Best Books for Toddlers Age 3 this 2021

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Best Books for Toddlers Age 3

Research shows that reading aloud to your kids stimulates their imagination and widens their understanding of how the world works. It is also an effective way to make your child familiar with the language and develop their listening skills. It makes a big difference in your child’s future academic performance. So, we have listed the Best Books for Toddlers for you and your kids, mommy!

Picture books are designed for pre-reading aged children and mostly contain big and vivid pictures with short texts. The types of books help kids to be familiar with things they see in the book and apply it to the real-world. Visual features are important when developing a vocabulary.

Picture books help kids identify basic colors, animals, and objects at home and outside. They also contain a great diversity of words than normal conversations. Vocabulary growth and early literacy skills are only some of the few benefits of exposing your child to books at a young age.

Reading with your kids during bedtime is one of the greatest bonding experiences that you will have with your child. It is also a way for parents who both works to sit down, relax and enjoy their child’s company.

Given this information, a variety of books are available for your reading sessions with your kids. We have gathered some of the best titles that we can find and a few of them are listed below. Here’s a list of the best books for Toddlers Age 3

Top 15 Books for Toddler Age 3

best toddler books

1. Usborne Farmyard Tales

With a simple language used and uncomplicated storylines, Usborne Farmyard Tales. It tells of family adventures of various farmyard scenarios. It has scenes that can help your kids to be familiar with numbers and colors.

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Each story is only 9 pages long and each page has a maximum of 3 sentences each. The stories are perfect for a bedtime read and a “hidden duck” makes every page and part of the story engaging and exciting for kids.

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2. The Mixed-up Chameleon

This book is about a chameleon who goes on a zoo trip and wishes to have every cool feature of animals he admired on the trip and have it magically appeared on him. When the time comes that he needs to be himself, he suddenly realized that being himself as a chameleon is happier than being something else.

\The Mixed-up Chameleon
Price: $6.99

Made by one of the best authors of children’s books, Eric Carle’s The Mixed-up Chameleon is a fun way to teach your child to be comfortable with their own identity.

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3. Pop Up Garden

Let your kid enjoy the 3D garden right at her book! This book is very interactive for kids, because it doesn’t just come with a story, you can also ask your kids about the name of different things he can find in the garden book.

It comes with 3D houses, flowers, and more! This book will make your child want to grow her very own garden at your home.

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4. Giraffes Can’t Dance

A story of how Gerald, a giraffe who wanted to dance but is not comfortable with his features learned to trust his abilities and with the help of a wise and kind cricket was able to dance and prance.

Giraffes Can’t Dance
Price: $6.99

The beautiful illustration and great narrative rhythm make this book one of the best sellers. The story’s message in believing in one’s self is a good bedtime story to tell. If ever your little one is feeling sad about not being able to do something, this can be the perfect way to tell your baby to believe in himself.

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5. The Cat in the Hat

One of Dr. Seuss great works is this book that has been a staple for bedtime stories among generations. It has inspired a lot of shows, movies, theme park rides, and other children’s items such as clothes and school supplies.

It is a story of a brother and sister who made their dull day into an adventure. The book is a good way for your child who is beginning to do sight-reading. This fun and silly story contain a fun rhythm that would surely hook your kids. When it’s story time and you want to make your child laugh, this should be your go-to book for him.

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6. The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Another book that is a favorite for decades is a story about a caterpillar who was not able to stop himself from eating until he needs to make a life-changing transformation.

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The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Price: $6.99

The story teaches kids to learn numbers and the days of the week, And be familiar with a variety of foods. The illustrations are also vivid and beautifully drawn that it would surely become memorable for young ones. It also teaches your kids to eat healthy foods to help them grow strong and grow like how the caterpillar turned into a butterfly!

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7. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

The ideal book to introduce your child in identifying different animals and colors, this book is about a bear and all other animals who think that someone is watching over them.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?
Price: $6.99

It has a rhythmic and repetitive text that may be used as a song or poem that you may enjoy with your kids during bedtime. The pictures are vibrant and eye appealing. This book from Eric Carle is also of his most successful and best-selling story.

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8. Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me

A pop-up book that explains the lunar cycle and a story that proves that father will do anything for their daughter is a wonderful father-daughter bedtime story. It shows how unconditional a father’s love is. The pop-up features enhanced the beautifully painted and illustrated images in the story.

Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me
Price: $6.64

This story in this book is a great way on how parents should explain what might have been a very complicated scientific phenomenon to a toddler.

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9. Froggy Gets Dressed

Froggy Gets Dressed
Price: $6.99

This story is about a frog who keeps on forgetting a piece of clothing every time he goes out in winter. The simple and uncomplicated storyline is just enough for toddlers. The repetitive scenario and illustrations make it more fun for kids. It is also a great reminder for kids to make sure they dress well and remember all the things they need before going out.

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10. The Tiger who came to Tea

Recommended as one of the greatest bedtime stories, this book is about a little girl named Sophie who is having tea with her mother when a tiger shows up and joins them and exceeded his welcome.

1The Tiger who came to Tea
Price: $7.31

The story is entertaining and is fun to read aloud for your toddlers at night. The pictures are amusing and fun even though the main character is a predatory animal, the pictures helped make the story fun and lighthearted.

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11. Kiss Good Night, Sam

Another great bedtime story is this book written by Amy Hest. The story is about Sam who is doing a few of his nighttime rituals before going to bed.

It is an ideal book to help you child familiarize with different bedtime rituals and recognized if he or she has their own. The story uses simple words and vibrant illustrations that help catch your kid’s attention.

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12. The Giving Tree

The Giving Tree
Price $6.99

This Shel Silverstein’s classic story the giving tree is about an apple tree who gives everything to a young boy until he grows up into an older man. This book teaches kids the importance of being caring, giving and being kind to others. It is an ideal book to teach them about generosity and unconditional love.

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13. Walking Through The Jungle

Along with its colorful illustrations, this book is a story of a girl’s adventure as she meets different animals in the jungle rainforest. It helps kids be familiar with different animals and outdoor activities.

Walking Through The Jungle
Price $6.99

It has a catchy rhythm and rhyme and uses a repetitive language that would encourage children to read and sing along.

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14. Tooth Fairy

Much like every story that involves a tooth fairy, this one teaches kids to properly maintain good oral hygiene and the importance of always telling the truth.

Tooth Fairy
Price: $6.99

The girl in the story tried to trick a tooth fairy by placing a corn grain and painted it white. To teach the girl an important lesson, she was brought to the fairy’s land and showed her what happens to yellow uncleaned teeth and making her realize that what she did was wrong.

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15. Silly Sally

The story tells of how a girl named Sally went to town in a silly and hilarious way such as walking backwards and upside down. The rhyming pattern and wonderful illustrations are a big hit to toddlers.

The pictures are bright and colorful which gives off a happy and positive mood while reading the story aloud to little ones. This is definitely a fun and silly read that is perfect for all ages.

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Getting The Right Books For Your Toddlers

Encourage your child to learn to appreciate books and develop more advanced literacy skills using these picture books. Nowadays where children are spending more time watching internet shows and videos, giving a book to your kids at an early age or reading to them at night helps them develop more complex vocabulary and give them a deeper understanding of the different topics about the world and other day-to-day real-life situations.

Reading to them also helps them improve their listening and concentration skills that may be useful later in life when they start going to school. With all the negative effects of prolonged screen time, giving your child a good book helps them develop a more healthy habit.

One of the greatest writers of kids book, Dr. Seuss, once said “The more that you read, the more you will know, the more that you know, the more places you will go”

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