Best Organic Baby Food Products on Amazon

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Recent marketing trends and analysis show that organic baby food is gaining popularity due to growing concerns about infant and baby’s health. A lot of factors contributed to the rise of demand for organic baby food.

In spite of its expensive cost, many households had an increase in income making these food products more affordable and accessible to many.

Through social media, many influencers were able to raise awareness on having proper nutritional food intake and living a generally healthy lifestyle.

Many major companies such as Nestle, Gerber, and Abbott Laboratories are making an extensive research on developing organic and all-natural products.

With its high demand, it is a good thing that organic baby food products can now be purchased online. It gives parents more access to baby food products that are not available or are usually sold out in grocery stores.

Here are some of the best organic baby food products that are guaranteed to give your babies proper vitamins and nutrients.

Top 15 Organic Food for Your Baby on Amazon 2021

best organic baby food

1. Plum Organics Stage 2 Fruit and Veggie Variety Pack

Introduce fruits and vegetables to your little ones with this organic fruit and veggie blend that is made from unsalted and unsweetened non-GMO produce.

Plum Organics Stage 2 Fruit and Veggie Variety Pack
Price: $26.09

It is available in pear, spinach, and pea; pear, purple carrot, and blueberry; and banana and pumpkin flavor. It comes in resealable, non-BPA, and child-safe doypack with cap. Step up your baby’s snack time with this organic baby food from Plum Organics.

2. Sprout Organic Stage 3 Baby Food

Give your baby a healthy and balanced meal with this organic baby food from Sprout Organic. It contains 2 grams of fiber and 3-4 grams of protein. It is made from a combination of organic fruits and vegetables and from free-range chicken and turkey, and pasture-raised beef.

Sprout Organic Stage 3 Baby Food
Price: $33.99 

It is USDA Certified Organic, has no concentrates and preservatives, and the packaging is 100% PBA-free. This baby food is perfect for babies who are developing their food taste preferences and trying out new food textures.

3. Happy Baby Organic Stage 2 Baby Food

Take your baby on a culinary adventure with Happy Baby Stage 2 organic baby food. It has a balance of organic food and vegetable blended into a smooth delicious puree that your baby will surely love.

This puree is made from pear, squash, and blackberries. It is enriched with Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Potassium. It can be eaten straight out of the pouch or it can be served warm by placing the pouch in a bowl of warm water. Start developing your baby’s healthy lifestyle with this organic baby food.

Happy Baby Organic Stage 2 Baby Food
Price; $25.76

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4. Earth’s Best Organic Stage 2 Fruit and Grain Puree

This organic baby food that comes in a resealable pouch has no modified food starch, no artificial flavors, and colors. Earth’s Best pride in the fact that all their products are created with care, using simple ingredients found in nature.

This apple, peach, and oatmeal are perfect for babies that are 6 months or older. It is fortified with fiber, protein and other vitamin blends that is important for normal child growth development.

Earth’s Best Organic Stage 2 Fruit and Grain Puree
Price: $14.67

5. Mama Bear Stage 2 Organic Baby Food

With mama bear’s organic recipes, your baby will surely love this organic baby food that is made from pumpkin, apple, peach, and buckwheat. It does not use any added salt, artificial colors, and flavors.

Mama Bear Stage 2 Organic Baby Food
Price: $13.75

It is also made without genetically engineered fruits and vegetables. This organic baby food is gluten-free and is stored in 100% BPA-free pouches. It can be served warm or straight out of the pouch.

6. Happy Baby Organic Yogis

Make snack time more exciting with these frozen-dried yogurt drops from Happy Baby. It is gluten-free and made with yogurt cultures, giving your baby their probiotic needs. Never worry about snacks that are of choking hazards because these yogurt drops are baby finger food that easily melts in your baby’s mouth.

Happy Baby Organic Yogis
Price: $10.17

It is available in strawberry, mixed berry, and banana & mango flavor. It comes in a resealable pack which keeps the snack fresh and makes it a perfect snack to bring with you on-the-go.

7. Nosh Baby Munchable Organic Teething Wafers

These wafers are the perfect snack to introduce your baby to solid food. This rice wafer is baked at the right consistency, that easily fits your baby’s little hands and dissolves in the mouth.

Nosh Baby Munchable Organic Teething Wafers
Price: $20.74

It is made from premium products, is USDA Organic Certified, and is non-GMO. It is also safe from common allergens such as milk, egg, fish, peanuts, and wheat. Baked with no artificial flavors, is available in banana mango; blueberry pomegranate; broccoli, kale, and pear; and strawberry beet variants.

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8. Sprout Organic Curlz Baby Snack

Have your baby their own snack during picnic and movie watching with this organic snack that is made from baked organic chickpeas and lentils. It is a delicious and nutritious snack stored in a resealable canister for easy and on-the-go snacking. It is available in sweet potato & cinnamon, broccoli and white cheddar.

Sprout Organic Curlz Baby Snack
Price: $2.99

Research shows that introducing healthy snacks at an early age helps develop healthy eating habits. Sprout Organic Curlz is specially crafted from a good mix of fruits, vegetable, and grain blends that help babies adapt to organic and healthy flavors and texture.

9. Happy Tot Love My Veggies Baby Food

Vegetables are undeniably kids’ least favorite food among all the food groups. Thanks to this Love My Veggies organic baby food, your little ones will have vegetables introduced into their palate in a more fun and subtle way. It makes them adjust and adapt to vegetable taste at an early age.

Happy Tot Love My Veggies Baby Food
Price: $21.86

It is packed with protein and fiber from chickpeas, vitamin K and magnesium from spinach, vitamin A and C from sweet potatoes, folate and iron from beets, and vitamin A, C, and K from kale. One pouch will surely energize and nourish your baby.

10. Gerber Purees Stage 2 Organic Purees

One of the leading brands of baby products has a line of organic baby food purees. The ingredients are regular non-GMO fruits and vitamin C. It has no added sugars, artificial flavor, and salt.

 Gerber Purees Stage 2 Organic Purees
Price: $9.07

Gerber is one of those companies that deal directly with farmers and supports sustainable agricultural farming. These purees are available in sweet potato, apple, carrot & cinnamon; apple, spinach with kale; apple, strawberry and beet; pear, purple carrot raspberry; and apple, wild berry.

11. Peter Rabbit Organic Baby Food

Peter Rabbit Organic Baby Food
Price: $17.90

This baby food manufacturer has a variety of organic baby food blends that are enjoyed by both adults and babies alike. Peter Rabbit’s cute and vibrantly colored packaging is BPA Free and perfect for kids that are on-the-go. It is suitable for babies that are 6 months old and above.

12. Sprout Organic Quinoa Puffs

Another gluten-free baby snack is this quinoa puffs from Sprout. It is baked with organic gluten-free flour and real fruits & veggies. These puffs are gentle on the gums and dissolve quickly on your baby’s mouth making it a good alternative snack for babies that are having a hard time eating solids.

 Sprout Organic Quinoa Puffs
Price: $2.99

It is a good way to introduce your baby to eating solid foods and train them into eating on their own. It can be served with milk and become a sort of a starter cereal meal for your baby. It does not have any sugar, salt, and other artificial ingredients.

13. Gerber Single Grain Organic Oatmeal Cereal

Aside from purees and puffs, oatmeal is one of the first and foremost go-to meal for parents when they want to introduce solid foods. It has a perfect consistency and is not that sweet tasting.

Gerber Single Grain Organic Oatmeal Cereal
Price: $26.66

It can be mixed with your trusted formula milk and breastmilk. It is enriched with iron and other nutrients needed for your baby’s developmental needs such as B vitamins, vitamin E and C, zinc, and calcium.

14. Plum Organics Mashups

Plum Organics Mashups
Price: $15.84

This Applesauce mashup is enriched with Vitamin C and is certified organic. It does not have any sugar added and other artificial ingredients. It has a convenient, portable, and resealable pouch in 100% BPA free packaging.

15. Serenity Kids Baby Food

This baby food contains freshly caught wild salmon with butternut squash and beets with a few healthy fats from avocado oil. It has no added sugar and other artificial flavorings. This baby food is packed with flavor and nutrition from the wild-caught salmon that has Omega 3 that is essential for your baby’s brain development.

Serenity Kids Baby Food
Price: $23.95

The BPA-free pouch is durable and resealable. They also have other meat variants such as beef with kale and sweet potato; chicken with peas and carrots; turkey with sweet potato, pumpkin, and beet; and uncured bacon with kale and butternut squash. This organic baby food from Serenity Kids will surely give your baby a one of a kind culinary experience.

Getting the Best Organic Baby Food For Your Baby

With the increasing awareness of taking care of one’s health, more and more parents are switching to organic baby food products to give their baby optimal nutrients and antioxidants.

These organic foods are made from pesticide-free produce and are free from any form of chemical exposure making it safer for your baby to eat. These natural baby products are a great way to introduce healthy eating habits to your kids.

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