Names that Mean Dream

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Names that mean dream

When I became a parent, the first thing that popped into my mind was what should I name my baby. Regardless if you already know the gender of your little one, you can’t help but think about the choices of names that you want to give him. One great choice are names that mean dream because we all want our babies to have a great dream about the life ahead of them.

With dreams accompanied on your baby’s name, it can mean that we want them to have big, big dreams and make them come true as they grow up. We want them to be great achievers, just like the interpretation of the name that we have given them.


So mommies, we have gathered a lot of options that you can choose from if you’re searching for a great name that can have a “dream” connotation. Let’s get the list started and your pens ready!

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Top Baby Girl Names that Mean Dream

For your coming baby girl, we have listed down charming monikers that can mean “dream”. Take a look at the names below:


The name Aislin can mean that your baby girl can one day be a leader of a group of people. This name means “dream” or “vision” and it came from Irish origins. Most people named with this are known to take control of things and have an initiative than most people.


The Latin name Alora denotes “my dream” when translated. If you have been praying for a baby girl for a long time, this is a great name meaning that she is your dream come true. This moniker was also derived from the name Alaura, which came from English origins.


In Irish origins, Ashly means “vision” and “dream”. When you give this name to your baby girl, she can be an efficient team player in the future. She can also have a strong sense of purpose as she lives her life with a unique approach to things.


Deisy can denote someone who has very dreamy eyes, just like what your future little girl will surely look like! This charming name also means that your baby girl has a happy heart, which all parents would wish for. Another meaning of this name is that your baby girl is passionate and she can be someone who would do anything to achieve her dreams.

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The moniker Eislyn came from Celtic origins and it means someone beautiful like a pretty rose. It also translates into “dream” and your cute girl can be an inspiration to other people. Eislyn usually are intelligent yet mysterious people, but they are always optimistic about life.


The name Joette denotes a woman who has unpredictable dreams. This moniker came from English origins and usually, a baby girl given this name is always hungry for success. They are also very social, creative, and athletic.


Rejoicing and the desire to fulfill dreams is what the name Joya stands for. If you’re naming this to your baby girl, they would surely have a lot of desires in life. Also, this name means that your little girl will follow their minds before their hearts.


Juli is another name that came from English origins and this means that the person named after this will always dream big. They are also usually very creative, so they are great at creating crafts and arts. Aside from dreaming big, your baby girl can also have an ultimate search for happiness in their lives as they grow older.


This charming name can surely suit your most-awaited baby girl because it  means a “superior floret from dreamland”. Nara came from Japanese origins and girls given this name are usually natural peacemakers.


The last name on our baby girl name list is Roya, and this name directly translates into “a vision from the dream”. This name came all the way from Persian origins and women who have this moniker usually have the attitude to discover new things and adventures.

Top Baby Boy Names That Mean Dream

For sure, you want your little boy to dream big as he grows into a successful man in the future. Here are our top choices for names that mean dream for your cute baby boy:


The name Alwold pertains to someone who turns dreams into reality – which all parents pray for their kids. This name also means that your baby boy can be someone who is persistent and a great leader. 

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Alyan is a unisex name, but it is usually given to baby boys. This moniker means that your baby can be someone who would accomplish even the most impossible dream that they have in life. Men given this name are usually understanding, compassionate, and faithful.


Another unique name that you can give your little boy is Amani and it denotes someone who has a lot of wishes and dreams. Boys with this name are sympathetic, charming, and are natural peacemakers.


Suppose you have been wishing for a baby boy for years, and you’re looking for a name that means “a person that came from a dream”. If this is you, you can name your baby with the name Ceeven. This name came from Indian origins and it suits your baby boy if you have been wishing for him to come into your life for a long time.


Chavez means someone who is a dream maker. The moniker came from Spanish origins and people given this name usually have a personality to always search for insights and clarity on things. 


The name Granger can denote someone who loves to live in the dream world. Your baby boy can grow up to be someone who is always dynamic and efficient in whatever they want to do. People with this name also are very family-oriented, and they would do anything for their families over their career.


Make your baby boy dream big in every step of their lives when you name them Jonn. Your little boy can be someone who will always have a serene nature, and he will definitely strive for success. These people are also always elegant and they value their relationships with people.


Khamari is an Carribean Prince that has always been a dreamer. Boys given this name usually have high curiosity towards things and other interesting fields. They also have the personality to get fulfillment when they teach and help other people.


The name Lorien directly means “God of Dreams”. So, if you want your little boy to be a dreamer all throughout his life, you can name him Lorien. This is a powerful name and people given this moniker usually like pushing himself to achieve their dreams and goals in life.

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Morpheus is known as the “God of Dreams” in Greek mythology. This is a great unique name that you can give your baby boy if you want him to take over his life and be the God of his dreams. Curiosity in science, sensitivity, and being intuitive on things are usually the characteristics of people given  this name.


The name Reve directly translates into “a man who is like a dream”. French origins is where this name came from and boys with this name are usually reliable and consistent. They are also very trustworthy and very concerned about their future – because they are named to be dreamers.


Sanja came all the way from Indian origins and this directly means “a dream while asleep”. If you’re naming this to your baby boy, they are bound to charity, perfection, and living a life full of generosity. On the other hand, most people named Sanja are usually introverts, but they are highly intelligent and observant.


If you want your baby to have a name that means “King of Dreams”, then the name Swapnesh can be one of your choices. This is another name that came from Indian origins and it sounds very unique and masculine. Naming this to your boy means that you would want them to live a peaceful and harmonious life full of dreams.


One of my favorite choices of names that mean dream is Yeraz. This name came from Arabic and Pakistan origins and it directly translates into “dream”. Your boy will surely be an inspiration to other people, and they will likely be romantic, protective, and artistic.

Choosing the Best Baby Names That Means Dream

Now that you have a lot of options on names that means dreams, the last choice is up to you, parents! Just keep in mind that whatever name you choose for your baby, they will surely be happy when they finally understand that their name means “dreams”. 

I know that you want your little one to fulfill all of their dreams and aspirations in life, and just believe that they would! Having a baby is truly a miracle of life, and for some parents, this is a dream come true. So, I hope that you enjoyed reading about what each name entails and what personality traits your child might have when you name them. 

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