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natural baby lotion 2020

Just like us mommies, our babies deserve to have their own skincare routine too! And that includes having a lotion that would nourish their young skin and keep it thriving healthily also. That brand new and unblemished skin of your baby deserves the best natural baby lotions that you can find.

Using natural lotions would prevent the occurrence of any skin irritation or skin condition that can make your little one get super fussy! Moisturizing your baby’s skin with natural lotions is also much safer than using the regular full-of-chemical ones.

If you are an expecting mommy and you are now shopping for your baby’s stuff, make sure to check this list of natural lotions that you can use. Switching to plant-based lotions might help loosen up the stress work of being a new parent, so make sure to add these products to your baby’s nursery now.

Top 10 Natural Baby Lotion

natural baby lotion top 10

The Honest Company Purely Sensitive Face + Body Lotion

best natural lotion for baby

Moisturize your baby’s skin with nothing but honesty from The Honest Company Purely Sensitive Face + Body Lotion. This lotion is gentle enough to be used not just by your new addition to the family but also for the other members.

This lotion is specifically formulated for sensitive skin, and it is gentle enough to give your baby a boost of hydration throughout the day. Each bottle made by The Honest Company ensures that they are only using the safest and purest products for your baby’s skin.

You can apply this lotion whether your baby has sensitive, dry, or allergy-prone skin. His skin will benefit from premium-quality essential oils and meticulously-tested plant-based ingredients.

Other Features:

  • Net Weight: 8.5 fl. oz.
  • Made from renewable resources
  • Lightweight and non-greasy texture
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Hypoallergenic

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Babyology Organic Baby Lotion

natural lotions for babies

Make your baby’s skin happy and bright, just like his smile as you use the Babyology Organic Baby Lotion. This lotion is made from 100% edible ingredients,  but make sure your baby won’t try to eat it though! If your baby has eczema-prone skin, this might do wonders to him to prevent flare-ups in the future.

It comes with no artificial fragrances, but the essential oils and other botanical ingredients provide a fresh and natural scent for your baby. This makes one of the safest lotions in the market, so you should never be missing out on this item!

Other Features:

  • Net Weight: 6.76 fl. oz.
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Enriched with coconut milk and organic rose water
  • No chemicals used

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Burt’s Bees Baby Nourishing Lotion

10 best natural lotion for babies

Did you know that 50% of any product you apply to your baby’s skin is absorbed? So, make sure that you only give him the purest and most natural products that you could ever find, like the Burt’s Bees Baby Nourishing Lotion.

This lotion provides your baby with calming comfort, which makes it perfect to be applied just before bedtime. Infused with aloe vera and shea butter, you know that every pump of this lotion provides your baby with the hydration he needs.

Other Features:

  • Net Weight: 12 oz.
  • Pediatrician-tested
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • With relaxing lavender scent

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Babo Botanicals Sensitive Baby Daily Hydra Lotion

top natural lotion for babies

Since our babies’ skin are so thin and delicate, they deserve a lotion that is gentle, soft and non-greasy body lotion like Babo Botanicals Sensitive Baby Daily Hydra Lotion. You can use this any time of the day, especially when your cute baby’s skin needs some boost of hydration.

Make sure that that young skin is maintained to be soft and supple with the help of specially-developed shea butter, chamomile, and calendula. No harsh chemicals will ever irritate your baby’s skin, so worry no more, new mommy!

Other Features:

  • Net Weight: 8 fl. oz.
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Moisturizes extra-dry skin

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Puracy Baby Lotion

natural lotion for baby 2020

Regarded as the “Best Baby Skincare” award winner, the Puracy Baby Lotion is genuinely remarkable in taking care of your baby’s skin. Your cute one would have noticeably softer skin by just a few days of using this lotion. So, if your newborn baby has this bumpy skin, just pump a small amount of the Puracy Baby Lotion and see the difference.

Cradle cap, eczema, and other skin conditions can also be relieved using this lotion. This product was developed by doctors, and Ph.D. chemists, making it 100% safe to be used by newborns.

Other Features:

  • Net Weight: 12 fl. oz.
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Plant-based ingredients
  • Certified cruelty-free

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ATTITUDE Natural Baby Body Lotion for Sensitive Skin

top 10 natural lotion for baby

Keep your baby active and smiling, and do the same for his skin! Use the ATTITUDE Natural Baby Body Lotion for Sensitive Skin, and your baby would surely love it! It soothes your baby’s skin, no matter what his skin type is.

This lotion is EWG Verified, which means that this product has achieved the gold standard in health and wellness. All the ingredients used in this lotion are developed to give minimal to no allergic reactions to most babies.

Other Features:

  • Net Weight: 16 fl. oz.
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Plant-based ingredients

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Shoosha Baby Organic Lotion

10 natural lotions for babies

Ever wonder why your baby’s skin smells so fragrant? That is because it is wonderfully made to activate feel-good hormones called dopamine! With the help of Shusha Baby Organic Lotion, you can now keep your little one’s skin healthy and smooth as ever.

This lotion is USDA-certified organic, so no synthetic ingredients can ever harm your baby. Dry skin turns soft and supple because the calm calendula baby oil can tame it. You can choose between unscented or vanilla lavender scent, but any of the two is both remarkable and safe!

Other Features:

  • Net Weight: 6 oz.
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Made from gentle ingredients

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Pipette Baby Lotion

baby natural lotions

All fantastic things for your baby’s skin nourishment are found in a bottle of Pipette Baby Lotion. This lotion can restore the natural balance of your little one’s skin with the use of sugarcane-derived squalene.

Squalane is a superhero when it comes to moisturizing your baby’s skin, just like the protective vernix, which is the white waxy coating at birth. This lotion is made extra-pure, giving your baby a boost of moisture and hydration in every application.

Other Features:

  • Net Weight: 6 fl. oz.
  • Hypoallergenic
  • No synthetic fragrances
  • With ceramides for added moisture

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BareBaby Organics Premium Moisturizing Lotion

baby natural lotions 2020

Every baby’s skin is made to be super sensitive, so it is our job to keep them safe from any harsh chemicals. The BareBaby Organics Premium Moisturizing Lotion promises you that no “junk” will ever be absorbed by your baby’s skin in every pump of this lotion.

All ingredients are 100% organic and non-toxic, making it safe even for newborn babies. This lotion is even gluten-free, so any allergen is completely erased from the scenario. Keep your cute one’s skin happy from one cheek to another and switch to the BareBaby Organics Premium Moisturizing Lotion.

Other Features:

  • Net Weight: 8 fl. oz.
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Plant-based ingredients
  • Meets Whole Foods’ strict standards

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Baby Bum Monoi Coconut Balm

best baby natural lotion 2020

Your baby’s skin would never dry out once you give him the Baby Bum Monoi Coconut Balm every day. This multi-purpose balm serves as a daily lotion and a soothing cream for your baby’s skin conditions like eczema.

Mommies can also use this gentle balm as a nipple cream because it gives adequate hydration with the utmost protection too. Infused shea butter, aloe, and cocoa butter, even your baby’s bum will be happy with this lotion!

Other Features:

  • Net Weight: 3 oz.
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Gentle, plant-based ingredients

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Getting the Best Natural Lotion for Babies

When you’re a new parent, switching to all-natural baby products is one of the best decisions you can make for your baby. Natural products contain little to no harmful elements that can adversely affect your baby’s very young skin.

These natural lotions are often hypoallergenic, and you should be choosing a product that contains no allergens. We usually don’t really know if our baby is allergic to any ingredient, especially when dealing with a newborn. So, getting a plant-based and no allergen lotion is the best choice to keep the skin healthy. After all, you wouldn’t want to have a super fussy baby who has irritated skin, don’t you?

If you want to be extra-sure of which lotion to give your baby, ask his pediatrician first and always check the label when buying something for your baby’s skin.

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