Best Swim Floaties For Toddlers

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Floaties are the perfect equipment to help your toddlers learn and improve their swimming skills; and with proper supervision and guidance, swimming floats are used to develop swimming techniques and do different swimming exercises.

It also lessens your toddler’s nervousness especially if it will be their first time in big open water. On the other hand, parents also love having these floaties because it sort of gives children a bit of independence in the water without their dad or mom holding them.

This list includes some of the best swim floaties for toddlers available that would surely help parents keep their kids safe in the water.

10 Best Swim Floaties for your Baby

floaties best for toddlers
1. Vehicle Floaties$10.79
2. Water Fun Character Designed Vest$8.45
3. Summer Armbands$3.71
4. Animal and Summer Fun Swim Rings $0.97
5. Classic Lifejacket$3.66
6. Swim Wings$3.45
7. Ladybug Inflatable Arm Sleeves$2.30
8. Shark Arm Floaties$4.07
9. Inflatable Baby Float $6.94
10. Classic Arm Band Floaties $7.86

1. Vehicle Floaties

This swimming ring resembles a vehicle with its turning steering wheel and horn, it can make your baby feel the fun of driving a boat or a car while in the water. If your little one likes playing with cars, this vehicle floater will surely make him forget that he’s scared of the water.

Its backrest and the cute pattern will make kids be excited about exploring the water. The thick base ensures your baby’s safety and stability, and will certainly keep them above water. It is perfect for pool and beach use, and it has holes for your toddler to learn how to paddle with their feet through the water.

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2. Water Fun Character Designed Vest

Swimming can be more exciting with these floaties with built-in armbands, vest, and adjustable straps and will absolutely help kids learn to swim better and safer. Making sure that the floater has a perfect fit ensures that it won’t easily fall off on your baby’s body.

The safety buckle prevents kids from taking the vests of on their own. What makes it more fun is that it is designed with children’s favorite characters such as Spiderman, Batman, and Hello Kitty and comes in different colors.

This top quality and durable polyester life vest will not chaff or make your child uncomfortable making them play and move freely in the water. It is also designed to fit snugly for added safety

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3. Summer Armbands

best to buy swimming floaties
Price:  $3.71

Boys and girls will surely love this vibrant, and colorful armband which comes in four different variants: cherry, pineapple, flamingo, and crab.

This armband is made from durable and eco-friendly material which makes it non-toxic and safe to use. It also easy to inflate and deflate, the box that comes with it is a definite space saver and is portable.

Its drum type design can perfectly fit their arms making it a perfect tool to help beginners learn to easily swim and gain confidence while in the water.

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4. Animal and Summer Fun Swim Rings

swimming floaties best to buy

Help your kids get comfortable with water with these swimming rings. These inflatable swimming rings has a design that children will love, and it comes with a lot of designs, you can let your child pick his own swim ring! Oh, how happy would he be!

Made from premium quality PVC vinyl materials, this swimming ring is UV resistant which prevents it from fading and cracking.

You can spend all day relaxing by the pool or the beach with these durable, eye-catching inflatable rings. Kids can have fun splashing around the pool while being supported.

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5. Classic Lifejacket

swimming floaties for toddlers 2021
Price: $3.66

This life jacket is made from non-toxic PVC material which makes it smooth and comfortable to wear. Its double buckle, adjustable straps secures that the jacket will not easily be removed.

The solid bright color pattern can easily locate a child who wears it. It has air chambers designed to protect the head and neck to ensure that they float safely with their mouth and nose clear of surface water.

The back and the whole body also have air chambers to hold the child’s body uptight.

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6. Swim Wings

Designed with adorable graphics, these swim wings are appealing to kids. These are scratch-free and very comfortable to wear with easy on and off use. The material is toxic-free and sturdy. Your toddlers can learn how to float around easily with the help of these floaties.

In addition to that, they are also less bulky than other floaties, and you don’t even have to spend so much time pumping it up.

The “flat strap” design allows the upper arm of the child to do the correct and proper swimming exercise. Its bright colors increased its visibility. Plus, cute animal pattern lets the kids enjoy water activities while parents have their own peace of mind, knowing that their child is safe from any danger.

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7. Ladybug Inflatable Arm Sleeves

top floaties for toddlers 2021
Price: $2.30

Kids will surely enjoy these arm sleeves for pool time fun and help them develop their beginner swimming skills. These inflatable floating arm sleeves are made from PVC and are lightweight, damp proof, and portable.

These funny ladybug sleeves have double airbags for that extra layer of security during swimming and also make it easier to get on and off. It is available in blue, green and red colors.

Take all hundreds of photos as your baby would 100% look so adorable and cute while wearing these ladybug arm floaties!

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8. Shark Arm Floaties

Arm floaties can be the perfect tool to keep your kids afloat; with these shark-themed armbands, they would have that freedom for arm movement in or out of the water.

These arm floats fit most arms and may gradually be deflated as your kid learns to swim. Recommended for ages 3 to 12, these floaties would help children develop beginner swimming skills.

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9. Inflatable Baby Float

Spending time in the pool with your little one is a great bonding moment. Let them explore the water with this amazing baby float that has a swimming seat. It would help remove your child’s anxiety especially if it is their first time in the water. Its cushion design gives the child more security.

The transparent color lets you see the baby’s foot movements and observe underwater conditions to prevent accidents. The material is made from toxic-free, sturdy materials that passed the toy international safety standard.

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10. Classic Arm Band Floaties

This nontoxic classic armband is the best tool for our tiny swimming learners. These arm floats will help your child get comfortable in the pool while having a great time. The soft waterproof material is designed for delicate skin, prevents chaff, and is easy to wear. Its double airbags are thickened for safety and security.

It is also easy to inflate/deflate making it easier to pack during family vacations. This armband is recommended for both children and adults to help them fully enjoy their family vacation time.

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Body Glove Paddle Pals

This is extremely safe and one of the best swim floaties for toddlers. It provides comfort to the toddler when in water and prevents chafing. It’s made with quality polyester material that is durable for a very long time. 

It’s safety is patented with U.S. Coast Guard Approved “Learn to Swim”. There is a life jacket attached for safety reasons. It fits perfectly to anyone who is about 30lbs to 50 lbs. The graphic designs on the paddles make it super cute and interesting for toddlers. 

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SwimSchool Grow with Me Floatie

This is a 4 in 1 swim floatie that is perfect for toddlers. It has a baby flat, swim cruiser, kickboard and babyboard. All of it will be great fun for your toddler. Swimschool grow with me floatie is reinforced with triple safety layer, two quick grip handles and no leak air valves that helps the baby float well and ensures safety. 

The kickboard attachment can be removed as well. The graphic designs are really nice and the floatie is available in various attractive colors. The inflated size of the pool float is 27” x 24”. 

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Speedo Kids’ Begin to Swim

The Speedo floaties are just inflatable attachments on the arms but provide great buoyancy to keep the children floating. It’s one size floatie that can be used upto 12 years of kids. This heavy duty Speedo floatie has added safety and is extremely durable. 

The kid-friendly shape provides comfort and mobility when the kids are in the pool. These speedo kid’s begin to swim floatie helps the children build confidence in water.They’re extremely affordable. 

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How to Choose swim floaties for toddlers: 

Swim floaties are perfect if you want to let your toddler learn how to swim. Here are some of the things you should consider when buying them:

  • Safety: Make sure the swim floaties are reinforced with safety layers, gripping as well as no leak air valves. This will ensure that your child is safe when they’re in the water. Don’t get any random swim floatie that has no safety mark. 
  • Material: Look for swim floatie with polyester and neoprene material as they’re the best. Check the quality of the material before buying. 
  • Adjustable: Check if the swim floatie is adjustable. It shouldn’t fit too tight or too loose for your toddler. Swim floatie with adjustable straps are the best option. 
  • Approved by the U.S. Coast Guard or American Red Cross: Swim floaties approved by these organisations are safe. They might cost you a little extra but they at least ensure safety. 

Are swim floats good for toddlers?

Yes, swim floaties are perfect devices to let your toddlers learn swimming. However, don’t use the floaties frequently after the toddler has grown upto 2-3 years as it might delay the swimming progress.

How does a pool floatie work?

Pool floaties are designed to provide buoyancy in the water that helps anyone wearing it. It doesn’t let you drown and keeps you afloat in the water. 

Getting the Best Floaties for Toddlers 2021

Swimming is a great bonding exercise that toddlers can do together with their parents. There’s no better peace of mind knowing that your children are safe around and in the water.

To get the most out of your toddler’s swimming floats, parents must not forget that these are not life-saving devices and it is always better if you keep them under supervision. It will also help your kids be more relax and comfortable in the water.

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