12 Best Kids Shoes for Flat Feet 2021

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flat feet kids shoes 2020

Here are the best kids shoes for flat feet. Check it out!

Did you know that 44% of toddlers and children have flat feet? Flat foot is a condition where the arch of the feet flattens while standing and walking. There is nothing to worry about, mommies! Flat feet syndrome is completely normal for three to six-year-old children. But, if you really want your kids to be comfortable on their own feet, you can check out the best kids’ shoes for flat feet that we will be listing down.

Giving shoes with arch support to kids with flat feet syndrome can relieve pain and discomfort. Although most of the time, kids with this kind of feet have no complaints. On the other hand, it’s better to be 100% that our kids are comfortable, right? 😊

Best Kids Shoes For Flat Feet: FAQs

Best kids shoes for flat feetKey Features
MONTAAS Kids Running ShoesComfortable fabric lining, lightweight
Skechers Kids Microspec ShoesBetter Arch Support, Padded collar
Lingmu Fashion Running ShoesSoft and Flexible, strap design
Skywheel Unisex SneakersAdjustable strap, keeps feet dry
Littleplum Running ShoesAnti-slip sole, breathable mesh upper
Pebbles Shoes SneakersOdour resistant, phthalates free
Hobibear Knit SlippersSuperflex sole, strong grip 
Feetmat Hiking SneakersStrap design, PU synthetic material 
Aenoshi Running ShoesUltra lightweight, air cushion midsole
Crocs Lightweight Slip on ShoesCroslite foam material, easy to clean 
Adidas Originals Unisex-Child Swift Run SneakerSpeed lacing system, durable rubber sole
Stride Rite Unisex Kids SneakersHook and loop closure, antimicrobial lining

Top Kids Shoes for Flat Feet

MONTAAS Kids Running Shoes

top kids shoes for flat feet

Price: $19.99 – $20.99

There is nothing more important than seeing our kids running and playing comfortably, right? Make them wear the MONTAAS Kids Running Shoes, and they would never feel like their feet are sore from running and walking.

This pair of shoes are breathable and lightweight, and it also keeps the feet dry inside. It also has a durable rubber outsole, and a shock-absorbing midsole will keep your child’s feet always in place even through wear and tear.

In addition to all of what’s mentioned, these shoes have super cute designs and colors. They are perfect for boys and girls that love fashion and comfort too!

Other Features:

  • Elastic lace-up and strap design
  • Comfortable fabric lining
  • Knitted mesh upper fabric design

Skechers Kids Girl’s Microspec Shoes

best kids shoes for flat feet

Price: $27.99 – $83.85

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This adorable pair of Skechers Kids Girl’s Microspec will provide your daughter with the style and comfort she needs daily. It comes with a synthetic sole that holds the feet in place and provides support. The shaft measures approximately low-top from the arch, so even if your daughter walks and runs for hours, discomfort would never be a problem.

This pair is also washable, so parents can easily clean the shoes whenever. The padded collar and tongue of these shoes allow your daughter’s feet to feel extra comfort during the whole day of using it.

Other Features:

  • Offers better arch support
  • Lightweight
  • True to size

Lingmu Girls and Boys Fashionable Running Shoes

best kids shoes for flat feet 2020

Price: $26.69

From school to outdoor activities, your children can rely on Lingmu Girls and Boys Fashionable Running Shoes. These shoes have a toe cap feature that prevents collision, protecting your kids from rocks or hard objects while playing outdoors.

It is also designed with an anti-slip sole that is also shockproof, making your kids play without worrying about unwanted accidents. What’s best about these shoes is the arch and bottoms manufactured mainly to support your child’s growing feet.

Other Features:

  • Soft and flexible
  • Lace-up and strap design
  • Decreases foot pressure

Skywheel Boys and Girls Sneakers

shoes for kids with flat feet

Price: $23.99

The Skywheel Boys and Girls Sneakers are breathable, soft, and lightweight. These shoes would provide comfort for your kid throughout the day. What we love about it is that my kid can easily remove and put the shoes on. It can also be easily adjusted to give your kid’s feet a better fit.

The outsoles of these sneakers are designed to be shock buffers, so you won’t worry too much even if your kid is actively running around. You also get an extra pair of insoles, which are perfect for flat feet syndrome. These insoles would give better support to your kids’ feet. This pair is also great for kids with wide feet.

Other Features:

  • Adjustable strap and elastic lace
  • Upper design is made from breathable and soft mesh
  • Keeps feet dry

Littleplum Kids Running Shoes for Boys

shoes for kids with flat feet 2020

Price: $28.99

Is your little boy fond of playing basketball, but he’s having some discomfort because of his flat feet? Buy this Littleplum Kids Running Shoes for Boys for him! Aside from the 40+ designs that your little man can choose from, these pairs of shoes are unbelievably comfy too.

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It has a rubber sole, making their feet stay on the ground better without slipping off. It also comes with incredible arch support made from memory foam and orthotics. So, even if he plays basketball all day, these shoes would provide stable support for his feet.

Other Features:

  • Anti-slip sole
  • Easy put on and take off
  • Breathable mesh upper

PEBBLES SHOES Girls Glitter Slip-On Sneaker

kids shoes for flat feet

Price: $14.99

If your little girl is not fond of wearing sneakers, but she needs the utmost support and comfort for her flat feet, try the PEBBLES SHOES Girls Slip-On Sneaker. Aside from being a reliable shoe for your child’s feet, did you know that this shoe also has a recyclable and non-marking sole?

The shoe is made from high-quality EVA, which is a lightweight material that has a rubber-like consistency. Since it’s super light, toddlers would never feel the shoe’s weight as they learn how to run around. It also has a soft and comfortable footbed that prevents shocks from objects around your kid.

The shoes are also waterproof, so your child could bring this pair of shoes anywhere, from school to camping and going to the beach!

Other Features:

  • Odor-resistant
  • No hazardous materials
  • Phthalate-free

HOBIBEAR Kids Breathable Knit Sneakers

kids shoes for flat feet 2020

Price: $22.99

Give your kids a new pair of shoes for school and gift them the HOBIBEAR Kids Breathable Knit Sneakers. Aside from being a great support for flat shoes, this pair is also perfect for all seasons. It has a simple slip-on design, so lacing up would never be a problem anymore.

This pair of shoes also has a breathable and lightweight feeling, and your child would feel like he’s only wearing socks. It is also stretchy, so it would make way for your kid’s growing feet.

Other Features:

  • Super flexible sole
  • Outsoles have grooves cut for stronger grip to wet elements

Feetmat Boys Hiking Shoes

top 10 kids shoes for flat feet

Price: $34.99

Your active boy needs a shoe that would get him through all his outdoor activities! The Feetmat Boys Hiking Shoes should be your boy’s bestfriend when going outside. This pair is waterproof, so playing in puddles would be much tolerable for parents. 😊

It also has non-slip soles, making wet areas safer than ever. The anti-collision toe cap would also prevent any accidents from damaging those tiny toes. It is very convenient, comfortable, and easy to clean too!

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Other Features:

  • Made from PU synthetic leather
  • Strap design

AEONSHI Kids Athletic Running Shoes

top 10 kids shoes for flat feet 2020

Price: $34.99

Happy feet come from reliable sneakers like the AEONSHI Kids Athletic Running Shoes. Let your kid enjoy the outdoors with comfort and fashion with this pair. It provides a soft feeling to your kid’s skin, so no painful rubbing will be a problem for you and your child.

The memory foam inside the shoes are extra soft, making every step feel so much better than using other sneakers. It is perfect for all-day wearing because it gives enough space and air for your kid’s feet inside. It is also made with anti-slip materials, so you are assured of your child’s safety every time.

Other Features:

  • With magic tape design
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • With air cushion midsole

Crocs Kids’ LiteRide Clog Slip On Shoes

10 best kids shoes for flat feet

Price: $23.99 to $97.84

We are speaking about comfort throughout this article, but what’s even more comfortable than the Crocs Kids’ LiteRide Clog Slip On Shoes? These shoes are available for kids ages 1 to 12 years old, so you would never run out of shoes to give your kid as he grows.

This is the next generation shoes for style and comfort, and the easy on and off makes these shoes perfect for kids. LiteRide Technology provides a revolutionary sink-in softness, especially for kids with flat feet. This is the only pair of shoes that can match any feet type, and you are assured that your child’s feet would always have enough room to breathe and grow.

Other Features:

  • Made with Croslite foam
  • Synthetic sole
  • Easy to clean

Adidas Originals Unisex-Child Swift Run Sneaker

These shoes from Adidas are one of the best shoes for kids with flat feet. It provides an ultra comforting experience when worn. It’s available in various sizes and colors. The rubber sole has a ​​0-6″ shaft from the arch and around 10” boot opening measurement.

It has an original speed lacing system that is adjustable and good for kids with flat feet as it fits pretty well. They’re extremely durable as well. These Adidas Original sneakers are stylish, affordable and also unisex. 

Other Features: 

  • Durable rubber sole
  • Speed lacing system 
  • Stylish
  • Unisex

Stride Rite Unisex Kids Sneakers

Stride Rite Unisex Kids Sneakers are another great choice for flat feet kids. It’s durable and comforting construction makes it easy to wear for long periods of time. The rubber sole provides support to the kid’s flat feet. It’s also very easy to secure through a hook and loop system. 

It has a memory foam inside that acts as a cushion and relaxes the feet. The Stride Rite sneakers have an antimicrobial lining that prevents the shoes and feet from stinking and keeps them fresh. They’re safe to be washed in the washing machine. 

Other Features: 

  • Memory foam inside 
  • Antimicrobial lining 
  • Hook and Loop closure
  • Machine wash friendly 

Getting the Best Kids Shoes for Flat Feet

Our kids deserve the utmost care and comfort, especially when we talk about shoes! Kids with flat feet can experience more discomfort, so giving them proper footwear can never hinder them from exploring the world.

These shoes that we have reviewed above can help your kids enjoy their everyday lives without feeling any pain due to their condition. Make sure to give your kids any of these shoes above so they can run around and play all day without worrying that their tiny feet would hurt.

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