Which is the Best Goat Milk Formulas for Babies 2022

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Best Goat Milk Formulas for Babies

Looking goat milk for your baby? Here are the best goat milk formulas for babies. Check it out!

Before reading this article, you probably never imagined that you would be researching endless cow’s milk alternatives just because your baby reacts sensitively to cow’s milk. Goat’s milk formula can be as healthy and nutritious as cow’s milk, and it also lessens your baby’s eczema flare-ups and allergies too!

Now, if you’re moo-ving over to goat milk, make sure to consider the 5 best goat milk formulas for babies. We only want to provide your baby with the best possible nutrition. So we have collated all the best options for you and your baby!

Goat’s milk may not be as popular as cow’s milk, and if you want to know more about this fantastic milk, just read on and be informed. You might be switching over to goat’s milk today!

What to Look for in the Goat’s Milk Formula: 

Goat Milk Formulas are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the USA. This is because they have to pass certain safety standards and nutritional demands in the formula. In Europe, they’re regulated by European Commission Standards (ECS) which is similar to FDA but stricter.

Before changing formulas, it’s advisable to contact your pediatrician to understand what nutritional value is required by your baby and what the digestive issue is. Please confirm the safety standards and nutritional value with the doctor for the formula you’re choosing. 

Check the expiration date or “use by” to know about the freshness and potency of the formula before feeding your infant.

How to switch to goat milk formula:

If your toddler is already used to formula then it’s quite a simple journey to switch between cow’s formula to goat’s formula. Make sure the next goat formula you’re choosing is more easily digestible than the previous one. 

It might take a few days or a week depending on how quickly the toddler adapts to the new formula. The taste is pretty different and the baby might not like the goat’s milk formula in the first take. 

You can start slowly by mixing old formula and the new one to feed the baby. For example, the first time it can be about 75% of the old formula and 25% of the new goat’s milk formula. Gradually shift to 50% of both and then when you notice the baby’s tolerance you can reduce the amount of the older formula and mix more of the new one until it’s 100% goat’s milk formula.

Benefits of Goat’s Milk for Babies

Here are some of the benefits of switching your babies to consuming goat’s milk than cow’s milk:

  • Less allergen composition than cow’s milk
  • Closer biology to human’s milk
  • More digestible proteins
  • Comes with more digestible fats
  • Contains less lactose than cow’s milk
  • Contains more vitamins and minerals

Top Goat Milk Formulas for Babies

NannyCare Goat Growing Up Formula

best goats milk for kids

One of the best benefits that your baby can get from goat’s milk formula is that it is much easier to digest than regular cow’s milk. NannyCare Growing Up Milk is packed with high prebiotic levels to help those tiny tummies become stronger.

You would also notice that your baby is much more active and happier when switching to goat’s milk like the NannyCare Goat Growing Up Formula because his tummy is not so irritated now, unlike when he was still taking in his cow’s milk.

This premium goat’s milk from New Zealand is designed as a follow-up formula for your baby ages 12 to 24 months.

Your little one would benefit from critical nutrients like Vitamin D, Vitamin C, and other vitamins that all work together for the immune system’s normal function.

Net Weight: 900g

Kabrita Goat Milk Formula

best goats milk for kids 2022

Trusted by 98% of moms, the Kabrita Goat Milk Formula will not just make your baby’s tummy stronger, but his brain brighter too. Every bottle you give contains over 22 vitamins and minerals and no GMO ingredients to support your baby’s overall health.

A lot of mommies have reported that their babies have reduced occurrences of bloatedness ever since they switched to this goat’s milk formula. It is also very rich in calcium for the bones and teeth, making those smiles wider and cuter!

Cow’s sensitivity is very common to babies, so using this milk formula would do wonders for you and your little one. This milk comes with a mild, sweet taste that all babies would love!

For additional support for your little ball of sunshine’s overall growth and development, the Kabrita Goat Milk Formula is packed with folic acid, DHA, ARA, and iron.

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This milk formula is also free from antibiotics, hormones, and heavy metals, making it extra safe for your baby to consume daily.

Net Weight: 800g

best goat milk for baby 2022-min
Image Source: karpenko_mv

Meyenberg Powdered Instant Goat Milk

kids goat milk

Are you looking for organic goat milk for your little cutie? Then you must get the Meyenberg Powdered Instant Goat Milk today! The milk is obtained from goats that are cared for in accordance with strict faring regulation, so all moms are 100% sure that this milk is safe for their active little ones.

All necessary vitamins, minerals, and nutrients are on every pack of this milk, but this follow-on formula should be given with mixed food. It also contains Vitamin D and Folic Acid for body and health development.

 This goat milk powder is high in calcium and low in sodium, and the goats are also not treated with any growth hormones or antibiotics.

We all want our babies to be well-nourished and smart, so giving him the Meyenberg Powdered Instant Goat Milk is one of the best choices parents can make for their child.

Net Weight: 12 oz.

best goat milk for baby

Growth Spurt Powdered Goat’s Milk Toddler Formula

baby goat milk

Give your baby an additional boost to his immune system and provide him with the Caprea 3 Growth Organic Goat Milk Powder. It’s not just the goodness of goat’s milk that is included in this formula. It is also packed with lactoferrin, probiotics, iron, DHA, and ARA.

This milk promises not to have that raw goaty taste, and your child will surely ask for more milk! It perfectly maintains the health of internal organs and also increases the alertness of your little one.

Better nutrient absorption is also one of the critical benefits of this formula. Plus, it can also improve the energy levels and vitality of your active child. The key to a perfectly healthy baby lies within a very nutritious formula, and this milk gives precisely what your baby needs.

Net Weight: 800g

New Zealand Full Cream Goat Milk Powder (Natural)

top 5 goat milk for babies

If your child has eczema and allergy-prone skin, those recurring flare-ups might be because of the milk he is taking in. You have to switch to the New Zealand Full Cream Goat Milk Powder (Natural) because this goat milk formula contains fewer allergens than regular cow’s milk.

Support your little one’s growth and proper nutrition as this goat milk effortlessly helps that cute tiny body thrive. Another important feature of this milk is that it neutralizes stomach acids, making every milking time more comfortable for your baby.

This milk is suitable for babies over 1 year old, and overall nutrition is provided for your thriving little one. The brain, eye, and physical development are continuously supported. Plus, bone and immune system development are also highly prioritized when you feed your child with this formula.

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It also has no added sugar, and it improves your child’s EQ and IQ too. You would see that your children grow more active, imaginative, happy, and cheerful!

This milk is an excellent source of calcium to help grow strong bones and teeth too.

Net Weight:  600g

Why is Goat Milk Better than Cow’s Milk?

Goat milk proteins are easier digested than cow’s milk. It also contains higher levels of minerals, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C than regular cow’s milk. Fewer allergens are present in goat’s milk, making it more suitable for infants with sensitivities and allergies.
5% of infants have cow’s milk sensitivity, while 40 to 100% of adults are affected too. If parents choose to provide cow’s milk to their babies, their tummies would be less irritating since it is easier to digest.
Diarrhea, bloating, and other digestive problems can be gone instantly as soon as parents switch over to goat milk formula.

Is Goat’s Milk Easier to Digest for Babies?

Yes, goat’s milk is more comfortable for babies to digest. This milk contains fewer allergens than regular cow’s milk. It has a better protein make-up that is much more absorbable by a baby’s tiny and sensitive tummy. The proteins of goat milk form a softer curd than cow’s milk, helping small bodies digest it with less irritation.
Also, goat’s milk contains a slightly lower lactose composition than cow’s milk, which is about 12% less per cup. This means that babies and people with lactose intolerance can take goat’s milk less disruptive on their digestive systems than cow’s milk.

Is Goat’s Milk Closest to Breastmilk?

Some new mommies cannot or choose not to breastfeed, and it is okay! If you are one of these women, you must be searching for a formula that is closest to breastmilk. Goat’s milk is proven to give better development to infants than those fed with cow’s milk.
Goat’s milk is much closer to breastmilk compared to cow’s milk, especially in terms of oligosaccharides. Human Milk Oligosaccharides are sugar molecules that are of exceptionally high concentration in human breast milk.
The natural prebiotic oligosaccharides of goat’s milk are also known to be effective in promoting the growth of good bacteria and inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria, just like what human breastmilk has.

Is goat’s milk formula better for babies?

Goat milk formula is great for babies as it is natural and contains a lot of vitamins and minerals. They naturally digest more easily than other formulas. 

Getting the Best Goat Milk Formula for Babies

We know that goat’s milk is not as well-known as cow’s milk, but there are many reasons why switching to it would be more beneficial to your tiny human. If you’re unsure about which brand to give your little one, this list might help you check what’s best for your baby.

You can also try various brands before using a certain one for a long time. There aren’t a lot of goat’s milk formula, but these brands above can be your reference.

It is also best to always consult your child’s pediatrician for proper recommendations when switching into a whole new formula for your baby.

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