Best Careers for Single Moms

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If you suddenly became a single mom, whether you got divorced or got widowed, I know that things will become more challenging for you and your kids. You might have been used to your spouse providing for you and your kids, but now you have to juggle all the parenting and working alone.

As a single mom myself, I wanted to take advantage of my blog to help all single moms out there start their new life together with the kids. So, I have gathered the best careers for single moms to help out other moms around the globe in taking care of her kids.

Top 10 Careers for Single Moms

best jobs for single moms

Virtual Assistant

Single mommies would want to stay at home as much as possible so looking for a career that would get you enough money while staying at home is the best! Virtual assistants are basically administrative assistants, only virtually.

You would be staying at home doing administrative tasks as instructed by your client. Make appointments and schedules, and take calls too. This job gives you flexible working hours, and with enough experience, tons of clients would be fighting over you, mommy!

Salary: $57,267

Nanny/Childcare Worker

This is probably the easiest job that you can take because you’ve already mastered the art of taking care of babies and kids! Seeing your kids grow is one of the most wonderful things a mom has ever seen, then why not try turning it into an income-generating one??

If you’re lucky, your employer might even let you bring your kids to their house to play with their children too! If you already have a day job and want to earn more income at night or during the weekends, this is one great job for you, mom!

Salary: $22,290


If you have keen attention to details and wordings, you can earn an average of $15 per hour when starting out as an entry-level proofreader. You have to make sure that you are a great writer with attention to detail.

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To become a proofreader, most of your tasks include reading over a published material for businesses, academia, blogs, books, etc. You should look for grammatical, spelling, composition, and style errors. You can also check for free online workshops to know more about proofreading before venturing into this type of job.

What’s great is that most proofreading jobs are offered in work from home setup, so you can stay with your kids while working.

Salary: $56,762


We talked about proofreading, so you might have thought of blogging too! We know that it takes a bit of time to get paid with your own blogs, but if you have some real passion for writing, you can earn big bucks from blogging.

It doesn’t really cost much to start a blog, and if your writing gets famous online, you might get to work with advertisers who want their stuff to be featured online. You may have blogging as a side hustle if you’re just starting out – but the great part is you can get to do this job at home.

If you haven’t thought about working on your very own blog, you can try to apply for some writing companies and clients who need some content writing tasks to be done. All in all, it would never be super hard to look for a blogging job, especially with the Internet era.

Salary: $61,820

Life Coach

Being a life coach does not mean you have to have a high level of training or certification, unlike other therapists. After all that you have been through and still going through being a single mom and you love giving advice and listening, you can be a life coach!

As long as you are a good communicator and a listener, you can be the perfect life coach for anyone struggling with their own problems. With this type of job, your goal is to help your client reach his life goals, no matter how big or small, even if it’s just waking up the next day without feeling so sad and depressed.

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After all, you know you are changing someone’s life in a positive way while having the financial stability to support your kids.

Salary: $61,900

Small Business Owner

Starting a business can be tough, and it requires a lot of risks to take to be successful. But if you have mastered the art of making a specific craft, or cooking, or any of your hobbies, why not start selling them out on Etsy? Then maybe you could eventually own a small stall that can turn into a big corporation! Who knows, right?

As long as you have the right outlook towards business and you really strive hard to make it boom, you can definitely have a stable source of income by starting out as a small business owner!

You can even be a motivation to other single moms by starting out from scratch and eventually turning into a world-known businesswoman!

Salary: Varies

Healthcare Professional

We know you have poured out all your heart to your kids by loving and taking care of them. If you’re a single mom who never actually became part of a workforce, and you’re looking for a job to make ends to start a new life with your kids, then try being a healthcare professional!

Being a healthcare professional does not mean you have to become a nurse or a doctor, especially if you don’t have a degree. You can become a healthcare aide, a lab technician, or a medical assistant.

The healthcare field is one of the most in-demand fields when finding a job. Plus, healthcare jobs often have alternative schedules, so you won’t have a hard time looking for child care options.

Salary: $44, 126

Customer Service Representative

As a single mom, it’s pretty hard to start over, especially if you relied on your husband’s financial support before. If you’re looking for a job that is pretty much everywhere, then try being a Customer Service Representative.

Almost all businesses require to have a Customer Service Department. So, as long as you are a good listener and you have critical thinking together with empathy to address all your customer’s needs, then you have got what it takes to be a customer service representative!

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Having kids alone can definitely expand all the patience that you got within yourself, so you can surely do it too at this job – only with adult customers!

Salary: $32,890


Jobs in education and child care are among the best careers for single moms, basically because we already know how to deal with our own kids. Your job is basically to give education to those tiny humans and also to hone their personalities as an individual.

You probably gained the skill of paying attention to your children’s needs, and you can also do it for other kids in your classroom! So, whether you’re a teacher, a teacher’s assistant, or a substitute teacher, you know you will do great in this field, mommy!

Salary: $34, 788


There is much more than being a freelancer. First, you get to have your own flexible schedule. There are tons of jobs that you can freelance with, like writing, graphic designing, website designing, and more. While it takes time to build yourself up in this career and find a client, everything would definitely be worth it!

You can find these freelance jobs online, even on Facebook! Just make sure to ready your portfolios and CV to get your career going!

Salary: $39,000

Getting the Best Career for Single Moms

Being a mom is already a difficult task for a lifetime, but what more when you do it all by yourself? These careers are only a few of the hundreds that you can choose from, and these jobs are given for you to have a reference. You can always choose another path that would suit you and your current lifestyle.

We know that your number one priority is the welfare of your kids, and these jobs will definitely help you earn a decent amount of money to support them. As a single mom myself, I know what it’s like to juggle the parenting and working stuff after losing my husband. But trust me, you will get the hang of it!

You might have to work two jobs or so, you might get exhausted from everything that’s been going on, but you got this!

Starting over again might sound so difficult to do, but you are not alone, mommy. There are a lot of other women in the same situation as you. So, if you’re feeling hopeless, don’t be! Just strive hard every single day, try applying for these jobs above, and everything will fall into its right place.

I know you are doing the best that you can, Best Mom! So, get that portfolio and CV ready and start job-hunting today! Who knows, you might be the next CEO of your very own company after a few years, and you don’t have to worry about finances anymore. 😊

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