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You’re probably familiar with these giant balls often used in fitness gyms. But do you know that they’re also useful for pregnant women? These inflated giant balls aren’t just for workouts. They’re also used for pregnancy, labor, and even for giving birth. I didn’t know about this until I discovered pregnancy exercise balls.

Pregnancy and delivery are such a hard thing that can happen to our body as a woman. Every pregnant mom experiences different body fatigues, but some of the most common pains I also experience are back and pelvic pain.

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Top 5 pregnancy exercise balls

I don’t know how to get rid of them, but all thanks to my pregnancy exercise ball! I feel so much better whenever I use it, especially during the last few weeks before my delivery. Are you having a hard time looking for one? Here are some of my recommendations.

GalSports Exercise Ball

best pregnancy exercise ball

An exercise ball is more than just a yoga or workout apparatus. It’s a pregnant woman’s best friend too! Gal Sports Exercise Ball is made with high quality materials that can resist up to 2000 pounds. This brand is made with a gym-grade PVC, safe, BPA-free and proven durable for different types of usage.

Gal Sports Exercise Ball isn’t just for yoga. Pregnant women also use this to induce labor, relieve back and pelvic pain and to do pregnancy gymnastics. This is one of the best brands I would highly recommend for moms out there that experience the same dilemma. Whether you’re a first time mom or not, this is a great way to relieve your body pain.

Get it now at $23.29.

URBNFit Exercise Ball

best pregnancy exercise ball 2021

Did I mention colorful exercise balls? URBNFit has it all! Choose your favorite color and enjoy doing your pregnancy exercise routine. And don’t worry. This exercise ball is safe to use even with your baby bump. It comes with an anti-slip and anti-burst feature and is made with professional quality PVC material.

What I like about this exercise ball brand is that it comes with a lot of freebies. Each item comes with detailed instructions, two air stoppers and a workout guide. It’s also multipurpose–can be used for yoga, pilates, and is also useful for relieving back pain for pregnants and improving your overall posture. If I were to ask, I would definitely go for the pink one!

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Get it now at $31.97.

Trideer Extra Thick Yoga and Exercise Ball

top pregnancy exercise ball

Another best brand that I would recommend if you’re looking for a pregnancy exercise ball is the Trideer Extra Thick Yoga and Exercise Ball. It’s one of the most popular exercise balls in the market because of its high density with 2000 micrometers of thickness. This exercise ball is made with professional quality and non-toxic PVC material which is BPA and heavy metal-free.

Trideer Extra Thick Yoga and Exercise Ball also comes with an anti-slip feature so it’s definitely safe to use even for pregnant women. It’s easy to inflate and comes with an inflation foot pump so you don’t have to worry about inflating it on your own. It’s handy and convenient to use! If you’re looking for a great pregnancy exercise ball, you should definitely consider this one.

Get it now at $48.

BalanceFrom Anti-Burst and Slip Resistant Exercise Ball

top pregnancy exercise ball

Safety is the top priority when it comes to exercise balls especially if you’ll use it for your pregnancy. BalanceFrom Anti-Burst and Slip Resistant Exercise Ball is made with thick and durable materials with an anti-slip and anti-burst feature to ensure it’s safe to use. It’s also easy to maintain! Clean it with a cloth and it’s ready to use again.

BalanceFrom Anti-Burst and Slip Resistant Exercise Ball is phthalates free and doesn’t contain any heavy metal elements so you can ensure it’s chemical free. And just like the previous brand mentioned, it also comes in a complete package. No need to worry about inflating it because it already comes with a foot pump. Grab yours and assemble it in no time!

Get it now at $12.01.

Dynapro Exercise Ball

top 5 pregnancy exercise ball 2021

Optimize your health and maintain a healthy pregnancy! Dynapro Exercise Ball is a great partner for pregnant moms to help them relieve back and pelvic pain. For me, this equipment is definitely essential. It’s a comfortable way to do my exercise routine even with my baby bump. It’s also relieving to relax and curve my back towards an exercise ball whenever I feel my body getting stressed.

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What’s great about this exercise ball brand is that it has an anti-slip feature that stays put with skin contact. So I would recommend you to wear a sports bra whenever you use this exercise ball for maximum effect. It also comes with a matte finish PVC body with horizontal ribs around it, making it easy to hold without slipping even with sweat.

Also, it comes with a hand pump so it’s convenient to use–no other equipment or tools needed for setup!

Get it now at $16.99.

Are exercise balls good for pregnancy?

My exercise ball is a lifesaver during my pregnancy days! It relieves my back pain and pelvic pain especially as my delivery day approaches. I know that I’m not the only one who’s not comfortable sitting on a couch or any other flat surface. And the curve of the pregnancy exercise ball gives me comfort and relieves the pressure in my pelvic and lower back.

It’s also said that pregnancy exercise balls help relieve stress and anxiety. Most women who experience labor pains do birthing ball exercises to feel better. Also, some claims that it helps them get a shorter time of labor after exercising with this amazing ball.

How many weeks pregnant can you use a birthing ball?

You can use a birthing ball at the early stage of your pregnancy. I continued using it up to 32 weeks of my pregnancy and did some gentle pregnancy ball exercises. However, you should still always consult your ob gyn or midwife to check the position of your baby.

If your baby is in a posterior position, you can do some pregnancy ball exercises to tease him or her into an anterior position. I’ve tried positions like leaning forward instead of curving my back towards the exercise ball. I’ve also tried gently bouncing myself so my baby’s head can drop to the pelvic area.

Does bouncing on a ball induce labor?

Research says that pregnancy exercise balls help pregnant mothers to be prepared for labor. Try sitting on a birth ball with your legs neutrally wide open to increase body flow, open your pelvis and dilate your cervix.

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For inducing labor, you can try circular hip rotation, rocking and gently bouncing yourself against the exercise ball. This is a perfect way to prepare your body for your delivery day.

Using a pregnancy ball after giving birth

An exercise ball is truly a good pal during pregnancy. But do you know that you can still use it even after giving birth? Yes! You can still reap a lot of benefits out of it! It’s useful especially when your perineum is still sore. You just have to sit on your pregnancy ball in a comfortable position and let some air out.

It’s also beneficial for you if you’re breastfeeding although you might find it hard to look for a comfortable position while nursing your baby. And a personal advice: Try gently bouncing against the exercise ball while carrying your baby. They enjoy this type of gentle rhythm and it helps them feel more at ease. It’s also proven to help babies relieve colics and calm them down.

And when your body has recovered from labor and delivery, you can gradually start with your post-pregnancy exercise routine. It can start around six weeks after you give birth. Gentle movements can help you strengthen your core muscles in your back and tummy.

Getting the Best Pregnancy Exercise Ball

Choosing the right pregnancy ball for you also means considering a lot of factors, especially the materials and size of the ball itself. It’s important to make sure the exercise ball is made with durable and thick materials so it won’t burst as you sit on it. Also, you want to pick a brand that’s chemical-free so it won’t harm your body in any way.

Finally, size matters. Not all exercise balls are the same. You must pick the right size for you so you can comfortably sit on it and do your exercise routine. The sizes are mainly based on your height. When you sit on it, your hips must be at least four inches higher than your knees. That’s when you know it’s the right size for you.

Assess your options first and consider the following factors to ensure you can get the most out of your purchase and of course, it’s safe to use. And it’s also great that the use of an exercise ball doesn’t just end after giving birth! Whatever its price is as long as its quality and materials are good, it’s definitely worth it since you can use it in so many different ways.

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