Ways to Burp a Baby

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Ways to Burp a Baby

Young infant feeding routines include the act of burping as an essential part of the whole feeding process to prevent gas formation inside the baby’s stomach which usually results in stomach pain and discomfort. Helping the baby be able to burp after feeding also keeps their digestion process normal and healthy.

Gas formation in the babies’ tummies is inevitable just like in adults. The only difference is that adults can control their stomach muscles to give an all out burp while babies still need assistance to do that since the sphincter found between their tiny stomachs and esophagus are still not fully developed to function.

For new mommies, you might find it hard to look for the most comfortable ways to burp your baby. Don’t fret! It is completely normal to be scared and worried especially that you’re new to this mommy thing. Read on to know more about the different positions and ways that you can burp your baby safely.

Causes of Gas Formation in Babies

Two known causes of gas formation in babies’ tummies are their act of latching during breast and bottle feeding plus the consumption of some foods that are generally good sources of the essential vitamins and micronutrients they need for growth and development during the complementary feeding period, however, are also known to be gas-forming foods.

Some of these food items come from the fruits and vegetables variety such as beans, lentils, asparagus, cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, pasta, corn, potatoes, whole grains, whole wheat, oatmeal, colored variety of rice (red, brown, black) and onions. Even the Lactose in most milk is considered gas-forming! 

These food items are not the bad guys, in fact, they are macronutrient and micronutrient-dense, what makes them cause unexpected and too much gas formation is usually the overconsumption in adults and how they are prepared as babies’ food. If they are not cleaned thoroughly, cooked very well and mechanically prepared (example, mushing), that’s when they become the culprit to our babies’ crying and wailing because of tummy ache and discomfort!

Importance of Burping Your Baby

Is it really necessary to help and make your baby burp? Definitely! Imagine a can of Soda with Carbon Dioxide contained in it, as we apply external factors to the can such as shaking. It usually explodes upon opening!

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Therefore, it really is a must to help and make your baby do a burp so as to prevent frequent vomiting and keep them healthy. In this article, we will walk you through on the top most practical burping positions and tips that most parents all over the world have explored to keep their babies’ tummies healthy and their babies’ moods not-so-grumpy!

Most Recommended Burping Positions 2022

The traditional upright position

ways to burp a baby

Here’s How: Place your baby in an upright position, he or she could be carried and leaned on your chest-shoulder area or lying over your lap, then gently rub or pat his or her back and wait for them to burp.

Over-the-shoulder Burp

how to burp a baby

Here’s How: Position your baby with his or her upper belly against your collarbone. While patting his or her back, apply a slight pressure using your collarbone. You may also use the heel of your hand to create a circular motion on your baby’s back aside from patting it.

Over-the-lap Burp

effective ways to burp a baby

Here’s How: Sit your baby on your lap, make sure to assist his or her back with one of your hands so as to prevent the baby from falling. With your other hand, apply a slight pressure under the rib cage using the heel of your hand. Again, you may do the circular hand motion on your baby’s back instead of just holding it steadily.

Over-the-arm Burp

how to make your baby burp

Here’s How: Carefully sling your baby over your arm and gently pat his or her back. You may do this while sitting down or while pacing over your room. Make sure that your arm is close to your upper body to prevent your baby from falling.

Over-the-hand Burp

burping a baby

Here’s How: Sit your baby on your lap, slightly press his or her tummy with the heel of your hand as his or her chin rests on the same hand as support on the next step. Next, is to carefully lean your baby towards your chest. Once position is achieved and secured, pat his or her back.


baby burping ways

Here’s How: Position your baby stomach flat-down on your knee. Pat his or her back or do the circular hand motion as you wait for him or her to burp.


ways to make a baby burp

Here’s How: Bend your baby’s knees up against and close to his or her chest. Gently rub or pat his or her back . You may do this while sitting down or on bed for a more secured support.

The Grandmother’s burp

grandmother way to burp a baby

Here’s How: Sit your baby on your lap while supporting his or her back with one hand. Using the heel of your free hand, gently put a light pressure into his or her stomach while your fingers are placed on the side of his or her chin for support. Pro tip is to gently glide your thumb or forefinger using the hand on his or her back instead of just holding it steadily.

The old-fashioned burp

traditional way to burp a baby

Here’s How: Place your baby on your lap, gently rotate his or her upper body as you pat or rub his or her back. You may also move his or her upper body back and forth. This technique can be done carefully if your baby is sitting on your lap or standing up. Just make sure that your lap is close together for added stability and security. Better if this will be done in bed to prevent your baby from falling.

Dance it out

dancing to burp a baby

Here’s How: Sit your baby on your lap, carefully hold his or her hands and start rocking your knee sideways, front and back. Make it as fun as possible but do not overdo it to avoid the baby from falling or flipping over. Make sure not to overstretch their arms as you hold their hands.

Bounce it out

yoga ball to burp a baby

Here’s How: Using a Yoga ball or exercise ball, carefully sit on it while carrying your baby. Secure your baby as you hold his or her rear with one hand and support his head and neck with your other hand. Start bouncing up and down at a pace your baby can tolerate.Do not overdo it in extended hours as this may result in transient nausea or dizziness to you and mostly to your baby.

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Massage it out

burping a baby 2022

Here’s How: On a bed, lay your baby with his or her stomach flat on the bed’s surface. Make sure to carefully tilt his or head in a slightly inclined position to support efficient breathing while keeping him or her in this position.

Gently massage and glide both of your hands up and down along his or her spine in an opposite manner. You may opt to cover his or her back to keep him or her warm with either a cloth or with his or her burp towel just so you will also be ready for that big burp.

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Cycling motion

burping a baby 2022

Here’s How: Lay your baby on a comfy surface or onto any surface with soft reusable underpads, hold their tiny toes and gently start moving their legs in a cycling or pedaling motions. Make sure not to overextend or overstretch their legs as you do this.

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Why is My Baby Gassy?

If all else fails and your precious one still finds it difficult to burp, it’s time to re-evaluate other possible factors that might cause your baby’s tummy ache and discomfort. Below are few of the common factors which also result to gas formation in our babies’ tummies:

Bottle Feeding

  1. For bottle feeding young infants, make sure that the size of the bottle nipple fits perfectly with the mouth of your baby to prevent the unwanted intake of excess air whenever they latch to feed. Another thing to watch out for is the manner of preparing the milk, make sure not to overshake the bottle whenever you mix the milk formula with water as overshaking usually results in formation of tiny bubbles or you may opt to wait a little until the mix settles down and all the bubbles disappear before giving the bottle to your precious one.
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  1. For cup feeding infants, make sure that the size of their transition or sippy cup’s nipples and openings fit perfectly with their mouth to ensure a good latch and avoid unnecessary passage of unwanted air. During preparation, mix the milk formula with water and stir gently so as to avoid bubble formation.

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Mom’s Diet

  1. For breastfeeding infants and young children, aside from your expertise in giving a good latch during breast feeding, Mommies, maybe it’s also time to review and reassess your personal diet. You may opt to begin with keeping a food diary and taking notes of your intakes in relation as to when your baby experiences discomfort. Maybe you are consuming too much gas-forming foods or maybe your precious one is reacting to something else included in your intake.If you wish to step up a little further, you may review your food diary with a healthcare professional such as breastfeeding experts, your baby’s Pediatrician, a Registered Nutritionist-Dietitian and alike.

Final Takeaways for Burping Your Baby

A more advanced step to take if all these practical tips did not give comfort to your crying baby in any way is to immediately contact your baby’s Pediatrician or your family’s healthcare provider and report the situation right away.

These tips are mainly written to provide immediate and temporary relief to your babies and not hundred percent guaranteed at all times that these will work but we firmly believe that as a Super Parent, you will know what’s the best call to take always and in all ways!

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