Best Baby Apps for New Parents 2021

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best baby apps for new parents

Muddling through parenting a new born may become challenging especially for first time parents. Thankfully, technology can now be a great help in navigating through your parenting time, work time and me time.

Phones can actually help you in your parenting duties. There are a lot of phone applications that you can install into your personal phone and other gadgets that can assist you in making your baby healthy and strong.

Many smartphone apps targeted at parents and soon-to-be parents are becoming popular today. These apps help parents develop and maintain proper parenting behavior.

Since most people are on their phones and gadgets most of the day, technology has found a way to incorporate parenting in this fast-paced technology-dependent lifestyle. We have curated a list of some of the best baby apps for new parents.

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Top 10 Baby Apps for New Parents 2021

top baby apps for new parents

1. Glow Baby

Glow Baby is an app dedicated to record and tracks your baby’s developmental milestones. Such as when the baby first responds to his or her name being called, first word spoken, or the first time he or she was able to sit up. This app helps you keep track of your baby’s sleeping and feeding patterns. It also lets you to record illness, height, and weight and body mass index.

Glow Baby

Aside from being a reference book, this app can be a photo journal where you can capture your child’s milestones and create an album to share with your friends and family.

This app is available in iOS and Android for free.

2. Sound Sleeper

An app that has a large selection of white noise, nature sounds and lullabies, Sound sleeper helps both parents and babies get a good night and peaceful sleep. It has traditional and modern versions of the lullabies we all grew up with. The sound of rain, womb and nature help make your baby have a good quality sleep.

Sound Sleeper

It can also help you track your baby sleep and functions as a Wi-Fi baby monitor and remote control that lets you control the Sound Sleeper anywhere in your home. Develop a healthy sleeping habit with the Sound Sleeper app.

You can have it downloaded from Google Play and App Store.

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3. Baby Night Light: Sleep Aid

This app gives 14 soft and comfortable animated nightlights and a dozen of animal lights to choose from. The lights can be customized to your preferred color palette and brightness depending on which soothes and pacify your baby’s fear of the dark, or you can choose a setting that suits your nursery room.

Aside from the in app music, you can also import a personalized playlist for bedtime music. It has a timer function that allows you to set the nightlight duration before it automatically switch off. This night light app helps bring comfort and peace of mind for both parent and babies.

Baby Night Light: Sleep Aid

This app is available in iOs and Android for free.

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4. Kinedu: Baby Development and Milestone Tracker

Foster a healthy child by following engaging activities offered by Kinedu. These activities are designed by education specialists’ help to stimulate your child’s key developmental areas. It gives simple and easy to do activities for you and your baby.

Kinedu: Baby Development and Milestone Tracker

With this app you can create a profile for your baby and have it assessed by child psychologists. You can also access videos that track progress percentage and contain helpful information for your child’s development. It also has a feature to track milestones and skills.

Get this app in iOS and and Android.

5. WebMD Baby

The perfect app to get trusted and physician approved medical advice for your baby is WebMD Baby. It has five comprehensive tools that you can use to keep track of your child’s activities and development. It also contains some helpful articles to keep your baby strong and healthy.

The Feeding tool records and review breastfeeding, bottle feeding and solid food feeding sessions with your baby. The Nursing tool helps you organize your baby’s schedule such as feeding time, medicine time intake and doctor’s appointment.

The Sleep and Diaper tool records the sleeping duration and keep track of diaper changes. A Growth tool that helps you track your baby’s physical changes and a baby book section is featured for you baby’s precious photos.

WebMD Baby

You can get the WebMD Baby app for free in Google Play and App Store.

6. The Wonder Weeks

Based on a multi award winning book, The Wonder Weeks is hailed as of the bestselling app that gives you a personalized weekly calendar of your baby’s mental development It is an ideal app to that can be of great help whenever your baby feels fussy, does not sleep on time, and eats less.

The Wonder Week app is helpful tool not only for the parents, but also to your baby’s sitter and caregivers. This app aims to give parents the reassurance that there are times that the baby would stay up way past their bedtime to practice their newly discovered crawling skills.

The Wonder Weeks

It helps parents identify what leaps or mental development milestone to look for and in what ways can they be helpful for their baby during the leap.

The Wonder Weeks app is available in iOs and Android app stores.

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7. BabySparks Development Activities and Milestones.

BabySparks is an innovative development program for children 0-2 years of age through meaningful play activities. It has more than 1300 videos that show development milestones and activities for you and your baby.

These age appropriate activities encourage your child to move around and improve developmental skills. Studies show that doing fun activities with your little ones help them feel more secure and grow up with much better confidence in their skills and abilities.

It supports development area such as gross and fine motor skills, cognitive skills, speech and sensory skills, self-care and social emotional developmental skills. It gives you a graphic view on the progress information of your child’s development that you kept track using the app.

BabySparks Development Activities and Milestones

The app is available in both the App Store and Google Play.

8. Baby Feed Timer

This app is designated to effectively keep track of your baby’s feeding habits and schedule. It also helps moms be aware of their child’s bowel movement especially when they are switching form different type of feeding sessions.

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This app is ideal for parents who are testing the waters between exclusive breast feeding, formula milk and solid food feeding options. This app helps with all the questions from the doctor during checkups.

Baby Feed Timer

Baby Feed Timer also allows mother to monitor which breast to use during feeding sessions. A graphic timeline and analysis of your child’s feeding, sleeping and diaper changing pattern helps parents identify routines for baby as they grow.

You can get this app in Android and iOS app stores.

9. Cozi Family Organizer

Make family time a priority with this Cozi Family Organizer that surely helps giving you and other members of your family good quality bonding moments. This app organizer has a shared family calendar that lets you keep track of each other’s day to day activities. A list dedicated for your groceries can easily be updated no matter who or where your family member is.

A to do list can also be set up for family members and a meal plan for upcoming weeks and months are made easy. Aside from meal planning, a recipe guide can be typed in as well which will definitely help you in your next grocery shopping.

Cozi Family Organizer

It also features a family journal where you can track each member’s milestone and share photos with each other.

This amazing family organizer is available in App Store and Google Play.

10. Tinybeans Photo Journal

Sometimes parents decide not to publicly show their little ones to the world of social media just yet. Tinybeans Photo Journal App lets parents decide to share photos and videos privately to chosen friends and family. There is no need for them to create a new account because the photos and videos can be received and viewed through email.

Tinybeans Photo Journal

Never worry about running out of space for your child’s precious moments with this app that offers unlimited photo storage to save for your baby’s milestones. You could also show your creative side by using different filter, stickers and other photo effects.

Get your digital photo journal in iOS and Android devices.

Getting the Best Baby Apps 2021

Raising another human being is definitely a challenge for new born parents. With the current technology almost every help that we need can be found in the palm of our hands.

This avoids new parents from panicking and having nervous break downs when they do not know what to do.

These baby apps help develop different mental and physical milestones and at the same time keep track of their feeding and sleeping habits; and sometimes their bowel movements.

Some of these apps were developed to help give a peaceful sleep which is admittedly very rare for newborn parents.

With these apps parenting will surely be a smooth sailing journey for every new parent out there.

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