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running pregnancy belt 2020

As a soon to be mom, carrying a child inside your belly will make you feel a lot of different discomforts, which is genuinely inevitable. You might think of limiting your daily routine as your body changes and feeling a lot of struggles on how you will take good care of the child inside you while taking good care of yourself.

Some woman in their prenatal period still loves doing exercises most especially jogging or running. Truth is, there is no harm in doing such, but taking extra precautions is a must since changes in your body during maternity can affect its balance like ligaments and weight distribution.

The great news is that I have the list of the best maternity belt for running, which will help you with the discomfort you can feel while in pregnancy without limiting the things you love daily!

Take a look at the following products below that will surely be useful while exercising in your gestation.

pregnancy belt
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How to choose the best maternity belt for running?

Here are some of the things to keep in mind while choosing a maternity belt for running:

  • Comfort: Considering your pregnancy, comfort is the first thing to look for in a maternity belt. They are meant to relieve your pain from your back, hips, and pelvis region and take off the pressure. Maternity belts should provide ample support to your tummy and shouldn’t make you feel tight or congested. 
  • Type of Closure: Maternity belts have numerous ways in which they can be adjusted and closed. Most maternity belts come with hook and eye closure which is the best type to go for as it can be adjusted accordingly. 
  • Easy to Wash: Since, you’ll be wearing the maternity belt almost everyday hence, look for a belt that can be washed in a machine. 

Tips for running  with maternity belt:

If you’re a new mom mom whose is wearing a maternity belt for running, here are some tips for you:

  • Take baby steps: Running is great for new moms as it reduces the risk of hypertension, gestational diabetes and a lot of risks. Don’t venture into full fledged running since the start. Start with jogging and then move to running. 
  • Maintain your pace: If you start running extremely fast, it might lead to shortness of breath and might lead to problems. Start slowly and understand your pace. 
  • Fuel up: It’s essential to run during pregnancy, if not they tend to gain 450-500 Kcals. Add 100Kcal for every mile to your diet to maintain your weight. 
  • Keep your cool: Excessive heat in the body can lead to miscarriages. Hence, keep your cool by staying hydrated and maintaining your body temperature. 

Top 10 Maternity Belt for Running

Maternity BeltSupportComfortPain ReliefLightweight
Jill & Joey Maternity Belt5.
Flexguard Support 3XL Plus-Size Maternity Belt5.
Gabrialla Elastic Maternity Belt4.
KeaBabies Maternity Belly Band for Pregnancy4.
DonnaElite Maternity Belt4.
BABYGO Pregnancy Support Belt Maternity4.
NEOtech Care Maternity Belt5.
Nu Momz Pregnancy Belt4.
AZMED Maternity Belt4.34.05.0
Acutelien Breathable Pregnant Belt4.
FITTOO Maternity Belt4.
CROSS1946 Maternity Belt4.

Jill & Joey Maternity Belt

pregnancy belly belt

Jill & Joey is one of the best maternity belts for running as it supports the heavy belly during pregnancy and relieves pain around hips, back and pelvis. It provides extra support to your lower back which is most prone to pain during this time. 

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If you have pregnancy swelling or round ligament pain, you should definitely get this belt. The belt is comfortable and breathable for running and doesn’t come out easily. The band is made with quality cotton that feels soft while doing activities like running. It’s very easy to put on, adjust and remove this belt. 

maternity belt

Other features: 

  • Provides support to hips, lower back, pelvis and back
  • Quality cotton material 

Flexguard Support 3XL Plus-Size Maternity Belt

pregnancy belly belt 2022

This maternity belt is perfect for running as it’s fully adjustable and so comfortable that it can be worn for long periods of time. It provides relief to hip, pelvic, and back pain during pregnancy and also corrects posture. 

I love this band as it’s extremely comfortable and breathable with top support. THe 3XL size is to comfort and adjust according to your given belly size. It has a warranty of lifetime which is the best part about it. Do try out this belt if you’re a new mom who wants to run. 

maternity belt 2022

Gabrialla Elastic Maternity Belt

best pregnancy maternity belt

This best medium-strength pregnancy support made in the USA is convenient for pregnant women who love running and exercising! Supporting your belly while doing physical activities is a must that can lessen your feeling of exhaustion and heaviness in the stomach area.

It is also exquisite for everyday use as it accommodates your body as it changes. The Gabrialla Elastic Maternity Belt comes with back pocket feature, which is intended to increase blood flow to the lower back and loosens the muscles.

Other Features:

  • Made with Polyester 50%/Cotton 30%/Lycra 20%
  • Provides pelvic and back support

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KeaBabies Maternity Belly Band for Pregnancy

top maternity belt for running

 As a woman carrying a child inside your tummy, it is essential to have this belly band to help you aid the discomfort you often feel. If you are searching for the band to help support your lower abdomen and pelvic, this must be the perfect belt for you!

The soft, breathable, and high-quality mesh materials used in this belt comfort in wearing it from day to day. You can also adjust it in your most comfortable way. Aside from those, the band’s skin tone color makes it great for wearing under any clothing.

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It also gives you more confidence in doing your daily routine, such as exercises, since it genuinely helps in providing the support needed.

Thinking of giving this as a gift, most especially to a new Mom out there? With no hesitations, they will pretty much love it!

best maternity belt

Other Features:

  • With 360° Ergonomic support
  • Made from soft and breathable materials
  • With adjustable soft Velcro
  • Also corrects posture
  • Helps in postpartum recovery

DonnaElite Maternity Belt

running maternity belt

Worried about having a maternity belt that can easily fall off? Fret no more! The DonnaElite Maternity Belt saves you from that uneasiness. Aside from the secure fastener that it has to make sure that the belt does not easily roll down, it actually gives more benefit and saves you from distress!

This belt helps in strengthening the muscles to keep your posture and takes off pressure on your spine. In addition to that, it also gives a soothing effect and reduces pain risks like lower back and pelvic pain. It will also lessen the risk of having stretch marks, making you feel comfortable about yourself during your pregnancy journey.

best maternity belt 2022

Other Features:

  • Made from 100% cotton lining
  • Breathable fabric
  • Hypoallergenic

BABYGO Pregnancy Support Belt Maternity

maternity belt for running 2020

If you are an expecting woman who likes to be active with physical activities but feels that your pelvic is always painful, this support belt is the best choice for you! BABYGO guarantees you quick relief from the pain that you feel.

This innovative product recommended by the leading obstetricians demonstrates how essential it is to buy a maternity belt with the highest quality materials used that indeed serves its purpose!

With the right decision of buying the best maternity belt for you, nothing can stop you from doing exercises that you love! Aside from that, you can also get 40 pages pregnancy exercise book with over 25 yoga stretches that will help you be more healthy!

top maternity belt

Other Features:

  • Helps in postpartum recovery
  • Made from skin-friendly material
  • With super stretchy elastic
  • Breathable fabric

NEOtech Care Maternity Belt 

top 10 maternity belt for running

As a pregnant woman, doing even the simplest task, such as walking, is challenging because of the extra weight you currently have. This multi-support maternity belt from NEOtech got your back, waist, and abdomen!

Comes in different sizes up to 2XL, which is firmly adjustable, so you won’t have to worry about the fastener rolling down your tummy! The hook and loop fabric will give you the ease you’ve been searching for especially when running and jogging.

top maternity belt 2022

Other Features:

  • Fully adjustable
  • Made from breathable fabric and multi-layered laminate
  • Wraps around belly and waist

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Nu Momz Pregnancy Belt

best maternity belt for running 2020

New moms out there must have been in a difficult situation while carrying a baby inside the belly. Discomforts and other body pains are always there, too, even without doing nothing.

Running or exercising at home will give you the benefit of spreading the baby’s weight evenly, which help you achieve a great posture! Make sure to have Nu Momz Pregnancy Belt with a breathable cotton belly liner, which provides soft contact to where you need it the most.

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Despite having one size, Nu Momz makes sure that it will be convenient for you to use it fully adjustable from your first trimester to the last one.

best selling maternity belt

Other Features:

  • Reduces the bladder pressure
  • Stabilizes the abdomen area
  • Designed with a lightweight and flexible material
  • Fits up to 50 inches

AZMED Maternity Belt

top 10 maternity belt for running 2020

Changes in your body while expecting a baby are not new. What’s essential is to have something that can help you cope with these changes without limiting yourself in doing your daily routines!

AZMED Maternity Belt will provide you the all-out support that you’ve always wanted. Easing the discomfort that pregnancy has brought you is one of its objectives.

This belt corrects poor posture while supporting your weak abdominal muscles during and even after pregnancy

It comes in one size, which is very convenient to wear every day with a fully adjustable and made with soft and lightweight material, making it unnoticeable.

Regardless of which trimester you are in, this belt gives enough stretch and gentle compression to lessen the spinal and bladder pressure.

best selling maternity belt 2022

Other Features:

  • With hook and loop closure
  • Made with soft, lightweight, and breathable material
  • Corrects poor posture

Acutelien Breathable Pregnant Belt

running maternity belt 2020

Are you a mother expecting twins? You might have a hard time choosing the best maternity belt that can fully help you take care of them inside you. This breathable pregnant belt from Acutelien is a must-have!

With a curved design, lifting your baby bump is not a problem for you. This maternity binder is a perfect choice for the soon-to-be Moms who have an active lifestyle!

Having great support with excellent quality of fabrics makes you lessen the worry of exercising. Aside from those qualities mentioned above, this maternity binder can help you reduce the pain and provides all-in support with your rapidly growing belly.

Other Features:

  • Made with lightweight mesh design
  • With pregnancy belt adhesives

FITTOO Maternity Belt

best pregnancy belt for running

Back pain is one of the common frustrations a pregnant woman can feel, which keeps you from doing your daily activities. Fittoo maternity belt got your back!

The breathable polyester fiber material used gives you a cool and comfortable feeling in all situations even in summer! Its fully adjustable feature and inset mesh will indeed entirely accommodate your baby bump in the process.

It comes with different sizes from small to double large which can fit you with the utmost comfort you need!

maternity belt for pregnancy

Other Features:

  • Easy take on and off
  • Supports weak abdominal muscles

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CROSS1946 Maternity Belt

maternity belt for running

If you are looking for pregnancy support that will help you reduce leg swelling while exercising, then this Cross1946 Maternity Belt is the one for you.

This belt can also protect you with uterine prolapse and lumbar pressure, which makes you stop worrying about the aches and pains that a pregnant woman can encounter.

It is such an important decision to have one of these to protect you and the little one inside you. The belt has a broad back which fits your waist, and its durable adhesive makes it comfier to wear without feeling any friction.

There are various sizes and lovely colors you can choose from!

maternity belt for pregnancy 2022

Other Features:

  • Adjustable design
  • Comfortable to wear in hot weather
  • Phase used function for every trimester

Best Maternity Belt for Running: FAQs

When should I start wearing a maternity belt?

You should start wearing maternity belts after 2 to 4 months of pregnancy. It provides a lot of benefits like pain relief, posture correction etc. 

Can a maternity belt hurt a baby?

Maternity belts are specially designed to support your belly during pregnancy. It cannot harm the baby. Make sure you don’t wear it for long periods of time as it might hinder blood flow, cause heartburn and pain. 

Getting the Best Pregnancy Running Belt

Motherhood is one of the exciting parts of being a woman. When pregnancy starts, it will take a lot of precautions to make sure that you and the baby are safe. One of these is having the best maternity belt, which can definitely remove all the worries that you’ve been keeping.

Mentioned above are maternity belts with different functions to help you ease the discomforts that you keep feeling. Never let your worries strain you! Check out the most appropriate belt that is perfect for you.

Limiting the physical activities that you’re used to is not always the key, but rather take a look of the best support that can perfectly fit your need and comfort that you’ve been seeking.

What are you waiting for? Be active and jog every day with your baby!

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