Best Car Window Sun Shades To Protect Your Baby

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best car sun shades for baby

Even a simple car ride with a baby can mean carrying lot many things. Though we as parents will never forget the car seat or the entertainment gear, we might ignore the need of a car shade. But it is one of the most necessary items that all parents must be equipped with.

Best Car Window Shade for Baby

Fun Cartoon Designed Baby Sunshade $5.10
Long Cartoon Printed Car Shade $8.00
Dark Baby Car Shade$5.56
Stick-On Tinted Sun Shade$2.82
Baby Under the Sea Rectangular Sun Shade$4.78
Hello Kitty Sun Shade$8.60
Suction Car Shade$3.21
Universal Animal Car Sunshade$2.95
Cartoon Dream Sun Shade$6.05
Window Mesh Sun Visor$3.34

1. Fun Cartoon Designed Baby Sunshade

 Fun cartoon design baby sunshade
Price: $4.00

This sunshade is so apt for your little ones. The cute animal design will keep the child engaged and happy as they stay protected from the sun. This shade will fit into most car models. The sunshade installation is hassle-free. It can be put on the window and it stays in place due to electromagnetic force.

You do not need any type of suction cup or other tools to install the sunshade. It is made up of PVC material and is washable. The material controls the sunlight making the car ambiance comfortable and soothing for your child.

It comes as a pair. So, both the windows at the backseat will stay covered and your child will not suffer from any sun damage. To store you can rotate the item and make it smaller. Thus, storing it will be a breeze. Most people prefer to put it away in the window panel storage as it will be readily available when needed.

2. Long Cartoon Printed Car Shade

 Clever shape and design car shade for baby
Price: $8.00

This is perhaps one of the cutest and clever design sunshades available. It has owls and stars adorning the shade. Other designs are of elephants and fun animals. The lightweight and foldable material make it a great travel companion. To stick it you can use suction cups.

The shape and size are suitable for all types of cars and different car models as well. Being made of fabric, the sunshade brings a soft and warm touch to the entire car décor. It is easily foldable and can be put away anywhere as it becomes a small folded item.

If your child suffers from nausea or motion sickness, this shade can provide an adequate distraction, all thanks to its cute motif design. The square shape makes it ideal for all car types. As it is not entirely fixed on the window, if your child prefers, he or she can move it a bit and look outside. It covers the window well as it goes beyond the glass area to offer some extra safety.

3. Dark Baby Car Shade

 Perfect dark and thick baby car shade
Price: $5.56

If your baby has the habit of falling asleep in the car, then you would definitely prefer a sunshade that makes the inside of the car dark enough. This particular sunshade made of thick material creates a pitch-dark effect that helps the baby to lull off the sleep. The cute cartoon design is very comforting to the baby.

The protector has a great design that covers up the entire window. It leaves no space and thereby makes the light impenetrable. You can use them on either side for a more comfortable and peaceful ride for your child.

A light bluish or blackish tinted light comes through the window and it is very calming for the child. the material is smooth and even if the bay touches the shade, it will be quite gentle on their fingers. This sunshade will keep your baby happy even if he is awake. the cartoon will create a fun environment which he surely will enjoy.

4. Stick-On Tinted Sun Shade

 Suitable for whole family car shade
Price: $2.82

If the whole family is traveling and you expect the car to be full, then get this shade. With more people inside the car, your baby will want it to be more peaceful and dark than usual.

To make it suitable for your car child’s trip, use this sunshade and it will do wonders. It has a sheen to it which absorbs the light making the inside of the car darker. It absorbs the UV rays so you can be assured that the child is safe from sun rays.

Peel the sunshade cover and apply with water. make sure it is evenly spread. As it sticks with water, the installation might take a little longer time. but once it has been put on the window, you can be assured it will stay up for a long duration. The shade has a crisscross design which makes it perfect for blocking the sun out.

5. Baby Under the Sea Rectangular Sun Shade

All children love to feel special. When they see that for their windows, they have special protection with their favorite cartoon, they will surely enjoy it. This shade is specifically designed keeping your child in mind. from the cute animal print to the thickness and feel of the material, all of it is suitable for babies.

As a parent, you will also feel very relieved to know that this shade offers four layers of protection from UV rays. It is easy to put up and down, all thanks to the retractable technology which allows the shade installation.

The magnets are large enough and support the weight of the shade quite well. Your child is sure to feel special all because of the personalized touch it brings. It creates an amazing cozy environment. There is a wide variety of designs to choose from. So, choose the one which your child prefers most, it can be your baby’s favorite animal or design, take your pick.

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6. Hello Kitty Sun Shade

Are your kids fond of the cute Hello Kitty? Then this shade would be perfect for your family. Kids secretly want their favorite cartoon character on every studd that they have and this sunshade will add to your baby’s Helli Kitty collection!. it is enormous in size and covers the window very well. It has an adorable design with Hello Kitty’s face as the highlight.

They will feel so reassured in their journey and sleep comfortably. This shade also provides a stellar performance in protecting against the sun. It creates a dark screen effect perfect for sleep.

Being impermeable to the rays it does not allow the sun rays to come inside. The choice of colors creates a cooling effect and helps control the temperature inside the car. So, it not only prevents the light but also the rising temperature which can cause discomfort to the child. It is very dense and the print is very vivid, the colors are lively and create a fun-filled environment.

7. Suction Car Shade

best car window shade to protect babies
Price: $3.21

It comes as a pair of sunshades. It filters light in such a way that it creates a super cozy atmosphere, ideal for your baby to sleep. Instead of adhesives, it uses suction, so it does not leave any mark on the window. To put it on cling it to the window shield. Removing it is also very easy as all you need to do is peel it off.

The material is considerably thick and it blocks about 97% of all UV rays. It folds and becomes much smaller which makes it convenient for storage. Do put either shade on each of the parallel windows to maximize the comforting and calming effect that it brings to your car. Your baby will surely feel relaxed and sleepy. The fun animal design is very comforting for children. Choose any design from the wide variety available to match the interior of your car.

8. Universal Animal Car Sunshade

best car window shade
Price: $2.95

There are many people who might feel constricted and claustrophobic with sunshades, if you are one of them, consider this curtain-like shade. The linen feel makes this curtain so effective.

It is made of breathable material and has a flow to it. As it is made up of high-quality polyester, no light penetrates through it. The dark background creates a dense and dark scene inside the car. It also enhances and does justice to the cute designs.

Babies and toddlers will surely love not just the design but also the fall of the curtain as they will feel less like traveling and more like they are in their nursery. As a parent who is driving, it will not cause you any distraction and you will have clear vision everywhere.

Being quite large in size, it would fit all sorts of cars however the degree of coverage will vary. But you can easily place it optimally to get the maximum sun protection effect.

9. Cartoon Dream Sun Shade

best car side window shade for babies
Price: $6.05

If your baby fusses a lot in the car, especially during the day trips, then this is a shade that you must get. This nursery design shade curtain brings a comforting tone to your car. It puts the fussy child at ease.

The adorable cartoon design keeps them company. It is perfect for sleeping as the sunrays are totally blocked with this curtain in place. You also need not worry about the harmful UV rays as they get blocked by this shade.

Even when the babies are not sleeping, they will still stay mesmerized and very much occupied with the design. Made up of cloth-like material, they are easily washable. So even if your baby has motion sickness and a tendency to throw-up, you will be able to wash the curtain and it will be as good as new. They are perfect for the side windows of any type of car.

10. Window Mesh Sun Visor

baby car shade aliexpress
Price: $3.34

If you are worried that your toddler may roll up or remove the shade and wake your little baby up, then get this cover shade. It fits like glove and is appropriate for most car types.

You would have to put it on top of the window and it would snug fit. It blocks away from light significantly and your toddler and your baby will sleep peacefully. The fabric is washable. It is also foldable and you can store it in a pouch or anywhere of your convenience.

The mesh design helps in creating a peaceful surrounding. It prevents cool temperature to escape and hot temperature to enter the car. Thereby making the temperature inside the car very cozy. The shade also stops harmful rays of the sun to penetrate and cause discomfort to your child.

Though all car window sunshade will not be appropriate for your particular car, our guide will give you a fair idea of what you can expect. Always weigh in how much protection the shade is giving along with comfort level, visibility, and convenience of use. Since you are looking at a shade to protect your baby as you travel, also take into account the safety feature of the sunshade.

With our list, you will surely find a shade that’s suits your needs the most.

Getting the Best Baby Car Shades 2020

So, what are the advantages of using a baby car shade?

  • It helps protect from the heat and harmful UV rays.
  • As the shade helps to prevent the heat, the AC works better making the car a comfortable ride for the babies.
  • A fun design on the shade will keep the baby occupied.
  • Prevents sun glares which can be annoying for babies.

The type and size of the sunshade will depend on your type of car. But mainly all sunshades can be broadly categorized into four types. The following are the most common type of sunshades.

Roller – It can cover the entire window. You can roll up or down according to your preference.

Frame to door size – These sunshades can be put on the door and can cover the entire window length.

Cling-on – If you do not intend to keep the window open then this is a good option. The cling-on will stay attached to the window and give protection against the sun.

Collapsing shade – it stays attached to the car window and can be rolled up or down along with the window itself.

When shopping for car seats you will be amazed to find that there are plenty of options available. To help you make the best choice, we have made a list of 10 best sunshades that are most effective in giving protection to your baby in the car.

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