Best Bike Trailers for Kids

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best bike trailer for kids 2020

Are you taking the kids camping this weekend? Well, we all want the kids to have an amazing outdoor experience every time your family goes camping. You know what is a great new idea is for a new adventure? A bike trailer! You can have your kids experience bringing their own stuff on their trailer as you go around the woods camping. If you are searching for the best bike trailer for kids, read on because I am giving you the top mom-approved bike trailer for your kiddos! 😊

Top 10 Bike Trailers for Kids

10 best bike trailer for kids

Schwinn Day Tripper Cargo Bike Trailer

best bike trailer for kids

Make the Schwinn Day Tripper Cargo Bike Trailer your child’s gear for the day. It features a wide frame that provides a large towing and storage capacity. Your kid can bring anything that he wants, even his toys!

The trailer also has a two-wheel design to ensure an unhindered performance as your child bikes along with his trailer. This bike trailer also has a unique folding frame design, so you can put it in your car easily when heading home. You also get to have a 1-year warranty, so you can just have the trailer repaired just in case it gets damaged.

Other Features:

  • 16-inch air-filled tires
  • One-time installation
  • Comes with a universal coupler compatible with almost any bicycle

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Booyah Bike Bicycle Trailer and Stroller

best bike trailer for children

When it comes to gears like trailers, we would want to give our kids the safest ones. The Booyah Bike Bicycle Trailer and Stroller comes with a reliable handlebar brake, so it would always be safe even when you hike on steep hills.

This trailer can also be used to carry up to two children, so whenever your kids get too tired from hiking, you can always give them some rest by sitting on their stroller. It has a solid firm supported bench seat where they can rest comfortably. There are also added neck cushions for maximum relaxation.

This bicycle trailer also includes a bike hitch, bike arm, and a flag.

Other Features:

  • 12-inch front wheels
  • 3-layer sunroof
  • With a rear window for ventilation

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Weehoo 2016 iGo Blast Tag Along Child Bicycle Trailer

top bike trailer for kids

If you’re out for a bicycle run and your child wants to tag along, he would surely love the Weehoo 2016 iGo Blast Tag Along Child Bicycle Trailer! Aside from being safe and engaging for children, I am pretty sure you and your kid will have a great quality time. You can take him wherever you go and still get enough biking time for yourself!

It is also very easy to install, so you won’t have much of a hard time.  This trailer is perfect for kids ages 2 to 5 years old, and please keep in mind that it has a maximum weight of 80 lbs for your child’s safety.

What makes this trailer stand out from the rest is that it has a comfortable footrest in the place of the pedals and drive train. Your child can sit comfortably as he tags along with you!

Other Features:

  • With patented hitch for easy installation
  • Single-wheel design

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Instep Quick-N-EZ Double Tow Behind Bike Trailer

top 10 bike trailer for kids

Your child will enjoy the view when you go outdoors as he tags along comfortably with the Instep Quick-N-EZ Double Tow Behind Bike Trailer. You can rely on the 16-inch pneumatic tires with molded rims for a great outdoor performance.

You would also love the folding-frame design, which makes it easy to assemble, store, and transport. It is also designed to keep your child safe from any elements as you go outside. This bike trailer has a bug and a weather screen so he can just stay inside even when it rains.

Other Features:

  • Fits most bikes
  • Maximum weight is 80 lbs
  • With a 2-in-1 canopy

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Clevr Deluxe 3-in-1 Double 2 Seat Bicycle Bike Trailer

bike trailer for kids

Use the Clevr Deluxe 3-in-1 Double 2 Seat Bicycle Bike Trailer as a bike trailer, a stroller, or a jogger. It is made with a removable pivoting front wheel, so it can be a standalone stroller for your little one.

It is also foldable, but it uses strong steel to perfectly hold the frame of the trailer. It can be easily stored and transported too, so you can bring this trailer almost anywhere. For your child protection and safety, the Clevr Deluxe 3-in-1 Double 2 Seat Bicycle Bike Trailer has a top plastic cover, mesh windows, and a reflector too!

Other Features:

  • Extra-large cargo area
  • Maximum capacity: 88 lbs.
  • Bike hitch included

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Burley Minnow Kids Bike-Only Trailer

kids bike trailer 2020

Allow your kids to bring all the stuff they want to bring to camping with the Burley Minnow Kids Bike-Only Trailer’s help. Your child can nimble on his new trailer because it is very easy to use and assemble. This is the perfect companion to allow your child to explore more about the world.

It also has a hammock style seat, so if your child just wants to tag along with you, he can rest nicely on his seat. It also has a rear cargo space, which is perfect for holding anything for your child’s daily adventure. Create a whole new world for your child full of imagination and exploration with this bike trailer.

Other Features:

  • Compact fold
  • Comes with reflectors for visibility
  • With a neon orange safety flag

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Allen Sports Deluxe Steel Child Trailer

trailer for kids bike

Take your kid on your every adventure and get this Instep Bike Trailer for him. Even if this trailer is made of steel, it is still super lightweight that your child can take it anywhere with his bike. What’s best is that this trailer can transport 2 children at the same time! So, you and your husband can take your kids to the woods without having to worry so much about their comfort.

It also has a foot guard that supports your kids’ feet. In addition to that, it has a clear and large front and side windows so parents can easily see their children inside. For optimum safety, this trailer is also manufactured with a padded 5-point safety harness to comfortably hold your child in place.

Other Features:

  • Folding design
  • Quick-release wheels
  • 16-inch steel wheels
  • Maximum weight: 100 lbs.

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Instep Bike Trailer

kids bike trailer

Have fun with your kids as you stroll through the streets with the Instep Bike Trailer. This double tow-behind bike trailer carrier can carry two children at the same time. You can rely on this trailer when it comes to performance and safety. Aside from that, your kids will love the timeless look of this trailer. So, even if years would pass, this trailer would still be in its best condition.

Parents and even your kids would never take so much time assembling this trailer because the quick-release wheel makes assembly and storage a breeze.

Other Features:

  • With five-point harness
  • Comes with a bug screen and weather screen
  • Maximum weight: 80 lbs. plus 12 lbs. on the rear storage

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Schwinn Joyrider Bike Trailer

best to buy bike trailer for kids

How amazing can it be when you can finally trail the woods with your child, right? The Schwinn Joyrider Bike Trailer will be your child’s best friend on your next family trip.  It has a versatile universal coupler, which is compatible with almost all bike types.

The two-in-one canopy also has bug and weather screens to protect your child from anything, may it be insects or the rain. Your child won’t ever forget all the great memories he had while riding his bike trailer!

Other Features:

  • Unique folding frame
  • 16-inch air-filled tires
  • Maximum weight: 40 lbs.

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Thule Chariot Cross Sport Stroller

children bike trailer

Make your child feel like he’s on an actual chariot even while strolling outside with the Thule Chariot Cross Sport Stroller. This bike trailer also works as a stroller, jogger, and a ski pulk, perfect for sporty families!

What’s great about it is that it comes with a bicycle and strolling kits, so you don’t have to purchase them separately. Your child can peacefully take naps inside this stroller because of its one-handed recline feature too!

Other Features:

  • Compact fold design
  • Adjustable suspension
  • Comfortable padded seats

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Getting the Best Bike Trailers for Kids

Having bike trailers can be one of the simplest ways to bond with your kid as you go outside the house. In getting the best bike trailers, parents must always think about the trailer’s durability so that they are assured about the safety of their kids.

These bike trailers that we have reviewed above are tested for years and years of experience. So, you and your kids would always have a great time strolling without any worries.

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