12 Best Women Epilator for Pubic Hair 2021

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pubic hair epilator for women

We curated a list of the best women epilator for pubic hair. Check it out!

Grooming is not just important to men, but for women too! Even after summertime has passed, women still take time in grooming themselves even down below, right? So, we are into an interesting topic about the best women epilator for pubic hair today!

We know how costly it can get to get a Brazilian waxing treatment at the salon. So, why not invest in some heavy-duty epilator and just do it at home? Using epilators cannot just lessen your expenses, but you can also use it on other parts of your body. Let’s now take a look at the Top 10 Epilators for Pubic Hair that you can find on Amazon!

Top Women Epilator for Pubic Hair

Sminiker 3 in 1 Lady Waterproof Rechargeable Hair Removal Kit

best epilator for women

Price: $17.99

Show off your bikini-ready body with the use of the Sminiker 3 in 1 Lady Waterproof Rechargeable Hair Removal Kit. This epilator quickly and easily trims all your hair with the use of its dual integrated trimmers. You would love that this hair epilator can remove even the shortest and finest hair in your body.

This epilator is also perfect to use for hard to reach areas too! It has a waterproof design, so you can turn off the epilator and wash the head on running water. Many reviews say that this epilator leaves your skin soft and smooth and even lengthens the re-growth of your hair!

Other Features:

  • Callus remover
  • Two-mode power switch

VOYOR Electric Shaver for Women

best women epilator

Price: $ $36.99

Protect your sensitive skin down below with this precise and effective VOYOR Electric Shaver for Women. This epilator comes with a 3-in-1 sharpening blade that trims your hair gently with less irritation. You can expect a closer hair removal experience because this epilator makes sure that it gets every strand up to the roots.

You can enjoy using the five heads that come along with this epilator for any part of your body. And the best part is, it comes with a silicone facial brush head! So, you can pamper and treat your face, and remove all your hair on the bikini area too!

It is also fast-charging and long-lasting, so you can take this epilator everywhere as you travel.

Other Features:

  • Can be used wet or dry
  • 600mAh rechargeable battery
  • Can be used for 120 minutes
  • IPX6 Waterproof rating

Emjoi AP-18 Emagine Tweezer Head Epilator

top epilator for women

Price: $69.95

Imagine having 72 tweezers in just one epilator to remove bikini hair! The Emjoi AP-18 Emagine Tweezer Head Epilator allows you to remove hair in just one glide. It captures every strand of hair effectively, and you never have to go to the salon to get your Brazilian Waxing Treatment!

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You can pamper your skin without any worries about skin irritation because this epilator has antimicrobial protection. This is actually the first epilator in the world that offers Silver Ion Technology, which is an antimicrobial protection feature. So, you can have a safe and germ-free hair removal session every single time!

Other Features:

  • Has patented “Glide Technology”
  • Prevents ingrown hairs
  • Ergonomic design
  • Cordless
  • Dual speed control’

Panasonic Cordless Electric Shaver and Epilator for Women

top 10 epilator for women

Price: $129.99

Your bikini area could never be cleaner using the ultra-sharp blades of this Panasonic Cordless Electric Shaver and Epilator for Women. This epilator comes with seven snap-on attachments that you can use for your entire body.

This epilator set is perfect for women who have sensitive skin. The epilator comes with very hygienic 60 rotating tweezers that would leave your skin as it has just been waxed. Since it is cordless, many women find this epilator very convenient to use. This versatile beauty tool also has an ergonomic design to make your hand feel comfortable as you pluck all those pubes away!

Other Features:

  • With 1.25 dual disc epilation head
  • Set includes: Epilator Head, Gentle Epilator Cap, Sensitive Skin Epilator Cap, Shaver Head with Precision Pop-up Trimmer, Bikini Comb, Sonic Scrub Brush, and Foot Care Buffer
  • Wet and dry shaving and epilation

Braun’s Hair Epilator, Shaver, and Razor for Women

epilator best for women

Price: $124.94

Get up to four weeks without hair growth and use this Braun’s Hair Epilator, Shaver, and Razor for Women. This epilator has a 40% wider head than the regular ones, so you can get a clean pluck in just one glide. Thanks to its revolutionary MicroGrip Tweezer Technology, it increases the epilation performance 4x better than getting a waxing treatment.

Among the endless list of Braun’s epilators and shavers, this is the fastest and most precise one that they have ever made. Sure, it’s a bit pricey, but nothing of excellent quality comes in a cheap price, right? This epilator consists of 7 accessories that include: a shaver head, a trimmer cap, a high-frequency massage cap, a skin contact cap, a charging stand, and a BONUS facial brush.

I would also love to tell you that aside from this fast and painless epilator, the bonus facial brush is also magic! The facial brush removes make-up and cleanses your pores deeply 6x more effectively than manual washing. All your skincare needs are here in just one amazing set.

Other Features:

  • 100% waterproof
  • Rechargeable
  • Cordless
  • Dermatologist recommended
  • 40 minutes of operation.

Watolt Hair Epilator for Women

womens epilator

Price: $124.94

If you are planning to impress your date this weekend and you’re looking for a quick and affordable solution to remove all your hair, the Watolt Hair Epilator for Women is here to rescue you! This epilator does not only offer to give you a Brazilian Waxed look, but you can also use it on your arms, legs, and anywhere you want to, even your face.

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It comes in a lightweight and portable design so if you need an emergency epilation session, just grab this tiny machine in your bag. The hypoallergenic UV sterilized heads are also amazing because they keep all your epilation sessions 100% clean all the time.

So, if you don’t want to break your bank so much but you need some long-lasting results, try this epilator now!

Emjoi Epi Slim Epilator – Battery Operated

10 best pubic hair epilator for women

Price: $29.95

Make every day a hairless day down there using the Emjoi Epi Slim Epilator – Battery Operated. If you don’t mind changing the batteries every once in a while, this epilator is perfect for you. This epilator has 18 tweezer action discs to effectively remove your hair and prevent it from growing for up to 6 weeks!

It can also remove hair as short as 0.3mm, so this is perfect for other parts of your bodies too. If you are still quite skeptical about its operation, this epilator has 540 tweezer actions in just a second! That is efficient for a $29 epilator, to be honest!

Other Features:

  • Skin Glide Technology
  • 14mm discs
  • Comes with a cleaning brush

Philips Beauty HP6401 Epilator

pubic hair epilator for women

Price: $61.24

Ditch the salon and get an epilation session right at your own home with the Philips Beauty HP6401 Epilator. Not only will this save you money, but you would also benefit from soft and smooth skin for your entire body.

This epilator can effectively remove even the shortest hair for up to 0.5 millimeters so your pubes would be an easy job to do! Just be mindful that this is a corded design, so if you need a non-stop, full-body epilation, this is ready for some hard work!

Other Features:

  • Two-speed settings
  • 21 tweezers
  • Washable epilation head
  • Compact and ergonomic handle

E-CONORO Epilator for Women

women pubic hair epilator

Price: $24.99

Remington Smooth & Silky Deluxe Rechargeable Epilator

best pubic hair epilator for women

Price: $43.49

Nothing would beat a clean bikini cut by the Remington Smooth and Silky Deluxe Rechargeable Epilator. This epilator has 40 tweezers that are working together to give you full-body coverage. It is also rechargeable, so you won’t be bothered by the cord as you go around and pluck hairs!

The best part about this epilator is that it includes a massaging cap with aloe vera to soothe your skin after a session of epilation.

Other Features:

  • Wet and Dry usage
  • Provides optimal coverage

Conair Total Body Epilator

Conair Total body epilator is one of the best women epilators for pubic hair removal. It’s very easy to use and is also safe. This epilator is cordless and rechargeable. The blades are made with stainless steel that is safe and smooth. 

The travel size epilator makes it very convenient to carry anywhere along with you. Conair body epilator tweeze with ease and comes with a washable sensitive skin attachment for delicate areas like bikini line, underarms etc. It’s one of the smoothest epilators I’ve used that makes the process very simple and easy. 

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Other features: 

  • Cordless
  • Safe and smooth
  • Rechargable
  • Sensitive attachment

no!no! Excellence Micro Hair Removal Device 

No! NO! Micro hair removal device is a great women epilator to use on public areas. It can be used on the body as well as face and both men and women can use it. This device is rechargeable and is equipped with Patented Thermicon Technology which removes hair from its tip. 

This epilator is safe for all skin types, skin tones and can be used even on tattoos. The best part about this device is that it’s painless and also reduces hair growth. 

Benefits of using an epilator in pubic areas 

Epilators are the most convenient devices to remove hair from pubic areas. Here are a few benefits you need to know: 

  • Long lasting effect: Epilators produce long lasting effects and you can enjoy a hair-free body for around 3-4 weeks while using razors is only effective for 3-4 days.
  • Soft hair growth: The hair that grows back after using an epilator is much softer and finer. You don’t even need to deal with razor bumps or skin irritation after using epilators. 
  • Value for money: Although you spend a good amount of money while buying an epilator, it’s a long term investment. You can use it several times and you don’t need to spend $10 every week to buy a razor or take endless appointments for waxing. 
  • Portable: The travel-size device makes it very convenient to carry and you can literally use it anywhere. 

Can you use an epilator on pubic areas?

Yes, you can definitely use an epilator on public areas. Epilators are great to use as the hair grows much softer and finer. You can use it for bikini line, underarms, legs, hands as well as face. 

Is epilator better than waxing?

Epiliator is better than waxing as it protects surface level skin cells which isn’t the case in waxing. Waxing requires your hair to grow fully which takes a longer waiting period but epilator can be used on any kind of body hair length.

Getting the Best Pubic Hair Epilator for Women

The only piece of advice that we can give you in choosing your next epilator is to choose a brand that is highly recommended. These epilators above are not just applicable to your hair down below but is also perfect to be used for other parts of your body.

So, spending a lot on one machine should never be put to waste, because you can get the most reliable and effective epilator! So ladies, ditch the tweezers and go for an epilator today!

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Panasonic Cordless Electric Shaver and Epilator for Women

We curated a list of best women epilator for pubic hair. Check it out!

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