing, click link: Soft, Organic, Neutral Baby Basics)
  3. Burt’s Bees Baby: Organic Goodness (For product viewing, click link: Burt’s Bees Baby Organic Infant Hooded Robe)
  4. Cat & Jack Coordinated Sets (For product viewing, click link: Baby Boy’s 3-piece Bee Top and Bottom Set)
  5. Goumi Kids: Soft and Sustainable (For product viewing, click link: Goumi Kids x Babylist Bamboo Organic Cotton Footie)
  6. Kickee Pants: Ultimate Softness (For product viewing, click link: Essentials Print Classic Ruffle Footie)
  7. Old Navy: Bodysuits Galore (For product viewing, click link: “Love One Another” Graphic Bodysuit)
  8. LouLou Lollipop: For Quirky Kiddos (For product viewing, click link: LouLou Lollipop Pom Pom Hat (Tencel))
  9. H&M Effortlessly Stylish (For product viewing, click link: Cotton Romper in Yellow/ Floral)
  10. Hanna Andersson: Premium Fabrics (For product viewing, click link: Organic Cotton Zip Sleeper in Retro Rainbows)

Just a reminder! All brands differ in sizing categories so better visit your conversion charts to cross-check the actual measurements so you can get the perfect fit for your kids! Enjoy shopping!

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