How to Deal With an Annoying Mother?

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How to Deal with Annoying Mother

Our Mother has always been there for us, in issues, in fun, and everywhere else, since we were little. However, as we grow older, everything changes because our Mother ages as well. We can’t always resist having an affair with our mothers due to little issues.

We can’t stop our moms from bossing us about what we need to do with our lives since she would always want us to have the best lives that we could ever have. Most of the time, we think that we don’t have the right to be angry or question their attitude since they’re our moms.

We think that we must accept their behavior till they grow old and pass away. They don’t reprimand us because they don’t love us any more; it’s just their method of making us feel important. They might be aggravating at times because as we get older, they become more obnoxious.

Your mother will support, care for, and influence you throughout your life, but she may occasionally drive you insane. You probably have a mental list of reasons why she irritates you, so there’s no need to think about it. You can’t make your mother change, but you can reduce some of the aggravation that your connection with her causes.

We have listed down the tips on how to deal with an annoying mother which is perfect for your situation. Let’s check them out!

What is a Toxic Mother?

how to deal with annoying mother 2021

A toxic mother, on the other hand, is more concerned with their personal demands than with whether or not their actions are harmful. They are unlikely to apologize or even accept that their actions are incorrect. And the neglect or abuse is usually persistent or escalating.

The phrase “toxic parent” refers to parents who exhibit one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Self-serving behaviour when it comes to things you need, your mother may be emotionally unavailable, egotistical, or uncaring. It may appear that every circumstance revolves around the same question: “What about ME?”
  • Abuse, both physical and verbal. Abuse isn’t necessarily physical violence, ranting, threats, or something obvious. More subtle forms of abuse, such as name-calling, shifting blame, silent treatment, or gas lighting, may be encountered.
  • Controlling one’s actions. Toxic mother may intrude on your privacy or refuse to let you make your own choices. Alternatively, they could be extremely critical and controlling.

What are the effects of a toxic mother on a child?

A mother’s toxicity can have a variety of negative consequences. A child can be depressed, he might feel like a horrible person, and potentially harm his future offspring. Because she gave us life, we hope that our mom will be everyone’s ally. But what if a mother poses a destructive attitude towards her children? Depending on how a youngster handles the situation, it can have a varied impact on him.

It may be beneficial or even liberating to acknowledge that many of the behavior you acquired are poisonous if you discover you’ve been exposed to toxicity. You may have thought that the negative events you had as a child were “normal.”

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For instance, you may have been beaten or abused but dismissed it as a spanking. You may have been neglected horribly, but you justified it by blaming it on your mothers’ hectic schedules.

Here’s some excellent news. Unlearned and changed behavior is possible with a little effort. This is a difficult process, but the first step is to acknowledge that your environment shaped you. You won’t be able to change until you recognize and embrace the factors that have shaped your actions.

Why are mothers so annoying?

dealing with toxic mom

Why do our mothers irritate us so much? because maybe as they get older, their memory fades and we are the ones they taunt when they don’t know something, or maybe that’s how they genuinely tease or get upset, and we can’t avoid them because they are our moms, even if we are too busy at school or at work.

We can’t ignore them because they’ll become enraged, or they’ll become even more enraged with us, resulting in a misunderstanding between you and your mother. They will also insist on being correct because they are older, even if age does not justify a person’s righteousness.

Mothers might be obnoxious, but they are also dependable. They’re determined to be around long enough for their kids to wrap their arms around us and cry remorseful tears for all the times we felt they were bothersome.

Every one of us deserves a healthy relationship with our mamas. Unfortunately, just because someone raised you doesn’t mean you’ll have a smooth, drama-free relationship with them. You’re not alone if your relationship with your mother is difficult because she is overbearing, continually makes you feel guilty, or manipulates and gaslights you. Your mother’s behavior is most likely the result of underlying issues, and getting to the bottom of them is a critical first step toward improving the relationship.

10 Strategies on How to Handle An Annoying Mother

how to deal with annoying mother

These are the tactics used by many toxic mothers to get their way, and this is the basis of the problem. Toxic mothers, according to psychotherapist Dr. Therese Rosenblatt, Ph.D., “want to dismiss the idea that you have your own agency and desires.”

They’re generally excessively self-absorbed or immature, and they might feel intimidated by your success whether purposefully or unintentionally. According to Rosenblatt, “this kind of mother is temperamentally more preoccupied with her personal needs.” “She may not realize it, but she treats the child as if he or she were an extension of herself.”

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The majority of teenagers find their parents irritating. So, how did the person who has supported and led you for the majority of your childhood become obnoxious? Even so, how can they appear insane or interfering? Our own psychological upheavals have a lot to do with how we perceive parental action. Continue reading to learn more about how to deal with obnoxious parents, as well as how to make them appear less toxic.

Set up healthy boundaries

Setting boundaries is at the heart of the majority of effective techniques. “If you don’t set boundaries and limits, you’ll be subjected to her toxicity, mind games, gaslighting, emotional deficits, fury, or whatever else makes her toxic. Especially if you’ve had to cope with her toxicity for some time.

She’s instilled in you the need to rely on her, react to her, and bend over backward to gain her approval. Boundaries, on the other hand, can help you change the way you connect.

Listen to her

When your mother’s behavior is continuously irritating, it’s easy to forget to listen. You may unconsciously tune her out if you anticipate obnoxious behaviour. Experiment with new ideas. Listen to your mother without interrupting her or imagining how you could simply refute what she says.

When you show your mother that you care about her viewpoint, she will most likely reciprocate. When you and your mother both take the time to listen, your encounters with her may become less vexing.


Distract her with the activities that she truly enjoys. This aids her in remaining calm and, more significantly, in controlling her emotions. Her focus will be on the things that she really enjoys and not always on you.

Have a serious conversation with her

 Find a time when you can have a heart-to-heart with your mother about how her behavior makes you feel preferably in a neutral place like a coffee shop. You don’t want to bring it up during breakfast, during a phone call, or after you’ve both spent a long day together. She may have an easier time listening if you time it correctly and establish the topic as significant.

Pick & choose what you tell her

When you’re in a toxic relationship, you might want to keep your conversations with your mother to a minimum. It’s a good idea to think back on times when you’ve shared personal information with her. If your mother’s toxicity manifests itself in throwing items in your face or having an out-of-control reaction, it may be beneficial to keep personal facts to yourself.

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Ignore Toxic Moments

Instead, laugh quietly to yourself and remain unaffected. If you do want to answer, Kerman suggests saying, “Mom, I love and care for you, but if you say these things, I will not respond or be able to spend time with you.” I’m all for spending time with you if you can relate to me with empathy and positive.”

Don’t take it personally

Remove yourself from the situation and get help from a friend, family member, or therapist if you are experiencing difficult emotions. Until the feeling passes, vent, seek counsel, or simply talk about anything else.

Prioritize yourself and your needs

 It can feel very radical to focus on yourself and your own needs after years of being controlled by a toxic mother. But that is exactly what you must do both when you are with your mother and when you are not.

Try to be Empathetic

It’s possible that your mother’s actions are a result of anything she did in the past. “You can try an empathize reaction to get her to calm down since a toxic parent is often toxic because her own needs were not satisfied as a child.”

Adjust your Expectations

Apart from reaffirming your boundaries, Land man recommends letting go of the notion that if you do this one thing whatever it is, your mother would miraculously transform into the mother you yearned for and deserved. If you keep hoping that she would one day wake up different, you will be disappointed, so lower your expectations and find for love, support, and counsel elsewhere.

In Dealing With an Annoying Mother

Understanding the generation gap is critical when dealing with an obnoxious mother. We are living in a time where everything is constantly changing. It’s common to assume that your mother knows more than you do. They’ve gone through enough in life to understand the benefits and drawbacks.

As a result, their experiences and inability to accept change have influenced the way they think and act. Accept it as it is if their cognitive processes are narrower than yours. All a mother wants is for her children to be safe from life’s hardships. They believe they are the ones who are accountable for your well-being. True, your mother may occasionally go beyond with their statements.

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