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top pregnancy belly band for jeans 2020

Are you on the hunt on finding the best maternity belly band for jeans? No need to keep searching and scroll down to out list if belly bands. You get pregnant, admit that you have thought about all the maternity clothes you need to splurge on when your belly starts growing fast! You might probably think about not wearing jeans for a couple of months too. But I’ve got a solution for you, mommies!

Belly bands are the perfect accessory for all expecting moms. These bands provide extra space for your big tummy, so you can wear your pre-pregnancy jeans just the same. This article will give you the best maternity bands for jeans, and let’s check them out now!

Best maternity belly bands — Quick Summary

Best maternity belly bandsKey feature
Maeband Maternity Belly BandPerfect fit
Bamboo Belly BandNaturally moisture wicking
Rheanne Seamless Belly BandPrevents slipping from the belly region
Fertile Mind- Belly Band ComboMost affordable 
Syhood Adjustable Maternity Pants ExtenderHigh quality material used
Bamboo Belly Band For PregnancyLightweight
Cashmire Belly Band For PregnancyGreat elasticity
Waistband Extenders by Johnson & SmithAdds extra ½ inches in the waist space
Belteus Maternity Belly BandPractical and comfortable
AZMED Maternity BandRelieves all kinds of pain 
Ingrid & Isabel Belly BandSeamless waist extender
Diravo Belly BandGood for workouts
Gabrialla Elastic Maternity BeltHook and loop closure
Belly Bandit Women’s Maternity 2 in 1 BandCan be used both pre and post pregnancy
NEOtech Care Maternity Belt Full support in the bac, hip and abdomen region

Top Maternity Belly Band For Jeans

MAEBAND Maternity Belly Band

best maternity belly band for jeans

Not all belly bands are created equal! The MAEBAND Maternity Belly Band allows you to use your favorite jeans even when you’re almost due. The belly band is pretty stylish and functional. Pregnant mommies can use this belly band in any trimester and even after giving birth.

If you prefer a smaller waistband extender, this belly band is really a great choice. It uses Velcro, so you can easily adjust your band depending on how big your tummy is! It comes in small, medium, and large sizes, so everyone can have a perfect fitting.

Other Features:

  • Belt closure design
  • Made from 95% cotton and 5% Spandex

Bamboo Belly Band

best maternity belly band for jeans

Feel comfortable wearing your pre-pregnancy jeans with the help of the Bamboo Belly Band. It is made from natural bamboo viscose that naturally wicks moisture away from your body. This means that even if you walk under the sun in jeans, you would never be irritated with sweat!

It also comes with two waist extenders so you can close your jeans and skirts unbuttoned. The reusable silicone strip also prevents the band from sliding down. So, even if you walk around with your baby inside your womb, your pants would never fall off!

Other Features:

  • Prevents back pain
  • Can also be used for postpartum recovery
  • Adds extra length from 1″ to 4″ for early pregnancy
  • Adds 5″ to 8″ for the last trimester          

Rheane Seamless Belly Band with Pants Extenders

maternity belly band for jeans

You never have to buy tons of new leggings and maternity clothes because the Rheane Seamless Belly Band with Pants Extenders can help you still use your pre-pregnancy jeans! It is made with 92% cotton and 8% Spandex to give you all the comfort you deserve as you carry a life inside of you.

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It also comes with a high-quality silicone strip at the bottom of the belly band to prevent the band from slipping off of your tummy. After you have given birth, you can also use this for working out to flatten your stomach.

Other Features:

  • It can speed up the recovery process after birth
  • Breathable fabric

Fertile Mind – Belly Belt Combo

maternity belly band for jeans 2020

Save a lot of money on your maternity clothes and use the Fertile Mind – Belly Belt Combo. This kit comes with 4 belts of varying sizes and 3 fabric panels covering the gap when your waist opener is open. It is also effortless to use, you only need to attach the belly belt on the fly of your jeans, and you’re done!

This belly belt can also be machine-washed, so you can just throw it inside the washing machine to have it cleaned. The versatility of this belly belt is unbelievable, it gives you the comfort you’ve always wanted when wearing jeans, and it won’t cost you so much to buy pregnancy jeans, thanks to this belt too!

Other Features:

  • High-quality elastic belt
  • Made from 95% Cotton/5% Lycra

Syhood Adjustable Maternity Pants Extender

best jeans belly band

Being comfortable during pregnancy is one of our top priorities, and that goes the same when wearing jeans! Use the Syhood Adjustable Maternity Pants Extender so you can have extra space for your growing baby as you use your favorite pre-pregnancy jeans.

Don’t settle for extenders that are made from cheap materials, because they most probably won’t last long. These extenders are made from high quality materials and promises never to break so easily even whern you are almost due!

It also fits most types of pants and even skirts too. Don’t splurge into expensive maternity clothes, these extenders would surely give you a lot of savings.

Other Features:

  • Comes with 8 adjustable extenders
  • Lightweight and easy to use

Bamboo Belly Bands for Pregnancy

pregnancy belly band for jeans

You don’t have to worry about your jeans no longer fitting you when you reached the second trimester of your pregnancy because the Bamboo Belly Bands are here to rescue you! This pack comes in 6 extenders, just enough for an entire week of use.

The bands gently lift and supports your heavily pregnant tummy from the first to the last stage of your gestation. There are specific sizes per trimester, so you don’t have to be confused about which size to choose.

Wrap yourself in luxury because the bands are made from a high-quality bamboo blend that is softer than cotton. It also comes with anti-microbial properties to keep you and your baby safe.

Other Features:

  • Made from 70% Bamboo, 20% Organic Cotton, 10% Spandex
  • Superior sweat-wicking capability
  • Lightweight and breathable

Cashimre Maternity Belly Band

pregnancy belly band for pants

Continue looking chic and fab as you wear your jeans comfortably even when you are pregnant! Just use the Cashimre Maternity Belly band, and you’re all set. This support belly band is made from natural fibers, free from the additives of pollution.

Feel confident while wearing your jeans because you know that this band would never fall off even as you move around. The fabric is tightly attached to your tummy, and the fabric covers up the gap from your jeans perfectly.

One fun fact about the creator of Cashimre is she’s been pregnant five times already, so she knows everything that would make pregnant moms’ lives easier!

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Other Features:

  • Comes in khaki, blue, and black colors
  • Provides good elasticity and flexibility

Waistband Extenders by Johnson & Smith

belly band for pregnancy

The perfect accessory for pregnant ladies is here! The Waistband Extenders by Johnson & Smith would accompany you all throughout your first stage of pregnancy. The wait extenders are thicker than regular ones you can find in the market, so you can genuinely have these bands even for your next pregnancies.

There are two buttonholes, so you control how much slack you would need around your waist. The discreet design allows you to hide the extenders under your belt, and the colors pretty much resemble the color of the fabric most jeans use.

Just remember that these extenders are only applicable during the early stages of pregnancy because they are not superelastic over other bands listed above.

Other Features:

  • Made with polyester and cotton blend material
  • Comes in three different shades
  • Adds extra ½ to 2 inches of waistband space

Balteus Maternity Belly Band

pregnancy belly band for jeans 2021

Softer than soft cotton, this premium fabric belly band would give you all the comfort you need while wearing your favorite pair of jeans. You don’t need to cover your entire belly, so it makes your skin breathe more, especially during hot summer days.

This pregnancy essential is more fashionable, practical, and comfortable to use, so make sure to grab one now!

Other Features:

  • Made from 95% cotton & 5% spandex
  • Applicable during the first to the second trimester of pregnancy

AZMED Maternity Belt

best maternity belt 2021

When buying a Maternity belt, making sure that it doesn’t add up to the pressure of being pregnant is essential. If you’re looking for a premium belly band, you may want to consider getting this AZMED Maternity Belt! 

With its hook and loop closure, attaching this belt to your belly is effortless. If you feel like carrying a baby inside your tummy gives you poor posture, then you should get this maternity belt as it can correct it while helping you to make everything at ease. 

Other Features:

  • Lightweight
  • Relieves back pain. 

Ingrid and Isabel Belly Band

best belly band 2021

Seamless belly bands are such a good catch! Aside from it being so soft and stretchy, it can adjust to any term you are currently in. This can also act as a seamless waist extender that you’re looking forward to a belly band!

With its tagless band and stay-put silicon strip that can hold your bump comfortably, sure you’ll find the relaxation that you’re looking for. There are also several colors available from black, white, midnight, and nude to perfectly fit any of your outfit. 

Other Features:

  • 84% Nylon and 16% Spandex
  • Machine wash
  • Soft and stretchable

Diravo Maternity Belly Band

best maternity belly band 2021

Enjoy an elastic soft fabric that this belly band from Diravo can offer! If you’re an active pregnant woman who loves doing exercises everyday, getting this maternity belly band is surely worth of your every buck! 

Move limitless with its soft and comfy fabric. Its silicon strip holds the abdominal band to avoid it from sliding down.  Plus, the fabric size is longer than any other belly band which helps you cover your entire belly. 

Other Features:

  • 360° seamless knit
  • Good for exercising
  • Silicon Strip

GABRIALLA Elastic Maternity Support Belt

belt support for pregnant woman

Prevent yourself from getting stretch marks and pregnancy pains with this support belt from GABRIALLA. As an expecting mom, various pains are inevitable. However, using some support belts can put you at ease especially if you’re doing your daily drill. 

Enjoy the comfortable and breathable fabric which makes it ideal for everyday use! Just make sure to only hand wash this maternity belt to prevent the materials from ripping. 

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Other Features:

  • 80% Polyester
  • Moderate Compression
  • Hook and loop closure

Belly Bandit Women’s Maternity 2 in 1 Band

Belly Bandit is one of the best maternity bands for jeans. It lifts and supports your belly in the right places during the pre pregnancy stage relieving muscle pain. It also ensures posture stability and alleviates pelvic pain. This maternity band can also be used post pregnancy. 

There are 7 ways to wear this maternity band to support your maternity belly. You can also wrap it around your hip for support. There are two sizes available in this band which you can choose from, according to your comfort level. 

Other features: 

  • Black colour
  • Comfortable high quality fabric 

NEOtech Care Maternity Belt 

Neotech is another great brand for maternity bands. It not only supports the belly but also back, hip and waist. It’s constructed with cotton and nylon high quality fabric that adds compression and ventilation. 

It includes an abdominal lift attachment that gives lift without unnecessary pressure, holds it in a place and doesn’t allow it to roll down. It has a hook and loop closure. Measure your size of the belly with inch tape and then buy it, don’t go for the size of your jeans. 

Other features: 

  • Eco friendly material 
  • Advanced technology for reducing pain 

Best Maternity Belly Bands for Jeans: FAQs

Do I wear a maternity band over jeans or under them?

You can wear maternity bands both ways, over your jeans or under them. It depends on your comfort level and the look you’re going for. Some moms wear it for style and put them over the jeans while most moms who like the support put it under the jeans. 

How tight should a pregnancy belly band be?

Your maternity belly band shouldn’t be too tight so that it makes you feel uncomfortable. It should just gently compress your abdomen area and the back region. If the maternity band is too tight during pregnancy it can lead to hazardous situations like indigestion, heartburn, bad circulation and fluctuation in BP. 

When to wear a pregnancy belly band?

Whether you want to wear a belly belt on the first terms of your pregnancy journey or during postpartum, both of them are all fine. Some women will wear a belly belt even in their early months of being pregnant to adapt the feeling of wearing such. Most women are encouraged to wear a belly belt after their delivery to support the pressure that was taken from her belly. 

Whenever you like to wear a belly belt, I would highly advise you to do it as it can offer you the comfort that you’re looking for – especially on your later term where your bell has all the pressure that you need to carry on carefully. 

How to choose best maternity belly band for jeans

Here are some of the tips on choosing the best maternity belly band that you can partner with your jeans. 

Materials Used. When it comes to belly bands, the most common material that your belly bands should have are the spandex and cotton, these materials provide the softness of the belly band that puts you at ease.

Functionality. Maternity belly bands are devised with different levels of adjustability depending on where the pregnant woman is most comfortable with. There are seamless elastic bands and velcro to attend to every expecting mothers needs. All things considered, you must always choose the ones which can hold up your belly while being comfortable. 

Durability. Although you’ll not be wearing belly bands for life, getting to know on how to take care of them properly will let you use its purpose efficiently! 

Style and color.  Though belly bands are worn underneath the clothes, there are some belly bands that still peeks from the inside. Pick the style and color that can suit the outfit that you wear to avoid belly bands from appearing outside. Besides, belly bands are quite affordable so you can have as many styles and colors as you want.

Fit. The fitting that you should choose in a belly band is the one that will not restrict you from moving around. Consider getting the ones that offer lightweight and breathable to get your money’s worth. If you feel any kind of pain or discomfort, then this is a sign to get a bigger size as belly bands are supposed to help you become at ease in carrying your tummy. 

Getting the Best Maternity Band for Jeans

Maternity belly bands for jeans surely give you extra space for your growing belly, but they come in various looks and features too. You must find something that would make you feel the most comfortable, and it is also recommended to choose a set that gives you belly bands that you can use you’re your entire pregnancy.

belly band pregnancy

Some belly bands only need to be attached to your jeans; others use a silicone strip that needs to be covered up by a thick belly band. So, the choice is all yours, mommy!

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