Best Labor and Delivery Gifts for Mom

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If you’re a man and you’re reading this, your wife is probably at the end of her pregnancy and labor is just right around the corner. Am I right? If I am, I know for sure you are so busy thinking about the Best Labor and Delivery Gifts for Mom that you wanted to give your wife as a push gift.

Don’t you worry as you will be guided through a 100% honest and 100% mom-approved gifts that your wife secretly wants before and after she pushes that baby out!

Getting into labor is honestly one of the most painful things I have ever felt in my entire life and I remember my husband just looking straight at me and really worried.

It was a moment of a little anger at your husband because he doesn’t feel a thing and you just want to punch him so hard because he’s involved at why you’re feeling this (real talk, right mommies? ☺)

As we go through this, we’ll run down 10 things that I wanted before and after labor and delivery, which are totally your wives are craving on too. Let’s start!

10 Awesome Gifts to Give Moms Who are in Labor or About to Give Birth

1. Cute Mommy Mugs$16.97
2. Of Course, Flowers!$29.00
3. Mommy and Baby Hat$9.10
4. Lactation Cookies$17.90
5. An Elegant Nursing Dress$9.96
6. Yoga Ball$18.91
7. Aromatherapy Diffuser$15.99
8. An Exciting Mystery Box$48.00
9. A 7-piece Hospital Shower Gift Kit$29.99
10. Maternity Labor Delivery Matching Robe and Swaddle Blanket and Hat or Headband Set$86.99

1. Cute Mommy Mugs

Price: $16.97

Who wouldn’t want a nice cup of pregnant-safe herbal teas as you patiently wait for labor to kick in? Your family is all very excited but your heavily pregnant wife needs some relaxing time as she gets ready for action. This cute mommy mug will give a smile on her face as she will be reminded how thankful you are for her and your new little one.

2. Of course, Flowers!

As you welcome the cute new addition to your family, people might focus on the sweet little baby and forget the incredibly strong new mommy that has just given birth. Give your wife some beautiful flowers as she enters her room with your baby.

This might bring tears of joy because you have appreciated all the effort and exhaustion, she experienced in delivering your baby safely. The flowers will also bring a homey feeling even if you and your wife are still in the hospital and you probably are dying to go home with your little one!

3. Mommy and Baby Hat

Top-off the going home outfit of your wife and baby with cute matching mommy and baby hat! It brings a sweet bonding between your happy wife and new bundle of oy because it’s just their first few days together and they now have matching outfits! This can also be convenient in giving warmth to the loves of your life.

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4. Lactation Cookies

Mommies who would want to breastfeed their child exclusively, give her some yummy lactation cookies as soon as the physician tells you it’s now okay for her to eat. Who wouldn’t want some cookies after giving all of your energy in pushing out that baby, right? Lactation cookies are not only yummy munchables but it can also help in getting her milk flowing in case she’s still waiting for it to come out.

These are dark chocolate chips which are always freshly-baked and has premium galactagogues like whole grain old fashioned rolled oats, brewer’s yeast powder, organic flaxseed, organic chia seeds and extra virgin coconut oil. These yummy treats will definitely give your wife an amazing freezer full of milk stashes!

5. An Elegant Nursing Dress

An Elegant Nursing Dress
Price: $9.96

Give the perfect going home outfit together with the matching hat with an elegant nursing dress. This gives your wife an extra-pretty feeling even if she’s still groggy from all the medications that she had while giving birth.

This dress is very convenient for nursing a little baby because it has hidden holes that your beautiful wife can easily access when the baby is hungry. There’s no need for her to removing an item of entire clothing just to nurse your little one. She can just flip the flap of the dress and your hungry hippo is all good to go for milk time.

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6. Yoga Ball

Yoga Ball
Price: $18.91

Did you know that a yoga ball is extremely helpful during labors? There are various techniques suitable for pregnant women to induce their labor if they have been overdue. Yoga ball can be used throughout your wife’s pregnancy journey as a tool for comfort, relaxation and positioning during labor.

If she’s already in labor, using a yoga ball can help soothe her body during contractions. You can help her try out different positions like sitting while rocking and doing hip circles to create a soothing rhythm and help the baby descend. She can also simply rest on it during labor as you massage her aching back.

All fours position is also helpful in helping her cope with back pain during labor. Just make sure to place a towel underneath the ball so it won’t slip. Also, ensure that you are looking after your wife as she uses the ball for added precautionary measures.

7. Aromatherapy Diffuser

Give a soothing and relaxing environment when your wife is in labor by gifting her an aromatherapy diffuser. Labor is extremely painful and exhausting so try out almost everything just to help her relax through the whole process. Having an aromatherapy diffuser is good to go and it was said to help shorten labor too! This package includes the freshness of mandarin and sweet tangerine for a nice and soft ambience in the labor room.

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8. An Exciting Mystery Box

Relieve your wife’s anxiety and fear of labor and giving birth by surprising her with a mystery basket. This box is a memorable and thoughtful gift to pamper the new mom with utmost postpartum care. You may plan to give this to her before labor and ask her to open it after giving birth so she can have something to look forward to.

This box includes sea salt and eucalyptus-scented candle to give her a relaxing and calmed mood after giving birth. It also has a muslin baby wrap which is made from 100% cotton that your little one can enjoy while he’s being swaddled.

Another item is a BPA-free Silicone Pacifier clip so she can just look for a cute orthodontic pacifier for your little one to use. Last but not the least, the mystery box includes a mineral floral bath tea which is perfect for a postpartum bath to relieve your wife’s aches and pain from labor and delivery.

9. A 7-piece Hospital Shower Gift Kit

Another amazing labor and delivery gift are a hospital shower gift kit. You and your wife has probably packed all the baby items that you need and she has forgotten what to bring for herself. This hospital shower gift kit includes a make-up bag if she wanted to slay her looks while giving birth, cute knot socks saying,

“If you can read this, I am about to have a baby”. An eye mask to help her relax and sleep at the hospital; a “You Got This” water bottle to remind her how strong she is; and of course, some hair ties and ha headband because she’ll definitely need these while in labor.

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10. Maternity Labor Delivery Matching Robe and Swaddle Blanket and Hat or Headband Set

After giving birth, your lovely wife will definitely need a robe. Gift her a nice robe and a matching swaddle blanket with a hat or a headband for your new little sunshine! It also has pockets so your wife can easily put the pocket-sized things she needs within her reach.

The swaddle blanket is also warm and comfortable which will help give your little one the feeling of security as he adjusts to the outside world. You have various designs and colors to choose from and your wife will definitely thank you for this cute gesture of love.

Best Gifts to Get a Mom in Labor and About to Deliver a Baby

You now have a great list of gifts that you can choose from. These gifts will definitely flash a smile on her face because she knows that during this point of time, she would probably forget about herself as she focuses on delivering the baby safely; but even if you give all these 10 items to your lovely wife, nothing will ever beat encouragement, support, and love as you accompany her from day 1 of her pregnancy until the horrendous but so worthy labor and birth.

As you both go into a new phase in life with your little one along, never underestimate the little acts of service that you give your wife and baby. She will need the utmost care just the same as your new bundle of joy that is still adjusting to the world outside.

Give your wife some time to relax and have a warm bath while you look after your baby. All the time, support and love you give will never go unnoticed and congratulations to you and your wife, new daddy!

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