Best Baby Face Cream for Fairness

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best baby face cream to buy 2020

Here are the top baby face cream for fairness. Check it out! These baby creams are all clinically tested and safe to use.

For first time moms, we usually expect that our baby’s skin would always be fair and smooth. Well, this is always the case, unless your baby is prone to eczema and other skin conditions. Babies tend to have super sensitive skin, so their complexion can vary depending on the health of the skin. We all want to keep our baby’s skin smooth and fair, and finding the best baby face cream for fairness can be quite challenging.

As a mom, I am here to help you get a glimpse of the best face creams that you can give your baby. These face creams listed below are one of the top-rated items that you can find on Amazon, so you never have to get up from the couch to give your little one the cream that his cute face deserves.

best baby face cream to buy

Let’s list down the top face creams for your baby and add these items to your carts now!

Top Baby Face Cream for Fairness

CeraVe Baby Cream

best baby face cream

If you want your little one to maintain his fair and smooth skin, never forget to moisturize it using the CeraVe Baby Cream. It prevents dryness and relieves itchiness, chapped, and cracked skin. If you don’t want to stay up all night with a discomforted baby, this has got to be in your baby’s nursery all the time!

There are no nasties on this product, making it 100% safe to use every single day. It restores and maintains the natural moisture barrier of your baby’s skin and locks in moisture that the skin needs throughout the day.

Other Features Include:

  • Net Weight: 5 oz.
  • Lightweight texture
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Paraben-free
  • Fragrance-free

Cetaphil Baby Soothe & Protect Cream with Allantoin Skin Protectant

baby cream for fairness

You could never go wrong when you choose the Cetaphil Baby Soothe & Protect Cream with Allantoin Skin Protectant. It comes with a fast-absorbing formula and even if you let your cute baby play out in the sun, you would never have to worry about his complexion.

You know that it would stay fair and light, because the allantoin component provides a long-lasting moisture and protection against harsh weather conditions. This cream is designed for all baby’s skin types and the gel-like texture gives a non-greasy and lightweight feel to your little one’s skin.

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Other Features:

  • Net Weight: 6 oz.
  • Relieves dry and cracked skin
  • Designed for sensitive skin
  • Gives 24-hour moisture

Earth Mama Organic Baby Face Nose & Cheek Balm for Dry Skin

baby face cream for fairness

Ditch the petroleum jelly and switch to the Earth Mama Organic Baby Face Nose & Cheek Balm for Dry Skin. If your baby drools so much (which is completely normal!), then you might be noticing some dry areas on the cheeks and chin.

This cream has an ultra-rich coconut and calendula oil that soothes and heals dry skin without stripping away the natural moisture of the skin. Since it is super safe, you can slather it around your baby’s nose and mouth without worrying about poisoning. Make sure to always have this cream on your medicine cabinet!

Other Features:

  • Net Weight: 2 fl. oz.
  • No Parabens
  • No artificial fragrance
  • No preservatives

Weleda Baby Nourishing Face Cream

top 10 baby face cream for fairness

Maintain your baby’s velvety soft skin from dryness, itchiness and other skin conditions with the help of Weleda Baby Nourishing Face Cream. This product is dermatologically-tested safe for sensitive and fragile skin.

It is packed with calendula, which is an effective ingredient that wraps like a protective blanket on your baby’s cute face. It also has chamomile and sweet almond oil to regenerate the skin every time the cream is applied.

Other Features:

  • Net Weight: 1.7 fl. oz.
  • No preservatives
  • No artificial fragrances
  • Suitable for babies and adults too

California Baby Calendula Moisturizing Cream

top baby face cream for fairness

Price: $21.99

Bring fairness not just to your baby but the whole family once you use the California Baby Calendula Moisturizing Cream. This gentle cream has an enticing scent of French lavender and sage to give a gentle and soothing fragrance to your baby’s face.

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Every bottle of this cream is formulated with plant-based emollients to give an extra boost of hydration and moisturization. This award-winning face cream comes with an allergy-tested formula, so eczema and itchiness can no longer be a problem while getting that fair skin for your baby.

Other Features:

  • Net Weight: 2 oz.
  • No harsh chemicals
  • With added essential oils

Zarbee’s Naturals Baby Soothing Face Balm

face cream for baby

Price: $9.98

Treat your baby with only the best products for his skin just like Zarbee’s Naturals Baby Soothing Face Balm. If your baby has itchy, red, and swollen face on the skin, there are high chances that he has eczema-prone skin.

This gentle skincare balm for your baby gives his skin an extra boost of hydration because bathing can strip away the natural moisture of his skin. Every bottle of this face balm is made from wholesome ingredients, making it safer than other products.

Most mommies say that this face balm soothes their baby’s skin instantly, and it definitely works wonders! It also provides moisture without leaving any residue.

Other Features:

  • Net Weight: 1.75 oz.
  • Petroleum and Paraben-free
  • Safe for babies 2 months and up

Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy Moisturizing Cream

baby face cream 2020

Price: $10.73

With over 3,000 positive ratings, Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy Moisturizing Cream is definitely one of the best face creams that you can give your baby. Combines with the soothing colloidal oats and Vitamin B5, this cream prevents the recurrence of eczema.

This cream also has a pH of 4.5, which matches the pH of your baby’s skin. Once you apply this cream two to three times a day, you are ensured that your baby’s skin would be maintained as fair as it is!

This is perfectly safe for daily use and it is most recommended to be applied after giving your baby a nice warm bath.

Other Features:

  • Net Weight: 7.3 oz.
  • Designed for baby’s sensitive skin
  • No toxins, dyes, and other harsh chemicals
  • Awarded NEA Seal of Approval

Sebamed Baby Protective Facial Cream

best baby face cream for fairness

Giving your baby the fairest skin he can have ever is now possible with the Sebamed Baby Protective Facial Cream. Satisfied mommies say that when their babies experience rash or redness, this cream fixes it overnight!

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It is very moisturizing, lightweight and it doesn’t leave any residue or greasy feeling too. Once you apply this cream, it leaves an instant radiant glow which makes your little one cuter!

I personally tried to use this cream on my face, and I loved the fact that gave my face an instant hydrating feeling without feeling greasy.

Other Features:

  • Net Weight: 1.7 oz.
  • Matches your baby’s skin pH
  • With a natural protective function

Gilden Tree Baby and Kids Moisturizing Cream

fairness baby cream

I know we are talking about face creams, but the Gilden Tree Baby and Kids Moisturizing Cream can be used head to toe! This cream heals relieve eczema, sunburn, itchiness, chapped skin, and more.

It soaks deeply into your baby’s skin to give the hydration and moisture for long periods. Crafted with nature’s natural ingredients, this cream gives you peace of mind that you are only giving the safest and purest ingredients for your baby’s sensitive skin.

Other Features:

  • Net Weight: 4 oz.
  • Vegan
  • No harsh chemicals
  • No petroleum

Mustela – Hydra Bebe Body Lotion

Mustela Hydra Bebe Body lotion is great for achieving fair skin in babies. It’s not oily and keeps the baby moisturised and soft for long hours. This light baby fairness cream is formulated with natural avocado oil that nourishes the skin and helps in the baby’s growth. 

This baby cream is easy to massage on the baby’s body and penetrates the skin in no time. It’s completely safe to use and is also tested by dermatologists. Mustela Hydra Lotion protects the baby’s skin and makes it fairer. 

Other features: 

  • 10.14 FL OZ
  • Natural ingredients like avocado oil 
  • Tested by dermatologists 
  • Can be used in allergies 

Johnson’s Top-to-Toe Baby Moisturising Cream

Johnson’s Top to Toe baby moisturising cream is one of the best baby cream for fairness. It is meant for sensitive skin types and leaves the skin soft and supple. This fairness baby cream maintains natural moisture level in the skin and locks in moisture for long hours. 

It’s clinically proven to be gentle and safe to use and tested by dermatologists. It’s also hypoallergenic and won’t cause any itching. Johnson’s baby top to toe cream is formulated with glycerin and castor oil that boost fairness of the skin. 

Other features: 

  • 100 ml
  • Sensitive skin types 
  • Hypoallergenic 
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Tube type container 

Getting the Best Face Cream for Fairness 2021

When choosing a product for your baby’s face, most parents are scared to try out different products as it may harm your baby’s sensitive skin. But don’t worry, mommies! Finding the best face cream to keep your cute baby’s face fair is easy.

All you need to consider is choosing a hypoallergenic product and always check the label. The purer the ingredients are, the better. You can always ask your baby’s physician or dermatologist before trying out a new product, especially if your baby’s skin is prone to skin conditions.

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