Names that Mean truth

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Names that mean truth

For first time parents, choosing a name for your child is very important because we know you want it to be very special for your little one. Of course, we want our babies to have a strong foundation and an honest life, so names that mean truth can be a great provision for your child’s future.

We have gathered the best choices that you can have for monikers that mean “truth” and “honesty”. Names for baby boys and baby girls are just below, so you can have a lot of options in naming your little ball of sunshine!

Top Baby Girl Names that Mean Truth


Alethea is a gorgeous and feminine name for your baby girl that directly means “honest”, “truthful one” or “truth”. This name came from Greek origins and it was named after a Greek Goddess of Truth. The name Alethea was a very popular name back in the 16th century when names meaning truth.


Alette came all the way from Greek, French, and Latin origins and it means “truth” and “small winged one” which can be resembled into a little angel, just like your baby. It sounds very feminine and alluring for cute baby girls. 


If you want your baby girl to have a name that means “gracious”, “truth”, and “reality”, the name Alice can be a great choice. This name has been used for centuries for children around the world, but it still sounds elegant as ever.


Aminah is an Arabic girls’ name and it means faithful and honest. This name has been very popular across the world lately, especially in the USA. The name Aminah also reached the top 1000 names last 2015. 


Denice is a pretty common name and it is one variety of the name Denise. The name Denice came from English origins meaning “truthful being” and “determined”. If you want your little girl to be truthful and determined, this name is the most suitable for her.


Alissa can be a great name for your baby girl because it means noble and truth. This name came from Greek and German origins, and it will be very applicable to your baby girl if you want her to live a noble and truthful life.


The name Viera came from Czech and Russia, and it is one of the variations of the name Vera. This name signifies the “truth” and it has been very popular for girls’ names in English speaking countries.

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The moniker Dylis means “trustworthy girl” and it came from Welsh origins. It can also be an alternate name for Dilys. 


Did you know that in Buddhism, Dharma signifies the truth of our cosmic existence? This name is also popular because of the Dharma & Greg sitcom. 


Caracy is a variation of the name Cara and I think that Caracy gives more uniqueness to the name of your baby girl. This name means well-spoken and truthful, just like how you want your little girl to grow up into. 


Did you know that Effe is a firecracker? This feminine name directly implies “the one who tells the truth”. Of course, the best wish that parents can have for their child is to have a truthful and honest life. 


Truthfulness will prevail in your baby girl’s life when you name her with Honesty. This name also means someone that speaks genuinely and honestly every time.


Leal came from Old French origins and this charming name entails “truth”, “loyalty”, and “faithfulness”. We have to agree that we want our children to have these qualities as they grow up – and they surely will!


The name Leyna came from Greek origins and it means “truth”. This feminine and elegant name can also mean “shining light” or “sunray” because your baby girl is indeed the light of your life.


This moniker was very famous in Spain in the early 1980’s, but it lost its popularity during the 90’s. So, if you want your baby girl to have a vintage and unique name, you can make a revival of this name for this century.


Maeme is a very charming name that came from Japanese origin and it means “sincerity” and “truth”. This is also a name that a lot of athletes and musicians have, like the famous anime director, Makoto Shinkai.


Another sassy name from Japanese origins is Miyu. This cute name has a very lovely meaning, “truthful” and “beautiful”.

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If you’re up for an old fashioned name for your cute baby girl, Lavera can be on your list! This name came from Slavic and Latin origins, dated back 1800. When translated, this name means “truthful person:


The name Naasiha has a direct translation that means someone who “gives truthful advice”. This moniker came all the way back to Persian origin, and it sounds unique and feminine too.

Top Baby Boy Names that Mean Truth


Now that you’re having a baby boy, Emmet can be one of the most top choices that you can have for his name. This moniker came from English and Hebrew origins and it directly means honest, sincere, and creative. This name became popular in the 1900s, and it has never left the top 1000 chart for names in the USA.


“Seer of truth” is the meaning of the name Farouk, and it came from Arabic origins. This was the name of the last king of Egypt. Your baby boy won’t just be truthful, he can surely take over the world with this name too!


Being truthful is indeed important when growing up, and Verdad can be a name of your boy if you want “truth” to be a part of his entire life. This name came from Spanish origins and it denotes virtue and endless possibilities.


A great name from Scottish origins is Alason, and it was actually adapted from the name “Allison”. This Scottish name means honesty, truthfulness, honorable, and trustworthy. 


You might probably hear the name Alvaro every once in a while – and it is because it came from a lot of origins. This name came from German, Spanish, and American origins and directly translates to being truthful, strategic, and bold. It is one powerful name that you can give your baby boy, and it is always featured on the Top 10 Boy’s name across the world.


Your baby boy will always be truthful and bright when you give him the name Arash. To give you a brief history, Arash is an archer from an Iranian legend. Your little one will definitely be a bold hero as he takes over his life as he grows old.


The charming name, Edwarya, means a great and truthful person. This moniker also means someone who can enjoy life. For sure, you parents want their children to enjoy discovering the truth of life. It is a quirky yet unique name that you can give your new addition to the family.

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Fidelio sounds very masculine but it actually means someone who is  truthful and faithful. It came from a variation of the moniker “Fidel” and both names actually have the same meaning. 


Jun is a common name that you would hear from boys all over the world. But did you know that this short and cute name means obedient and pure? Yes, that is right! This name came from Chinese origins and it can also mean truthful. In Japan, this name means pure and clean. 


We mentioned Japanese origins in the previous name and if you want a legitimate Japanese-sounding name, Naoki can be one of your options. In Japanese, this name denotes honesty and truthfulness. This name is commonly given to boys, but it can also be a unisex name for your baby girl.


This short yet charming name came from Norse origins and it means “true”. Your baby boy will surely be happy to explain the meaning of his name to his friends as he grows old. 


The last name on our list of baby boy names that mean truth is Govan. This name means that the person has a desire to understand the deeper meaning of truth. It can also mean that the person given this name always has that urge and desire to understand the world around them.

Choosing the Best Name That Means Truth

Giving your child a name with a deep meaning like “truth” is one of the best gifts that you could ever give them. These selection of names above can be your reference as you patiently wait for your little baby to be welcomed into the world. Being truthful and honest is always a virtuous quality that any parent would ask for their child. 

We hope that you enjoyed reading through the meaning and origins of the names that we have stated above. No matter what name you give your child, we hope that they enjoy the truth of living in this world, regardless of the negative things happening around us.

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