300 Beautiful Baby Girl Names and their Meanings

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beautiful girl names and their meanings

Picking the right name for your child can be overwhelming. Don’t fret, help is here! Your baby will carry the name for the rest of her life. Gift her the name that would make her proud. There are a few do’s and don’t for naming a child, especially a girl child

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Best 300 Beautiful Baby Girl Names

300 best baby girl names and their meanings

Do’s and Don’t’ s for beautiful baby girl’s names

·       No funny rhymes – If you have a surname like Panzy, don’t call your daughter Fancy. With a name like Fancy Panzy, your child might get bullied or even trolled. Rhyming names are bad choices as names.

·       Pronounceability – The name that you choose for your child should be easy to pronounce. The world is going global. Your child will most certainly travel, go abroad to study, work or run a business. The name that your child holds should be easy to take. Try a catchy name which is easy to pronounce.

·       Initials – Your child’s future holds great promise. She must have a name with cool initials. That would give her a status hype right from the very start.

·       Embracing tradition – If you have decided to name your child after your ancestors, then add a little twist. Add a prefix or suffix to the name to make the name more acceptable to her generation.

·       Meaningful – Your child’s name is your eternal gift to your baby girl. A meaningful name which is dear to you will always help your child stay connected to you. It would make a special and endearing bond.

·       Love – As a mom, you have an abundance of love for your baby. The name you chose for her, should reflect how you feel for her. She will bear the name with pride.

To help you decide, we have chosen 300 girls names which has a beautiful meaning attached to it. Here is our list.

1. Flower names for girls

A baby girl is pretty, delicate, and worthy of admiration. Flowers beautifully uphold these sentiments.

·       Acacia – A shrub with white or yellow flowers. Found in warmer climates.

·       Abeliab – It originated in Mexico. This shrub bears beautiful flowers.

·       Aster -It has a vibrant pink or red flowers. It belongs to the daisy family.

·       Alyssa – It has been a very popular flower name for girls from 1997 to 2005. It is an uncommon flower.

·       Azalea – A delicate, vivacious pink flower which blossoms in springtime.

·       Blossom – A bunch or mass of flowers.

·       Clover – A three-leaved clover flower belongs to the pea family.

·       Dahlia – It is a common baby girl name as Dahlia, the flower signifies a unique flower.

·       Delphine – It is a flower that resembles a dolphin. Popular in European countries.

·       Fern – Though a leaf, it is a great choice for a baby girl’s name. This leaf is fresh and bright.

·       Fleur – It means flower in French. A classy name for any baby girl.

·       Heather – It is a beautiful purple colored flower. Heather is typically used for ornamentation purposes.

·       Holly – Small white flowers that grow in shrubs along with red berries.

·       Indigo – Another one from the pea family. It is a bright purple colored flower.

·       Iris – Showy, bright-colored flower. Available in purple, yellow and white colors.

·       Ivy – It is a climbing tree. Ivy has shinning, sword-shaped leaves.

·       Juhi/ Jasmine – This flower is known for the beautiful scent it bears.

·       Juniper – Small blue-colored flowers.

·       Marguerite – It is a unique name for daisy flowers. It has white petals and a yellow center.

·       Marigold – Yellow, orange-colored flowers with clustered petals.

·       Leilany – A wreath of flowers

·       Lily – It is a flower that signifies purity.

·       Lotus – An exotic pink colored flower.

·       Petunia – Funnel-shaped flower, native to America.

·       Primrose – Flowers that grow in springtime. It is pale yellow in color.

·       Rose – Immortalized by many poets, it used to be the most common girl names. A beautifully-scented flower.

·       Rosemary – It means dew of the sea. They are tiny flowers.

·       Violet – This flower typically has five petals. It is violet or purple in color.

·       Willow – It is found in a temperate climate. Perfect girl name for a warm-hearted, gentle girl.

·       Zinnia – An ornamental flower, native to America.

2. Names with meanings as pretty or beautiful

All baby girls are pretty. To immortalize their beauty, call them a name that truly suits their uniqueness.

·       Belle – French for a beautiful girl.

·       Amara – Attractive and fashionable.

·       Rosalind – A girl who is as pretty as a rose.

·       Tegan – A beautiful looking girl with a good heart.

·       Jamilia – Arabic for graceful.

·       Mei – A beautiful girl in Hawaiian.

·       Shaina – It has Hebrew origins, means beautiful.

·       Nelly – She is the most beautiful woman.

·       Bonnie – A cute, pretty, and young girl.

·       Sapphire – A beautiful girl like the blue gemstone.

·       Adina – An Israeli name meaning beautiful.

·       Gal – It means adorable beauty. It also means waves.

·       Mila – This name signifies that the bearer is graceful.

·       Cara – This popular baby girl name means a girl who is dearly loved.

·       Esther – This name means a bright, beautiful, shining star.

·       Clara – It means someone who has the clarity of mind or is brightly complexioned.

·       Farah – This Arabic name means a sweet baby girl who is joyful.

·       Cora – This celtic name means the bearer is a beautiful maiden.

·       Moriah – A beautiful girl protected by an angel.

·       Abigail – The beautiful girl who makes the great father happy.

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·       Ellen – The most beautiful woman among other beauties.

·       Bonnie – The prettiest of all girls.

·       Ellie – Shinning bright light or the most beautiful girl.

·       Autumn – A beautiful girl like the autumn season.

·       Aurora –A girl as beautiful as dawn.

·       Carmel – The beautiful girl residing in the pretty garden.

·       Elodie – A girl rich in foreign beauty or gifts.

·       Naomi – A girl who looks very pleasant to the eyes.

·       Miranda – A Latin name for a baby girl. It means beautiful.

·       Lottie – A delicate girl beautiful in her feminine ways.

3. Celestial names

If you are spiritually inclined, give your daughter a divine name.

·       Gaia – She is the earth goddess. Mother to Titans and Cyclopes.

·       Aja – Forest goddess, worshipped for strength.

·       Aphrodite – Greek goddess of love.

·       Cybele – Mother of all gods.

·       Athena – She is the warrior goddess.

·       Durga – An eternally powerful Hindu goddess.

·       Aamirah – Someone who stays close to God

·       Astha – A woman having faith in god.

·       Diana – A woman who has the divine capability

·       Faith – Believe in almighty or God

·       Kianna – A woman with a divine personality

·       Ever – Eternal and blissful girl.

·       Nancy – A graceful, divine woman who is everyone’s favorite.

·       Onie – Someone with divine birth. Or someone who bears a divine child.

·       Celeste – It is a woman who is heavenly and belongs to the sky.

·       Cielo – In Spanish, it means sky or the heavens.

·       Eden – It means having bliss or delight.

·       Halo – It is apt for a saintly or angelic person.

·       Isis – Egyptian powerful Goddess

·       Gabriella – One of the most prominent angels.

·       Theola – The one who is divine. Or who is divinely ordained.

·       Ululani – Who inspires everyone to be divine.

·       Gwenn – Celtic goddess dedicated to motherhood known as Gwenn Teir Bron.

·       Lahabiel – An angel who helps other angels to achieve goals.

·       Angelina – A girl with an angelic personality. A girl with an angelic face.

·       Leda – queen of Sparta in Greek mythology.

·       Juno – Roman goddess for women. A goddess who leads women.

·       Gloria – It means a hymn sung in the name of the glory of God.

·       Celine – One who is heavenly or who belongs to heaven.

·       Evangeline – One who brings Good tidings for everyone. A girl who heralds happy news.

4. Top celebrity names

Are you a fan of a particular celebrity? Would you want your daughter to grow up to be her? Try these names

·       Aishwarya -Popularized by anIndian actress, it means a girl rich in belongings.

·       Adele – The popular singer rejuvenated this name. It means someone belonging to the nobility or having noble intentions.

·       Avril/ April – It is French for the month of April. So girls born in April can have this name.

·       Beyonce – Though it means a person belonging to the surname beynise, in popular culture it has started to mean the singer Beyonce Knowles.

·       Blake – This name is highly preferred among not just Blake Lively fans, but for its popular meaning of someone with a pleasant personality.

·       Carmen – A popular choice among all, this name has a plebian origin! It means a carriage driver.

·       Camilia – This name might bring the image of Camilia Cabelo instantly but the meaning is more fascinating. It stands for someone who is young.

·       Ceira – It signifies a woman who is dark-skinned and proverbially beautiful.

·       Charlize – This name just like its famous bearer (Charlize Thernon) means someone who is free-spirited and bold. It also means freedom.

·       Chimamanda – A Nigerian name, made famous worldwide by the author of the same name. It means, my God will never fail me.

·       Demi – Though literally, demi means half, popularly people choose to believe it means semi-fulfilled desire or goal.

·       Emma – A feminine name. Many Hollywood celebrities bear this name. It means universal or whole.

·       Hazel – This name is apt for girls with greenish-brown eyes. It denotes a similar color flower.

·       Heidi – Popularized by a children’s classic, even supermodels bears this name. It is believed to mean affectionate.

·       Hillary – Girls with this name are believed to live up to its meaning. It denotes cheerfulness and merriment.

·       Julia – It means an orange and black butterfly. It signifies desire to overcome struggle and become something beautiful.

·       Kristen – It is a holy flower. It used to belong to Christ.

·       Kesha – This name has uncertain meanings. But the most accepted one is, it means someone who is favorite.

·       Kylie – This name means the bearer is exceptionally graceful or beautiful.

·       Oprah – This common household name popularized by Oprah Winfrey has a Hebrew origin meaning a gazelle.

·       Priyanka – The name originated in Hindu and Buddhist culture. It denotes a loving and amiable person.

·       Nicole – Most of us think it is just the name of Nicole Kidman and that suffices! However, it means victory of the people.

·       Rihanna – The Irish origin states its meaning to be the Great Queen. The Arabic meaning is a handful of basil.

·       Sarah – It denotes the wife of Abraham in the mythology. It also means a woman minister in Hebrew.

·       Saoirse – This name originated in Ireland. Pronounced as seer-sha it means freedom or liberation.

·       Scarlett – This name’s origin can be traced to earlier times. The name means a person who sells scarlet clothing.

·       Serena – This name is not only apt for a sportswoman but for any baby girl. It means tranquility or calm.

·       Shakira – This name in Arabic means someone who is grateful or thankful for a gift.

·       Taylor -It is a feminine name and if you think you have a budding singer, then give her this name meaning seamstress or cutter.

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·       Vanessa – A truly beautiful sounding name, it means a butterfly.

·       Venus – This is the second planet in our solar system. It also denotes the Greek Goddess of love and beauty.

·       Zendaya – This name means to thanks someone or be grateful for kindness.

5. Time-tested names

These are the evergreen choices that always puts a smile on everyone’s faces.

·       Elizabeth – This name popularized by many monarchs means God is my oath.

·       Catherine – Another name fit of royalty. It means pure or surreal.

·       Victoria – This name commemorates victories. It is derived from the word victory. 

·       Aubrey – The empress who rules in a fair and just manner.

·       Charlotte – A name commonly associated with the author of the same name. it means a dessert.

·       Sylvia – This name is synonymous to the famous author Sylvia Plath. It means the spirit of the wood.

·       Genevieve – This name has celtic origin. It means women of the race.

·       Guinevere – Much loved queen of King Arthur, it means a beautiful maiden.

·       Adeline – A woman born of nobility.

·       Anastasia – The Greek word for a resurrected woman.

·       Brenda – It means the blade of a sword.

·       Bridget – The name has Irish origin with meaning power or strength.

·       Chloe – It signifies a full blossom or fertility.

·       Claudette – A girl whose smile lights up the room.

·       Cynthia – An epithet for Greek Goddess Artemis.

·       Dorothy – This name has a Greek origin. It means God’s gift.

·       Evelyn – It has several meanings. The most popular meanings are someone who is desired, who provides the company.

·       Fannie – A petite girl.

·       Felicia – Someone who makes others happy.

·       Helen – The Greek name for a queen.

·       Hannah – A woman who has God’s grace.

·       Florence – A blossoming child. A young woman.

·       Greta – The name has a German origin. It means pearls.

·       Hilda – It is synonymous with battle or warrior.

·       Jane – A common woman.

·       Emily – A woman who is by nature industrious.

·       Louisa – It has a French origin. It means a famous warrior.

·       Susan – It is the Hebrew name for the flower lily.

·       Megan – A woman who is strong and capable like a pearl.

·       Anne – It has a Hebrew origin. The name depicts one who is merciful.

6. Name depicting a quality

If you want your daughter to live up to virtue or quality, then give her a suitable name like the following.

·       Alessia – This name has an Italian origin. It means a woman who protects the human race.

·       Ruth – A woman is highly empathetic. Who feels for one in distress.

·       Audrey – A woman of exceptional strength and high moral standards. A forceful woman.

·       Esme – A girl who is not only loving but also loved by all.

·       Maura – A woman who is kind-hearted, does charity.

·       Giselle – This awesome-sounding name exemplifies a woman who is committed to her pledge.

·       Constance – This elite name means a virtuous lady who is stable and constant.

·       Bernadette – The bearer of his name is believed to be fearless. She is as brave as a bear.

·       Mildred – This is a unique name, a kind of an oxymoron. It means someone who is mild yet has enormous strength.

·       Mercy – The ultimate virtue of forgiveness and acceptance. It is a virtuous name for a modern-day girl.

·       Charity – If you want your baby girl to embracing the endearing virtue of giving and selflessness then call her Charity!

·       Trinity – It means a woman who is a believer in the holy trinity.

·       Temperance – One quality lacking among most youth is to refrain from temptation. If you wish your daughter to learn self-control, this is the right name.

·       Justine – A woman who fights for justice. She is righteous.

·       Prudence – A woman who upholds good judgment.

·       Verity – This is a perfect name for a girl who always tells the truth.

·       Hope – A woman who is positive and hopeful.

·       Zuma – This name has an Arabic origin. It means the harbinger of peace.

·       Rogue – If you have a strong-headed girl then try this name. It means a fearless girl who embraces her true self.

·       Serenity – A calm and tranquil woman.

·       Able – A capable woman.

·       Clemency – A woman who is gentle and merciful.

·       Charisma -One who is very attractive.

·       Eloquent – A person who has clarity and swift speech.

·       Destiny – A believer of fate.

·       Fadilla – A woman who has high moral values.

·       Claire – A person who has the clarity of thoughts.

·       Epiphany – A spontaneous woman who has a sudden realization.

·       Fideline – A lady who is affectionate.

·       Honor – A woman who is most respectful.

7. Modern and fun names

Your daughter is going to grow up in this contemporary world full of new possibilities. Make sure she has an appropriate name.

·       Karma – It means destiny.

·       Sydney – One who dwells in river side.

·       Lark – It is a name of a bird.

·       Lisbeth – Satisfaction is the most accepted meaning for this name.

·       Lennon – Someone who is loved.

·       Shiloh – It means peace.

·       Tera – One who is born out of the earth.

·       Maxine – She who is the greatest.

·       Monica – A woman who gives good advice.

·       Nikita – The ultimate victor.

·       Opal – A jewel or a gemstone.

·       Sasha – One who defends mankind.

·       Everett- A girl who is very brave.

·       Octavia – In Latin it means the eighth.

·       Suri – A resident of Syria.

·       Smeera – Lively conversationalist, jovial companion.

·       Quinn – One who as wisdom.

·       Eugenia – Someone who is high born or well-born.

·       Robin – A famous person.

·       Rachel – A beautiful woman.

·       Jenna – A soft-hearted woman.

·       Olivia – Derived from an olive tree.

·       Zoe – In Greek it means life.

·       Ziva – Brilliance of God.

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·       Xandra – Sister or mother of Alexander.

·       Darby – A person free from envy.

·       Logan – A name of a place.

·       Murphy – Name of a sea warrior.

·       Midori – It means green in Japanese.

·       Esmeralda – In Spanish, it denotes an emerald.

8. Edgy names

your daughter is one of a kind. Give her a name that would define her personality.

·       Aiden – A girl who is fiery in spirit.

·       Bianca – A shining white light.

·       Alia – A person who has been exalted.

·       Amber – It means a jewel.

·       Blair – It means a plain or filed land. It has been derived from Gaelic.

·       Brooke – A great name for a fidgety child it means a small stream.

·       Buffy – Someone who has been pledged to God or must serve God/ higher authority.

·       Bailey – It is an activity. It describes the clearing of berries.

·       Calista – It means she who is beautiful. It has a mythological origin in Roman traditions.

·       Carter – It has a Celtic origin. The popular meaning is someone who transports by a car.

·       Coral – A sea creature. It is generally pinkish.

·       Gemma – It means derived from a gemstone.

·       Katniss – It is the name of a plant.

·       Tatiana – It has a Sabine origin. The meaning of the name is queen or princess.

·       Ida – The meaning is a deed or action.

·       Luna – Originating in the moon.

·       Sadie – It means princess.

·       Skyler – A girl who is a warrior.

·       Tempest – A person of many tempers or mood.

·       Raven – It is the name of a bird.

·       Xena – She is a warrior princess.

·       Roxanne – An ancient name meaning dawn.

·       Makeba – An African name meaning a precious jewel.

·       Mystique – Someone who is mysterious.

·       Mulan – It is a flower, specifically wood orchid.

·       Myra – A fragrant flower with leaves.

·       Ophelia – It means help. Popularized by Shakespeare’s character of similar name in Hamlet.

·       River – A stream or water body. Perfect name for a free-spirited girl.

·       Santana – Someone who is holy.

·       Zara – In the Arabic language, the meaning is a flower or star.

9. Names for diva

Do you have a diva at hand? Try these names.

·       Dawn – It indicates the time of daybreak.

·       Sara – It’s the name of a princess in a Hebrew story.

·       Fiona – A fair woman.

·       Laila – A dark-haired beauty.

·       Lapis – A valuable and rare gemstone.

·       Behati – A woman who brings happiness.

·       Candice – It means the queen mother.

·       Cadence – A note of chords for singing.

·       Georgia – A farmer.

·       Karlie – A free woman.

·       Ishtar – It means divinity.

·       Maya – An illusion or invisible manifestation.

·       Ruby – A precious gemstone.

·       Rainey – A crowned queen.

·       Jayden – To be thankful.

·       Renee – It has a French origin. The meaning is one who is reborn.

·       Bree – Perfect name for a sophisticated little girl. It means strength.

·       Hedy – A sweet, powerful girl.

·       Valerie – To be strong and healthy.

·       Steffi – The one who is crowned.

·       Michelle – A woman who is like God.

·       Lori – It is a sweet bay tree.

·       Nera – It is a candle in Hebrew.

·       Oakley – On who belongs to the oak tree or oak land.

·       Rhonda – One with a good lance

·       Philomena – A woman who feels strong love.

·       Sloane – It means raid.

·       Kalpana – A Sanskrit origin name meaning one with imagination.

·       Alanis – It denotes an open space.

·       Joan – It means the sparkle in the eyes.

10. Names that mean happiness or success

you want success and happiness to be there in the name itself of your daughter? We have the best options.

·       Blythe – It means to be happy.

·       Felicity – Being happy or celebrating.

·       Cayo – It is a Spanish name that means to rejoice.

·       Peli – A popular name in Latin America means a happy go, lucky girl.

·       Allegra – An Italian name. It means to be joyous.

·       Bliss – The English name to be in a serene state.

·       Joy – The name itself means happiness.

·       Nara – A Celtic name meaning joy.

·       Raafa – It has an Arabian origin. The name means a happy girl.

·       Una – A Danish name that indicates the state of being happy.

·       Beatrice – A European origin name, it is a person who is the bringer of joy.

·       Oysten – A common name in Norway which means delight.

·       Oron – It means to rejoice in a friend’s company.

·       Halona – A native American name meaning happy fortune.

·       Khushi – A Sanskrit name for a joyous girl.

·       Ada – A German name for a happy woman.

·       Gale – Irish name for a cheerful girl.

·       Felise – Someone who brings happy fortune.

·       Ilaria – A joyous girl.

·       Alisa – A very happy news.

·       Duscha – An unconventional name which means delight.

·       Aine – Someone who is happy with success.

·       Jubilee – It also means joy.

·       Leda – An angel who brings happy news.

·       Keiko – In Japanese it means a happy child

·       Leda – Someone who is glad.

·       Jovie – It means delight.

·       Joie – the French word for joy.

·       Merry – It means happiness.

·       Maeve – Someone who is the cause of great joy.

Choosing the Best Name for Your Baby Girl

Many parents also like the names of their children to be approved by an astrologer or a numerologist. In that case, choose a few that you like.

Sometimes altering the spellings can get you the same effect. Parents are also registering social media accounts for their minor or yet to be born children. If you are considering doing so, be sure to check the availability.

It may seem overwhelming but when you have your all grown daughter seated next to you, the naming agony stories will be a fond memory to cherish. Take your time, go through our guide, and find the perfect name for your little one. 

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