List of Celtic Girl Names

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List of Celtic Girl Names

Picking the right name for your child might not be the easiest thing to do. There are a lot of things to consider like pronunciation, spelling, connotation, letters, and any nickname that immediately springs to mind.

Each mum probably hopes that her daughter will blossom up to be a prosperous, well-liked lady, and it all typically starts with a very beautiful and approachable name. Celtic girl names are always a great source of ideas if you’re seeking something powerful and different.  Learn the real significance of the name as you seriously contemplate what to prefer to call your child.

Celtic names can be prevalent in Scotland, Ireland, Britain, Wales, and Northern Spain. Celtic names might well be unpronounceable and spelled incorrectly. Even though some, like those of Erin, are fairly well-known, and some are more particularly unusual. Several Celtic names, also including Seán and Quinn, are used in both males and females.

Celtic people have moved throughout Indo-European countries since about the sixth century, and their real impacts are still relevant today. The apparently obvious gender equity in Celtic women’s names is encouraging. While female baby names in certain cultures seem to emphasize elegance and chastity, Celtic names for girls have always been about fighters!

Categories of Celtic Girl’s Names:

1. Celtic “Independent women” names

2. Celtic Modern Names

3. Celtic Unique Names

4. Celtic Pristine Names

What are the Celtic names that promote “independent women”?

Women in Celtic history went through similar privileges as men, which is why there are so many women Celtic warrior names nowadays. Consider any one of these Celtic girl names to nurture a beautiful young woman who is as ferocious on the sports field as she’s in the corner office:


Brianna is a feminine name of Irish origin that means strong, honorable, respectable, and resolute. Brian came to popularity in Medieval Era Ireland during the reign of the final High King of Eire, who reigned from 1002 to 1014. 

She is most recognized for his victory over the Vikings. The inclusion of double ‘n’s in the spelling was eventually adopted subsequently in the 20th century as an ornament to the simpler Briana. From the 16th century onwards, the name Brianna was infrequently used in England, however, Brianna, including its Irish origin, became common in the United States throughout the 1970s.

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Abria is a name that is normally given to women. It means “strong” or “might” in Celtic.

“Father of a multitude; power, strength” is the meaning of Abria. Take note that too many names have distinctly different meanings in different nations and languages, so be sure the name you choose doesn’t really have a negative or terrible connotation. Discover the name interpretation of Abria and its derivation, as well as the meaning of all the other names in our list. Also, take notice of the name Abria’s spelling and pronunciation, and compare the initials of the name to your last name to see how it looks and sounds. The name Abria has an interesting history and significance.


Enid is a Celtic girl’s name that signifies “soul, spirit.”

To several ears, this Celtic deity and Arthurian name might sound fatally old school, but it’s not so time afterward, names such as Ella and Etta did.

In the Age of Chivalry, referring to a woman as “a second Enid” was the highest honor, as she was a fabled love heroine who was resurrected in Tennyson’s Idyll of the Kings.


Jenevieve is predominantly a female name of Latin origin that means “family woman.”

Genevieve is the root name. The name is originated first from Gaulish Genovefa, a Celtic name for whom the meaning is completely unknown. The first element is thought to come from great distinction (race, people, tribe), while the second could come from a “woman” aspect.


Reilynn is a girl’s name with Celtic roots. Religious people with the name Reilynn are the most common. Reilynn’s name conjures up an extremely sensitive temperament in you, causing you to perceive and experience so much more than you could fathom or openly express.

Celtic Modern Names 

There are dozens of historical and cultural Celtic girl names to decide from, and you can revitalize them by spelling them creatively. Many Irish-derived Celtic women’s names have evolved over the centuries, such as with:


The name Erin comes from the Irish Ériu, who was the patron goddess of Ireland,’ according to legend.

Erin is a typically female name that means ‘peace.’ This poetic and historical moniker for Ireland comes from Irish culture and is derived from the word ‘eire.’

This also signifies ‘green water’ when used as a name. The name Erin usually signifies ‘strength of character, fairness and equality, and youthfulness’ in the Bible.


This is the Irish form of Catherine and is a derivative of Kate. It signifies ‘pure.’ Kaitlyn, Catelyn, Caitlyn, or Katelin are all possible spellings; you could even abbreviate it to Cait.

The name Caitlin is an Irish girl’s name that tends to mean “pure.” Even though there have been thousands of girls called Caitlin — and Kaitlyn and Kaitlin, etc. — every year for the previous three decades, most versions of Caitlin, including this greatest one, have decreased dramatically.

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Another simpler spelling, Tara actually derives from the term ‘Teamhair’ which means ‘distinction.’ The name also has links to Hinduism and Buddhism, great for multicultural kids.\

The name Tara is a Celtic girl’s name that means “rocky hill.”

Despite having a long history in Irish mythology prior to its introduction in Gone with the Wind, Tara’s Irish accent was lost due to widespread use in the 1970s.

Tara was essentially the center of royal and religious power in Ireland. Apart from the apparent Irish link, Tara is also a Sanskrit term that means “star” (a Hindu goddess) and a female Buddha deity. Tara is still popular in Ireland and Northern Ireland, but it is also popular in Croatia and Slovenia, both Slavic countries.

Celtic Unique Names

Are you ready to spice up a more challenging spelling of Celtic names?

Saoirse (/seer-sha/)

Saoirse is a feminine name that gained prominence in the 1920s and is pronounced /seer-sha/. It might have been in relation to Irish freedom, which had overshadowed the following decade as well as the early and middle ’20s, considering its actual meaning of freedom.


Ferelith could be a Gaelic, Scottish, and Irish girl’s name meaning “real sovereignty.”

Ferelith could be a strange but deeply rooted Scottish girl’s name that may even be found in ancient Ireland and springs from the Gaelic Forbhlaith or Forbflaith.

This name and variants like Forbflaith (later Farbhlaidh, Forbhlaith, or Forlaith) are Irish and Erse feminine given names that signify “overlord, ruler, sovereign” within the male form but “princess” within the female case. Forbflaith is formed of two components, the primary of which, consistent with a Gaelic name historian, comes from the Old Irish word “fr,” which means “truth.” Unfortunately, it’s a one-of-a-kind source that can’t be compared to others. As a result, the meaning of “princess” stays unchanged. it absolutely was first written down during this form in Ireland within the eighth century.


The first thing you must know if you’re considering Andromeda for your baby’s name is that in most countries everywhere the planet the name Andromeda may be a girl name.

The name Andromeda is of Greek, Latin origins, which suggests it’s quite one root and is employed mostly in English-speaking countries but also in a very few other countries and languages of the planet.

If you concentrate on naming your baby Andromeda we recommend you are taking note of the special meaning and history of the name as your baby’s name will play a giant role in its life and your baby will hear it spoken daily. looking for a reputation may be a vital and fun process as it’s the very first gift you may give to your baby. many of us believe that the name can affect success in life, through their children’s working career and other circumstances, in order that they choose more “respectable” names or name meanings as they believe that the name meaning reflects the personality of the kid.

Celtic Pristine Names

Many Celtic baby girl names have links to queens. You can name your miniature queen Genaine (tribal woman or queen), Rihanna (or Rhiannon/Rhienne – great queen), or Freya – noble woman.

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Rihanna is predominantly a female name with Irish roots that means “Great Queen.”

The name is a reference to the world-famous Barbadian billionaire, singer, designer, and actress Robyn Rihanna Fenty or Rihanna. Riri is another name for her.


Genaine is a Celtic name that means “tribe woman” or “queen.” Genaine is a Celtic name that could be a girl’s name. The religion of most people with the name Genaine is Christian.

Genaine is a name associated with leadership and independence. This name exudes inner power and offers a lot of promise for economic success and other life achievements. These people are thought to make effective use of their natural talents and leadership capabilities to inspire and lead others.


Freya is a strong and modern name with a hint to Old Norse mythology. It is a classic name entrenched in Nordic culture.

It is the name of the Norse goddess of fertility, elegance, and prosperity, and is inspired by the name Freyja, which indicates “a noble woman.” Freya was also the monarch of the battlefield meadow, where she welcomed fallen heroes.

Choosing a Celtic Name for Your Baby Girl

You can name your child something with a lot of meaning and tradition, something with historical significance, or something that reflects a free spirit. However, you should aim to pick a name for your child that will fit him or her throughout infancy, youth, and adulthood.

Whatever name you choose, if you and your spouse both like it and feel comfortable about it, the possibilities are your child will as well. Also, keep in mind that naming your child is a memorable occasion and a significant decision, so listen to your instincts and have fun with it.

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