Best Baby Bibs on Aliexpress 2021

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Most first time parents end up investing most of their money in buying the cutest clothes for their babies. Only soon enough do they realize, that the clothes will get covered in drool and spit in no time. If you want a mess free life with an infant in tow, get yourself the best bibs you can find. There are going to be your best friend well into your baby’s toddlerhood!

Best Bibs for Babies and Newborns on Aliexpress

best baby bibs on aliexpress

There are many varieties of bibs that you will find. If you know not what to look for, you will end up buying much more than you need. All experienced moms will agree with our following list of baby bibs. These ones are must-haves and they all have specific purposes.

#1 – Drool Specialist

If your little one has already started teething the you are no stranger to the world of constant drool. The teething makes the little ones gums ticklish and the natural response the body creates is drooling or excess of saliva.

The baby will drool from time to time even when they are not teething. If you let the drool accumulate on the dress, not only will it get wet, but your infant will stand the chance of getting runny nose or cold, due to staying wet all the time.

cheap baby bibs
Price: $0.64

The design of this particular bib is very effective to catch the drool as they keep falling. It is much wider in the neck area and creates creases which are quite effective in stopping the drool wet the dress.

The soft material is very gentle on your child’s skin so you will not have to worry about any rashes. There are adjustable buttons to help put your child at ease. These designs are cute and have a white background so will match most outfits.

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#2 – Stylish Baby Bibs

If you have an occasion to attend, you will definitely want a stylish bib. This set of bibs will be perfect for your girl or your boy. They are so fashionable and looks like tiny bandanas.

Rest assured these bibs will catch the dribbles and keep your child’s party wear beautiful and rocking. Good thing about having these is that you will not have to remove them when taking your photos. All because they are so cute!

Made of soft quality linen, they are mild for your child.

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baby bibs aliexpress
Price: $4.63

Even if the baby decides to chew on it, you need not fret. The superior quality ensures no loose thread comes out. The print is also safe even for a chewing baby. As they come in a set of 5, you will have enough options to choose from.

The choice of colors also makes it easier for you to pick a color that matches the baby’s dress easily. Just toss them in your diaper bag and use as you go. No extra care is required for washing the bibs. You can use your child’s regular detergent and fabric softener.

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#3 – Bibs for Babies eating Solids

One of the most exciting phases in all new moms’ life is when the child starts on solids. It is such an exciting journey. But along comes the downside as well. The mess now increases at least 10 times more. From crumbs to stains, you may feel overwhelmed after each meal time on the prospect of cleaning up the baby and his dresses.

Even the high chair becomes so dirty. The best way to avoid such disaster is getting a bib specially suited for solid. This bib is made of silicone and is instantly washable. So, no downtime is required before its next use.

top baby product aliexpress
Price: $4.05

The soft, rubbery texture is not harmful to your child’s skin as well. The bowl like structure present at the lower front end of the bib catches the crumbs and other food drippings.

Your child’s cloth, high chair and the floor will stay protected. There are many designs you can choose from. The strap is adjustable and the soft rubber will not irritate the neck skin of the child even if it comes in contact.

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#4 – Bibs for Messy Eater

This fun bib is suitable for child of age between 1 to 5 years. It almost looks like a raincoat! A beautiful bib that covers your child completely. If your child is inquisitive or curious he will naturally try to explore the food he is being offered.

As children try to feed themselves without having proper motor skills, they will sure make a mess. An intended trip to mouth will end up at neck and so on. But never discourage the baby to eat on his or her own.

affordable baby bibs online
Price: $1.23

If you do that it will dissuade them from eating as well as from trying out new things. Instead, use a full-coverage bib like this one. These bibs are fully washable and can be dried with a dry cloth after washing. So they will be ready for the next meal and you will not need another bib.

If you get this bib for an infant of about 1-year then you can expect to use it till they reach the age of 5. This bib is made of high quality, durable material, hence it is a good investment for your child’s feeding time.

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5. Baby Bibs For Travel

If you have to feed your child on the go then you will need a bib like this one. It is most recommended for travelling. This bib is convenient to feed with during travel because of its apron design. The material provides maximum coverage and the baby’s dress stays clean even after the feeding.

You can not only use this bib for feeding solids but also feeding liquids like juice, milk and water. It is also great for feeding puree, as the excess will be caught in the pocket at the front.

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Price: $0.01

The pocket can also be used for keeping the spoon as you get the food ready. The material of the bib is easily washable and does not stain.

Even after repeated use, the color stays bright and so you can even use it not just n car and flight but even in fancy restaurants. There are adjustable buttons for the strap so it can accommodate a growing baby.

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6. Baby Bibs Best for Bottle Feeding

If your child is still only milk dependent then a bottle specific bib is a must for you. This bib is most appropriate for a bottle as the size is small and the hole or opening around the neck seals of the dress completely. It absorbs all of the milk drops, keeping your baby dry and happy.

Price: $1.39

Made of good quality cloth, the bib will also prevent any rash that young children might get from synthetic materials. These bibs have the cutest designs and will look adorable on your child. As they are so stylish finding matching attire will be no challenge at all.

These bibs have no buttons or velcro. So no possibility of any rash from button plastic or discomfort from velcro. You can easily tie them as they have string ends and are very much adjustable.

They come as a pair and are great gifts to any new moms. Even parents of twins would love these bibs as they can have similar yet not exactly same bibs fir their children.

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#7 – Budget Bibs

These bibs are the best budget bib that you will find in the market. But they do not compromise on quality. They are perfectly suitable for newborns, infants and toddlers. It is a delightfully triangular shape and made of cloth bib.

As it is a set of bibs, you can take your pick from the one you like. The buttons are adjustable and you can make the bib tighter or looser as according to your wish.

bibs for babies online
Price: $0.80

The set of bibs provide you with a variety of option of bibs to choose from. So you can pick the one that best compliments your child’s dress for the day, all this you get at an affordable price. The bibs are small so for infants, you can use them to feed milk as well as water.

But for older children and toddlers, the bibs can be used for feeding liquids and purees. It will not be much appropriate for feeding solid food with this bib on. For younger children, the bibs can double as burp cloth as well.

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8. Best Bibs for Busy Toddlers

Most toddlers are fidgety and spilling food is a regular affair for them. Even it might get difficult to make the toddlers sit down and eat. As they begin to outgrow their high chair and move to their booster seats, they would need a bib that offers full coverage of their dresses.

This set of bibs is the ideal one for feeding fussy toddlers. You can let them eat on their own when wearing this bub and you will not have to worry about getting their dress dirty. The bibs are easily cleanable and you can simply wipe them off.

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Price: $3.29

The seam around the sleeves are the best as they completely protect the sleeves of the dresses underneath the bib. The neck is also rounded off and gives best protection and avoids spillage of food on the dress.

To secure the bibs all you need to do is tie the string. No buttons or velcros. The strap is fully adjustable and can be secured to thoroughly cover the dress of the child.

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#9 – Baby Bibs for Spoon Feeding

When a child reaches the age of feeding himself or herself, all parents get excited. But for the kid to learn to eat on their own, regular practice is needed. That means every day of trying. And in order to support your child’s endeavor you must have the right gears. One such important thing is the right bib.

This particular one with a detachable bowl is perfect for not just solid food eating but also for liquids and purees. If your child is having a finger food then you can simply put them in the bowl and watch them feed themselves. It will help them greatly with hand-eye coordination. It helps them develop their motor skills.

Price: $0.01

The bib is completely washable. As they do not stay soaked, they need no extra effort for drying. You can wipe them clean with a wet cloth. The colourful design and pattern will make feeding more fun and enjoyable for the kids.

The Velcro strap makes the bib adjustable to the comfort level of your child. To store the bib, roll the upper part and put it away in the bowl.

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#10 – Disney Bib

For children of all generations, Disney holds a special place. If your kids are growing up with Disney characters and are fond of them then consider getting a Disney character bib for them. These bibs are perfect mealtime companion for children of all ages.

Price: $0.92

Their bright color and favorite Disney character will surely make your child smile. These bibs are ideal for both liquid and solid food. To clean them, rinse thoroughly under a tap of cold water. The sleeves are the best and they seal of the dress underneath securing them against any kind of spillage or seepage.

Even if your child takes a long time to feed and he is still in his initial days on solids, you need not worry about is dress getting wet. The material of the bib is waterproof and does not allow the dress to get wet.

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Getting the Best Bibs for Your Baby

We know that bibs are one of the most essential items when preparing for the arrival of your baby. Bibs are necessary for the following reasons:

  • Absorb drools and spit ups, which are common in infants.
  • Great cloth protection for young kids with reflux.
  • Helps catch the solids when infants start their first food.
  • Makes eating time more fun and enjoyable.
  • Looks great and stylish.
  • Perfect to absorb milk drippings.

Bibs will not only save your child’s dress from getting ruined, but your dress, car seat and furniture will also stay protected. Bibs are great yet negligible investment for families with young children. Stock up on your bibs and fearlessly dress your child in all those adorable dresses that you have been buying even before they were born.

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