Name that Mean Protector

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Names that mean protector

Now that you have been blessed with a life inside of you, I know that you and your husband are very excited to give him or her a name! The name that you will be giving your baby blessing is one of the best gifts that you can offer. 

Names that mean protector is one of the best symbols when you want your child to grow up fighting for what is right. If you also want him to grow up to be a survivor and an optimist regardless of what life gives him, you know that being strong and a protector will always be his best qualities.


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Beautiful Girl Names and their meanings

Baby Boy Names and their meanings

So, let’s browse through the most popular names that mean protector for your baby! You are given a list of baby boy and baby girl names that you can have reference to when choosing a name for your sunshine.

Best Baby Girl Names That Mean Protector

Now that you’re choosing a name for your brave princess, you can check out these strong baby girl names that mean protector:


The name Alessia came from Italian origins and it directly translates to “defending warrior”. When you give this name to your baby girl, then you can hope that she can protect herself and the people she loves at all times.


You might probably hear the name Alexa since it became famous because of the AI Alexa from Amazon. But did you know that this moniker actually means “protector of mankind”? This is actually a great name for your charming baby girl and it came from Greek origins.


The unique and feminine sounding name Dealla came from Irish origins and it symbolizes “protector”. 


In Irish origins the name Aife directly means “warrior”. Giving this moniker to your baby girl can help her overcome all the battles in her life in the future.

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I know that you consider your baby girl as a precious diamond and you can give her this charming name if you want her to grow strong. The name diamond came from Old English origins and it directly means being invincible and untamed. Sure enough, your baby girl will grow up invincible and she won’t be afraid of anything in her life!


Elda sounds very powerful when given to a cute baby girl. This Italian name means “warrior”, just perfect if you want your child to grow up as a warrior in every battle that she may face in life.


Strong little warrior is what the name Malin means and it came from English origins. Your beautiful girl will definitely grow up to be a strong warrior regardless of all the obstacles and challenges she might face in the future.


In Latin, the moniker Marcella symbolizes being “warlike”. If you want your baby girl to grow up ready to face every battle in her life, then this name will definitely suit her well. 


The name Myls came from German origins and it directly translates to “soldier or merciful”. You can hope for your baby girl to grow up surviving every battle in her life while also being kind to other people.


Protector is the meaning of the Dutch name Mina and it suits a little girl very well. The name sounds very feminine even if it has a powerful meaning.


You might think that the name Rosetta is taken from roses, but it actually means “noted protector”. Your little girl will surely grow up fighting for what is right especially when someone is in need of help.


Who says women cannot defend men? With the name Sasha, your baby girl will always have the strength to defend themselves and even the important men in her life. The name came from Russian origins and it means “defending men”.


The moniker Arminda came from Latin American origins and it directly means “protector of mankind”. This unique name for your baby girl will surely be the protector of your entire family and the people she loves.


In Latin origins, the name Bellatrix means “female warrior”. You can associate this name to the famous character Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter.

Best Baby Boy Names That Mean Protector

Choose the best powerful names for your baby boy on the selection below:

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Protector of peace is the meaning of the name Amanpal and it came from Indian origins. This unique name can also symbolize that you want your baby boy to always have peace in their lives.


The name Aimon came from French origins and it means “home” or “shelter”. You can also relate this name to the moniker “Edmond” and “Eamonn”.


This English name directly means “protector” and “defender”. Chadd is a pretty common name especially when you remove the letter “d” at the end. But if you want to make it more unique, you can use this name variation for a change.


This moniker came from French origins and it symbolizes being a “prosperous protector”. Sure enough, your baby will grow up to be someone who loves protecting the people he loves.


Protector the symbol and meaning of the name Ehno, coming from American origins. Growing up, your baby can be the symbol of peace and harmony.


From English origins, the name Ned means “wealthy guardian”. This name actually became famous because of Ned Stark, which is one of the characters from the TV series, Game of Thrones.


The ancient name, Reinhold, came from German origins and it means “ruler”. Your child can become an efficient and effective protector and ruler when he grows up. Who knows, maybe he can also be a great manager, right?


Ray is quite a common name especially in the United States of America, but actually, this name came from German origins. This moniker directly translates to “advisor and proctor”. 


Safe and secure is what the name Salman directly refers to and it came from Arabic origins. In the future, your child will definitely take good care of his friends and loved ones. His friends will always feel secure and safe every time they are with your son.


This unique name came from Icelandic origin and it means “a protector wolf”. It might be pretty hard to pronounce, but it sounds very powerful and masculine when you name this to your little boy.

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This common name came from English origins and this moniker means “fighting man’s estate”. If you want your child to grow up strong and courageous in whatever path he wants to choose, then you should definitely go for this name.


Since we are talking about names meaning protector, the name Rainer can also be one of your top choices. This name came from German origins and this means “wise army”. We all know that the army are our protectors and having this name for your little boy can be one of the best gifts that you could ever give.


Raymond might be a common name for you but it actually has a great meaning behind it. This name means “protector of men” and it came all the way from German origins.


The name Wyatt came from a warrior’s name from the Anglo-Saxons origins. This name has been used for a lot of men around the world but it is still a popular name until this time. So, if you want a modern sounding name which is actually first used in the ancient times, Wyatt is your way to go!


The name Finian is a common Irish boy’s moniker. If you know the hero Finn Mac Cumhail, then you would immediately know that the name Finian is a variation of the warrior’s name.

Choosing the Best Baby Name That Means Protector

GIving your baby boy or girl a name that symbolizes being a protector means that you always want them to take responsibility for their actions. In addition to that, you also want them to be protective of the people around them.

Being strong is one of the characteristics that you want them to have, and names are the best symbolism of being strong. We hope that these names above have given you a list of options of monikers that you can give your sons and daughters. 

Don’t worry, moms and dads! No matter what name you choose, your little bundle of joy will surely be great protectors of their lives and the people they love.

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