10 Best Pregnancy Robes 2021

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Best Pregnancy Robe

Looking for comfortable pregnancy robes? We tested over 20 labor gowns to find best pregnancy robes for you. Read on to find the reviews of lightweight maternity robes for pregnancy.

Proper and comfortable clothes during pregnancy are important. The more comfortable we are with our outfits, the healthier we can get.  In today’s modern world, being shy about wearing beautiful pregnancy robes and dresses is no longer a thing. We can flaunt our baby bumps proudly while maintaining a great style.

Best Pregnancy Robes – Quick Summary

Best Pregnancy RobesMachine Washable:Fabric Used:
Matching Delivery Robe and Swaddle Blanket Set Mom and BabyYes95% Cotton / 5% Spandex
Ekouaer Women’s RobeYes95% Rayon
Baby Be Mine Maternity Labor Delivery Nursing RobeYes95% Cotton / 5% Spandex
U2SKIIN Womens Cotton RobesYes100% Natural Cotton
Ekouaer Lace Womens Maternity RobeYes95% Rayon / 5% Spandex
Angel Maternity SetYes100% Cotton
Lamaze Womens MaternityYes95% Cotton / 5% Spandex
Posh Peanut Mommy RobeYes5% Spandex
JK Unicorn Long Maternity RobeYes95% Rayon / 5% Spandex
Peauty 100% Cotton Labor and Delivery GownYes100% Cotton

Pregnancy robes are also useful for delivery. In my perspective, I prefer bringing my own robe to the hospital for giving birth and nursing my baby after the postnatal procedures. Aside from the fact that it’s personal stuff, I can also wear the style I really want!

Are you giving birth soon? I’ve listed down some of the best pregnancy robes I’ve found online.

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Top Pregnancy Robes

Matching Delivery Robe and Swaddle Blanket Set Mom and Baby

best pregnancy robe

I’m aiming to achieve a matchy-matchy outfit with my baby as soon as I give birth so this Matching Delivery Robe and Swaddle Blanket Set is really a holy grail! It’s stylish and very comfortable to wear. This maternity robe comes in different colors and designs and personally, I would prefer the floral ones.

The thing that’s making it comfortable to wear is that it’s made with 95% high quality cotton and 5% spandex. I don’t care about having a huge baby bump since it doesn’t hinder the comfort in my tummy area when I wear this robe. It’s slightly stretchable and perfectly hugs my body so I can effortlessly flaunt my figure.

This maternity robe can definitely last for a long time. I can get it during my early pregnancy period and still use it as my baby bump grows. It will adjust to your tummy without compromising comfort.

Another thing I love about this product is that it comes with a swaddle and a knotted hat. It makes my baby look so adorable! Also, it’s not just for new born babies. I can still use it until my baby turns to her toddler years.

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It also has a belt sewn into the back of the robe so you can adjust it depending on your comfort. Personally, I want a tight fitting but stretchable pregnancy robe I can use until my delivery day. And I would highly recommend this one.

Ekouaer Women’s Robe

Best pregnancy robe 2021

Comfortable and at ease nursing is also a factor to consider when looking for a pregnancy robe. After giving birth, it’s such a hassle to lift my shirt up whenever I need to nurse my baby. So a night gown like this is definitely perfect not just for me, but also to all nursing moms out there.

It comes with a tie closure so it’s easy to open up during nursing time. It’s made with soft and comfortable fabric which attracts me the most because I’m looking for a robe that I can use to comfortably sleep at night with my baby bump. It’s not just suitable for pregnant women, but also for those who just gave birth.

Many moms out there are also using this maternity robe even during their postpartum period. And I agree because this is perfect even for cozy mornings! Nothing’s better than moving around the house while taking care of your baby with my stylish and comfortable pregnancy robe.

I’d also love to bring this robe in my emergency bag in preparation for my delivery day!

Baby Be Mine Maternity Labor Delivery Nursing Robe

Top pregnancy robe

Baby Be Mine Maternity Labor Delivery Nursing Robe is also one of my recommended essentials for giving birth. This allows an easy wrap up and comfortable feeling when walking around the hospital halls. It’s also a great way to maintain style even when nursing my baby.

Most moms say they are actually looking for pregnancy robes that have pockets and accurate size and luckily, this brand stands among any other. It also doesn’t come with a chemical smell so it’s most likely a ready to wear robe. It’s knee-length so I don’t worry about getting very conscious when accepting visitors.

Some moms also say they’re planning to wear it even until their baby bump is gone. I would highly prefer it too! It’s perfect for more comfortable nights especially when I need to nurse my baby. It helps me to be more comfortable since I no longer have to lift my shirt up.

U2SKIIN Womens Cotton Robes

top pregnancy robe 2021

For a plain and simple maternity robe, I would suggest picking U2SKIIN Women’s Cotton Robes. It doesn’t come in different patterns, like what the previous robes mentioned do. It comes in different amazing colors! Personally, I prefer the black and living coral variants. It’s just perfect for both night and day use even after giving birth!

It’s made with 100% cotton with a tie enclosure so it’s really comfortable to use. I love robes especially when I’m pregnant since I want to wear something more comfortable than my usual home attire. Also, it’s not just for pregnant women. It’s perfect for swimming, spa, bathing, or for daily use.

Most women who got this simple robe say it’s thick and soft and fits well to their body. And they love it! If I were to ask, I’ll definitely pick this one since it’s multipurpose. It’s also lightweight so you can surely roam around the home or hospital halls comfortably.

Ekouaer Lace Womens Maternity Robe

Best maternity robe 2021

Maternity robes are best suitable for breastfeeding purposes. It helps us be more comfortable and at ease when nursing our baby. And of course, we still don’t want to lose our style during and after giving birth! Ekouaer Lace Women’s Maternity Robe is one of the best brands I would recommend for those who are looking for the best one.

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I personally love the combination of cotton and spandex when it comes to maternity clothes. It feels more comfortable and helps me move around at ease. This lace robe is made with 95% cotton and 5% spandex so there’s no need to worry about the growing baby bump. It will stretch itself depending on your body shape!

It comes in ¾ sleeves which is perfect for maintaining a cozy feeling while doing mom chores.  Most moms say it’s very stretchable, making it suitable for both pregnant and for those who just gave birth. Its belt is also sewn at the back of the robe so it’s easy to tie and doesn’t get lost in the laundry.

Angel Maternity Set

Best maternity gown set

Maternity gown sets are such a good catch. Aside from having a specialized feature to nurse your newborns comfortably. It also offers a matching baby blanket and cute hair accessories!

You  can definitely use this as a hospital gown if you prefer too! Whether you want a laced or simple one, Angel gets you covered and leaves you with various design choices. Stay comfortable throughout your pregnancy with its high quality materials.

Lamaze Womens Maternity

Best pregnancy gown set 2021

Looking for a knee-length maternity gown to use on your pregnancy days? Fret not with this charming maternity gown from Lamaze! This 2in1 robe makes your pregnancy journey as comfy as possible!

This maternity gown can make you look well-dressed even on your nights in the hospital. Plus, it can keep you warm and cozy with its soft outer gown! Don’t stress yourself with feeding your baby at the middle of the night as this robe is designed to be nursing-friendly.

Posh Peanut Mommy Robe

Best Maternity robe for pregnant woman

On the hunt for a pretty robe that can offer the ultimate-soft fabric to use while you’re pregnant? You may want to consider getting this Posh Peanut robe! This robe isn’t just for women who’re laboring but rather, this can be your robe while nursing your babies and lounging at your home.

Plus, this brand is quite trustworthy when it comes to the quality they produce! If you’re looking for the perfect gift for expecting mothers, getting her this lovely robe will surely melt their hearts!

JK Unicorn Long Maternity Robe

Best long Pregnancy gown

Enjoy the luxurious soft and comfy fabric that comprises 95% Rayon and 5% Spandex. Having a tie closure can make it more cosy and easy to wear! If you’re a pregnant woman who loves wearing long dresses, getting this maternity robe will never be a mistake.

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Aside from those, there are also a lot of lovely colors and designs to choose from so you’ll never be left with no choice. On top of this, it also features very handy pockets where you can put some of your essential things!

Peauty 100% Cotton Labor and Delivery Gown

Best pregnancy delivery gown 2021

There’s really nothing that can beat the comfort that cotton fabric gives. If you’re searching for the comfiest delivery gown to wear, this pregnancy labor and delivery gown from Peauty is indeed the perfect maternity gown to wear!

Aside from having various styles, it also comes with a multifunction design that will help you breathe easily and safely. You don’t need to worry about undressing from time to time as this gown has front panels and full-back snaps for an ultimate comfy wear.

How to choose the best pregnancy robes 

Choosing the best pregnancy robes completely depends on your overall preference. Before jumping to any brand of pregnancy robes, always consider the time where you plan to wear it throughout your pregnancy journey.

Be it traditional or modern robe styles, make sure that you’ll find the comfort you’re looking for in wearing a robe! You’ll surely be able to find the best one that can fit you seamlessly. 

Types of pregnancy robes and delivery gowns

There are different types and styles of pregnancy robes and delivery gowns available. While other women don’t seem to feel comfortable with hospital gowns, buying her own delivery gown can make labor less complicated and uneasy. 

Though these pregnancy gowns are made for the same reason of giving expecting mothers some comfort, they still have some features which have its designated purpose just like the one with openings in some areas so that doctors and nurses can attend to the pregnant women easily without the need to reveal too much skin. 

Best Pregnancy Robes: FAQs

What kind of robe do you use for labor?

The best robe kind you can wear on your labor is the loose one where you can freely move around. Choose a smooth fabric material which is 100% cotton for an ultimate comfort while you’re in labor. While hospitals provide gowns and robes once you’ve got admitted for delivery, I would highly recommend bringing your own robe so you can feel more at ease. This is also the best way to ensure you get the right fitting and comfort you want.

Can I wear my own gown during labor?

If you prefer to wear your own during labor, that’s absolutely fine. Don’t put too much pressure on getting one as it’s also fine to wear the most comfortable clothes you have. Just a reminder that it can be dirty and that you’ll have to throw it away. 

Should I pack a labor robe in my hospital bag?

Yes! A robe is definitely a must-have for your hospital bag when you’re about to give birth. It’s more comfortable to wear a personal robe rather than wearing a hospital gown. You can feel more at ease and comfy at the same time. Maternity robes make it easier for us to nurse our baby.

Getting the Best Pregnancy Robe

There are so many pregnancy robes out there available in the market and choosing the best one is a crucial step. You might need to experiment on different materials and types until you finally find the perfect match for you. But personally, cotton and spandex pregnancy robes are the best ones for me. It makes me feel more comfortable especially when sleeping at night with my baby bump.

It’s really a matter of choosing a material where you’re most comfortable. Some prefer satin, some are fleece, and some are cotton. For me, fleece is soft, but gives too much heat so I don’t prefer using it as a pregnancy robe. However, it’s perfect for bathing.

You’ll eventually find your holy grail. For now, especially if you’re a first time mom, you might want to get different types of robes first and assess which one is the best for you. And if you’re lucky enough, you might find all of them comfortable to wear! I hope this article helped you decide.

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