Best Baby Bike Trailers

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Need to do some exercise but worries on what to do with your little kids? Bike trailers are made so that sporty parents can bring their kids with them while engaging in different sports activity, especially if your kids are not quite ready to be on their own bike yet. You don’t have to worry about them missing out on family biking activities.

With the vast amount of trailers available in the market it might be difficult to decide which bike trailer would best suit your family. Here are some things to ponder on before making that purchase.

#1 Use

There are trailers that can be used for biking, running and even skiing. Instead of purchasing separate trailers for each activity, a convertible trailer might be save you the money.

#2 Place

You also might want to consider where you would usually use the trailer. Is it going to be mostly for paved roads? Then there would be no need for you to spend extra for suspension. On the hand, if you are going off road, then suspension would be a great help not just for your child’s safety but also for their comfortability.

#3 Storage space

How long would you be out on the road? How many kids are you bringing with you? Having a toddler sometimes you need to bring a lot of stuff with such as diapers, feeding bottles, snacks, extra clothes. One thing to consider is the space. You don’t want to have a cranky child, stuffed in with all those things especially if you are going out to do some grocery shopping.

#4 Seats and Wheels

If you will be out with your kid/s for a long time you need to consider the comfortability of their seats. You need to make sure that there is enough room for leg space and their security while inside the trailer. With safety in mind, of course you’ll have to check and have good quality wheels in order to prevent accidents from happening.

With these points in mind you are now ready to make that trailer shopping, this article provides a list of the best baby bike trailers that you can choose from.

Cool BIke Trailers for your Baby

1. Twins Bicycle Trailer

Take you lovely kids with you in this durable and steady steel framed trailer that is easy to store and assemble.

It has two seats where you can bring your kids along, the front seat has a pedal which they can use to help their parent move along while the rear seat has foot rest which can help them to just relax and enjoy the ride.

Twins Bicycle Trailer

It also has storage at the back which you can use to stock up supplies while on the ride.

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2. Bike Tandem Trailer

This trailer features a 20 inch back wheels and 12 inch front wheel that a full suspension and shock absorption system which makes it the perfect choice for uneven terrain rides. It has enough room for 2 kids and supports up to 88 lbs.

The sling-style pocketed seat has a five point safety harness that would ensure your children’s protection. An all-weather canopy with mesh and plastic covering is also designed to help your kids be protected from both sun and rain.

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3. Kids Bicycle Trailer 

Create memorable moments with your family without fear of anyone getting left behind. This trailer has comfortable padded seats for 1 little passenger complete with a five point harness to make sure that your rider is protected in tow or in stroller mode.

Kids Bicycle Trailer

It has a 2-in-1 bug shield canopy to protect them on both rain and sun. A rear vent window is also designed to ensure breathability inside the trailer.

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4. 2 -in-1 Jogger Trailer

The perfect trailer for the sporty parent is here. This item can be used either as a jogger or trailer. It high quality materials can safely and comfortably transports a maximum load of 100 lb.

It comes with a foot bar that protects your child’s feet. It can also easily pack and stored with its foldable design.

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5. Wide window Trailer

Children will surely have a fun time overlooking the view while on a trip with this trailer that has two-in-one canopy with big screen and weather shield option.

Its material made up of lightweight aluminum alloy makes it easier to attach to almost any bicycle.

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6. Stroller Bicycle

This one of a kind trailer gives you an option to see your child in front while cycling. It gives you the option if you want them seated or lying down. This is perfect for parents of newborn babies who cannot sit upright yet.

Stroller Bicycle
Price: $110.00

This foldable bike is more stable than a traditional bike because it has three wheels, making it sturdier and easier to control your direction; this stroller bicycle is perfect even for moms who cannot ride a normal bicycle.

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7. Versatile Bike Trailer

Take your kids out for a ride with this trailer designed to protect your kids from environmental elements with its with its bug screen and weather shield.

Made from waterproof polyester, this trailer will certainly be helpful during the rainy season. Its foldable storage at the back fits all your kids’ needs.

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8. 3-in-1 trailer

This convenient trailer can be transformed as a bike trailer, stroller or jogger. It has a removable front wheel making it easier to attach to most bikes. The top cover, mesh window and tinted side windows protects babies from dust particles, rain, sun and bugs.

Designed with comfortable seatbelts and foot rest, your child will surely enjoy this ride. This trailer is great for outdoor use, be it in the neighborhood, parks or trails.

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9. Children’s Bike Trailer/Jogger

This compact and easy to tow trailer is perfect for your family’s next cycling bonding experience. This foldable framed trailer converts easily into a bike trailer, jogger or stroller. It has reflectors in front and rear sides and a five point seat belt for extra safety.

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10. Kids Outdoor Wagon

Parents who want to maintain their active lifestyle and influence it on their kids will certainly love this trailer. It has durable inflatable wheels and a front tire that include a locking swivel and a full suspension system.

Kids Outdoor Wagon
Price: $265.37

This outdoor wagon has a hand lock brake system to ensure you kids’ safety even when parked. With 121 lbs weight limit, parent can hit the open road without discomfort.

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Getting Bike Trailers for your Baby

It is always nice to share the things that you love with your kids. Introducing an outdoor lifestyle will be great bonding experience for both parents and kids.

Theses trailers give parents a chance to maintain their active lifestyle even after having kids.

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