12 Best Jobs for Moms with No Degree 2021

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Best Jobs for Moms with No Degree

On the hunt for the Best Jobs for Moms with No Degree? This list we have curated is just for you! Check out the top paying jobs that need no degree for you to earn!

Not everyone is privileged to go to college and get a degree. Some people simply don’t want to pursue it, and some have their own reasons not to go to college. Speaking about moms, most mommies end up staying at home and taking care of the kids.

best jobs for moms with no degree

We all know that stay-at-home mommies are very good at juggling all the household chores, and sometimes they also want to have their own income and support the family.

We have listed down the best jobs for moms with no degree because we know that moms are limitless and selfless!

You might be reading this at home, and you’re thinking about ways to financially support your kids and help your spouse work. Jut down all these jobs below and start updating your resume!

Top Jobs for Moms with No Degree

Customer Service

Customer service representatives interact with customers to help them with their questions, concerns, and even complaints. You can be a customer representative of various companies because most of them require a customer service department.

Once hired, you can communicate with your customers through call, chat, email, or mail. Customer service is one of the most straightforward jobs to land that usually doesn’t require a college diploma.

There are also a lot of opportunities in this field, and with hard work, you can eventually become a manager.

What’s great about this job type is that most companies provide a work-from-home setup due to the pandemic.

Below is the earning that you can get from one of the best jobs for moms with no degree:

Pay: $38,356 per year

Online Tutor

Work right at the comfort of your own home and teach other kids, just like how you teach your own kids too! Online tutoring has been one of the most in-demand jobs today since schools are now done online.

When you become a tutor, you must provide one-on-one learning on a specific subject matter that your student has a hard time comprehending.

What’s great about tutoring is that you can usually choose your own time. You would usually teach students of different ages and levels, but you can also select which age group you are most comfortable with.

Below is the earning that you can get from one of the best jobs for moms with no degree:

Pay: $36,402 per year

Graphic Designer

Are you a very creative mommy who loves designing, sketching, and drawing? Then put those creative hands into writing and have a source of income from it through graphic designing!

First, you must be knowledgeable and experienced in using the usual graphic designing platforms like Photoshop, Canva, or InDesign.

You must also have a keen eye on every detail and every trend in the visual marketing field to create more attractive graphics that consumers will love. Make sure to have your design portfolio ready once you apply for this job too.

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Below is the earning that you can get from one of the best jobs for moms with no degree:

Pay: $44,584 per year

Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual assistant means that you have to provide administrative support to a company or a client. You might take calls, set appointments, check schedules and etc.

The job is pretty much like working in a back-office scenario, so if you’re familiar with that kind of workload, freelancing as a virtual assistant would be a pretty good job.

One thing that you might have to consider is to take virtual assistant training before actually looking for a job.

Some employers require that you have to have some pieces of training to make sure you work efficiently.

Below is the earning that you can get from one of the best jobs for moms with no degree:

Pay: $40,809 per year

Data Entry

Data Entry jobs require you to record and process data from your employer to their system. Usually, all you need to have is a computer and a reliable internet connection.

You must have fast typing skills since you would be facing tons of information to encode.

We recommend practicing your typing skills through websites online, so you’re ready if the employer asks you to have a typing test.

This type of job is very mom-friendly, and most data entry jobs are done remotely, so you can spend the whole day taking care of your kids while working.

Below is the earning that you can get from one of the best jobs for moms with no degree:

Pay: $36,387 per year


If you’re a bilingual or multilingual mommy, why not take that skill into a money-making one?

There are tons of jobs requiring a translator who can translate phrases from English to other languages and vice versa.

Fast typing and editing skills are usually needed in this type of job. And from what we have researched, YouTube video creators are generally the ones who need translated closed captions for their viewers worldwide.             

You can also create translated subtitles for movies and other published materials. If you’re a native speaker of a particular language, then you have got to have this job, mommy!

Below is the earning that you can get from one of the best jobs for moms with no degree:

Pay: $43,804


Do you love writing about your daily mom routines or stories? Why not try starting out a blog or look for a client and work on various written content?

Writers are currently in demand to produce written articles and published materials in several multimedia formats.

All you need to have is a computer and a stable internet connection, and write the day away!

You don’t necessarily need a Journalism degree for this; if you’re creative enough and keen about the details of the required written material, you can earn bucks from an excellent writing gig!

When taking writing into your profession, one pro tip is to always read tons of books, articles, and news on any platform.

Reading will help you gain more knowledge about the latest trends, and it will also enhance your sentence construction and imagination!

Below is the earning that you can get from one of the best jobs for moms with no degree:

Pay: $49,612 per year

Social Media Specialist

Another job that does not require experience and tons of skill is being a Social Media Specialist.

Social Media is never going away simply because everybody is addicted to it! More businesses are now relying on social media to advertise their products, and that’s where they need you.

Bloggers also use social media to gain more traffic for their website. You need to simply manage their Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram account, answer some queries from readers or customers, promote products and ideas through the internet, and there you go, mommy!

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You have got yourself a well-paying job even without experience and a diploma.

You can do this job even while staying at home since it doesn’t require much supervision from your clients. You can still do all your mom chores at home and earn some bucks!

Below is the earning that you can get from one of the best jobs for moms with no degree:

Pay: $39,601 per year

Travel Agent

Were you an avid traveler before you became a mom, or are you still in love with traveling with your own family now?

Then you would ake a great travel agent! Your knowledge about different locations and travel spots can help other people find their next vacation destination.

As a travel agent, your main tasks are to check airfares and hotels, search for fantastic travel promotions, find the best cruise trip, and interact with your customers.

You can also create a customized itinerary for your customers to help them plan their days ahead before they even get to the venue.

Below is the earning that you can get from one of the best jobs for moms with no degree:

Pay: $38,338 per year


Transcribing means writing the words exactly as you hear them through the audio/video provided to you. It sounds simple, right?

Yes, this job does not need you to have a college degree, but you need to have the right skills to do this job correctly.

Since you’re just starting out, you might need to build up some experience. There are a lot of transcription companies online like Rev, GoTranscript, or Scrible, which are the best transcription companies for beginners.

Once you have gained experience, you can definitely make a lot of money by just transcribing!

Besides cash, you help with the growing need for information processing, which is very on-demand in many organizations and businesses.

Below is the earning that you can get from one of the best jobs for moms with no degree:

Pay: $35,498 per year


Being an entrepreneur is known to be the highest paying job that you can introduce yourself with. These are mostly selling something which they are pretty much fond of like baked goods or apparel. 

This is the most challenging job that you could ever enter as you can experience some drawbacks at times especially if you just have started doing these kinds of things. However, if your heart is into it, you’ll probably become a successful person and will earn up to six digit dollars per year. 

Below is the earning that you can get from one of the best jobs for moms with no degree:

Pay: $63,901 per year

Personal Shopper

If you’re a mom who loves fashion, you can easily get into this kind of job. This can be the easiest job to do only if you’re a professional in pairing and matching up clothes and shoes. You can ask any busy woman who has no time shopping for their own clothes and do the job for them. 

You can have this as a part time job if you want too as this doesn’t eat up so much of your time. Besides, who doesn’t love to do shopping right? Being a personal shopper is not all about fashion but also grocery shopping for those people who have unstoppable buying behavior. You’ll get to help these people and enjoy the shopping experience yourself, Who would’ve ask for more?

Below is the earning that you can get from one of the best jobs for moms with no degree:

Pay: $42,311 per year

Is a College Degree necessary for moms?

While having a college degree opens a lot of opportunities in the industry world, we can say that it is not really a necessary thing to have if we’re just going to talk about high paying jobs. There are actually a lot of doors open too if you’ll just look beyond what you see with most people.

In fact there are a lot of successful people who did not take any bachelor’s degree to achieve that. Just always put your heart on something and it will lead to the best opportunity that you could ever imagine.  

Choosing the best jobs for mom with no degree 

When looking a job as a mom with no college degree, here are some of the factors that you should take into consideration to make sure that you are not only doing it for the money but for the fun experience too:

  • Look for a job that interests you. This may be considered the very first step in looking for a job when you don’t have any college degree. No one wants to waste their time and energy on something that doesn’t truly interest them, right? Apply it to yourself. Look for something that looks appealing to you and a job which you really want to learn to grow. 
  • Good Salary and Benefits. As a mom, you are handling all your family’s expenses so sticking with a low paying job will never be a thing. There are a lot of high paying jobs listed above that require no degree nor experience. 
  • Flexibility. Your focus as a mom is not all about jobs but also taking care of your kids too. Consider getting a job where you can still have time with your kids. There is actually a lot of work from home jobs right now and that is the perfect time to get the job which suits you best to make the work done while being at home. 
  • Can you do the job with your kids around? You may get work from home job but can you handle it with your kids around? Consider your working area as there are some jobs which need a peaceful environment to have it done. 

Best Jobs for Moms with No Degree: FAQs

What jobs are best for moms with no degree?

What job makes the most money with the least education for moms?

Being an entrepreneur is the job that can make the most money even if you haven’t finished your college degree. This is said to let you earn about $100,000 per year (excluding commission) depending on which business are you in. You don’t have a college degree to become an entrepreneur and only requires passion and dedication to have every task successful and profitable. Even some of the richest people in the world did not have any college education, nothing can really stop a person who has put their heart and soul into what they do.

Getting the Best Jobs for Moms without College Degree

In today’s world, it is not very hard to look for a job even without a college degree. We just have to work hard and work smart in anything that we do to become successful.

There are hundreds if not thousands of jobs available for mommies who aim to get a professional career even without the diploma.

As long as you have a computer and a speedy internet connection, you can definitely land a job to support your family!

If you have already worked on other fields aside from what we have listed above, you can definitely use that as your edge in finding a new career path.

These top 12 jobs we have listed above are the top-paying and easiest job to search for, even by just applying online.

So, if you want to get extra money without worrying if you need to have a college education, start making your fortune by searching for these jobs above!

Lastly, we want you to know that you are one tough and awesome mom! You will indeed find a great job to support your family, and we know it!

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