10 Best Life Jackets for Kids 2021

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Looking for life jackets for your kid? Here are the best life jackets for kids. Check it out!

Did you know that 9 out of 10 boat-related accidents were not wearing a life jacket and drowned? This is the reason why aside from swimsuits, sunglasses, and sunscreen, life jackets should be one of the most important things to pack during summer vacation.

Thankfully lifejackets are now available in stylish and fashionable choices without your kids worrying if they look dorky for wearing this safety clothing. We have gathered a few examples of modern and best life jackets for kids.

Top Life Jackets for your Kids 2021

life jacket for kids 2021
1. Children’s Swim Vest$10.99
2. Life jacket with Survival Whistle$8.75
3. Superhero Life jacket $9.72
4. Universal Life Jacket $5.66
5. Two-piece Swim Trainer Vest$17.26
6. Arm Ring Life Vest$7.80
7. Water Sports Life jacket$12.22
8. Life Vest Swimwear $15.90
9. Kids Drifting Vest$10.19
10. Life Jacket with Buoyancy Pillow$16.98

1. Children’s Swim Vest

This swim vest is perfectly designed for an active water lifestyle, with its deep necklines and extra large armholes for mobility and comfort.

children's life jacket
Price: $10.99

It is made from top-quality neoprene material for warmth and buoyancy which gives children more confidence especially if they are still learning how to swim.

This swim vest comes with an adjustable crotch strap to ensure that it is snugly fit to your child. Available in different colors and designs, this children’s swim vest will surely encourage your kids to get one.

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2. Life jacket with Survival Whistle

children's life jacket 2021
Price: $8.75

The perfect life jacket for water rafting, swimming, and boating, this life jacket is made from non-toxic, comfortable, and high-density EPE foam and durable Oxford fabric that will surely help your kids float in water.

Its neon color and whistle makes this life jacket safer and more convenient to wear. It has 3 buckle straps that are adjustable and easy to put on and off.

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3. Superhero Life jacket

best life jacket for kids
Price: $9.72

With the adjustable safety straps and buckle snap for security, little boys will surely adore this superhero designed life jacket. There are also other heroes to choose from, so your little swimming can choose his favorite superhero. It is made from top-quality polyester and soft fabric to avoid skin chaffing.

It can help your little ones learn swimming stroke without the restriction of armbands. This item might be the perfect way to help them improve their confidence and get on their way to proper swimming. a

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4. Universal Life Jacket

top life jacket for kids

Keep your children safe and comfortable in the water using this super-soft foam life jacket that is similar to life jackets used in major water parks, beaches, and resorts.

The lightweight durable EPE foam fits the shape of the body and is comfortable to wear. It also offers a tight fit for children without restricting their movements.

The classic, universal design and camouflage look makes it suitable for both toddler boys and girls. It is available in bright orange and camouflage colors

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5. Two-piece Swim Trainer Vest

two-piece life jacket for kids
Price: $17.26

Be fashionable and stylish with this swim trainer that features a vest and swimsuit made of soft, colorful fabric. The swim vest has buoyant foam pads sewn into it to help improve simple positions such as floating upright and leaning forward.

It also features an adjustable strap and clip for added security and a comfortable fit. The heavy-duty zipper at the back keeps your child secure while wearing the vest.

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6. Arm Ring Life Vest

This life vest with attached armbands is a good life-saving device for kids who are just starting out to swim in the water. The safety shoulder harness prevents kids from removing the vest without help from their parents making it harder to slide off easily while using it.

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7. Water Sports Life jacket

With a durable heavy-duty gear zipper reinforced with an adjustable safety buckle, this water sports life jacket can be your kids’ go-to swim training aid.

It has a built-in whistle pocket and a survival whistle with a range that can reach up to 10 meters. The jacket style wraps around your child’s upper body and keeps the arm free for swimming.

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8. Life Vest Swimwear

swimming life jacket for kids
Price: $15.90

This stylish vest is designed with a chic traditional swimsuit style in mind. It has 8 removable floats that may help adjust the buoyancy depending on your child’s preference.

As your child’s confidence in the water grows, you can remove these floats one or two at a time until they are swimming on their own.

This device is perfect for children that are training to learn how to float without any floating device. The quick-drying stretchy fabric and zipper at the back make it easy to put on and take off. The t-shirt design also offers sun protection across the shoulders and upper arms.

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9. Kids Drifting Vest

kids best life jacket
Price: $10.19

Be chic and safe in this kids drifting vest. The bright and bold design of this life vest makes your child easier to spot while in the water.

It has a large, easy-glide zipper with Velcro at the top that prevents your child from pulling the zipper and removing the vest. This item is made from high-quality spandex and polyester that is suitable for fishing, swimming, and boating.

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10. Life Jacket with Buoyancy Pillow

top 10 life jacket for children
Price: $16.98

Your little ones would enjoy swimming time with this lifejacket that has oversized head support resembling a pillow to help your kids head above water. It has a grab handle that allows parents to control their kids’ direction and remove them from the water if necessary.

A buckled side opening and zippered back make it easy to put your child in and out of the jacket, the two adjustable leg straps help ensure their safety during all the pool, beach, or lake fun.

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Puddle Jumper Kids 2-in-1 Life Jacket & Rash Guard

Puddle Jumper 2 in 1 life jacket is one of the best life jackets for kids because it’s approved by the US Coast guard and is safe. It has sun protection of 50+ SPF and blocks 93% of UVA and UVB rays wet or dry. 

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It’s extremely comfortable to wear and doesn’t restrict the kids when they’re in motion. It’s made with quality materials like soft polyester fabric with less chafing. There’s a zipper and adjustable buckle to secure the guard fit. The design on the jacket is also extremely cute. 

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Stearns Original Puddle Jumper Kids Life Jacket 

This is one of the affordable life jackets for kids that’s approved by the US Coast Guard. It’s made with a nylon shell for durability and fits snugly for safety reasons. It’s extremely comfortable and doesn’t bar the kids when they’re playing or are in full motion. 

The design is playful and gives confidence to beginners who are entering the pool for the first time. It can be used in private and public pools and even large water bodies but with assistance. I love the designs on the life jacket as it’s extremely attractive. 

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How to choose the best life jackets for kids?

Life jackets are a simple way to stay safe while near or in the water. Carrying a lifejacket during your vacation can help secure the whole family in case there aren’t any life jackets to rent or borrow around. Aside from this list, here are a few things to consider when buying a life jacket

  • Check if it is a good fit. Life jackets are more effective if it fits the wearer. Avoid buying life jackets that are too big for your child or size that they may “grow into” because it might do more harm than safety.
  • Make sure that the jacket is snug and comfortable. Always check if it does not strain near the underarms and shoulders. Secure that your child’s chin and ears should not slip through. You might also want to consider a life jacket with a collar for head support and a strap between the legs for your little ones.
  • Pick a bright colored life jacket so you can easily spot your kids while in the water
  • Most importantly have your kids choose a lifejacket that appeals to them to encourage them to wear it.
  • Always remember to weigh and measure the size of the life jacket around the chest area. Life jackets for kids usually come in 3 weight ranges, 30 pounds and less, 30-50 pounds, and 50-90 pounds. Check what’s the most suitable and buy only that. 
  • Look for life jackets that has U.S. Coast Guard approved marks. Life jackets approved by the coast guard are considerably safer than others. 
  • Keep the usage of the life jacket in mind. This is determined by the kind of swimmer your kid is or if he has just explored the pool or maybe just for something as simple as kayaking. 
  • It’s advisable to practice with the life jacket before actually going out to the waters. This will help you and the kid troubleshoot. Always stay near your kids and supervise them even if they have the life jacket on.

Parents must remember that lifejackets are effective when they are worn, make sure to fasten all straps, zipper, and ties for better protection. Always remember that even if your child is getting better at swimming it always better to keep them under adult supervision.

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