10 Best Non-Toxic Nursery Paint 2021

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If you’re planning on decorating your baby’s nursery room, we have listed the Best Non-Toxic Nursery Paint to buy in the market to avoid you and your baby’s health from being compromised. Check them out and select the ones that can completely suit yor taste and preferences!

Decorating your baby’s nursery is probably one of the most awaited moments by expecting moms and dads. We all want to have a super cute nursery with a touch of our favorite colors, because the wall paint plays a big role in bringing the look of the nursery together.

Best Non-Toxic Nursery Paint: Quick Summary

Best Non Toxic Nursery PaintCheck price on Amazon
1. KILZ TRIBUTE Interior Semi-Gloss Paint and Primer in OneCheck latest price on Amazon
2. Rust-Oleum 323860 Glitter Interior Wall PaintCheck latest price on Amazon
3. Microblend Interior Paint and PrimerCheck latest price on Amazon
4. Glidden Interior Paint + PrimerCheck latest price on Amazon
5. Montage Signature Interior/Exterior Eco-Friendly PaintCheck latest price on Amazon
6. Prestige Interior Paint and Primer in One Ashes of the RosesCheck latest price on Amazon
7. Valspar Professional Interior Latex Semi Gloss Hi-Hiding WhiteCheck latest price on Amazon
8. MODERN MASTERS ME289-GAL Metallic Paint, BrassCheck latest price on Amazon
9. Pratt & Lambert Pro-Hide SilverCheck latest price on Amazon
10. Boomerang Eco-Friendly Interior Paint, Eggshell Finish (Sunshine)Check latest price on Amazon

But, before you get too excited in picking out the paint color of your baby’s nursery, keep in mind that regular household paint can often lead to poor indoor air quality and toxin exposure. As parents, we just want to give out the safest new environment outside the womb for our babies, so getting the best non-toxic nursery paint should be your first consideration.

Check out these safe paint brands that you can choose from as you create your little one’s nursery.

Top 10 Non-Toxic Nursery Paint

KILZ TRIBUTE Interior Semi-Gloss Paint and Primer in One

best non-toxic nursery paint

Price: $52.00

This best non-toxic nursery paint is perfect for those who love a neutral colored blue and gray which are very trendy nowadays, especially for a baby boy’s room. The KILZ TRIBUTE Interior Semi-Gloss Paint and Primer in One is created with 100% acrylic advanced technology, where the paint and primer are now available in the same can.

You no longer need to purchase two separate products for your little one’s wall paint.

These shades of teal and gray make a beachy, refreshing, and radiant look as soon as you bring your baby home for the first time.

 This paint also covers light to medium color stains on the wall. Never worry about your baby inhaling toxic fumes because this brand meets the strict criteria for low emissions of volatile organic compounds. It also has low odor emission, making it more enjoyable to paint your baby’s nursery.

Other Features:

  • Net Weight: 1 gal
  • Superior hide and coverage feature
  • Comes with a washable finish
  • Mildew-resistant

Rust-Oleum 323860 Glitter Interior Wall Paint

top 10 nursery paint

Price: $22.74

If you’re looking for a unique wall color, might as well give this best non-toxic nursery paint a try! Who doesn’t love glitter, right? Well, you would love glitter more because the Rust-Oleum 323860 Glitter Interior Wall Paint is 100% safe for your baby’s nursery. It is very easy to apply too, all you need is a brush or spray.

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It also works very well on various interior surfaces. This paint completely dries up within an hour of application, so you can immediately put in the new furniture for your little one’s haven. This paint is also water-based that creates an immersive shimmer and glitter effect on the wall.

Other Features:

  • Net Weight: 32 fl. oz.
  • Glitter does not rub off easily
  • Protects against flaking and fading

Microblend Interior Paint and Primer

top 10 nursery paint

Price: $42.99

Acrylics are known to be the safest paint for your babies, get this best non-toxic nursery paint and you’ll never regret it. Paint your little one’s nursery with this professional quality, low odor, and low volatile organic compounds and make a cozy and warm room. The Microblend Interior Paint and Primer produces a silky smooth and luxurious finish on every wall you paint.

This wall paint is made from water-based acrylic resin which is very durable even after your little baby turns into a teenager. Just one coat of this paint is great enough to hide and cover all the stains an imperfection of the wall.

Paint your baby’s room with this cool pastel green color that provides a cozy environment with his room. You can choose from eggshell, flat, gloss, satin, and semi-gloss finishes too.

Other Features:

  • Net Weight: 1gal
  • With stain blockers
  • With rust inhibitors
  • Mildew-resistant

Glidden Interior Paint + Primer

best non-toxic nursery paint

Price: $40.99

This best non-toxic nursery paint offers a one coat coverage which is such a time saver especially if you’re painting the nursery room on the last minute. The exceptional washability of the Glidden Interior Paint + Primer is what makes it stand out among other brands. It also offers low VOC to give you some peace of mind that your baby is inhaling only fresh air inside his room.

Aside from teal shades, you can choose from over 300 colors that you can mix and match for your baby’s room. This premium paint has that thick coverage that only one coat is enough to help you save time and money.

Other Features:

  • Net Weight:
  • Available in flat, eggshell, and semi-gloss coat
  • With stain blockers

Montage Signature Interior/Exterior Eco-Friendly Paint

top non toxic paint for nursery

Paint: $25.06

Another best non-toxic nursery paint that you shouldn’t miss if you want a neutral color is this one from Montage Signature! Transform an old room into a cozy nursery for your baby using the Montage Signature Interior/Exterior Eco-Friendly Paint. This eco-friendly paint is created from recycled paint that is produced from raw and post-consumer latex paints.

Available in semi-gloss and low-sheen finishes that are both perfect for interior and exterior walls. This paint comes with a formula that lets you paint smoothly while having maximum coverage.

Since it is eco-friendly and pollutant-free, you are sure that your baby would have a nice stay at his nursery with vibrant colors around him.                                                                                  

Other Features:

  • Net Weight: 1 gallon
  • Available in sheen and semi-gloss
  • With 10-year warranty
  • Scrubbable

Prestige Interior Paint and Primer in One Ashes of the Roses

nursery top non-toxic paint

Price: $37.99

Eggshell type is also one of the best non-toxic nursery paint to ensure the safety of your baby. This ashes of the roses paint color from Prestige Interior Paint and Primer in One gives a cute and girly look on your baby girl’s room. Since the formula for this paint is an acrylic latex for easy soap and water clean-up, you can easily change the color of the room without a hassle.

The paint color is remarkable, as stated by satisfied customers who bought this paint. This ashes of the roses color add a full glam on your daughter’s room, and any plain-colored furniture would fit very well on her fabulous and cute room.

Other Features:

  • Net weight: 1 gallon
  • Can be painted on uncoated drywall, stucco, plaster or previously painted interior surfaces
  • Available in flat, satin, semi-gloss, and eggshell finishes
  • Washable

Valspar Professional Interior Latex Semi Gloss Hi-Hiding White

best nursery paint safe for babies

Price: $43.50

Name all the finish paints you know but this best non-toxic nursery paint semi-glossy type is as pleasing as others too! If you’re still undecided on which color to use for your baby’s nursery, then the only answer is to go with white! There won’t be any color more simple yet elegant than white, so make sure to have the Valspar Professional Interior Latex Semi Gloss Hi-Hiding White for your nursery painting day.

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If you want that glossy look of the room to last for years, this is the paint brand that you should choose. It offers great gloss retention and rust protection too, while maintaining the great air quality inside your baby’s room.

Other Features:

  • Net Weight: 1 gallon
  • With superior rust protection
  • Low Volatile Organic Compound composition

MODERN MASTERS ME289-GAL Metallic Paint, Brass

nursery safe non-toxic paint
Price: $84.17

This best non-toxic nursery paint in metallic style creates an exciting unique color for your babies to try. If you want some shimmer and uniqueness on your baby’s nursery, you should get the MODERN MASTERS ME289-GAL Metallic Paint in Brass. The brass color is suitable for little boys and girls so even if you have twins, add some luster and class on their nursery using this paint.

It also has low odor and low VOC composition, giving you peace of mind that your little ones are only inhaling clean and fresh air inside their rooms.

Another great feature of this paint is that it easily dries out, and you’re good to go in just 30 minutes. The metallic particles are proven not to easily fade or tarnish away, and it gives out a classy semi-opaque sati metallic finish.

Other Features:

  • Net Weight: 1 gallon
  • Odor-free
  • With real metal particles

Pratt & Lambert Pro-Hide Silver

nursery top non-toxic paint 2021

Price: $33.89

This list of the best non-toxic nursery paint is not complete without this one from The Pratt & Lambert. Are you planning to convert an old room into a nice and peaceful nursery for your new addition to the family? The Pratt & Lambert Pro-Hide Silver will surely wow you with its superior coverage and a white fabulous look on your baby’s nursery.

This paint is designed to be used on interior drywall, wood, cured plaster, masonry, metal, and previously painted surfaces. If you are looking for high quality paint,  nothing would go wrong with choosing a paint from a leading brand.

Other Features:

  • Net Weight: 1 gallon
  • Comes in an eggshell finish

Boomerang Eco-Friendly Interior Paint, Eggshell Finish (Sunshine)

Price: $25.99

The best non-toxic nursery paint is all about being water-based. Worry no more and create a sunshine-filled room for your coming little ball of sunshine with the Boomerang Eco-Friendly Interior Paint, Eggshell Finish in Sunshine color. This warm and light touch of yellow makes any room brighter than it used to be.

All you need to do is apply two coats of this paint, and you got your baby her new cozy room! This paint comes with an eco-friendly and safe formulation, making it 100% safe for your newborn.

Other Features:

  • Net Weight: 1 gallon
  • Easy application
  • Excellent hiding power

What are VOCs

First things first, let us first get to know what VOCs or volatile organic compounds are all about and why this is known as a harmful and precarious chemical that you should avoid at all costs. 

VOCs constitute various  harmful substances such as (benzene, gasoline, and formaldehyde, and solvents such as perchloroethylene and toluene.The mentioned chemicals are causing short and long-term health complications. 

You’ll be able to identify VOCs easily as they usually create smog with direct sunlight. Are you familiar with the smell of freshly opened paint? It may seem pleasing to sniff but actually, you are already inhaling a harmful chemical. When these chemicals evaporate, your home environment is totally filled with these chemicals and compromises the air circulation inside your home. 

Negative health effects of VOCs

EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) discloses the negative health effects of VOCs. Here’s a list of the adverse effect of VOCs:

  • Eyes, nose, and throat irritation
  • Headaches, loss of coordination, and nausea
  • Cancer
  • Damage to the kidneys, liver, and central nervous system

As much as we don’t want our babies’ health to be at risk, getting to know such causes truly helps not to disregard VOVs when painting nursery rooms. 

Three types of non-toxic nursery paint

Non-toxic nursery paints have three alternatives that you must carefully consider to avoid getting that one that has harmful effects. Despite being all non-toxic, there are only two nursery paints that should be on your choice.

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Low-VOC Nursery Paint. These paints are emitting less VOCs when compared to other standard paints. However, this comparison with other paints doesn’t guarantee the safety of using such. It’s important to remember that not because they’re telling you it consists of less harmful chemicals it can be better off than others. 

Zero-VOC Nursery Paint. The sad truth about this kind of paint despite being known to have Zero-VOC is they don’t mean it as there will still be a small amount of VOCs mixed that is close enough to being zero. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s free from other toxic ingredients. 

Natural Nursery Paint. Also known as milk paint, this option is the best choice among other types. Conversely, this paint is kind of tricky to apply well but with proper technique, this paint can show good results as if you’re using a traditional paint. Plus, using such paint can make sure that you and your babies’ health is not compromised. 

How to choose a non toxic nursery paint?

When buying for a non toxic nursery paint, always seek to get a water-based paint as it should contain zero-VOCs. 

There are tons of paints available in the market, however they don’t contain the same ingredients to ensure the safety of your health. You should not use the paint with less-VOCs as the amount of chemicals it has even less than the standard paint can still bring you an adverse reaction. 

As much as possible, it is advisable to use less primer when painting a nursery room to lessen the risk of getting negative health effects.

Tips to reduce VOC exposure from paint

If you want to paint your nursery room, exposure from different harmful chemicals follows. However, it can be reduced if you’ll safely follow the following steps that we have for you:

  • Sure painting your own baby’s room is fun. But if you’re a pregnant woman, this must be avoided at all cost. You should definitely consider getting help from your husband or hire a professional painter, whichever you prefer. 
  • Before painting the room, make sure that all the windows are all open to let the air inside. This can last days after the application so the smell of paint will not stay inside the room. If possible, you can also use an air purifier to help you ventilate the air.
  • You may consider painting your nursery room much earlier before your delivery date so the air in the room can have time to purify.
  • Always choose zero-VOC or Natural paints to ensure that the present VOCs in the paint you choose is at 5 g/l or below. 
  • Adding pigments can beautify your nursery room more. However, it is advisable to choose a low-VOC pigment to avoid your health from inhaling additional harmful chemicals.
  • You should always consider getting an MSDS sheet from the brand manufacturer to ensure that you are getting the safe one. 


Best Non Toxic Nursery Paint: FAQs 

What kind of paint is best for a nursery? 

Zero-VOCs and Natural Paints are the safest option of paint that you can get in the market. Zero-VOCs paints have a lower amount of harmful chemicals which can still be tolerable while Natural paint on the other hand despite being tricky to apply and use is 100% safe. 

Is it safe to paint nursery? 

Yes, definitely. However, you must carefully consider the paint that you’ll be using and carefully use the tips mentioned so you’ll not be exposed to the harmful chemicals that any paints can bring. 

How long after painting a room is it safe for baby

The safe time to paint the nursery is earlier before the delivery so the chemicals on the air become lesser until the baby comes. But if you insist, might as well choose a Zero-Vocs Nursery paint and you can let it rest for about a day before it’s safe for the baby. 

Can you paint with a baby in the room?

Absolutely not. Being exposed to VOCs can cause a lot of adverse reactions on your baby’s immune system. This is why you should do the paint while your baby is away from the house until the paint is totally dry. 

Is zero VOC paint safe for babies

No. Exposure to any paint doesn’t guarantee the safety of your baby’s health. This doesn’t make zero-VOC paint better than others. Do not try to let your babies be exposed to this paint’s fumes as other harmful chemicals are still present. This is the reason why after painting, they let the paint dry first for days before letting the babies in the room. 

When Should You Paint Your Nursery?

It is advisable to paint and decorate your little one’s nursery two months before he arrives. By that time, all the fumes and harmful compounds inside the room have subsided.

Do Nursery Colors Affect Baby?

According to psychological studies, colors affects the mood and behavior and also stimulate the mood and behavior of a baby. So here are some of the guidelines when choosing a color for your baby’s nursery.
Warm colors: elicits happiness and comfort
Red: excites and energizes the body
Pink: evokes feminity and offers a calming atmosphere
Yellow: associated with happiness and motivation, also promotes concentration
Blue: calms the mind and body, creates a refreshing environment
Purple: associated with wisdom and spirituality
Green: gives a serene and calming environment

Getting the Best Non Toxic Nursery Paint

Before you dive into purchasing a whole gallon of paint for your baby, it is advisable to take home a sample with your first. In this way, you can check if the color you are choosing would suit the entire canvas and look of the nursery.

10 best non toxic paint for nursery

These paints that we have reviewed above are all 100% safe and low in volatile organic compounds, plus these brands offer a large variety of colors that you can choose from.

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Rust-Oleum 323860 Glitter Interior Wall Paint

Check out our curated list of the best non-toxic nursery paint that offers fewer chemicals for your overall safety. Check them out.

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