12 Top Safe Hair Dye for Pregnancy 2022 | Pregnancy-safe Hair Dye Brands Reviews!

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Top Safe Hair Dye for Pregnancy

Wondering what hair dyes are safe to use when pregnant? We’ve curated top safe hair dye for pregnancy for you. These pregnancy-safe hair dyes are free of harsh chemicals and contain safe and mostly natural ingredients.

We all know that when you are pregnant there are certain formulas and ingredients in the food you eat or products that you use that may cause harm to your child.

One of the most discouraging things to do during pregnancy is dyeing your hair because it involves a lot of chemicals that might have side effects on you and your baby. In this article, we will let you into a little secret.

There are actually safe hair dye products that you can use while pregnant, after all, nothing is wrong with having a good first impression with your child right?

How we tested top safe hair dye for pregnancy?

With the help of a team of experts in the field of haircare and an obstetrician, we curated a safe hair dyes that can be used by pregnant women. We rated the hair dyes based on ingredients, odor, ease of application, efficacy, how long the color lasts, and effect on hair.

We tested over 10+ hair dyes from popular brands to find the best safe hair dyes for pregnant women. We found that Clairol natural Instincts is the best pregnancy-safe hair dye. And here’s why:

Clairol Natural Instincts is safe to use for pregnant women as its formula is developed using hair nourishing natural ingredients like coconut and aloe vera. It’s the best pregnancy-safe hair dye as it’s free of ammonia and parabens. Clairol Natural Instincts hair dye is semi-permanent formulated with gentle ingredients that is safe to use by pregnant women. There are 8 shades available on Amazon.

For more options, read on detailed reviews on best pregnancy-safe hair dyes below!

Top Safe hair Dye for Pregnancy: Quick Summary

Top Safe Hair Dye for PregnancyPerfect for Mommies Who Want…Main Ingredients
Punky Colour Semi-Permanent Conditioning Hair ColorFunky and bright colored hairN/A
Tints of Nature Hair ColorNatural colored hair95% naturally derived ingredients + 75% certified organic ingredients
Herbatint Permanent Hair ColorPermanent natural ash shades8 organic herbal extracts 
Garnier Olia Hair ColorAmmonia-free hair color60% oil blend with natural flower oils
Indus Valley Organic Hair ColorHair dye for sensitive skin100% natural, premium certified organic herbs 
Clairol Natural Instincts Semi-Permanent Hair DyeSemi-permanent blonde shades80% naturally derived ingredients including coconut oil and aloe vera
Naturtint Permanent Hair ColorVegan hair dyesOleic Acid (from Olives), Meadowfoam Seed Oil
ONC Natural ColorsOrganic hair dyesArgon oil, Orange extracts, aloe vera, coconut oil, and chamomile
Revlon Total ColorVegan permanent hair colorCannibis sativa seed oil, cameillia oil is infused with shade specific ingredients
Schwarzkopf Simply Color Permanent Hair ColorCover grey hairBotanical oat milk, soy protein, and argan oil
Loreal Inoa Permanent Hair ColorReinforced coverageN/A
Aveda Full Spectrum Hair ColorIrresistible shiny colorSunflower, castor and jojoba oils

Best Pregnancy-Safe Hair Dyes

Punky Colour Semi-Permanent Conditioning Hair Color

hair dye for pregnant mom

The first safe hair dye for pregnancy on our list is this one from Punky Colour! Who says you need to stop being experimental with your hair when you are pregnant? Try this Punky Colour semi-permanent hair color. It has a color enhancing keratin complex that makes hair color look more alive and vivid.

What is good about this hair color is that it is 100% vegan, paraben free, and ammonia free. And since this is semi-permanent it does not include PPD or paraphenylenediamine that may cause skin irritation and allergies.

What we love about this hair dye:

  • 100% vegan
  • paraben-free
  • ammonia-free
  • Semi permanent dye
  • PPD free

Check out this safe hair dye for pregnancy by Punky Colour below

Tints of Nature Hair Color

pregnancy safe hair dye brands

Another best safe hair dye for pregnancy that you may want to consider using is this one from Tints of Nature. Go with a healthy option to color your hair using this hair color. It is formulated with 75% organic ingredients and contains low levels of PPD. It is free from harsh hair color chemicals making it cruelty free, ammonia free, and vegan friendly.

This hair color helps you achieve a natural looking hair color without making it dry and brittle. Its natural ingredients help keep your hair soft, strong, and gently nourished. It is offered in 24 different shades ranging from blacks, reds, browns, and blonde.

What we love about this hair dye:

  • 75% organic ingredients
  • cruelty-free
  • ammonia-free
  • vegan-friendly

What we don’t like:

  • Contains low level of PPD

Check out this safe hair dye for pregnancy by Tints by Nature below

Herbatint Permanent Hair Color

pregnancy safe hair dye brand on amazon

best safe hair dye for pregnancy that offers organic ingredients that cares for your health is this one from Herbatint. Make your hair look more stunning with this Herbatint Permanent Hair Color. It has been offering a healthier and much more organic option in hair color since the 70s. They have discovered a hair dye that contains herbal extracts from different plant extracts such as witch hazel, aloe vera and walnut.

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These dyes are formulated without ammonia and a low peroxide content that would definitely not bring damage to your hair. It is not tested on any animals, is gluten free and is registered in the UK Vegan Society.

What we love about this hair dye:

  • Organic
  • Formulated with herbal extracts like hazel, aloe vera, and walnut
  • ammonia-free
  • cruelty-free
  • gluten-free

What we didn’t like:

  • contains peroxide in low amounts

Check out this safe hair dye for pregnancy by Herbatint below

Garnier Olia Hair Color

ammonia free hair color for pregnancy

Just by knowing that the brand is renowned in providing high quality beauty products, this hair color indeed deserves a spot for our list of the best safe hair dye for pregnancy! Are you scared of having a dry and damaged hair after coloring? You can go ahead and try Garnier Olia, it is an oil powered permanent hair color that results in a significantly vibrant and healthy hair. It contains plant extracts from avocado, olive, and shea that keeps hair moisturized.

It also uses natural flower oils from camellia, sunflower, passionflower, and meadowfoam. It gives hair that is soft, silky, and shiny, unlike traditional hair colors. Garnier Olia offers 34 shades of luminous blonde and lustrous black colors.

What we love about this hair dye:

  • Formulated with plant extracts like avocado, olive, shea
  • Contain flower extracts from camellia, sunflower, passion flower, meadowfoam

Check out this safe hair dye for pregnancy by Garnier below

Indus Valley Organic Hair Color

best safe dye for pregnancy

Opposing with hair dyes full of harmful chemicals, this best safe hair dye for pregnancy ensures your safety while getting the hair color that you want! With herbs like chamomile, basil, fenugreek seeds, and Brahmi leaves this organic hair color from Indus Valley gives a shiny and bouncy hair. It does not contain chemicals like ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, PPD, and other kinds of heavy metal.

Indus Valley manufactures cosmetic products that are safe and based on the ancient practice of Ayurveda, an ancient science that deals with wellness and medicine of historical India. Their hair color formula is hypo allergenic and is tested and recommended even for those with sensitive skin.

What we love about this hair dye:

  • Formulated with organic ingredients like chamomile, basil, fengreek seeds, and brahmi leaves
  • ammonia-free
  • Hydrogen-peroxide free
  • PPD free
  • Hypo allergenic formula

Check out this safe hair dye for pregnancy by Indus Valley below

Clairol Natural Instincts Semi-Permanent Hair DyeTop Safe Hair Dye for Pregnancy

no ammonia hair dye

Can’t decide which hair color to choose? Check out this best safe hair dye for pregnancy that offer various colors to make sure that you’ll be getting the hair color that you truly love! One of the best things about Clairol Natural Instincts is that it is developed using natural ingredients such as coconut and aloe vera. These naturally-derived ingredients help enhance your hair color and give it a more natural looking shine.

This semi-permanent hair dye is available in 37 shades that are gentle and suitable for all types of hair. No ammonia and parabens are added to make it more pregnancy friendly and cause little to no damage to your hair after use.

What we love about this hair dye:

  • Formulated with nourishing ingredients like coconut and aloe vera
  • ammonia-free
  • paraben-free

Check out this safe hair dye for pregnancy by Clairol below

Naturtint Permanent Hair Color

pregnancy safe hair dye

This best safe hair dye for pregnancy got your hair covered in giving you a pretty hair! Make a healthy choice in taking extra care for your hair by using this Naturtint Permanent Hair Color. These hair tints are vegan and cruelty free. They formulated it without using ammonia, gluten, parabens, and heavy metals that may cause harm to your precious locks.

The box includes hair color and nourishing conditioner that gives radiance to your freshly colored hair. It has 32 shades that you can use to mix to give your exact desired color. These plant enriched natural hair color results in a long-lasting gray coverage and nourished hair.

What we love about this hair dye:

  • Vegan friendly
  • cruelty-free
  • ammonia-free
  • gluten-free
  • paraben-free
  • no heavy metals in the formulation

Check out this safe hair dye for pregnancy by Naturtint below

ONC Natural Colors

pregnancy safe hair dye amazon

Get this best safe hair dye for pregnancy and never put your health at risk and go for a safe hair dye from ONC. Take a break from hair dyes containing toxic chemicals when you use ONC Natural hair colors. It contains low pH which has a low chance of being absorbed by the body and seeps deep into your scalp. It has vitamin C and E that gives you hair treatment and hair color at the same time.

It is certified to have argan oil, orange extracts, coconut oil, and aloe vera that helps keep your hair healthy and soft. Its organic formula does not cause sting to the scalp and has no harsh smells upon application. Most of all ONC Naturals is vegan, GMO-free and cruelty-free.

What we love about this hair dye:

  • Contains argon oil, orange extracts, coconut oil, and aloe vera
  • Enriched with Vitamin C and E
  • Low pH
  • Vegan
  • GMO-free
  • cruelty-free

Check out this safe hair dye for pregnancy by ONC below

Revlon Total Color

hair dye for women who is pregnant

This best safe hair dye for pregnancy offers a long lasting color vitality! Joining in the trend of clean beauty, Revlon has released a line of hair dye that is formulated without ammonia, parabens. sulfates, silicone, and gluten. It uses hemp seed oil to nourish the hair, camellia oil for fragrant conditioning, and other plant extracts that helps add vibrant colors to your hair.

The black tea is used for enhancing their darkest shades while the sesame oil is used for the brown and brunettes town. If you are going for red and blonde hair colors they had the formula infused with cranberry and chamomile.

What we love about this hair dye:

  • contains hemp oil, camellia oil
  • Natural ingredients like black tea, sesame oil, cranberry, or chamomile is used depending on shade
  • Ammonia-free
  • paraben-free
  • sulfate-free
  • silicone-free
  • gluten-free

Check out this safe hair dye for pregnancy by Revlon below

Schwarzkopf Simply Color Permanent Hair Color

best hair dye for pregnancy review

Become more confident and get your hair dyed with this best safe hair dye for pregnancy from Schwarzkopf Simply Color. Keep your tresses and locks in a healthy condition while dyeing it with a different color. This line of permanent hair color from Schwarzkopf has no added alcohol, silicone, or ammonia. It uses soy milk, argan oil, and oat milk that helps keep your hair’s natural moisture.

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This color crème gives 100% gray coverage and a long lasting hair color. Aside from its organic formula, Schwarzkopf also uses sustainable packaging for this product. Enjoy a natural looking hair while helping save Mother Earth with this Simply Color.

What we love about this hair dye:

  • sustainable packaging
  • contains soy milk, argon oil, oat milk
  • gives 100% grey coverage
  • Alcohol-free
  • silicone-free
  • ammonia-free

Check out this safe hair dye for pregnancy by Schwarzkopf below

L’Oreal Inoa Permanent Hair Color

top hair dye for pregnant woman

You don’t have to skip hair coloring during your pregnancy days with this best safe hair dye for pregnancy! feel pretty about your hair while ensuring the safety of you and your baby’s health. If you’re a pregnant woman who wants a permanent hair color, getting this one from L’Oreal will never be a mistake as it has lots to offer!

Cover that unwanted white hair fully and get your hair hydrated at the same time. Achieve that perfect bright hair that is safe to use with this Inoa permanent hair color from L’Oreal!

What we love about this hair dye:

  • ammonia-free
  • Enhanced coverage
  • Powerful Hydration and Nutrition

Check out this safe hair dye for pregnancy by L’Oreal below

Aveda Full Spectrum Hair color

best pregnancy safe hair dye 2021

This best safe hair dye for pregnancy offers safe ingredients and doesn’t put your health at risk! As a pregnant woman, being careful on what you use is indeed important. However, this should not stop you from getting your dream hair color. You might want to consider using this full spectrum hair color from Aveda!

There’s nothing to worry about using this hair color as it has protective plant oils which contain sunflower, castor, and jojoba oil for ultimate protection. Plus, it promises a non-damaging result which gives your hair a stunning shine.

What we love about this hair dye:

  • Includes protective plant oils
  • Compelling non-fading colors

Check out this safe hair dye for pregnancy by Aveda below

Choosing Safe Hair Dye For Pregnancy 

Here’s what you need to consider in choosing the top safe hair dye for pregnancy:


Hair dying during pregnancy has always had mixed opinions. Honestly, it’s okay to do it but if you don’t want to then you shouldn’t. It’s as simple as that. According to the American Pregnancy Association, permanent and semi-permanent hair dyes can be used by pregnant women as they aren’t highly toxic. However, there isn’t in depth research done on the ingredients that go into hair dyes. 

It’s recommended that pregnant women dye their hair, should they choose to, only once they’ve entered the second trimester. This is because by the time you’ve entered your second trimester you’ll know if the pregnancy is progressing safely and both the mother and the unborn baby is in good health. 

Not only that… 

Like I mentioned before that not much research has gone into checking if the products used in the hair dyes are safe to use when pregnant. Many of these ingredients have not been certified by the FDA either. So there’s no 100% guarantee that it’s safe to use. Which is why staying away from them at least until the 1st trimester is over is important. 

The best thing to do is consult your doctor before you  start using ANY product if you’re planning to get pregnant, are already pregnant, or nursing. 

We’ve made sure to list products that have been tested and reviewed by many other women. Other than that, we’ve also conducted our own tests with the help of our skincare experts. We also look at the Amazon ratings and reviews before selecting a product for our curation. 

Body Changes During Pregnancy

Your mind and body goes through a lot of changes when you’re pregnant. Changes in your body chemistry leads to a lot of hormonal changes. This makes you sensitive to smells, dyes, and some ingredients. 

The list of hair dyes we’ve curated are those with either natural scents or no odor hair dyes, and containing nourishing ingredients. 

Scalp Sensitivity

When you’re pregnant your skin is extra sensitive to ingredients like ammonia, alcohol, and sulfate. This also includes your scalp. So we made sure to curate hair dyes that were safe for pregnant women by rejecting any hair dyes containing alcohol, ammonia, or sulfates. So if you’re pregnant and you want to purchase hair dyes then stay away from these ingredients. 

Instead look for hair dyes with nourishing ingredients like chamomile, aloe vera or other such ingredients that will help soothe your scalp. Our curation of top safe hair dyes for pregnant women includes products with such scalp-nourishing and soothing ingredients. 

But we’d also like to warn you that not everybody’s skin reacts to the ingredients the same way. For all you know, you might be allergic to chamomile. So make sure you always do a patch test or allergy test before you use the product. 


We’ve made sure to include a variety of bright, vibrant, and subtle colors in our curation of safe hair dye for pregnant women so you can choose anything from the lightest blonde to black depending what suits you best! 

Hair Dye Ingredients to Avoid During Pregnancy

hair dye ingredients to avoid during pregnancy

When purchasing hair dyes for pregnant women, go through the ingredients label list and make sure that the following ingredients are NOT in the formula: 

  • Ammonia: Ammonia has a strong odor that is generally not liked and inhaling this odor when pregnant is definitely going to cause more than just discomfort. What Ammonia does is it lightens your hairs pigment by raising your hair’s pH levels so that the color shows. But the hair styling industry has found other ways around it too. 
  • Parabens: This ingredient gets a solid NO. Not just for pregnant women but also in general avoid skincare and makeup products with parabens. Parabens are generally used as preservatives in cosmetic products including hair dyes. This ingredient may cause breast cancer.
  • PPD (Phenylenediamine): Here’s another chemical ingredient you need to avoid. This ingredient is known to cause skin allergies. It’s common in darker hair dyes to ensure that the color on your hair lasts longer. 
  • Resorcinol: Make sure this ingredient is not included in your hair dye formula as it has harmful effects on your CNS (Central Nervous System). It can also cause thyroid dysfunction and harm your adrenal glands. 
  • Sulfates: This is a common cleaning agent and you’ll find them in a lot of shampoos or soaps. This ingredient is the reason why your shampoo or soap lathers which in turn gets rid of dirt and oil. But the thing about sulfates is that while it cleans the impurities, it also strips your hair and scalp off its natural oils leaving it dry and dehydrated which makes your hair prone to breaking. 
  • Hydrogen Peroxide: This chemical enters the hair cuticles to lighten the hair. This inturn leads to frizzy hair and can cause hair breakage and split ends. 
  • Toluene:  This is an extremely harsh and dangerous chemical that’s found in nail products and hair dyes. It’s known to cause cracked skin, headaches, and dizziness. Some other dangerous effects are reproductive damage and respiratory complications. So make sure to not get a hair dye with toluene when you’re pregnant. 

How To Safely Use Hair Dyes During Pregnancy At Home

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Here are some precautions you can take to safely apply hair dye during pregnancy: 

  • Do not apply hair dye to the roots
  • Read the instructions in the hair dye box properly, if you’re applying the hair dye yourself at home
  • Use gloves when applying hair dye
  • In order to prevent staining your skin around your hairline, apply some petroleum jelly along your hairline
  • Make sure you’re in well-ventilated room when you’re applying the hair dye, especially if it the hair dye has an unpleasant odor
  • Do not leave the hair color on longer than what’s mentioned in the instructions on the hair dye box
tip for applying hair dye at home during pregnancy

Natural Ways To Dye Hair Safely During Pregnancy

If you don’t want to use store bought hair dyes when you’re pregnant, you can always make use of natural ingredients to color your hair. 

Consider using ingredients like henna, coffee, beetroot, and other natural ingredients that can help you color your hair and are also safe to use during pregnancy. 

Best Pregnancy Safe Hair Dyes: FAQs

  1. Which hair color is best for pregnancy?

    The best and safe hair color to use during pregnancy is the Clairol Natural Instincts. Formulated with natural ingredients like coconut oil and aloe vera, Clairol Natural Instincts is a semi-permanent hair color with gentle ingredients and safe to use by pregnant women. It enhances the hair color and gives it a smooth and shiny finish. It has a refreshing odor and is ammonia-free.

  2. What to consider when applying my hair dye if I’m pregnant?

    Here are some things you need to consider when applying hair dye when you’re pregnant: 
    – Wear gloves cause otherwise it’ll be a big mess and you would end up staining your your hands
    – Wear an old shirt and make sure your belly is properly covered so you don’t get the dye over your clothes and belly 
    – Consider asking a friend, family member or your partner to dye your hair. As your baby bump grows, it’ll get difficult to move around. 
    – Make sure to thoroughly go through the instructions that come with the hair dye box
    – Don’t skip steps mentioned in the instructions and don’t leave the hair dye on longer than instructed  

  3. When is the best trimester to dye my hair?

    There’s no official recommendation that states the best trimester to dye your hair. But most women wait until their 2nd trimester to dye their hair. We strongly recommend that you consult with your obstetrician before you use any products when pregnant. 

  4. How to use hair dye safely during pregnancy?

    When using hair dyes if you’re pregnant make sure to: 
    1. Consult your obstetrician before you apply any hair dye
    2. When choosing a hair dye, make sure to go through the ingredients’s list and avoid hair dyes with harsh chemicals 
    3. Alternatively, we recommend to choose hair dyes with natural ingredients
    4. Always do a patch test on the skin at the back of your ear or on your forearm to check if the product suits your skin type. 

  5. What are some pregnancy-safe hair dye brands? 

    Here are some of the pregnancy-safe hair dye brands that you should consider getting to dye your hair:
    – Punky Colour
    – Herbatint
    – Tints of Nature
    – Garnier
    – Clairol Natural Instincts
    – L’Oreal
    – Naturtint
    – Revlon
    – Aveda
    – ONC Natural

  6. Can dying your hair cause birth defects? 

    Contrary to what others believe, dying your hair on your pregnancy days doesn’t have any proven studies that it can cause birth defects. Only a small amount of chemicals get to your skin so the chemicals are more likely not to have any harmful effects to your babies. 

  7. Is it safe to dye my hair while pregnant?

    According to American Pregnancy Association, permanent and semi permanent hair dyes that do not contain highly toxic ingredients can be used safely by pregnant women. Pregnant women can safely use hair dye once or twice during their pregnancy term. Take special care to make sure that the hair dye doesn’t contain harsh chemicals. Also, most pregnant women wait until their 1st trimester is over before they dye their hair. 

  8. Is ammonia-free hair color safe for pregnancy?

    It is recommended that pregnant women use ammonia-free hair color as the odor of ammonia can be especially uncomfortable during pregnancy due to the heightened sensitivity to odors. 

  9. How many times can you dye your hair when pregnant?

    According to American Pregnancy Association, it is recommended that you wait until you finish the first trimester of pregnancy to apply hair dye. Post which pregnant women can apply hair dye safely once in 2 months or so. Choose hair dyes that are devoid of harsh chemicals and contain more natural ingredients. Talk to your obstetrician before you use any products when pregnant. 

  10. Can I bleach my hair when pregnant?

    When it comes to bleaching, there are no evidences that claim it is unsafe to have your hair bleached while pregnant. Bleaching products contain hydrogen peroxide mixed with ammonium hydroxide that penetrates the body in only a minimal amount. If you’re still doubting whether it’s safe to have your hair bleached, you can wait for the 1st trimester to pass before bleaching your hair.

  11. Is naturtint safe during pregnancy?

    Naturtint is safe during pregnancy as it doesn’t contain any chemicals that are usually found in hair dyes like parabens, ammonia, resorcinol etc. Many pregnant women continue to use this hair dye during pregnancy.

  12. Is Schwarzkopf hair dye safe for pregnant women?

    Schwarzkopf hair dye is safe because it doesn’t remain in the scalp for too long and is hard to penetrate. If at all, only a small portion can be penetrated that wouldn’t cause any harm to the developing fetus.

  13. Is garnier olia safe during pregnancy?

    Garnier Olia is considered safe for pregnancy because it doesn’t contain ammonia, parabens, etc. but however, semi-permanent might contain some toxic ingredients so it’s advisable to check the package fully before using. 

  14. Is herbatint safe for pregnancy?

    A lot of pregnant women find using Herbatint safe for pregnancy. It’s advisable to conduct a patch test before 48 hours of use to test sensitivity.

  15. Does hair colour affect pregnancy hormones?

    No study has shown that using hair dyes affect pregnancy hormones. For safety reasons, use dye that doesn’t contain smell so that it doesn’t lead to sickness or allergies. Go for chemical free dyes.

  16. Can I dye my hair while pregnant in the first trimester?

    It’s not safe to use hair dyes in the first trimester as the baby undergoes rapid developments which is why taking a chance might seem risky. You can go for natural dyes or ammonia-free dyes to touch up your roots. Henna, beetroot extract, indica etc are great natural dyes.

  17. What are the ingredients to look for in pregnancy safe dyes?

    Look for plant-based ingredients that have natural dyes like henna, beetroot juice etc. Avoid toxic chemicals at all costs like  parabens, ammonia, resorcinol etc. to avoid miscarriages or birth defects.

Clairol Natural Instincts Hair Dye

Here are the best pregnancy safe hair dyes for you. Our favorite is the Clairol natural Instincts hair dye. Check out detailed reviews of more pregnancy-safe hair dyes here!

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