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When it comes to giving a gift to your beautiful mom, regular gifts might already be too boring! Take the extra time to look for personalized gifts that will make your intention of giving the gift more meaningful and thoughtful. If you’re looking for something extra special for your Mother’s Day, your mom’s birthday, or any occasion, we have gathered the best personalized mom gifts that you can easily get on Amazon.

These gifts are custom-made for your mom, so she can feel more appreciated with your gift. It may not be so expensive, but what matters most is that you took the time to get your mom something that will touch her heart.

Top 10 Personalized Gifts for Mom

EastArts Personalized Blanket

best personalized gift for moms

Price: $20.99

The most comfortable gift that you could ever give your mom is here! The EastArts Personalized Blanket allows you to print out memorable photos and messages for your mom. This blanket is made out of fleece, which is perfect for cuddling all year round.

You put up to one to nine photos on the blanket, and a short message for your mommy. She would surely squeal in delight once she sees this personalized blanket. There are various sizes that you could also choose from.

If you want to print more photos on the blanket, you can always reach out to the seller for a more customized experience.

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3D Crystal Photo

best personalized gift for moms 2021

Price: $139.00

Regular photo albums are so outdated, and if you want to give a unique gift to your mom, you should definitely check out this 3D Crystal Photo! You can preserve all your mom’s memories and beautiful photos through a laser-etched picture that will make the memories last for a lifetime.

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It also comes with an LED light at the bottom which makes it an adorable décor at your mom’s home. Since it has a 3D design, it makes the photo come alive! This 3D Crystal Photo is created with premium-quality crystal cubes.

Each order of this 3D Crystal Photo is handcrafted by a skilled artist to make sure that every detail of your photo is captured.

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3D Personalized Moon Lamp

top 10 personalized gift for mom

Price: $29.89

We have talked about a 3D photo, now we have a 3D Personalized Moon Lamp. Just like the crystal photo, this lamp is engraved with a photo of your choice. The best thing about it is that it doubles as a lamp, which is perfect for any room in your mom’s house!

It comes in 16 colors, which are all remote-controlled. The light emitted by the lamp is flicker-free, so it doesn’t hurt the eyes even after long hours of use. It is also rechargeable using a low-voltage USB charger. It is very energy efficient, so your mom won’t have to worry about skyrocketing high electric bills.

This enchanting moon lamp also comes with a wooden base, which makes the aesthetics superb!

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Personalized Etched Stemmed Wine Glass

top personalized gift for mom

Price: $21.99

Is your mom a wine lover? Then surprise her with this Personalized Etched Stemmed Wine Glass! If you’re giving her this gift for her birthday, she would definitely be using it immediately at her party. This wine glass holds up to 16 ounces, so a refill won’t always be necessary with its large capacity.

You can put a personalized message, and even your mom’s name to make the glass extra special. It is made with a laser-etched design so your message will be there even after a lifetime. What’s best about this wine glass is that it is also dishwasher-safe.

This classy glass is proven to be durable and sturdy by other moms who received the gift too. Plus, many have said they loved drinking their wine of this special glass!

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Mama Bear Personalized Tumbler

best personalized gift for mothers

Price: $34.99

With all the tasks, career, and household management that a mom has to do every single day, drinking her favorite drink might sometimes be hard to do. Get her something to remind her to stay hydrated like this Mama Bear Personalized Tumbler.

This tumbler is double-insulated so even if she forgets to drink her coffee, it will never get too cold to drink. It can also keep cold drinks cold, so she can always stay refreshed throughout the day. You can add her children’s names on the tumbler, so she can be reminded of how awesome a mom she is!

This tumbler can hold drinks for up to 30 ounces, so the thirsty mommy will never have to run out of drinks too quickly.

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Ldurian Name Necklace

mom personalized gifts

Price: $12.99

There is nothing more stunning and meaningful than giving your mom a gift like this Ldurian Name Necklace. This necklace is not just a regular necklace since you can order it with her name as the pendant. If you’re looking for a gift that you can get in a matter of days, you should go for this one.

This gift can be delivered right to your doorstep within 2 to 3 days. It is also made from high-quality stainless steel and 14-karat gold plating for extra sass. The necklace is also hypoallergenic so even if your mom has sensitive skin, this necklace promises not to get her skin irritated.

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Artblox Soundwave Art

top 10 customized gifts for moms

Price: $49.95

Does a song make you remember how great and awesome your mom is? Then put that song into a lifetime memory with this Artblox Soundwave Art as a gift for your mom! What we love most about this soundwave art is that you can record your own song, or cover a song for your mom, and the manufacturer will do the rest of the job for you.

Using a smartphone, your mom can hear the song engraved on the soundwave art. How cool, isn’t it? She will surely tear up once she hears her favorite song, or you singing for her. There are various colors that you can choose from, and we recommend getting your mom’s favorite color!

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Personalized White Ceramic Mugs with Colored Interior

personalized gifts for moms

Price: $16.99

Make every coffee be a reminder of how much you love your mom with these Personalized White Ceramic Mugs with Colored Interior. Aside from having the opportunity to customize your mom’s coffee mug, this item also comes with free shipping!

You can choose one or two photos to be printed on both sides of the mug. The best thing is that it will not cost you any extra bucks to have two photos printed! But just take note to only handwash this mug to make sure that the print won’t fade off easily.

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Custom Personalized Flip Reversible Sequin Pillow Cover

personalized gifts for moms 2021

Price: $29.95

Did you know that even pillow covers can be a cute surprise gift for your mom? This Custom Personalized Flip Reversible Sequin Pillow Cover looks just like a regular pillow cover but once you turn the sequins over, you’ll see a photo reveal!

You can choose any photo or message that you want to tell your mom and have it printed on the pillow cover. There are also various sequin colors to choose from Black, Light Blue, Champagne, Red, Gold, Silver, and Dark Blue.

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Wood Burned Photo Clock

top personalized gift for moms

Price: $71.00

Last but not the least, we have the Wood Burned Photo Clock. You can send a photo of your mom and your family and have it printed on wood. The photo is “burnt” using a laser-controlled by a computer. The photo is exactly copied, and you are assured that it will last for years!

The best part is that this wood comes with a built-in clock, which makes it memorable and useful at the same time. The wood used is a Premium Russian Birch Plywood, which is an eco-friendly material.

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Getting the Best Personalized Mom Gifts

Giving your mom a personalized gift doesn’t have to always be expensive. These gifts above are only less than $200, and they have got everything you need when it comes to giving a very thoughtful present. Moms don’t really care how expensive your gift is, as long as the gift came from her husband, children, or friend.

So, if you are looking for an extra special yet personalized gift for a mom, these gift ideas will surely help you find the perfect one! These items are all available on Amazon, so you don’t have to go around the town just to get the perfect gift.

These gifts are great to give during Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, or your mom’s birthday. After all, you surely will make her happy as you give your gift to her.

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