Names that Mean Storm or Lightning

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Names that mean storm or lightning

Some people find rains, storms, and lightning fascinating because they can sometimes bring comfort and calmness. This weather might be harsh to some people, but it can sometimes be a symbol of looking for something beautiful in the midst of the darkness.


For new parents, choosing unique names that mean storm or lightning for your new baby can symbolize that you want them to be adventurous yet courageous as they grow up. We have listed down the names that equate to storm and lightning that you can take reference to.

Top Baby Names that Mean Storm or Lightning

We have sorted out baby names that can mean storm or lightning for your little boys and girls.

Baby Boy Names Meaning Storm or Lightning


Adad came from the Assyrian-Babylonian origin that basically means “God of Thunder and Storms”. It might only be a four-letter name, but it sounds powerful and strong, especially for boys.


Barachiel sounds very ancient yet elegant for a little boy since it came from Hebrew origins. This name means “Lightning of the Lord” and “Lord’s blessings”. This is a great name for miracle babies, and for babies that a couple has long prayed for.


Another name from the Hebrews is Barak and it directly means lightning. This name can also mean “flash of lightning”. For Christians looking for a unique name from the Bible, Barak was once a ruler of Israel and a military commander. If you were to name this for your baby boy, he would be proud to say that you want him to grow strong and tough just like the ancient ruler, Barak.


Baran is a common surname and a given name in Persia and it means “thunderstorms”. It can also mean noble warrior and many famous football players are named after this word.


If you are thinking about another name that means God of Thunder aside from Thor, Donar can be your next choice. This name came from Scandinavian origins and it is one of the most popular variants of the name Thor.

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French names are indeed very classy especially when naming it to a cute little boy. One great French name that means “lightning” is Foudre. This word also pertains to the flashes of electricity coming from strikes of lightning to the Earth due to a storm.


You might be hearing the word “gale warning” on weather reports because it means that the winds are getting stronger due to a thunderstorm. This name also came from Hebrews origin that can also mean “sea storm”. So, if you love the sea and the pretty flashes of lights from thunder, this name is perfect for your newborn. This name can be applied to both girls and boys, so the choice is up to you!


Hanish is a very unique and interesting name that means that it is “someone who forewarns of storms”. It came from Arabic origins and it also means “ambition” and “God of Weathers”


If you and your husband are of Chinese descent, you might have probably heard about Leigong. Leigong was once a God of Thunder based on Chinese mythology. 


Mellan is a cute name from Irish origins that can symbolize “little lightning”. If you’re having a baby boy, this name would definitely suit him since he is going to be a very little version of you and he will grow up to be as strong and fascinating as lightning.


Rai can mean a lot of other things aside from lightning and thunder. This name came from Japanese origins and it can also symbolize “trust”. It might be a short name, but it truly sounds unique! Your kid might probably have a lot of “what does your name mean?” when he grows up!


Stormur is a great name that obviously means “storm” but it still has that uniqueness when it is pronounced. This name came from Iceland origins and it can be a truly memorable name for your little boy.


Thor might probably be the most famous name when you are looking for something that means thunder, storms, and lightning. Thor is known to be from Scandinavian origins and it became very popular because it is a name of one of the characters from Marvel’s Avengers. 


Some parents want their children to have very unique names with deep meanings. Zryan is a very uncommon yet interesting name that means “storm” and it came from Islamic roots.

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Zephyr is one common baby boy’s name but some parents might not know what this name exactly means. Zephyr came from Greek origins and it means “west wind”

Baby Girl Names Meaning Storm or Lightning

Take a look at some of the most popular girls’ names that denotes lightning and storms.


Aashni sounds very cute and sweet for little girls but don’t underestimate the meaning of this name that came from HIndi origins. Aashni denotes “lightning” and it is perfect for parents that want their baby girl to grow up courageous and thriving in life.


Aella can sound like the regular “Ella” but this name means so much more than that! Aella means “storm wind”or “whirlwind” and it came from Ancient Greek ancestry. If you’re fond of Greek mythology, you might also know that this is named after an Amazon warrior who fought Hercules.


Alizeh is a name usually given to Persian girls that depicts trade winds that can cause storms in the sea.


Amaya is a very feminine and delicate name for a little girl as pretty as their mommies. This cute name came from a lot of origins – Spanish, Japanese, and Filipino. This word can denote “mother city” or “night rain”.


Among all the names that mean storm and lightning for baby girls, Amihan is one of the most precious and unique choices that parents can give their girl. Amihan came from the Philippine mythology as the first living thing that lived in the universe. Amihan is a deity and usually seen as a very gorgeous goddess that can also be depicted as a bird. Amihan also stands for the “north wind” or “winter storm” which sounds truly mesmerizing.


Damini is another pretty choice of a name that pertains to lightning that you can give to your newborn daughter. This beautiful name came from HIndi origins and it sounds very delicate yet with strong symbolization.


Be electrified and excited as soon as you name your daughter with the name Elektra! This captivating name is known to have originated from Greek ancestries and it means “incandescent” and “amber” just like how lighting strikes look like in the sky.


If you want people to be captivated by your daughter’s name, Kapheira can be your solid choice. This name is an interesting denotation of “stormy breath”.

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The name Kohara can symbolize “a crash of lightning” which might sound terrifying, but it is very unique for a girl’s name. It came from Polynesian roots and it is great for symbolizing that you want your little girl to be bold and tough one day!


Levina can sound royal, feminine, and graceful for your newborn daughter. On the other hand, it comes with a powerful meaning “lightning thunderbolt” coming from the Latin origins.


Sorine was known as a thunder deity and it was popular to be the feminine version of the male name Sorin (which is also known as Thor). 


Rhiainfelt sounds like something that refers to rain and storms and this is a great choice for expecting couples who like storms and rainy weather. This name stands for the “maiden of lightning”.


This is an exotic name coming from Hindi origins. It sounds very modern and sophisticated and it’s perfect to be named after your daughter if you want something “stormy” in her name.


This name became very popular because this is what the famous reality star, Kylie Jenner, named her daughter after. On the other hand, she made it more unique since she changed the letter ”y” into a letter “i”. Stormy can be one of the obvious choices of names if you want your daughter’s name to mean storm or lightning but it surely is a very cute name!


Taima is a name popular across Native Americans and it describes “a crash of thunder”. During ancient times, this name is usually used to name babies who were born in the middle of a storm.

Choosing the Best Lightning and Storm Names

Don’t worry, mommies! There are a lot of other names that you can give your son or daughter that symbolizes lightning and storms. These names above are just a glimpse of the most unique yet popular choices that you can refer to. 

Naming your child after storm and lightning means that you want them to be a light in the middle of the blinding darkness, and that can mean a lot to your little one as they grow up. You’ll eventually see that they are thriving and living their lives to the fullest, as strong as they can be, just like the lightning storm.

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