Do Babies Have Eyebrows?

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Do Babies Have Eyebrows

Babies do develop hair growth as early as twenty to twenty two weeks inside the mother’s womb. These tiny hairs are known as lanugo and serve as one of the babies’ protective layers against foreign invaders inside the mother’s womb.

The lanugo eventually falls out once the baby meets the outside world and it is being outgrown with the baby’s permanent growing hair. This kind of hair growth and sprout also happens to the other parts of the baby’s body including the ones found on their faces or their facial hair, although not too visible, this hair set will soon grow thick and will start to be very visible.

The babies’ eyebrows start to grow very thinly, almost invisible if you do not look closely to the baby’s face but as the baby ages in months and years, it grows into thick pairs and the colors are also being established. Its development happens as early as the baby’s first twenty weeks as a fetus inside the mother’s womb together with the facial hair on the upper lips and chin.

Keep in mind that babies grow differently and in a very unique way due to a lot of factors including genetic factors. Some babies are born with already thick and full grown hair while some take time. If your baby is at the latter and it already bothers you, there are products formulated for infant hair growth and there are also food items available to help your baby grow a healthy and well-nourished hair. 

Let us see what the health experts are saying with regards to infant hair growth, read along!

For mothers looking forward to seeing babies with full grown hair, you should start modifying your food intake and diet intended to support hair growth of your baby once you enter pregnancy. Yes! Starting early still works! Preparation! Anticipation! They still work! Here’s how:

Top food items to consume during pregnancy for your baby’s hair growth:

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Eggs are known to be rich in not only protein but also in micronutrients needed to support healthy pregnancy in general. Eggs have a good amount of Vitamin A, Folate, Calcium, B vitamins, Phosphorus, Selenium, Zinc and lots more! Few known micronutrients that help in hair growth are Vit. A and the B vitamins group and these two are in Eggs!

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Although fresh and raw fish cuts such as sushi and sashimi are not advisable for consumption during pregnancy because of the probable micro organisms that may come with it and might impose health danger to the growing baby inside the womb, there are still a variety of cooked fish options that are safe for consumption.

Why fish? What is in the fish that supports hair growth? Well, the fish group is very rich in Omega 3 fatty acids which is known to be one of the ones responsible for cellular level growth and development, aside from the fact that it is also good for heart and eye health. And when we say cellular level, we also mean the cells involved in pores and hair development!


Another good source of protein and essential micronutrients that work well with healthy hair growth! Some of these micronutrients are B vitamins, folate and Vitamin E. As much as possible, do consume fresh nuts or the ones that have not undergone any advanced processing or modifications such as preservation, taste modification (sweetened, salted, etc.).

You may opt to try consuming fresh almond, cashew nuts, pistachios, walnuts and peanuts for snack time or better, incorporate them on your major meals or baked goods!

Nuts are very versatile, you can just use and add them to almost everything unless you have allergies to them then you might want to consider checking in first with your healthcare provider such as your Nutritionist-Dietitian, OB-GYN or General Practitioner


Did you know that Avocado is not only a fruit but also a good source of healthy fats? Yes! These healthy fats support micronutrients absorption most especially for Vitamins A, D, E and K making the process more effective and efficient including the process of hair growth.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are from the complex carbohydrates family. These complex carbohydrates regulate blood sugar release in the bloodstreams and are also good sources of Vitamins A, C, E, Potassium, Manganese and the B vitamins group therefore another food group you can rely on for your baby’s hair growth.

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How amazing that these food items are very accessible and mostly affordable! Remember that a good dietary habit in general is not only good for you but for your growing baby! Now, what to consider if you wish to fasten your baby’s hair growth once they are out exploring the world?

The usual tips would be massaging the area intended for hair growth such as the scalp on the head or even the brow scalp, some tries to use infant-safe hair oils or natural and organic items including aloe vera and coconut oil while some rely on the quality of their baby’s food intake and diet. 

Aloe Vera

Well, Aloe vera has proteolytic enzymes that break down protein as well as the essential nutrients needed by the scalp to make it turn into a more conducive environment for hair growth. Further, a healthy scalp yields healthy follicles resulting in healthy growing hair. 

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a natural source of the fat-soluble Vitamin E, this vitamin has antioxidant properties which is not only good for general health but also supports a good blood circulation in the scalp making the scalp healthier. Coconut oil is also a moisturizer which you may apply twice or thrice a week on your baby’s scalp  as well as massaging it on the brow area to prevent dryness and hair loss or hair falling off.

FAQs About Baby Eyebrows

Generally, there is nothing to worry about as this is just normal but read along and know more of the FAQs or the Frequently Asked Questions regarding baby’s hair eyebrow concerns.

When should you really start worrying about your baby’s hair situation? 

Most parents, especially the first time parents, usually worry when their baby’s hairs are falling off instead of growing. This is of normal occurrence since hair growth of babies undergo a number of phases but if your baby goes back to extreme hair loss upto extreme balding, then that is the best time to consult your healthcare provider such as your baby’s Pediatrician or even a Dermatologist with expertise in Pediatric skin concerns.

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Is it alright to use commercial products to fasten the growth of my baby’s eyebrow hairs?

Definitely your call BUT remember that most commercial products have undergone processing that might include chemical infusions which may not be suitable for your baby’s skin. Keep in mind that the baby’s skin is still very sensitive and may not be able to handle exposure to any harsh products.

Can I use eyebrow makeup or liners on my baby?

Again, your call BUT remember that these beauty products are made and intended for adult use which means the formulation used in coming up with the final product is more suitable for an adult skin and not for the delicate skin of babies.

Key Takeaways

In conclusion, it takes time for our babies to develop in all aspects both physical and beyond it. Let us observe, cherish the moment that they are growing and try not to worry too much if things do not occur and happen like how you imagined or thought they would be.

It is also best to connect with experts and professionals such as your baby’s pediatrician to address any concerns and worries you have regarding your baby before it gives you anxiety. Read books, do your own research but be careful enough to spot reliable sources of information when reading online so as not to worsen your worries.

As parents, we know and we understand that what we have always wanted and prayed for is for our babies to grow healthy and normally and we totally get you! More practical tips is to join virtual groups and communities wherein you will get a lot of fruitful discussions with parents who are at the same phase and boat as you and remember that you are not alone.

It really is true that it takes a village and a larger community to grow and rear a child. What’s good in these modern days is that information and social support are very much available to help and guide you! At the end of the day, you know that you are the one responsible and calling the shots for your child, make sure you make it count and make sure that they are safe for your baby.

To sum everything up, YES! Your babies are born with hairs on eyebrows but they may seem not visible yet for some, most especially for the premature ones. Again, this is because of a lot of factors including genetics and ethnicity.

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