Baking Soda as Carpet Cleaner

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What is in Baking Soda making it one of the best dirt cleaner and remover?


Chemically known as Sodium Bicarbonate and as milder versions of Salt in some markets, Baking Soda is first used in baking and making pastries such as breads, muffins, cakes and cookies. It is known to give the pastries a light and fluffy texture due to its leavening agent that reacts with acid causing the dough to rise. Bakers and food makers in the food industry mastered the ratio of these base and acid combinations depending on the outcome they wish to get, from thin crust pizza to fluffy breads, from flaky cookies to chewy ones and a lot more!

Through the years, people have discovered the versatility of Baking Soda and it soon took the spotlight in the cleaning industry as it was discovered to effortlessly clean and remove most causes of visible dirt, especially when combined with acids such as Vinegar. As early as 3500 BCE, Baking Soda was recorded to be used by Egyptians in cleaning and drying out dead bodies during the process of mummification. 


Four major Cleaning Properties of Baking Soda backed by Science


It absorbs odors

Baking soda does not only mask odors like your usual air fresheners or scented candles, it actually absorbs undesirable odors because these odors are usually caused by acidic sources and Baking soda is a known basic ingredient. It reacts with the acidic odor found in the air and neutralizes it.


It works well and reacts with Vinegar

Vinegar is an acidic liquid which makes it a perfect partner with Baking soda. You may try pouring a box of baking soda to your clogged sink hole then pouring the Vinegar next to unclog it. This combination can also clean greasy ovens and table tops, just sprinkle a good amount of baking soda on the desired area to be cleaned then wipe it away with Vinegar to make it fresh and new again!


Slightly abrasive

The use of baking soda to dislodge dirt particles and remove stains from various surfaces including carpets, mats and cloth-made materials are proven to be more effective than most cleaning soaps due to its abrasive properties and the absence of fat molecules which are found in most cleaning soap products making it less harsh and effective for cleaning and removing dirt.


It can pass Gas Through

Once heated at 300 degrees Fahrenheit, Baking Soda releases gas known as Carbon dioxide making it a good fire extinguisher tool. The presence of Carbon Dioxide balances Oxygen from which the fire reacts with. This is the reason why opened boxes of baking soda can be found at the back of non-electric and non-induction stoves, household equipment that uses Gasoline and things alike!

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Know more of the Baking Soda’s cleaning power from our list below and read along to find out why Baking Soda is still one of the best dirt cleaner and remover:


  1. Removes common stains left in plastic food containers
  2. Neutralized foul-smelling fridges
  3. Cleans fresh produce bought from stores and markets such as fruits and vegetables
  4. Scrubs clean many surfaces including kitchen surfaces
  5. Can clean deeply extra greasy kitchen materials and utensil such as kitchen dish and pans
  6. Removes off odor from sponges
  7. Deodorizes most upholstery
  8. Removes undesirable smell in pet beds and mats
  9. Can clean old toys
  10. Revives color-filled and colored walls
  11. Reduces mold and mildew found at the corners of most bathrooms
  12. Dusts off stuffed animals
  13. Can brighten back white clothes that turned into faded, old-colored ones
  14. Used in unclogging drains and water sewages
  15. Removes bad odor from shoes and sneakers
  16. Neutralizes and freshens unwanted smell in garbage cans
  17. Can minimize and clean up a garage oil spill
  18. Scrubs off messy and charcoal-coated pans and grills
  19. Wipes clean dusty and dirty patio furniture
  20. Balances out the odor inside closets and makes your stored clothes and linens odor-free
  21. Removes water marks and rings on surfaces usually ran through by water such as the kitchen sinks
  22. Brightens dull and old jewelries


Top Baking Soda Brands 2022

Amazed already? Now, check out some of the best performing Baking Soda brands available in the market:


Arm & Hammer Baking Soda

Tagged as one of the most trusted brands due to its purity, Arm & Hammer Baking Soda is also versatile and efficient in offering you with its various cleaning properties. This is also pure, safe, and natural and it is suitable for scratchless cleaning in the kitchen and bathroom . Lastly, it also absorbs and eliminates odor as soon as the baking soda comes in contact.

Other Features:

  • Item Weight: 64 ounces
  • Package Weight: 1.94 kg

Get this product here. 

Pure Organic Ingredients Baking Soda

Pure Organic Ingredients Baking Soda is one of the highest quality baking soda which you can easily purchase from the market due to its aluminum-free, organic nature. It perfectly deodorizes unwanted odors with its all-natural ingredients. This pure sodium bicarbonate is food grade so it is great for cooking, baking, and cleaning almost anything at your home. It can also freshen the air inside your refrigerators, microwaves, and pantries. 

In addition to that, this baking soda  can also help with indigestion and heartburn in case you are suffering from these. It is also aluminum-free, so you can use it to make DIY bath bombs or whiten your laundry too. Lastly, this baking soda is 100% pure so you are assured that there are any additives or fillers.

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Other Features:

  • Item Weight: 2 pounds
  • Package Weight: 0.93 kg

Get this product here.


Duda Energy Pure Sodium Bicarbonate Powder

This powder contains heavy metals making it more effective for deep, abrasive and hard cleaning. The Duda Energy Pure Sodium Bicarbonate Powder is 99% pure sodium bicarbonate and it is also food grade with less than 5 ppm heavy metals. This baking soda is ORMI listed so it is certified for use in organic products. You can also use this in food application, cleaning, odor reduction in rooms, freezers and refrigerators. It also works as an excellent buffer against chlorine in pool application. So, if you have a pool, this is definitely a must-have!

Other Features:

  • Comes in very fine powder
  • Typical Particle Analysis: 0%
  • Retained through 100 Mesh (~149 Micron)
  • 31% Retained by 200 Mesh (~74 Micron)
  • 36% retained by 325 Mesh (~44 Micron)
  • Weight: 50 pounds

Get this product here.

Arm & Hammer 33200-01670 Baking Soda

Another item from the Arm & Hammer brand, the 33200-01670 Baking soda  is known for its granular and free-flowing form making it more easy to use and adds to its versatility. You will love that it comes with a water resistant container so you can keep it even on high moisture areas like the kitchen and bathrooms. When it comes to cleaning, you can experience the gentle scrubbing yet powerful effectivity of the Arm & Hammer Baking Soda.

Other Features:

  • Item Weight:
  • Package Weight:


  • Water resistant container 
  • Ideal for high moisture areas like kitchen and bath 
  • Experience the gentle scrubbing power of Arm & Hammer baking soda 
  • Country of origin: United States

Product Name/Brand

Product Overview

Product Specifications 

Purchase Link

Item Weight 64 Ounces
Package Weight 1.94 Kilograms
Variety Baking Soda

About this item 

  • Arm & Hammer baking soda is pure, safe and natural 
  • For scratchless cleaning in the kitchen and bathroom 
  • Absorbs and eliminates odors on contact
Get Product here: Arm & Hammer Baking Soda – 64 oz
Item Weight 2 Pounds
Package Weight 0.93 Kilograms
Variety Baking Soda

About this item 

Get Product here: Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda) (2 lb) Eco-Friendly Packaging, Food & Pharmaceutical Grade
This powder contains heavy metals making it more effective for deep, abrasive and hard cleaning.
Weight 50 Pounds
Variety Baking Soda

About this item 

Get Product here: 50 lb Pail of USP Pure Sodium Bicarbonate Powder Highest Quality Organic Food Grade ORMI Listed Pure Baking Soda
Item Weight 0.8 Pounds
Package Weight 4.72 Kilograms
Variety Baking Soda

About this item 

Get Product here: Arm & Hammer 33200-01670 Baking Soda Shaker, 12 oz., (Pack of 12)
Ener-G Baking Soda Substitute Known to be a very good powder for home cleaning, the Ener-G Baking Soda Substitute is Aluminum, Sodium and Potassium-free.
Item Weight 150 Grams
Package Weight 0.2 Kilograms
Variety Baking Soda

About this item 

  • ALUMINUM FREE Ener-G Baking Soda Substitute is free of aluminum, sodium, potassium, and is high in calcium. On average, the sodium in regular baking soda is about 150-250mg per serving, whereas Ener-G Baking Soda contains 0mg per serving. 
  • Designed specifically for individuals on Kidney Dialysis who must avoid sodium bicarbonate, potassium bicarbonate, and who require higher intakes of calcium, Baking Soda Substitute is perfect for those with food allergies or restrictions, or just watching their nutritional intake. 
  • USES Baking soda and baking powder create the necessary gas for breads, cakes, muffins, etc. to rise. Twice as much Ener-G Baking Soda must be used in place of regular baking soda. 
  • STORAGE This is a dry product and does not require refrigeration or freezing. Store in a cool, dry place. Ener-G Baking Soda has a 3-year shelf life from the production date. 
  • ENER-G FOODS Since 1962, our mission has been to deliver the highest quality bread, baked goods and food for anyone living with dietary restrictions. We are dedicated to producing products that are innovative, safe, nutritious, and tasty.
Get Product here: Aluminum-Free Baking Soda Substitute by Ener-G | Gluten Free, Vegan, Nut Free, Non-GMO, Kosher | 5.3 oz Package
Milliard 5lbs Baking Soda This brand is made from anhydrous pure powdered sodium bicarbonate, without any additives and preservatives making it one of the most safe cleaning products.
Item Weight 5 Pounds
Package Weight 2.33 Kilograms
Variety Baking Soda,White Powder

About this item 

  • Made from anhydrous pure powdered sodium bicarbonate with no additives or preservatives. 
  • Use as a cleansing booster with your laundry or dish detergent, as a pH buffer in swimming pools, or for cleaning kitchen surfaces. 
  • Great household product for anything that needs a bright new look! 
  • Non-perishable. Packaged in resealable bag to preserve freshness. Store away from light, heat, or humidity for longest shelf life. 
  • Odorless, opaque white powder. Available in 2 lb., 5 lb., 10 lb., 19 lb., and 50 lb. packages. 
Get Product here: Milliard 5lbs Baking Soda / Sodium Bicarbonate USP – 5 Pound Bulk Resealable Bag
Clabber Girl Baking Soda Tagged as an excellent leavening agent used for baking, the Clabber Girl Baking Soda is also environmentally safe which makes it safe for most surface cleaning.
Item Weight 12 Ounces
Package Weight 0.34 Kilograms
Variety Baking Soda

About this item 

  • PURE BAKING SODA – 100% Sodium Bicarbonate 
  • GREAT FOR BAKING – Use in you favorite recipes 
  • VERSATILE AND EFFECTIVE – Works as a household cleaner and deodorizer 
  • EASY TO USE – Shake or pour style lid is convenient for baking or cleaning 
  • 12 oz can of Clabber Girl Baking Soda
Get Product here: Clabber Girl Baking Soda, 12 Ounce


What are you waiting for? Get your pick and enjoy cleaning for that spotless home you have dreamed of!

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