Best Bed Side Rails for Toddlers 2021

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best baby bed rails

An important toddler milestone is transitioning into a toddler bed from a crib. Even co-sleeping will not relieve you of this anxiety. As a parent concerned with safety, this shift might keep you stressed at night. It is well-known that toddlers are prone to rolling over. A bed rail would be the ideal and perfect way to keep them safe. As for your little one, a bed of their own will help them build confidence as a big girl or big boy while the rail keeps them safe.

Types of bed rails

• Foldable – It is the most common type of bed rail used by parents. It is a temporary arrangement. It can be removed as your child grows more used to sleeping on the bed. Every night you can unfold it and fold back in the morning while making the bed. Foldable rails are a cheaper yet effective option.

• Fixed – It is a panel made of wood, fiber, plastic or silicone. The panel is installed guarding the entire bed, leaving a small gap towards the foot area for the child to get into bed. They are generally custom made by your local carpenter as according to the bed size. It can cost a lot. However the online options, though not many, will be available at affordable prices.

Things to consider before buying a bed rail

• Meet standard – There are some specifications that all baby products should meet. Check the dimension and other mentioned certification for the bed rail.

• Material – The material should be comfortable and in no way harmful to the child.

• Cost – Search for a bed rail that fits your budget. As toddlers need bed rails for a limited period, parents prefer cheaper options. However, some parents store bed rails for their next child in line. In that case, investing in a pricier variety may do you good.

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Top 10 Best Toddler Bed Rails China

1. Baby Bed Fence Home Kids playpen Safety Gate

Baby Bed Fence Home Kids playpen Safety Gate
Price $35.52

This bedrail looks aesthetic and is highly functional. As it works by vertical lifting, it is easier to handle. The height can be adjusted. The best way to get the right height is by taking the thickness of the mattress into consideration.

Another advantage of adjustable height is that it meets the changing requirement of a growing child. The frame is quite sturdy and the toddler will not be able to topple over.

The cute design makes the rail very appealing to the little ones. Being beige it would effortlessly match with the rest of the furniture in the room. The material is also soft enough for the toddler’s skin.

2. Baby playpen bed safety rails

This bed rail is perfect for your busy toddler. As the growth spurt kicks in, kids tend to become more active. This rail will keep your little ones safe at night, while you sleep. The robust design has made the rail safe for tugging by children. It is easy to assemble. Just takes a couple of minutes to install the whole railing.

You can do the entire assembly on your own without anybody’s help. It is a foldable type. So, you can fold when not in use. Being a white coloured rail, it would be a match with any type of bed linen. There are pockets for you to store your diapering essentials.

Baby playpen bed safety rails
Price: $49.00

3. Bed Rail Baby Bed Fence Safety Gate

If you want premium quality bed rail at an affordable price then this is a great choice. The cloth that makes up the rail is made of soft material. So even if your teething child bites into the rail, no harm will be done. The frame is made of metal and is strong. The cartoon figurines designing the rail looks amazing.

For sure your child will be engaged in the lovely decoration. The design is printed and long-lasting. To assemble follow the instructions. The installation process takes very little time. You can vertically push down the rail and gain access to the child.

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Bed Rail Baby Bed Fence Safety Gate
Price: $57.19

4. 4 Colors Baby Beds Fence Home Child Safety

This rail is very safe for toddlers as well as infants. What makes it a safer choice is the extra padding for the rail. It opens up as a flap and does not need to be pushed down. The cartoon print makes it a lovable option for the kids. The soft material is gentle on the baby’s skin. The durable frame can withstand numerous folding and unfolding. Cleaning is also very easy. You can use wipes or a damp cloth to remove any stains like spit-ups. You can use the pocket on the side to store bibs and other daily use items.

5. Star bear cute bed fence Baby

This rail has the highest length of 85 cm and lowest being 72 cm. So ideal for 2 to 5-year-old. It will fit into all types of mattresses. A little assembly is required. The hinges are easy to fix.

Your baby will stay protected in this compact fence. It has got a double secure mechanism. Vertical slide helps to easily lower rail. So you can pick up baby easily or quickly change their bedding. The bear picture and the grey tone makes the fence perfect for a toddler room.

The frame though made of metal has a protective covering. So, your baby will not get hurt even if they bump their head against the fence.

6. Baby Bed Fence Home Kids playpen Safety Gate

This 3 piece baby fence will make a great difference for keeping your child safe. Made of high-quality material, the bed rail is long-lasting. The cute design will please your child and you alike. The frame is made of metal. To assemble, follow the instructions. There are pockets on the rail to store night creams, socks and towels. The cloth material is not harsh for the baby skin. So you can be relaxed even if baby bites or rubs against then rail. Use a damp cloth to clean the rail. Avoid the use of soap. Instead, try wipes for stubborn stains.

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Baby Bed Fence Home Kids playpen Safety Gate
Price:  $39.60

7. Children’s steel nylon cloth bed guardrail

This is a variety of fixed guardrail, perfect for older toddlers. It has a height of 42cm. The length is 102 cm. A toddler will easily be able to fold and unfold the fence on her own. However, the installation needs to be done by an adult. Minimal parts so assembly takes a few minutes only.

Once secured in place, there is no chance of the kid rolling down the bed. The net and the frame are strong enough to stop the rolling toddler. Available in a variety of colours. It can match any type of room décor.

Children's steel nylon cloth bed guardrail
Price: $43.40

8. Baby Bed Crib Fence 1.5-2 Meters

You not only can choose the design for the bed rail, but you can choose an appropriate size for your bed-size. There is padding on the edges. It makes the baby rail safer for the baby. Babies even toddlers tend to chew on soft edges. The material used in making the shield is soft cloth, nylon material.

Cleaning it is quite easy. Rub with a damp cotton cloth. The storage helps store all the nap time plush toys. No screw remains exposed as there is a soft covering which can be tied in a knot. It acts as additional decoration.

Baby Bed Crib Fence 1.5-2 Meters
Price: $72.85

9. Baby Bed Fence Home Safety Gate Products

Fabric cover is evenly spread along the length and width of the bed. The hinges secure the bed rail cover. It prevents the fabric to collapse. It has a simple décor that does not cause sleep disturbance. preventing it from being falling or being pulled off by a curious baby.

The fabric is inserted in the frame to form the rails. The assembly is easy and can be done in less than half an hour. There are storage pockets on the rail fabric. Choose your toddler’s favourite colour from the variety available.

10. Baby Bed Fence Kids playpen Safety Gate

This is a very safe bedrail option for your toddler. A toddler spends a lot of time on the bed. Sometimes playing or sleeping, it is necessary to keep them safe. This fence, in particular, is a great option to stop your child from falling, even during play.

The elasticity of the material used in the rail will bounce the child and prevent fall. Easy to install, this rail comes with storage options. The charming design will engage your child as they pretend to play in the safety of the rail. It can be folded completely and that makes it one of the safest fence.

Are Bed Rails Necessary?

The bed rail has psychological benefits for the child. She will not dread the transition because of the snug comfort that the rail brings. And as a mom, you will know that your child is safe. Nothing matters to parents than the assurance of safety for their children. So now all of you can get a good restful night of sleep.

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