Best Tricycles For Toddlers

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Once your child discovers balance and coordination using their feet, chances are they would also discover that everything with wheels is a more fun way to get them around. Once they’ve mastered the “art of walking” it would be almost impossible to let them stay in place.

Tricycles are a good way to help toddlers develop coordination and muscle power. It is also a good foundation of steering and pedaling skills if they want to be confident bicycle riders. These suggestions might be helpful in choosing the best tricycle for toddlers.

Top 10 Best Tricycles for your Toddlers

1. Balance Trike

With soft tires that are good for wood or carpet floors, this tricycle is perfect for both indoor and outdoor play areas. This tricycle is perfect for toddlers that are starting to get on their feet.

Balance Trike
Price: $19.99

Recommended for kids that are 10-25 months, this tricycle takes only 3 steps to assemble with no tools required. Its sturdy carbon steel frame, supportive soft seat, fully widen enclosed wheels is designed for you baby’s safety. The steering wheel is locked up to 135 degrees to avoid swerving and falling.

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2. Push Along Tricycle

Bringing your child along when you do groceries can be a great bonding experience. You can also do your walking exercise while being with your kid. This push along tricycle features an environmentally friendly basket design where parents can put some of their stuff while their kid has their toy/s.

Push Along Tricycle
Price: $95.90

It is designed with a comfortable seat with seat belt, non-slip wheels, pedals, and handle bars to make sure that your child is safe and comfortable. It also has an umbrella which protects your child under UV rays and the scorching heat of the sun.

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3. Wonder Space Kids Trike

Learning how to ride a tricycle has never been easier with this Wonder Space Kids Trike. This tricycle can be assembled in 2 minutes with no tools required. The light weight frame structure, non- slip wheels big pedals and stable wheel base are designed for your kid’s safety.

The three wheel model makes building their confidence and motor skills easier making their first tricycle lessons a memorable experience.

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4. Electric Tricycle

Feel like a real rider with this electric car. It features lifelike design, LED lights and music that give realistic sound effects. You can also use your own music by utilizing its memory card and flash drive slots. It runs at 4 km/h that may last for 2-3 hours.

This electric tricycle is available in red, blue, white and pink colors. Designed with a non-slip 3-wheel suspension system, young boys and girls will surely enjoy this awesome ride without their parent’s worrying for their safety.

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5. Three-wheeled Scooter

With no batteries, gears or pedals, this portable three-wheeled scooter is manually controlled, giving your child full control on the speed of the tricycle. It also helps develop strength and balance, and promote body coordination. Its small and portable size makes it lightweight and will not occupy too much space at home.

Three-wheeled Scooter

The minimal and simple, streamlined design prevents getting scratches from its body. The tire is made out of non-skid rubber that is also anti-shock and wear resistant which makes it safer and not easy to roll over.

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6. Basic Toddler Scooter

With soft rubber in the handlebar, this mini scooter can provide the most comfortable ride experience for kids. The toddler bicycle is designed with advanced EVA non-slip mute wheels, which can be used in wood floors, carpet and even cobbled roads.

Basic Toddler Scooter
Basic Toddler Scooter
Basic Toddler Scooter
Price: $52.96

Its small size saves so much space that parents can easily put the scooter into the car trunk when going outside. Recommended for kids 2 years and up, this basic scooter provides an easy transition to a normal pedal bike.

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7. Simple Light Tricycle

The toddler age is when kids start to be curious and would want to go outside and explore. This classic looking tricycle is great for your little explorers.

Simple Light Tricycle
Simple Light Tricycle
Price:  $131.23

It has a basket that is big enough to fit their favorite toy and the things that they may have gathered outside such as flowers for mom, or plain randomly looking rocks. The cushion and backrest are made to be light and comfortable.

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8. Twin Tricycle for Kids

This Lolita inspired twin tricycle can be used of by two toddlers at the same time making it cost efficient. It would be good and practical toy for parents that have more than one toddler at home.

This adorable vehicle has music box that plays a lovely music that is perfect for that early morning or afternoon stroll. It has high quality iron frame and plastic seat. The tricycle also has a sun roof that you can use to protect your kids from the sun.

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9. 3-in-1 Tricycle

With its adjustable seats and pedals, this tricycle can be enjoyed in three easy ways. It is made from sturdy and stable materials that ensure your child safety while playing.

3-in-1 Tricycle
3-in-1 Tricycle
Price: $72.99

With its steel frame, comfortable seat, and enclosed non-slip wheels, the tricycle is not just fun to look at, it’s also very functional.

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10. Harley Motor Tricycle

Make your child’s biker dream come true with this Harley inspired tricycle. This electric tricycle emits 7 lights including the active flashing light resembling a police alarm.

Harley Motor Tricycle
Price: $63.00

This is perfect for kids who dreams to be a superhero, ride a bike and fight for justice. Its storage box at the back fits toys while travelling. Simply charge the bike, turn it on, press the pedal and go!

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Getting The Best Tricycle for your Toddlers

Tricycles serves as training bikes for your child in order to familiarize them with how riding a bicycle is; from pedaling and learning how to balance and coordinate. It is one of the best ways to encourage your child to go out and do physical exercises especially now that most kids are spending more time using smartphone, iPad and other similar gadgets.

Playing outdoors will also help them develop not just their physical and motor skills but will also teach them how to connect and socialize with other children.

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