Best Nightlight for Toddlers

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Night-time routine is a crucial part of every toddler’s daily activity. Make it more pleasurable by adding something special. A nightlight can be a creative way to help your little one unwinds as they settle down for sleep.

Select from the below range of toddler favorite and parent approved lights for best result.

10 Best Toddlers Nightlights

1. Night Light Unicorn Moon

It is no secret that little girls are fond of unicorns. So if you have a growing young lady at home, this is a great choice. The pink unicorn will look uber cool with the room décor. Even budding boys will appreciate the blue version of this light.

The finishing is great. It sets a serene ambience in the room. Perfect for the toddler to snooze away. The light is very easy to switch on, suitable for toddler use. Installing the lamp just takes minutes. It casts a cute shadow of unicorn, moon and cloud. The delicate design will surely make bedtime a fun event for your child. The finishing is of resin metal. It is smooth to touch.

Night Light Unicorn Moon
Price: $10.50

The batteries are included. The LED light is warm and makes the entire room feel delightfully cosy.

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2. Mini Owl Baby Night light

Owls are favourite night time creatures among children to keep the monsters away. If your child enjoys reading and watching owl characters, then this will be the best light for them. Available in different colours, you can choose your child’s favourite colour.

The owl looks adorable. The best thing about the product is that you do not need to switch it on or off. It glows in the dark and switches off in the light. It is specially meant for toddlers who find it difficult to sleep in brighter light. But still needs light to guide him or her to the switchboard. It is a plugin so a great way to locate the switches in the room.

The light emits a bright light. However, it is not distracting and does not disrupt the child’s sleep.

Mini Owl Baby Night light
Price: $2.77

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3. Silicone Touch Sensor LED Night Light

Every preschooler is familiar with at least two rhymes with cats. No wonder kittens are their favourite animal. For night time companionship, a cat is ideal for the young ones. This glowing silicone cat-shaped light is soft to touch. They emit a warm and inviting glow which soothes the child immediately.

Silicone Touch Sensor LED Night Light
Price: $8.32

As it changes colours, the baby can watch it and fall asleep in the gentlest way. The colours selection is specifically designed to comfort the baby. With this light sleep should not be an issue for your toddler anymore. It can be recharged as and when required.

The cute expression and the finishing makes it the perfect accessory for a preschooler’s room. It compliments every décor style. It is practical as a toddler can easily turn it on.

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4. LED Light Baby Sound Toy Sleep Soother Stuffed Animal

A plush toy is a child’s favourite toy to sleep with. When such a toy also becomes night guide, then your child will surely fall asleep faster than usual. The elephant shape is adorable.

The moon and stars are perfect for the night. They create a perfect projection of the night sky. It is a satisfying feeling for the toddler. There are lullaby and music options to choose from. The white noise options are best for soothing toddlers with difficulty in sleeping.

There is a wide variety of natural sound to choose from. Changing songs is also a breeze. You can also play your child’s favourite song option on loop. There is a timer option. So, you can set the timer and it will turn off automatically. The soft toy is washable.

LED Light Baby Sound Toy Sleep Soother Stuffed Animal
Price: $17.80

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5. Novelty LED Rotating Star Projector Lighting Moon Starry Sky Children Baby

The starry night theme is very popular among toddlers. It gives them a huge sense of comfort to find stars and moon in their room. Empowered with imagination, your little one will fall asleep counting the stars and singing; Solar system, solar system, planet spin around the sun.

This projector light creates a serene environment in the room. The colourful, night sky would surely appeal to the little one. The cosy lighting sets the right mood for children to sleep. It emits a warm light that soothes the child and does not let the child get excited. It is the perfect way to wind down and slip into dreamland.

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To make it a simple nightlight, remove the projection cover. So if baby wakes up suddenly from sleep, he will not be startled.

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6. Night Light Rainbow Wall Lamps

Rainbows capture the imagination of every child. It would complete the décor of your child’s room. The rainbow has two clouds on each side. The bulbs are well-spaced making the light look chic and functional at the same time. The bright design makes the light appealing to the kids. The finishing is of top quality.

The light has seamless colouring. It is battery operated and easy to switch on. It gives out a warm white glow. The lighting is very relaxing, suitable for night time winding down. You can mount in on a wall next to the child’s bed.

You can also keep it on the child’s nightstand next to their bed. The LED bulb makes it all the more worthy. Pricing, including shipping, is very reasonable.

Night Light Rainbow Wall Lamps
Price: $31.77

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7. Elephant LED Lamp Color Changing Night Light

This adorable lighting will surely be a hit with your kiddos. The light is in the form of elephants. Especially if your child is a fan of Dumbo, you should not give this light a miss. It changes colour and sets the atmosphere for sleep to seep in. One pro tip is placing the light next to a mirror.

The glow is warm and soft. Made from vinyl material, it is smooth to touch. Perfect for those tender palms of little ones. It runs on a battery. The wattage is about 5 watts ideal for sleep. The changing colour lulls the baby to sleep. It has a very relaxing and soothing effect on the child. Switch it on and let your baby get a good night of sleep.

Elephant LED Lamp Color Changing Night Light
Price: $4.99

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8. Mushroom Lamp Fungus Night Light

This elegant design is perfect for the toddler with interest in flowers and of course mushroom! No need for batteries. You just plug and switch it on. The beautiful light emitted from the light gives a soft glow. It creates a cosy atmosphere for sleeping.

The mild light is not distracting but powerful enough to keep the monsters at bay. The cute mushroom tops and the leaf make up for a delightful sight. LED bulbs compatibility helps you save money and reduces electricity consumption. To clean it use a damp cloth and pat dry before use.

The colour combination makes the light very lovable among young kids, especially toddlers. There is a switch to control the light at the side of the lamp.

Mushroom Lamp Fungus Night Light
Price: $1.45

Check the store for more nightlights for toddlers

9. SXZM 1W Night Lamp 6 LED Night Light

Even toddlers need a light that would not only comfort them but help them navigate their bedrooms better. This light has an amazing glow that illuminates the room. The dimness or sharpness can be adjusted with a button.

It can be rotated to get the correct brightness. This lamp uses LED light and thus is energy efficient. The white cover gives out a radiant warmth which is very apt for sleeping atmosphere. You can switch on the light and read your toddler a bedtime story. Once he feels sleepy, you can dim the light and let him sleep peacefully.

The light which gets emanated does not cause distraction, instead has a very calming effect on the child. It is simple to use as you can plug it on a switchboard and turn on.

SXZM 1W Night Lamp 6 LED Night Light
Price: $1.01

Check the store for more nightlights for toddlers

10. Dimmable LED Night Light Silicone Animal

This silicone lamp is soft to touch and cute to look. Being silicone made, the lamp should not break from a reasonable fall. You can choose a bunny rabbit or a deer. Adjusting the brightness is easy, touch to dim or increase brightness.

The adorable shape will entice the toddlers for sure. You can recharge with a USB. It is portable. So while travelling, carrying this familiar and favourite night lamp will help baby sleep better. It gives out a warm white hue which makes the ambience comfortable for the children. It also changes colour.

The size is appropriate for nightstands and shelves. The antler in deer or the ear in bunny rabbit are made of metal and makes the lamp look very chic.

Dimmable LED Night Light Silicone Animal
Price: $9.76

Check the store for more nightlights for toddlers

A night light will illuminate their room but not disturb their sleep. Night waking is very common in toddlers. Mostly during the toilet training period. When they want to reach the toilet on their own, the light will guide them. It also helps the toddlers safely come back to their bed.

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