List of Pregnancy Safe Tarte Products 2023

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Pregnancy Safe Tarte Products

Tarte Cosmetics is a well-known brand in the beauty industry. It is a cruelty-free company that makes use of natural products, although not being completely organic.

It is free of potentially dangerous substances including parabens, triclosan, mineral oil, phthalates, and sulfates, and it is also cruelty-free and gluten-free.

Because pregnancy can cause your skin to alter over time, pregnant women may have a more difficult time selecting skincare products that are a good match for their skin types.

Because the majority of Tarte Cosmetics’ goods are deemed suitable for use by pregnant women, shopping for cosmetics and skincare products within the Tarte Cosmetics online store should be a breeze. 

Check to see if the Tarte Cosmetics product you use is among those mentioned below that are considered to be safe for use by pregnant women.

Is it safe to use Tarte cosmetics during pregnancy?

Cosmetics are safe to use while pregnant. There are instances when individuals wonder whether or not the use of cosmetics throughout pregnancy may result in problems with the growth of children. Consumers are needlessly alarmed and distressed as a result of such statements, despite the fact that there is no reason to be worried.

However, you should exercise caution when using cosmetics because some of their components may be harmful to the infant. Before you put any cosmetics on your skin, you need to be sure that the products that you are using are safe. It will not be hazardous to the newborn if it is applied to the skin; nevertheless, inhaling its chemical can be dangerous.

List of Pregnancy Safe Tarte Products

Hydra Shot Antioxidant Concentrate

Hydra Shot Antioxidant Concentrate

Hydra Shot is designed to maximize and awaken the full potential of your skin by providing it with an intense amount of hydration. This plant-based antioxidant concentrate helps to prevent dryness and pollutants from damaging the skin while also locking in moisture.

Your skin will receive twice as much hydration as usual because of this unique two-phase composition that combines oil and water. Rich hydration is provided with a composition that is incredibly light, absorbs quickly, and feels completely invisible.

  • Skin Type: Skin types with normal to combination that needs weightless hydration

Clean Slate Blur Balm

Clean Slate Blur Balm

The Clean Slate Blur Balm is a pressed primer that fills in pores and glides over blemishes for a blurred effect and a flawless application of makeup!

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For a clean, natural finish, it absorbs extra oil and blurs flaws. Additionally, it contains a thick emulsion that tightly grips skin with water-resistant powders for a beautiful complexion.

The Clean Slate Blur Balm features a formula that is high in antioxidants, which improves the wear of foundation and makes it last longer. Applying it smooths out the appearance of pores and wrinkles and has a soft, bouncy marshmallow powder composition.

Quench Hydrating Primer

Quench Hydrating Primer

Hyaluronic acid, antioxidant-rich marine plant extracts, and a sweet coconut aroma are all packed into this vegan, hydrating primer to rapidly prepare skin, lengthen the wear of your foundation, and keep your skin hydrated for 12 hours!

It features a cooling gel formula which hydrates and refreshes your skin without leaving behind any sticky residue. By using hyaluronic acid, it helps to reduce the look of fine wrinkles and prolongs the time that your foundation will last.

It contains antioxidants, probiotics, and amino acids while protecting against pollution using antioxidant-rich marine plant extracts.

Shape Tape Moisturizer

Shape Tape Moisturizer

Makeup goes on smoother and lasts longer with the help of Shape Tape Moisturizer, a vegan multitasking moisturizer.

It has the sensation of being weightless but provides significant hydration. Additionally, it imparts the appearance of fullness and smoothness to the skin.

It has a whipped recipe that gives a healthy glow and is rich in antioxidants and botanical ingredients. This product also has a rich texture.

The tape technology it employs helps smooth out wrinkles and fine lines without leaving behind any sticky residue.

  • Skin Type: Dry, Mature and Combination Skin

Frxxxtion Stick 3-1Exfoliating Cleanser 

Frxxxtion Stick 3-1Exfoliating Cleanser

Micro Exfoliants derived from suspended diatomaceous earth give the cleansing gel used in Frxxxtion Stick 3-1 Exfoliating Cleanser its clarifying effect.

The formula, which is safe for vegans, removes oil from the surface of the skin, minimizes shine, and cleanses pores.

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The gel stick eliminates dullness by exfoliating dead skin cells from the surface of the skin and polishing it at the same time it cleanses.

It can be used to the face as a treatment mask to remove toxins and reveal skin that is smooth and radiant. Additionally, it is a cleanser that can be easily packed for travel and it can be applied directly toward the skin.

  • Skin Type: Oily Skin

Dream Dewdrops Hyaluronic Serum

Dream Dewdrops Hyaluronic Serum

The Dream Dewdrops Hyaluronic Serum is a complete multi-purpose product that will make you look radiant.

It is a silky, superfluid, iridescent moisturizing serum that will treat your skin while accentuating the glow that naturally occurs on your face.

With only a few drops, this serum can leave your skin feeling silkier and looking more radiant.

  • Skin Type: Suitable for all skin types. This serum can be worn on its own by those with oily skin, but those with normal, combination, or dry skin should layer it with their preferred moisturizer.

Sugar High Body Scrub

Sugar High Body Scrub

You can feed your body and jumpstart your morning with every shower thanks to the 10 oils and delicious, energizing citrus in this sugar-based body scrub. The effect is similar to that of a full-body facial.

When you could need some exfoliation the most, this zesty scrub will get to work for you in two ways at once.

In addition to acting as a natural moisturizing agent and helping to lock in moisture, the sugar grains in the scrub aid to exfoliate dead skin cells, and a nourishing oil combination contributes to the moisturizing effect.

The invigorating aroma of citrus stimulates the senses, which is helpful in the event that you require a little extra push to get the day started.

  • Skin Type: For those with normal, dry, or combination skin, as well as those who are concerned about having dry as well as dull skin.

Skin Treat Poreless Tinted Moisturizer 

Skin Treat Poreless Tinted Moisturizer

This poreless tinted moisturizer has a broad-spectrum SPF of 20 and is as light and airy as a gift for your skin. It is a moisturizer, cosmetics, and SPF 20 all in one, and it has medium coverage that can be built up as needed, a natural matte finish, and a distinctive whipped consistency that feels featherlight.

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It features a recipe that does not contain any oil, which helps keep shine under control. Additionally, it contains diamond powder, plants, and lipoamino acids, which help blur blemishes and moisturize while protecting your skin using non-chemical sunscreen filters. In addition to that, the application is simple and may be done with your fingertips.

  • Skin Type: Normal, Combination and Oily Skin

Baba Bomb 24-hour Hydrating Moisturizer

Baba Bomb 24-hour Hydrating Moisturizer

With the help of nutrient-rich ingredients, this whipped moisturizer weightlessly moisturizes, smooths, and offers the effect of firmer-looking skin.

It is clinically proven to hydrate approximately 24 hours and tighten the appearance of the skin, and it provides a heavyweight level of hydration despite having a lightweight feel on the skin.

The plant-based collagen in the babassu nourishes, hydrates, and soothes dry, parched skin, all while contributing to the appearance of firmer skin.

  • Skin Type: Dry and Combination Skin

Sleep Retreat Overnight Oil Gel

Sleep Retreat Overnight Oil Gel

This one-of-a-kind, sleep retreat overnight oil gel mask is perfect for giving your skin a spa treatment while you nap. It moisturizes for 12 hours and softens the face while you’re asleep, and it has a smell like cucumber to add!

It has a texture similar to a balm and is very light. It absorbs easily into the skin and has been shown in clinical tests to make the skin more hydrated.

Because it nourishes without leaving a greasy feeling, your skin will seem hydrated and plump when you wake up in the morning. The oil-gel consistency helps to strengthen the moisture barrier of the skin.

It features a hydrating, soothing, and softening botanical compound that is packed with over 20 different components, such as jojoba, sunflower, rice bran, and apple. In addition to that, it contains extracts of green tea and cucumber, which help to create an atmosphere of utmost relaxation.

  • Skin Type: Dry and Combination Skin

Pregnancy Safe Tarte Products

You are in luck if you plan to use Tarte products for your prenatal skincare and makeup routine; the vast majority of the brand’s offerings are risk-free for usage by pregnant women.

However, you should still have an appointment with your OB-GYN before utilizing any of your personal cosmetics or skincare products in order to ensure the safety of your unborn baby.

We really hope that this post was able to assist you figure out which tarte products are safe to use while you are pregnant.

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