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For mommies, the health and well-being of their cute tiny humans are their number one priority. But even if we do our best to take care of them, there are some instances that these little ones can get sick too. Especially when they start moving around, cuts and bruises are normal! Since all moms like to be prepared for situations like these, I got you! We will list down the Best Baby First Aid Kits that you can find on Amazon!

Top 10 Baby First Aid Kits

baby first aid kit 2020
Baby First Aid Kits 2020

    American Red Cross Deluxe Health and Grooming Kit

    baby first aid kit

    We never want our babies to get hurt, but we cannot prevent all of those little accidents from happening. You need to have the American Red Cross Deluxe Health and Grooming Kit at your homes! This deluxe baby health kit contains all the essentials that your baby needs until he becomes a toddler.

    This kit has a tranquil view tote bag that is easy to carry around, or on the go. Inside it has these items:

    • Toddler Brush
    • Comb
    • Scissors
    • Nail Clipper
    • Fingertip Toothbrush
    • Toddler Toothbrush
    • Mirror
    • Nasal Aspirator
    • Digital Thermometer
    • Medicine Dropper
    • Medicine Spoon
    • Baby Wellness and Safety Guides

    Forget your worries about grooming and health, because everything that your baby needs is inside this kit!

    Click here for more information about this kit.

    Johnson & Johnson All-Purpose First Aid Kit

    The loved brand Johnson & Johnson’s have come up with an All-purpose First Aid Kit. This kit contains 140 pieces of much-needed items for wounds, cuts, burns, itches, rashes, bites, and anything else! We never know when our babies can get hurt, but it is crucial always to be prepared.

    first aid kit baby

    It is not only our babies that can get relief from this kit, but this is also perfect for the whole family too! A prepared mom is never wrong, so make sure to have this kit on your bathroom. I have this in our house, and it never fails to be useful all the time.

    Here are some of the items that you can see on the kit:

    • Wound care supplies
    • Antibiotic cream
    • Itch stopping cream
    • Instant cold packs
    • Assorted Bandages
    • Cleansing wipes
    • 0.5 oz Neosporin + Pain Relief topical cream
    • 1.0 oz Extra Strength Benadryl Itch-Stopping topical cream
    • Tylenol Extra Strength acetaminophen caplets
    • Non-stick pads
    • Gloves
    • First aid guide

    That’s just some of the 140 items inside, so I leave the rest for you to see what’s inside the kit! 😊

    Click here for more information about this kit.

    Small Compact Mini First Aid Kit

    first aid kit for babies

    It is vital to have some first aid kits on your baby’s bedroom and playroom because once that little one starts to crawl and walk, nothing is stopping him! Bumps and scratches are on their way, so mommies need to have a first-aid kit, aside from hugs and kisses!

    This small compact first aid kit will help you grab medical products immediately for your little human. This kit is designed by a nurse and a mom of two, so you know that everything inside is helpful. I love that it contains plus stickers because it makes the babies feel how brave they are!

    Aside from stickers, there are 50 items inside the kit, and here are some of them:

    • Bandages
    • Gauze pads
    • Triple antibiotic ointment
    • Thermometer strips
    • Nail clipper
    • Safety pins
    • Burn cream

    Click here for more information about this kit.

    Dorel Safety 1st Baby’s Complete Healthcare & Grooming Set

    baby best first aid kit

    As a mom, it is always lovely to have grooming and healthcare set in just one kit. Thanks to the Dorel Safety 1st Baby’s Complete Healthcare & Grooming Set, I never have to look for grooming and first aid items separately!

    I bought this kit days before I give birth to my baby boy, and now that he’s turning one next month, I have mostly used all the items inside. Baby boys tend to be pretty hyperactive indeed, so bumps are always a problem for us! Anyway, here are some of the things that you would love on this set:

    • Digital thermometer
    • Alcohol wipes
    • Medicine syringe
    • Nasal aspirator
    • Bottle medicine dispenser
    • Nail clipper
    • Baby scissors
    • Brush
    • Comb
    • Spritzer bottle
    • Emery boards
    • Emergency information cards

    The emergency information cards are beneficial, so moms can know when to get their babies to the hospital for immediate attention.

    Click here for more information about this kit.

    Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Healthcare & Grooming Kit

    top baby first aid kit

    My baby and I love the Tommee Tippee nursing bottles, so we also loved their Healthcare & Grooming kit. We bring this kit whenever we travel because it’s very compact and tiny, and everything that I need for my little one when we’re far from home is here.

    The kit contains:

    • Nasal aspirator
    • Scissors
    • Digital Thermometer
    • Toothbrush
    • Nail clipper
    • Brush
    • Comb

    The digital thermometer and nasal aspirator are the ones most useful for first-aid, especially when you are traveling. You can always check your baby’s temperature, and prevent his nose from stuffing from too much traveling. This is such a lifesaver!

    Click here for more information about this kit.

    Johnson & Johnson Red Cross Save Travels First Aid Kit

    We have talked about traveling, and as moms, we have to take care of the well-being of the entire family. Although the youngest ones are usually the top priority, it is never wrong to have a to-go first aid kit for the whole family.

    We have the Johnson & Johnson first aid kit earlier, and this is another variation. This kit is a travel first aid kit that is ideal for providing first-aid when you are going out of town.

    Babies can get super curious about the new surrounding around them when you go outside the house. So, bringing this first aid kit will definitely save your family from ruining the fun just because your little one got a small wound or rash!

    To give you a glimpse of what’s inside the box, here are they:

    • Band-aids
    • Adhesive bandages
    • Neosporin
    • Benadryl Itch-stopping cream
    • Tylenol Extra Strength Caplet
    • Bengay Instant Cold Pack
    • Hand Cleansing Wipes
    • Hurt-free Antiseptic wash

    Click here for more information about this kit.

     Baby Sick Day Prep Kit by FridaBaby

    top first aid kit for baby 2020

    We all have those sick days without babies. Whether he got a cold or fever from vaccine or anything, we get a little nervous, aren’t we? No worries, Best Moms! We have the Baby Sick Day Prep Kit by FridaBaby to calm ourselves.

    All that you need to soothe your sick baby is here on this kit! You don’t have to rush to the pharmacy and hoard everything that you won’t probably need for your baby. The kit contains:

    • Nasal Aspirator
    • Paci Medicine Dispenser
    • 2-In-1 snot wipe + vapor rub
    • Breathe Frida vapor rub

    A stuffy nose can be a problem for babies with flu, so this kit is truly a lifesaver! I love the Paci Medicine Dispenser, too, because you never have to have a hard time giving your baby his medicine anymore. The vapor rub is calming also, and all its ingredients are organic, so it’s perfectly safe for your little one to inhale.

    Click here for more information about this kit.

    Lupautte Baby Healthcare and Grooming Kit

    best first aid kit for baby

    Relieve all your baby’s discomfort and clean his body with the items from the Lupautte Baby Healthcare and Grooming Kit. If you are expecting a baby soon, this kit has got everything you need for a newborn baby. From medical care to grooming, you can take good care of your little one comfortably.

    This kit gives you the following tools:

    • Tweezers
    • Hair Comb
    • Hairbrush
    • Nail Clipper
    • Baby Thermometer
    • Nasal aspirator
    • Finger toothbrush
    • Medicine dropper
    • Round-tip scissors
    • Electric nail trimmer with six grinding heads

    Click here for more information about this kit.

    Little Remedies New Baby Essentials Kit

    best baby first aid kit

    If you are a new mom just like me, you should probably be stocking up on items that are safe for newborns! You will inevitably encounter lots of challenges and baby sicknesses like gassy tummies, stuffed nose, fever, and more!

    The Little Remedies New Baby Essentials Kit is here to the rescue, mommy! Everything that you need to relieve common discomforts of your newborn is right here on this kit! The kit contains:

    • Little Remedies Saline Spray / Drops for Noses
    • Little Remedies Nasal Aspirator
    • Little Remedies Gas Relief Drops for Tummies
    • Little Remedies Infant Fever & Pain Reliever
    • Little Remedies Gripe Water for Tummies
    • Boudreaux’s Butt Paste Original Diaper Rash Ointment

    Click here for more information about this kit.

    Playtex Baby 6 Piece Healthcare Kit

    first aid kit for baby

    If you need to travel with your newborn baby and you need some tools for emergencies (because every mom wants her family to be safe!), try out the Playtex Baby 6-Piece Healthcare Kit. This sleek first aid kit gives you the following:

    • Designer Travel Case
    • Flex Tip Thermometer
    • Nail Clippers
    • Nasal Aspirator
    • Medicine Dropper & Medicine Spoon

    It is always best to be prepared whenever your little one needs some urgent medical attention. This is still true, especially because babies feel lots of discomfort throughout their early years.

    Click here for more information about this kit.

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