15 Best Hook on Highchairs on Amazon 2021

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Hook on high chair

Looking for best Hook on Highchairs on Amazon? We curated high quality hook on highchairs for toddlers from Amazon. Check it out!

At around six months or at the age when babies can sit upright, it is safe to slowly introduce them in taking a seat at the table. Hook-on highchairs are seats that can be easily attached at the table and store away after each meal. Unlike regular highchairs, these are space server and are easy to bring anywhere the family goes.

Another thing that makes these chairs a good investment is that it encourages your babies to seat with a proper posture; and with the baby’s table access it certainly lessens the mess on the floor. Here are some recommendations on the best hook on highchairs on Amazon.

Top Hook on Highchairs on Amazon

1.Phil&teds Lobster Clip-on Highchair – Best Hook on Highchairs on Amazon

Avoid worn out restaurant highchairs with this hook-on highchair. It “lobster” claws are super strong with its rubber grips that has “twist and off” clamp mechanism makes the chair securely hanging on the table

It can easily be folded into compact carry bag making it the perfect seat companion for your family’s travel adventures. The aluminum frame and care fabrics are made from durable and reliable materials. It also features a comfortable padded seat that provides posture support for your baby.

2. Muneca Baby Hook-on High Chair

Make your kids comfortable during meal time in this Muneca Baby hook-on chair. This travel seat can be easily folded into its own carry-on bag. It has a soft fabric that can be easily removed for machine and hand wash to keep the seat nice and clean.

The padded shoulder straps and the 5 point harness systems safely secure the baby during snack time and mealtime. A bonus dishwasher safe placemat is also included to make eating time less messy and worrisome.

3. Hoomall Hook-on High Chair

Help your baby become more independent by purchasing this hook-on chair that can easily be fixed in 3 easy steps and would only take you less than 30 seconds to install. Simply insert the iron bar in the chair, and then insert the metal sheet to pop it on the table and fasten the seatbelt according to your child’s comfortability.

For easy cleaning, the fabric seat pad can be easily detached and is hand wash and machine wash friendly. It is also easy to pack by collapsing the left and right arms inward and put it on the carry-on bag. A handy storage pocket is also designed to store some baby items such as wipes, toys and snacks.

4. Mountain Buggy Pod Clip-on High Chair

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, this Pod Clip-on chair is made from lightweight aluminum frame that can be fold up flat and weighs at only 2.2 lbs.

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The aluminum clamps on the other hand, has non slip rubber grips that tightens with ease in tables at home or restaurant tabletops. This chair has passed numerous safety standard testing and is certified in all major continents worldwide.

5. BeMAX Hook-on High Chair

If you do not trust the grubby and unhygienic restaurant highchairs then might as well bring one. The seat cushion cloth can be removed and washed using your trusty washing machine. This hook-on chair is designed with portability in mind. It can easily be folded and stored on the carry-on bag that comes with the item.

The five-point harness system secures the baby’s waist and legs making them protected even if there is too much wiggling involved. This baby can carry little ones up to 33 pounds making it a good starter chair for your child.

6. Chicco 360o Rotating Hook-On Chair

Make mealtime more interactive in this hook-on highchair that has a rotating mechanism that locks in 6 positions so you can easily adjust your baby towards the table or turn them for an easy one-on-one feeding session. It comes with a dishwasher safe; snap on tray that lets your baby enjoy their food and practice eating by themselves.

The detachable fabric seat pad can be easily detached for cleaning purposes. The rubber grip clamps ensure your baby’s security and avoids your furniture from scratches. A deluxe carry-on bag lets you bring this rotating chair wherever you go.

7. Guzzie+Guss Perch Clip-on Table Chair

One of the greatest features of this hook-on highchair is that the high-back design provides more comfort and support especially when your baby has the tendency to lean backwards. The clamp can accommodate different type of table thickness even the kinds that has table lip edges.

The five-point harness system ensure that your child is safe and always in place. The raised edge near the eating space is designed to minimize spills onto the chair itself. A nylon travel bag is included so that you can have the hook-on chair folded and stored without taking too much space.


8. Costzon Baby’s Fast Hook On Table Chair

This particular hook-on chair has a strong gripping ability that can be attached and is compatible with most tables. An adjustable safety belt and a t-shaped guard is installed to prevent your child from standing up and slipping down the chair.

A large capacity back pocket can fit snack, diapers, and feeding bottles for easy access to your baby needs especially during outdoor bonding activities. Parents can now enjoy their own mealtime without having to worry too much about their baby’s own meal session.

9. Inglesina Fast Table Chair

Enjoy safety, comfort and style with this hook-on table chair from Inglesina. Available in variety of colors, this chair is ideal for babies ages 6 months and up and has the capacity to support up to 37 lbs. The carry bag is sewn at the bottom of the chair to avoid misplacing it and for easier access.

The storage can carry small accessories for your baby, or you may use it to get your hands free of holding items while feeding your baby. Inspired by elegant carriages, this durable and washable chair gives your baby a nice and clean hygienic meal time.

10. Chicco Caddy Hook-on Chair

Be it at home or on the go, this hook-on chair from Chicco makes introducing your child to family mealtime more convenient. The twist-to-tighten design helps setting in up take less than a minute.

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The soft grip clamps firmly grasp the table with scratching or damage. It is easy to fold in a compact shape making it easy to bring during family travels or eating out in restaurants. The seat fabrics can be cleaned by using wipes or it can be removed for a thorough machine or hand wash.

11. Toogel Hook-on Chair

Ensure your child’s safety during family mealtime with this classic hook-on chair. A safety harness is installed and provides stability and support while your child learns to eat independently.

The fold-and-go design easily takes apart the chair and stores it in the compact storage bag that comes with it. A non-slip support handrail does not leave damage to your table.

12. Ijovin Baby Hook-on Chair

Add a bit of colorful print with this adorable hook on chair that lets your baby have easy access on the table whether during mealtime or during play time while you are at the same table doing work. The arm has an anti-slid design that ensures your furniture is scratch free and without damage. It has an adjustable three-point safety harness, lifted backrest and padded seat to ensure your child’s comfortability.

13. Chicco Quick Seat Hook-on Chair

The travel friendly design of Chicco’s hook-on chair makes it convenient for parents who are on the go. A one pull tightener cinches the chair securely on picnic and any outdoor table.

The Quickseat is compact when folded and features a built-in carry strap for portability. The seat cover is removable and washable to make every eating moments clean and enjoyable.

14. Summer Infant Hook-on Booster Seat

This hook-on chair form Summer Infant can save you a few bucks because it can also be used as a booster seat if your child is comfortable enough to seat at the table with minimal harness support. The modern, neutral timeless design can be used in case there will be multiple babies in the family. A dishwasher safe table is included in the package to encourage your baby to eat independently.

15. TCBunny Hook-on Chair

From a company that is committed to provide products that encourages interaction between parents and child, TCBunny’s hook-on chair is made from strong stainless alloy and soft and easy to clean denim fabric.

It has been one of the most sought after portable seats because it can be compactly fold and does not take too much storage space. The five-point safety harness also keeps your child fit and secure while enjoying your mealtime bonding session.

Why buy a hook-on high chair?

As a mom, leaving your child outside your sight can only let you feel uneasy. Getting them this hook-on high chair is definitely a must!

We have listed all the possible reasons why you should get one:

Space-saving. You don’t need to worry about space as hook-on high chairs are quite space-saving compared to standard high-chairs that can be too bulky to put in your homes. 

Portable. There will be restaurants that don’t offer kid’s chairs and it will only leave you frazzled to have your child to sit on your lap. Fret not as this chair is portable which you can bring anywhere, anytime. 

Easy to Clean. After mealtime, you can just wipe out the chair before detaching it to the table. If you prefer, you can leave it as it is so it’s ready for the next mealtime.

Encourages Family Time. Let your children feel they’re part of the family. Such chairs let you bond together with your family while enjoying meals. This is indeed a good habit that you should not skip!

How to choose a hook on high chair?

When buying a hook-on high chair, some factors need to be considered so you know you’ll be getting the right one for your kids. Here are some of them.

Removable seat cushion – this hook-on chair component is one of the essential things to be considered so you’ll be able to clean your kid’s mess effortlessly. There is some seat cushion that only requires a wipe to be clean and some are made from cloth so it can be easily washed from a machine. 

Baby’s weight – choosing a hook-on chair requires a weight check aside from the style of the chair. By doing so, you’ll get the ones that can hold your kids fully. 

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Table Thickness – Before anything else, checking the table thickness of where you’ll put the chair is important as there are different hook sizes. 

Safe Arms – Always choose a scratch-free chair so your furniture will be left undamaged after installing the chair. 

Carry Bags – Most hook-on chairs are offering carry bags which is definitely convenient especially if you’re on a trip. This can promote ultimate portability that you can’t surely resist.

Storage Pockets – carrying a baby bag is quite uncomfortable since you always have to open it and get something that your baby needs. You may want to consider getting a hook-on chair that offers storage pockets that can mostly store your baby’s needs. 

Safety tips when using hook on high chair

Here are some of the safety tips for your child that can help especially if you’re a first-time parent of using a hook-on chair:

  • Ensure that the table is well compatible with the hooks that the chair is offering. This can help you determine if installing a hook-on chair is fine with the table that you currently have. Here are some of the table kinds that don’t support a hook-on chair:  glass top table, pedestal table, beveled edge table, a loose tabletop, camping table, placemat, leaf extension, tablecloth, folding table, etc.
  • Always put a safety belt on your child which is connected with the hook-on chair to protect your kids.
  • After installing the chair on the table, always check first the stability and strength of the chair before placing your child on it. 
  • Since hook-on chairs have different heights, weights, sizes and, ages, make sure to use the appropriate one for a complete child safety
  • Don’t forget to always check the certifications of the product so you’re sure that you bought a quality chair.

Hook-high chair Vs Standard high chair

In most cases, it’s evident that there’s a huge difference between hook-high chairs and standard high chairs on the space-saving nature. Yes, a hook-high chair offers extra space in your home, unlike a standard high chair which can be cumbersome. 

They may be both easy to clean however, they don’t offer the same portableness that hook-high chairs can offer. Since standard high-chairs are quite big, it’s indeed a big struggle to bring them anywhere.

On the other hand, there are some convertible standard high-chairs that can offer a higher weight limit compared to hook-high chairs which only offer a limited weight.

Are hook-on or clip-on high chairs safe? 

Hook-on chairs are safe to use but need an extra precaution in using them as it needs to be understood so they will be used efficiently and safely. Carefully checking the manuals and instructions are the first steps of using hook-on chairs that must not be forgotten.  

Should I get a hook-on high chair or a regular high chair? 

This question will be answered depending on your needs. While there are a lot of benefits of getting a hook-on chair, there are still some good qualities why you should get a regular highchair. After all, getting the ones that can cater to your needs should determine which one to choose. 

When can babies sit in a hook-on high chair? 

Babies can sit on a hook-on high chair preferably during mealtime, in this case, you can monitor your babies more than letting them sit on their cribs. If you’re planning to eat in a restaurant, bringing a hook-on chair can be much easier and convenient. 

What are the weight limits for hook-on high chairs? 

Hook-on chairs have a limit of 37 pounds in maximum which can carry up to 2 years old babies. Just a friendly reminder to don’t exceed the maximum pounds to protect your child from any risky incident. 

Can I put my 4 month old in a high chair?

There is no standard age when your baby should sit in a high chair. If you feel like your child is ready to sit for 4 months, you can definitely put him in a high chair. 

Getting the Best Hook on High Chairs for your Baby

In a span of few months, babies can easily and slowly learn how to feed themselves. Hook-on chairs are a safe and secure way to properly introduce them into proper table manners.

A good quality hook-on highchair must be strong and can easily be attached and detached from your table without sacrificing your child’s safety. Sturdy back support and adjustable straps ensures comfortability and promote proper posture. These hook-on chairs will surely make meal time more enjoyable for your babies.

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