Best Pull Up Diapers on Amazon 2020

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At some point in time your babies will have to start potty training. One step to become a toilet trained child is to introduce them to pull up diapers.

These types of diapers can help your little ones be excited and make them feel like wearing actual underpants and besides, should there be a time that a “spilling accident” happens, the easy open sides make cleaning up easier.

Pull up diapers makes it effortless for parents to pull their pants up and down whenever you bring your child to the toilet more often. Taking the next step from wearing a plain diaper to pull up ones can be an exciting experience for your child’s potty training journey. Here are the best pull up diapers that you can find.

Top 15 Best Pull Up Diapers on Amazon 2020

1.Pampers Easy Ups Training Underwear

Pampers Easy Ups Training Underwear
Price:  $38.99

Make the big switch from diapers to training pants with Pampers Easy Ups training underwear. It has extra absorb channels that gives outstanding leak protection whether it is during the day or night. The dual leak guard barriers also prevent leakage especially when your child is extra active during playtime.

The 360o stretchy waistband ensures that it fits perfectly snugly to your child. It also has easy tear sides for easy removal and disposal. This pull up diaper is made from super soft, cotton like materials that is surely feels comfortable for your child.

2. Huggies Slip On Diaper Pants

Huggies Slip On Diaper Pants
Price:  $44.42

It maybe a struggle to keep them lying down to change their diapers when your child starts to walk or crawl. Huggies Slip on Diaper pants is designed for your early explorers which you can change whether they are standing up or lying down.

The slim trim fit features a pre fastened design that is a diaper on the inside but look like an actual pants outside. Its flexible fit and all around stretch gives your child comfortability giving them more freedom of motion and movement while the leak lock provides up to 12 hours of leak protection.

3. Huggies Pull Ups: Learning Designs

Huggies Pull Ups: Learning Designs
Price: $31.84

Helps teach toddlers the concept of pulling up and down underwear. It has easy open sides for quick cleanups, adjustable fit, and easy changes and the exclusive Disney graphics act as a wetness indicator that fades when wet.

This disposable training diaper has a leak protection guard that you can rely on day and night. This Huggies Pull Ups is available in Minnie and Mickey Mouse, Jesse, Buzz Lightyear and Woody designs.

4. Pampers Pull On Cruisers 360o Fit Diapers

The pull on diapers that is best for your active babies, this pull on diapers from Pampers has easy tear sides and roll & toss tape for easy disposal. The 360o adaptive stretch waistband easily fit your growing baby’s size.

This diaper made up from cotton is paraben free and latex free and can give your baby dry, and comfortable feeling for up to 12 hours.

5. Huggies Pull Ups: Cool and Learn

Another variant from Huggies Pull Ups that has a cooling gel inside that gets cold when wet and helps toddlers recognize when they have accidentally wet themselves. These training diapers fit like a cotton diaper which helps your toddler to identify and familiarize with normal underpants. The Disney Mickey Mouse design gives all around day and night protection.

Huggies Pull Ups: Cool and Learn
Price:  $23.12

6. Pampers Splashers

Price: $17.98

Enjoy your swimming vacations while continuing your baby’s potty training with this pull up diapers that has No Swell Core Technology that does not swell in water like regular diapers.

The easy tear sides make it easier to pull up and down. The stretchy waistband and dual leak guard barriers fits like a swimwear and fits around your baby’s legs to avoid leaks and messes.

7. Natural Blossom Hypoallergenic Pull up Baby Diapers

Price: $45.00 

This pull up diaper is designed to fit like underwear, its ruffled leg holes are designed to avoid harsh cuts into thighs that lead marks. It is made from skin friendly materials and is super absorbent.

The comfy waistband is designed to maintain a snug fit even on the most active babies. What sets Natural Blossom’s diapers is that it has anti-lump technology that ensures to fit your baby’s bottom perfectly.

The brand has also been certified in by Allergy UK and rated excellent by Dermatest, one of the top three safety authorities in Europe. This ensures that your baby is free from volatile compounds and that this diaper is safe to use.

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8. Seventh Generation Training Pants

Seventh Generation Training Pants
Price: $47.96 

As your child goes potty training, this Seventh Generation training pants is a perfect companion to let your child experience a pull-on pants. It has an exceptional leak protection and stretchy, tear away side panels for snugly fit and convenience when cleaning-up.

For more than 25 years, Seventh generations has been making safe and effective products, these training pants are made high-capacity absorbent core with 0% chlorine bleaching chemicals, lotions and fragrances making it safe to use especially for your child’s sensitive skin.

9. Bambo Nature Eco-Friendly Training Pants

Bambo Nature Eco-Friendly Training Pants
Price: $11.02

This eco-friendly training pants features a unique three-layer design has ultra-absorbent core that helps your child stay dry throughout the day and overnight.

The fully breathable backsheet helps heat and moisture escape from around the delicate bottoms which prevents rashes and irritation to keep your kids comfortable and dry.

This product is also dermatologically tested and free of all known allergens, perfumes and harmful chemicals making the perfect pull up diaper for your kids.

10. Honest Pull up Diapers

Honest Pull up Diapers
Price: $20.95 

This super absorbent pull up diapers is made from pulp harvested from sustainably managed forest. Its plant-based (PLA) inner and outer layer is gentle on your toddler’s bottom. It did not undergo any chemical bleaching or chlorine processing and has no synthetic fragrance, lotions or latex.

The comfortable and stretchy waistband and side panels are designed for perfect fit and mobility. Its cute and stylish prints of animals and ABCs make potty training a bit more fun and delightful.

11. Milk Friends Disposable Pull up Diapers

Milk Friends Disposable Pull up Diapers
Price: $45.00

This cloth like and slim comfortable diapers is contoured to perfectly fit your child. Its elastic sides and leg holes ensure wear ability and mobility.

The circular Velcro fastening system prevents scratches from appearing on your baby’s legs. It also has a super absorbent polymer that ensures dryness which greatly reduces the chance of diaper rashes and irritation.

This silky smooth, pillow like texture pull up diaper that is hypoallergenic has passed Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Dermatest to ensure your baby’s safety.

12. ECO by Naty Pull up Pants

ECO by Naty Pull up Pants
Price: $48.60

One of the leading brands in making environmentally friendly products, ECO by Naty Pull up Pants is designed to minimize the risk of allergy and diaper rash.

This green diaper is manufactured to be kind not just to your baby’s skin but also to the planet. It is made from VOC-free, paraben free, latex free and without fragrance making it safe even for sensitive skin.

The soft, cloth like feel gives a non-bulky feel which makes it easier for your babies to move around freely and comfortably.

13. Parasol Clear + Dry Pull Up Pants

Parasol Clear + Dry Pull Up Pants
Price: $16.00

As soon as your baby knows how to sit down, this Parasol Clear + Dry disposable pant is perfect for you, active babies and is on the move. The Rash Shield technology has multiple layers of soft, ultra-high absorbent materials that are infused with micro-beads which turn to gel as soon as it contacts on liquid.

This makes this diaper leak proof and dries within seconds. The moisture is locked down evenly in a thin, even layer without making the diaper sag. The waistband and leg cuffs are designed to allow your baby to run and play without leaks or messy blowouts. The easy tear side helps lessen the baby kicks and struggles on the changing table.

14. Max Shape Pull Up Pants

Max Shape Pull Up Pants
Price: $10.58 

Switch to a more ecofriendly and cost effective pull up pants that is 100% made from cotton and is washable. It has an absorbent interlining layer that is both comfortable and breathable.

The inner padded lining also avoids leakage and is effective in preventing wetness outside your child’s trousers. This product would probably the closest thing that to a real underwear that your baby will experience after their diaper season.

This particular pant has a covered elastic waistband to ensure comfort and ease of pulling up and down.

15. Mother Ease Cloth Pull Up Diapers


Another eco-friendly and minimalist product is this Mother Ease Cloth pull up diapers. It is designed with 100% weather proof polyester and a three-layer cotton soaker panel is at the waist front and back for quicker drying time and ease of washing.

The stretchy waistband gives a comfortable fit and the inner fabric is also made of cotton. This pull up diaper is super absorbent and totally leak proof.

Mother Ease Cloth Pull Up Diapers

Getting the Best Pull Up Diapers for your Baby

Pull up diapers and trainers are effective tools to use to help your kids during their potty training. The easy pull up and pull down features of these diapers makes them accustomed into wearing underpants.

These pants that are also usually made from regular diaper materials save parents the hassle of cleaning up in case their child fails to do bladder and bowel control. With proper guidance potty training can be a memorable and enjoyable event for your babies.

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