List of Anime Girls Name

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List of Anime Girls Name

Hi future Mommy!

I bet you are an Otaku or Weeaboo who wants to call your future baby girl with an amazing anime name

That would be cool. There are numerous anime series and movies produced by Japan dedicated to their fans worldwide which is especially appropriate for Western preferences. 

A variety of cartoons may be presented on different sites but I think watching anime is different because of its powerful life-lesson situation and leads that impact reality. 

One of the most approved roles for me in the anime world is the attractive and alluring female characters. The loveliness and surprising fascination of animated ladies made them awaited by the viewers, don’t you agree?

They are massively superior to ordinary ones because their features, styles, interests, and aesthetics are almost all dependent on a human’s creativity, culminating in a flawless and necessarily desirable persona. 

I cannot blame you for wanting to name your sweetheart like them because aside from their impressiveness, I am certain that it will also affect them to grow into a fine and vigorous lady!

You don’t need to binge-watch to come up with an enticing anime girl’s name. We will give tons of options with their meaning that communicates directly to her name. 

All you have to do is choose! 

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What you need to know

Names That Start With A

Akane (From Pani Poni) 

  • This name indicates “deep red” in Japan.

Akeno (From High School DXD)

  • This represents “in the morning,” “wonderful sunrise/dawn,” or “bright dazzling field,”

Asuka (From Neon Genesis Evangelion)

  • In Japanese, it signifies “tomorrow,” “smell,” or “fragrance.”

Aletta (From Restaurant to Another World)

  • Aletta is a Latin name that translates “reality,” “little winged one,” and “footloose.”

Akito (From Fruits Basket)

  • Naming your baby girl Akito will make her look smart because this name means “a brilliant individual.” 

Ami (From Toradora and Light Novels) 

  • Ami signifies “attractive.”

Ayano (From Hane Bado) 

  • “Color,” and “Style” is the origin of the name Ayano, which again is mostly a feminine Japanese moniker.

Asami (From Finder Series)

  • This name has a charming meaning behind it, “Elegance in the morning.”

Aiko (From Idol Time PriPara)

  • “Tiny adored one” is the meaning of this name.

Aimi (From Macross Frontier)

  • “Exquisite love” The connotation of this nickname is “Exquisite love.” 

 Aina (From Promare) 

  • It is an Arabian name for a daughter which denotes “master” or “king.” It can also be regarded as an interesting form of Amy because the two given possess wholly distinguishable meaning.

Aki (From Masamune-kun no Revenge)

  • Aki is predominantly a Japanese female term that indicates “twinkle,” “shiny,” and “autumn.” 

Aya (From Kiniro Mosaic)

  • “Weaved silk” is the explanation for this name. 

Ayu (From Kanon Anime)

  • This name is perfect for your tiny darling because it signifies beauty. 

Ayaka (From Kyoukai no Kanata)

  • This symbolizes a bright and vivid flower.

Names That Start With B

Boa (From One Piece) 

  • Boa is an Indo-Aryan name that translates ‘sister’ in English. 

Balalaika (From Black Lagoon) 

  • The name balalaika alludes to a Russian-made classical three-stringed guitar.

Names That Start With C

Chickako (From Seiseki High School) 

  • This name has a lot of meaning but “wise child” is the best translation of it.

Chiyoko (From Act Age) 

  • “The child of a thousand descendants,” “a thousand millennia,” and ”child of eternity” are all interpretations of this moniker.

Chouko (From My Hero Academia) 

  • Chouko is a Japanese name that signifies “butterfly kid” and “lucid daughter.” 

Chinatsu (From Maid Sama)

  • “Thousand summers,” and “savvy summer” are the translation of this name
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Chie (From Persona 4)

  • Chie signifies an “intelligent man” or “bright.”

 Names That Start With D

Dejiko (From Di Gi Charat)

  •  Describing a joyful, attractive, but a reckless lovely young woman.

 Names That Start With E

Emiko (From Chubby Utahime)

  • “Lucky kid” is the etymology of this Japanese name. 

Ennis (From Baccano)

  • This name is an Irish girl’s name that translates “out from the island.”

Etsuko (From Doraemon)

  • The “delighted kid” is perhaps the most frequent interpretation for Emi. 

Eiko (From Squid Girl)

  • Eiko is a Japanese female name that appears to mean Growth and Wealthy. 

Names That Start With H 

Hana (From Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita) 

  • Hana is a Japanese name that signifies “flower.” 

Hinata (From Naruto) 

  • It denotes “sunny location” or “towards the sunlight.”

Haruka (From Hepburn: Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu)

  • The word “far” or “isolated” might be used to characterize this name. 

Names That Start With I

Izumi (From Horimiya)

  • Izumi is a local name in Japan that translates to “spring” or “waterfall.”

Ichigo (From Bleach)

  • Strawberry is the Japanese word for the name Ichigo.

Itsuki (From Gotoubun no Hanayome)

  • Itsuki either means “tree,” “steward of God (Shinto),” “fiber moon,” and “that one moon” in different kanji symbols. 

 Names That Start With K

Kasumi (From Asobi Asobase)

  • Kasumi is a Japanese word that denotes “mist,” or “dew.” 

Kaeda (From Aikatsu)

  • Kaeda’s connotation is “emulating a little dragon.”

Konan (From Naruto)

  • In archaic English, Konan represented “bloodthirsty.” 

Kuroha (From Eden of the East)

  • “Master” is the concept of this Japanese moniker. 

Kaori (From Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso)

  • Kaori is a Japanese name that means “crafting” or “aroma.” 
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 Names That Start With M

Mayu (From Elfen Lied)

  • The message of Mayu is “genuine” or “generosity of spirit.” 

Masami (From Angel Beats) 

  • This Japanese name means “to grow elegant.”

Michiko (From Michiko to Hatchin) 

  • Michiko corresponds to “lovely intellect youngster.”

Mei (From Another) 

  • The word “pretty” springs to mind once you hear this Romanized version of a Chinese family name. 

Mizuki (Kamisama Kiss)

  • Mizuki translates to “lovely moon” or “aqua moon.”

Miyuki (From The Irregular in Magic High School)

  • Miyuki is a Japanese character that can indicate “wonderful prosperity” or “magnificent pleasure.” This can signify “heavy snow” or “splendid snow.” 

Names That Start With N 

Nanami (From Kamisama Kiss)

  • The expression “seven seas” in Japanese is the meaning of this name. 

Naomi (From Death Note)

  • Naomi is a Hebrew name that translates to “lovely one.”

Nori (From Mother’s Rosario)

  • Nori is a Japanese name that means “seaweed,” and this is clearly how your tiny baby may recall when she reaches her toddler years’ stage 5-clinger phase. 

Noriko (From Kiznaiver)

  • The fact that she is a stunning, bitterly cold, and mysterious lady with a Japanese name that means “rule and authority” makes it sound even cooler. 

Natsuki (From Re: Zero − Starting Life in Another World)

  • Natsuki is a combination of the Japanese words na for “leafy greens” and tsuki for “lunar.”

Names That Start With R

Riko (From Made in  Abyss)

  • Riko is a Japanese girl’s name that represents “Jasmine” or “Reality.” Rationality, fairness, and integrity + woman equals a proper queen. 
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Reiko (From Parasyte ~ The Maxim)

  • A kid who will have this name shall grow up and embody its translation which is a charming kid. 

Rias (From High School DXD) 

  • This Japanese name translates to “bitter sea,” “tear of the ocean,” and “sea star.” 

Rikka (From Chūnibyō Demo Koi ga Shitai)

  • This Germanic nickname equates to “serene commander.” 

 Names That Start With S

Sakura (From Naruto franchise)

  • Cherry blossom is what this name symbolizes. 

Sora (From No Game No Life)

  • “Sky” is the etymology of this Japanese name.

Saki (From Saki: The Nationals)

  • This Japanese name refers to “hope” or “bloom.”

Names That Start With T

Tsukiko (From The Hentai Prince and the Stony Cat)

  • Tsukiko stands for “lunar.”

Tamami (From Diamond is Unbreakable)

  • The phrase ‘magnificent jewel’ in Japan is for the name Tamami.
list of anime girls name

Names That Start With U

Umeno (From Jinkou Rugby Club)

  • “Plum fields” is what’s behind this name.

Uzume (From Sekirei)

  • This Japanese moniker Uzume is meant as ‘whirling,’ plus it is likewise the title of a Shinto goddess in Japan.

Usagi (From Bunny Drop)

  • It may sound weird to name your baby girl Usagi because it means “rabbit”, but Usagi is cute though!

Names That Start With W

Wataru (From Mashin Hero Wataru)

  • Wataru is a Japanese name that implies ‘cross over.’ 

Wakana (From the Tari Tari series)

  • If you are a momma who loves music and anime at the same time, this name is perfect for your baby. Wakana means “music” and “harmony.”

Names That Start With Y

Yoshiko (From Aho-Girl)

  • For Japanese, Yoshiko means “admirable, charming, and attractive child.”

Yuna (From Yuki Yuna is a Hero: Hero Chapter)

  • Yuna is a historically feminine Japanese name that indicates ‘friendliness.’ Yuna was the patron goddess of cobblers who crafted wooden footwear. This moniker may also be transcribed as ‘moon’ or ‘dark.’ 

Yasu (From NANA)

  • Yasu is generally a female Japanese name with the metaphorical meaning of “peaceful.” 

Yumi (From Rough Sketch)

  • Yumi can be spelled with a variety of Japanese symbols and denotes “origin/history, elegance,” “plenty, charm,” “night, fulfillment,” and “affection, elegance” as a forename. 

Names That Start With Z

Zakuro (From Otome Youkai Zakuro)

  • This name translates to”pomegranate.”

Zyunko (Or Junko From Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc)

  • The term ‘sincere’ or ‘purity’ is reserved to signify the name “Junko.”

Choosing the Best Anime Girls Name 2022

The names do not end here and are not only limited to what you read. There is more to discover but I am sure that whichever you pick for your tiny angel will suit her best!  

I am excited to hear your newborn’s name because we are certain that she will be intelligent, amazing, and cool just like the anime characters that we love. 

We hope to hear from you and your baby soon!

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