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best Mom choices

The sole purpose of Best Mom Choices is to help expectant and new mothers in their journey of welcoming their bundle of joy into this world.

When you’re expecting, you will have a lot of questions. While some women are surrounded with their mums and grannies to take them through the journey, help them pick the best products, give them the best tips – not all women are that lucky. 

This is exactly what Best Mom Choices wants to be – a guide for pregnant women to know what to expect when expecting and prepare for their baby. 

From tips for new mums to baby necessities, Best Mom Choices answers all your questions about being pregnant and having a baby. This site also helps you pick out essentials you would need as a pregnant woman and a mom. We’ll help you choose everything you need from pregnancy safe eye cream to safe self tanner

If you have a toddler, check out our Kids and Toddlers category to find the best products for your little ones. 

Explore the Gifts for Moms category to find the perfect gifts for new and expectant mothers! 

Megan Newman

Chief Editor

Mother of three beautiful (read: mischievous) kids myself, I understand the perils of first-time pregnant women. I remember the first time I was pregnant, I didn’t have a lot of women around me who knew the answers to my very pregnant questions.

And like everybody else I turned to the internet. But believing anything on the internet is risky. Which is why I decided to launch Best Mom Choices to help expectant and new mothers to make the best decisions for themselves and their babies. 

Being a skincare specialist myself, choosing the right skincare and makeup products when pregnant was never a problem for me. But I realised that there are a lot of expecting mothers that have no idea that normal beauty products can be dangerous because of harsh ingredients present in them. 

This is what I started Best Mom Choices with. Because I realised one of the immediate changes pregnant women realise is their skin starts changing. It becomes sensitive and prone to irritation. And since skin absorbs these products, it’s extremely important to use the right products. 

The response I got was overwhelming. Realizing that Best Mom Choices is helping several expecting and new mothers, I decided to expand the website to different areas like baby safety, fashion for pregnant women, general tips for moms and more. 

I hope Best Mom Choices helps you with anything and everything you need to know about being a mother and makes your journey easier and smoother! 

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