Best Baby Pacifiers with Stuffed Animals 2022

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As a mom, always getting the best for your child is a top priority and that doesn’t exclude  choosing the best pacifiers for your little ones. These binkies, pacis, soothers or whatever term you have in mind can be a lot of help for your babies as it gives a comforting feeling especially before bedtime.  We have listed the Best Baby Pacifiers with Stuffed Animals check them out!

Aside from bringing comfort to your babies, pacifiers can also lessen the peril of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) – a total lifesaver as they say. Since most infants will pretty much enjoy playing with soft and lovely plushies, you may want to consider getting them a pacifier that comes with stuffed plush toys to keep them entertained while on their pacifiers. 

If you have no idea about which pacifiers you should be choosing for your babies, then keep scrolling as we have curated a list of the best pacifiers with stuffed animals that we know your babies will love! 

Top 10 Baby Pacifiers with Stuffed Animals

Channellite Soft Dragon Pacifier Stuffed Animal Plush Toy

best pacifier with stuffed animal holder

If you’re looking for a pacifier which can also be the perfect huggable companion for your little ones, you may want to consider getting the best baby pacifiers with stuffed animals from channellite!

This pacifier is quite exceptional especially if you’re getting one for the newborns as it has the right size which can fit the baby’s hand seamlessly. Do you think a dragon plush can fascinate your baby? If so, then you can never be wrong about getting this pacifier!

On top of that, this pacifier is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics which can give you a total peace of mind, ensuring that your little ones are using only the safe go-to baby accessories. 

Zooawa Soothie Stuffed Animal Pacifier

pacifier with animal attached recall

Improve your baby’s coordination skills by getting this Zooawa soothie stuffed animal pacifier. It’s not just all about the cute plushies that come with the soother but considering other factors like age can help you choose the best and right pacifiers for your child. If you have a 3 to 36 months baby, there’s no doubt that this is the perfect pacifier to get.

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This pacifier features non-toxic and skin-friendly materials that ensures your baby’s overall safety. Plus, the animal holder is detachable which you can machine wash without worrying about its quality and replace the pacifier comfortably.

If you have a sensitive baby, this odor-free pacifier is such a good catch. There are also different animal plushies to choose from, whether your child wants a giraffe or a lionet, zooawa got you covered!

Dr. Brown’s Baby Lovey Pacifier

stuffed animal with detachable pacifier

If you have no idea about which pacifiers with stuffed animals your kids will like, you may want to browse from Dr. Brown’s Baby Lovey Pacifiers which are available with different cute designs. Aside from giving your child the comfort they need, this pacifier is designed to keep an eye to your baby’s pacifier. 

Since babies are used with their milk bottles nipple, Dr. Brown’s pacifiers are shaped exactly like one to keep them comfortable and adept. Plus, the pacifier bulb is completely made from 100% silicone which is safe to chew and soothes your baby’s gums. Besides, who wouldn’t like an easy hand-wash and air-dry pacifier, right?

Mary Meyer WubbaNub Amber Fawn Pacifier

are pacifiers with stuffed animals safe

This nursery necessity from WubbaNub might be what you’re looking for. If you’re quite concerned about the nipple type it has to offer, fret not as this pacifier features a latex-free medical grade silicone material which is recommended from new born babies up to 6 months old. 

Get your little ones an easy to grasp pacifier to help them handle the plushie easily. Also, this pacifier is machine washable where you can put it in a mesh laundry bag on a gentle cycle.  Not only that but you can also have this charming baby shower gift if you feel like you’re on the last minute shopping as it’s already packed with a nice transparent container.

Itzy Ritzy Detachable Plush and Coordinating Silicon Pacifier

cute animal pacifier detachable holder

Do you prefer a smaller stuffed animal with your baby’s pacifier? Search no more with Itzy Ritzy Pacifiers! This sweetie soother pacifier hallmarks its two large vent holes and collapsible handle for the little one’s overall safety. Also, the pacifier is made from 100% food grade silicone material which is what you should be looking for!

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For mommies like me who’s on a tight budget but want to get a good pacifier, you can never go wrong with this one as it’s very affordable yet promising with its quality! You can also choose  any cute design they have which your little ones can surely love.

RaZbuddy JollyPop Pacifier

pacifier with animal plushie buddy

You don’t have to keep searching for your baby’s new best friend as RaZbuddy got your back! Their Jollypop Pacifier has a lot to offer more than just giving your baby a comfortable feeling. This pacifier is recommended by medical professionals and is widely distributed to hospitals. 

What more not to love about this binky as it is exceptionally lightweight and nipple shaped to make it more comfy for your babies. Say goodbye to lost pacifiers and find it in a snap without searching your house. Don’t underestimate this affordable pacifier as it promises 100% medical grade silicone, BPA free, and durable one piece construction for a long term use. No frills.

Philips AVENT Soothie Snuggle Pacifier

animal toy pacifiers for baby shower

If you’re a fan of a well-known baby necessities brand, there’s no denying that Philips AVENT is the one that you have in mind. Aside from quality bottles, they also got some pacifiers with stuffed animals that you might be looking for. Their pacifiers are pretty much recommended by most doctors and nurses to calm the newborns.

Remove the binky effortlessly and toss the cute plushie in the washing machine for an easy clean. Plus, this pacifier is soft and lightweight making it the perfect companion for your little ones. Having a durable, BPA free, and flexible silicone can no wonder makes it a top brand that most mommies love. 

Nuby Calming Natural Flex Snuggleez Dino Pacifier

pacifier stuffed animal holder

Another value for money pacifier with stuffed animals that you should consider getting is this snugglez from Nuby. Featuring a small cherry shaped natural flex pacifier can make your little ones feel like they’re still being breastfed. Also, its hook and loop closure can 100% ensure that your baby’s pacifier is well fastened on and off snap. 

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Look after your baby’s safety from hard plushie parts as the stuffed animals on this pacifier are wholly cuddleable and squeezable for your peace of mind!  Keep your babies comfy and calm with its uniquely designed pacifier that can put a smile on their face.

Nookums Paci-Plushies Buddies

list of the best baby pacifiers with stuffed animals

While most mommies want to baby their child as much as they can, some moms as I do want to teach them to be independent as early as possible. If you’re one of us, then this paci-plushie buddy from Nookums is the perfect one to get! Help them develop a fine motor skills by simply letting them get to used with maneuvering the pacifier by themselves.

If you want a smooth transition after your baby outgrows the paci, you can just change the nipple to help your baby get over the development easily. Plus, this paci-plushie buddy is compatible with most pacifier brands if you consider about changing them after using it for a couple of months. 

BooginHead Floppy Pacifier

top 10 pacifiers with stuffed animals

If you want to take your baby’s pacifier with stuffed animals into the next level, you should check out this floppy pacifier by BooginHead and you cannot be mistaken about them! As a new parent, sure the responsibilty can be quite hefty but making every purchase for your baby’s necessity as special as possible can paid off and getting this paci is a perfect choice. 

This pacifier holder highlights a universal loop which makes it look convenient as you can surely put any bicky brands that you have on mind. Ensuring your baby’s safety, this paci is guaranteed to be phthalates, lead, PVC, BPA, and nickel free to put your peace at ease.

They also have bunny and unicorn designs which are certainly both cute that can delight your babies whenever they use them. 

Choosing the Best Baby Pacifiers with Stuffed Animals

It is indeed a challenge to find the right pacifier that your little ones will accept. Yes, you may never be out of choices since there are a lot of pacifiers available in the market but, getting a little extra when it comes to getting them one with a stuffed animal can make their days more fun and exciting. 

Hoping our list of the best baby pacifiers with stuffed animals helped you with choosing which is the perfect to get for your little ones. This is the best time to check out the best pacifier that you can get for your baby!

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