baby boy names and meanings

200 Baby Boy Names and their meanings

Every generation has a set of new names that becomes popular. Many aspects make the name a popular choice. Thus, reflecting carefully before naming your baby boy is a good idea.

It is always a great idea to give a name that is unique and inspirational. The name needs to stand out from the crowd. Parents today are considering social media-friendly names. As a parent set your priority for naming your son and then start looking for the best matches.


What you need to know

Common mistakes to avoid in choosing baby boy names

If you are first-time mom, you may not be hanging around children a lot! That means you are not aware of what kids are called these days. You must find out whether the name you have chosen is popular or not. A common name can make your child feel ordinary, so avoiding popular names is a great idea.

Funny initials

Kids can be cruel! You do not want your son to end up with a weird initial. He will be made fun of it in school. Consider the whole name before finalizing on one. Suppose you want your son to be called Adam and your surname is Smith. Do not pick Sam to be his middle name, that initial might be a recipe for disaster.

Open to new names

Do consider as many names as you can. That is the best way to find a truly unique name.

Difficult baby boy names

A baby’s name should be easy to spell and pronounce. Babies with difficult names prefer to be called by their nicknames. It creates identity confusion at school. An ideal name should be sweet and crisp.

Sibling name

If you can not find a suitable name for your baby boy that matches your older child, don’t settle for just the rhyme! Your new baby will be a different person and he will have his personality. As for sibling relations, it will be perfect even without matching names!


Many parents love to call their children by nicknames. So consider a name that can be shortened to create a nickname.

We have compiled 200 names for your son to choose from. Here is the list along with their meanings.

200 Baby Boy Name and their Meanings

baby boy names and their meanings

1. Oliver

This name has a Latin origin. It means from the olive tree.

2. Liam

A popular name in Hollywood. It is the shorter form of Uilliam meaning protector.

3. Ethan

It can be traced to have a Hebrew origin. It is a reference to a biblical figure.

4. Elijah

This name has Hebrew tradition. It is the name of a prophet capable of performing miracles.

5. Mason

A person who works with stone. This name describes the profession of working with stones.

6. Jacob

The roots can be traced to Hebrew. It means someone who is a loyal follower.

7. Thomas

This name has a European origin. It is associated with a disciple of Jesus Christ.

8. Charles

Though the original Germanic name meant man, the name has been associated with King Charles the great.

9. Caleb

It has many meanings. Like faithful, devoted and bold.

10. Roberto

Originally a Norman name it means bright. It has been a very popular name.

11. Hunter

An English name indicates one who does hunting.

12. Jonathan

A very ancient name, the Hebrew meaning is one who has been given.

13. Jeremiah

This name has recently become quite popular. It means the one who will rise.

14. Brayden

It is believed to have English origin. It means one who lives near a broader valley.

15. Axel

A common name in Europe. A Scandinavian name it means my father who is at peace.

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16. Mekhi

It can be a derivative of Michael. It means one who is like God.

17. Lars

This name has a Greek or Roman origin, it means one who has been crowned or received laurels.

18. Rocco

It is an old German name which is making a comeback. It means to roar.


This name has French Latin connotations, it means lion.

20. Devin

It was very popular in the 1990s. It means fawn. The name has Irish origin.

21. William

A popular choice of name for decades. It was loved by monarchs. It means a resolute protector.

22. James

This is a traditional choice of name for a boy. It has a British origin. It means supplanter.

23. Benjamin

It has multiple origins. It can be traced to have French, Hungarian, Polish origin. It means son of the right hand.

24. Sebastien

The name has a Latin origin. It used to be popular among elites. It means someone who is revered.

25. Carter

This name is quite popular in recent times. It has a Celtic origin. It means the transporter of good.

26. Mathis

This is an exotic name and not very common. It means a gift from God.

27. Luca

An uncommon name that will surely stand out. It means a resident of a place called Lucania. It has a Greek origin.

28. Anthony

It has been a popular name since time immemorial. The meaning is priceless or something abundant.

29. Isaac

A biblical name. Isaac was the father of the Hebrews. It means he will laugh or be happy.

30. Levi

A biblical name it has Hebrew origin. It means one who is the product of harmony or who was joined in harmony.

31. Amit

It is a Hindu, Buddhist name. the name has Sanskrit origin. The meaning is someone who is boundless or immeasurable.

32. Dimitri

This name has a Russian origin. It means the follower of Demeter. It is a popular European name.

33. Hans

It has a Scandinavian origin. It can be traced to Sweden. It means the gracious one.


It has a Slavic origin. Some believe it has a Germanic origin. The meaning is God is gracious and kind.

35. Sylvester

Latin is the source for this name. It has something to do with wood. Popular meanings are woodland and wild.

36. Kevin

The name has Irish origin. The spelling adaptation in English. It means beloved.

37. Joshua

It has a strong biblical reference. It means someone who brings salvation. Or someone who can be saved.

38. Mateo

A very typical Spanish, Italian name. The meaning is the gift of God in Latin.

39. Ryan

One of the most popular name choices in recent times for baby boys. It means the illustrious prince.

40. Cooper

A typical English name. It has a humble beginning as its meaning is a barrel maker.

41. Javier

This is the Spanish form of the popular European name Xaviers. It means the house of birth or birthplace.

42. Humphrey

This name has been in use since the middle ages. Though a German origin name, it had become more popular in England. The meaning stands as a peaceful warrior.

43. Carson

This name has a Franco-German origin. It means the son of the house or family of Carr.

44. Parker

This is a traditional name for many English boys. It is popular in modern times as well. It indicates the profession of park keeper.

45. Maverick

This name has gained tremendous momentum in the last few years. It is a very popular name at present. The meaning is independent and nonconformist.

46. Xavier

A few decades ago, it was a very popular name. It means the owner or someone who has a new house.

47. Gavin

It has two accepted meanings: Godsends or little white falcon. The name has Italian as well as English origin.

48. Chase

It is an occupational name. The English name means dweller at the hunting ground. The name might have French origin; thus, the meaning also can be interpreted as to hunt.

49. Miles

Latin origin name, common in descendants of English ancestry. The name means soldier or merciful.

50. Cole

It has multiple meanings. It can mean cabbage, coal, charcoal. It became popular in the last few decades.

baby wearing white onesie laying on beige textile

51. Dylan

This name has a welsh origin. Dylan Thomas, the poet was the first highly recognizable person with the name. The meaning is the son of wave or ocean.

52. Emmett

The name’s origin can be traced to Hebrew, English and German origin. The name means universal. It has started to gain popularity.

53. Kai

This name has a Japanese origin. Though some believe it also has Swahili origin. The meaning is restoration.

54. Max

It has an aboriginal origin. But the name was popularized by English and German people. The meaning is greatest.

55. Justin

Many early saints bore this name. the meaning is someone who is just or fair.

56. Yohannah

It is a derivative of Greek or Hebrew name. It also has a Slavic origin. The meaning is God is gracious.

57. Maddox

A popular English name, it has a Welsh origin. The name was derived from a surname meaning son of Madoc.

58. Zachary

It is the Latin form of a Hebrew name. the meaning is He who was remembered.

59. Harrison

A popular name since the middle ages. It means son of Harry.

60. Brandon

The Irish meaning is a prince. The English meaning is dweller near the brushwood hill. The name reached peak popularity in the 1990s.

61. Carlos

A Spanish origin name. Spain had 4 kings with this name. It is a corresponding name to Carlos. The meaning is a grown-up.

62. Alan

This middle ages name was revived in the 1990s. It has a Celtic origin. The meaning is harmony or peace stone.

63. Xander

Many believe it is an abbreviated form of Alexander. The name means a man or a warrior who defends the weak and distraught.

64. Bryce

This Scottish name means one who is always alert. Alternately it can also mean the ardent one.

65. Zion

It is a Hebrew name. The meaning according to popular tradition is the highest point of a place.

66. Zane

One of the most popular names of recent times. It means God is gracious.

67. Mark

It is a Latin name. the name can have the meaning to be warlike. Another meaning is the God of war.

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68. Victor

A very popular English name. it has French and German origin. The name means one who has won or vanquished the other.

69. Kenneth

This Gaelic origin name is a popular choice among parents searching for exotic names. It means someone handsome.


It is believed to be an old Norse name. the meaning is white or fair.

71. Andres

It is a popular Spanish name, the English equivalent is Andrew. The meaning is a warrior.

72. Fabian

It is derived from the Roman name Fabianus. It indicates one who grows fava beans.

73. Anzo

Ancient Germanic name meaning and. It is a popular exotic name among many cultures across the world.

74. Umberto

This is one of the most popular Italian names. It means a renowned warrior. It is becoming popular worldwide.

75. Duncan

 It is the Anglicized form of a Gaelic name. The meaning can be translated as a dark-haired warrior.

76. Miller

It is an English or Scottish origin name. The meaning indicates an occupation. Someone who works at a mill or owns a mill.

77. Avel

This name has Russian origin it means gentle breath.

78. Phoenix

This name has become very popular in recent times. It means dark red.

79. Jett

An English name meaning liberation or freedom.

80. Joseph

A character from the Old Testament. The Hebrew name means one who will add.

81. Jose

A Spanish, Portuguese origin name, also common in Mexico, it means Jehovah increases.

82. Akio

This name has Japanese origin. It means a male.

83. Vaughan

Originated as a Welsh surname. It means small.

84. Coy

Irish origin name. it means calm, quiet.

85. Clark

Started as an English surname to describe the profession. This name means secretary or scribe.

86. Noah

This name has become increasingly popular since 2012. It means to rest or repose.

87. Nolan

A Gaelic name. the meaning is chariot fighter champion.

88. Justin

An Anglicized name. the meaning is just, fair, impartial.

89. Wyatt

This name has a strong old English origin. The meaning is brave in war.

90. Ronan

An Irish- English name. it means the little seal.

91. Vance

An old English name. it means one who lives in marshy land.

92. Stephen

A Greek name that can mean a crown or something that surrounds.

93. Jesse

A Hebrew name means gift.

94. Connor

An Irish name. It means a boy who loves hounds.

95. Cyrus

This name has Greek and Persian elements. It means a young person. It can also mean a far-sighted person.

96. Vincente

This name has an Italian origin. It means conquering or to conquer.

97. Griffin

A popular name since the middle ages. This name has a welsh origin. It means someone who is feared.

98. Rowan

This name originated in Celtic traditions. It means the red-haired young boy.

99. Nicholas

A biblical saint who used to save people or earned victories for people.

100. Gunter

A German origin name, it means battle or war.

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101. Finley

It is the short and Anglicized form of the Gaelic name Fionnlagh, which means the just warrior.

102. Hugo

A popular German name. It means is mind or spirit.

103. Elon

A typical Jewish name. it has Hebrew origins meaning a tree, an oak tree.

104. Theodore

A Latin origin name. The meaning is God’s gift. A popular nickname used for the name s Teddy.

105. Dominic

A common name among Roman Catholics. It means a child born on Sunday.

106. Dexter

It can have two meanings. Firstly, a right-handed person. Secondly, a dyer of cloth.

107. Aaron

A Hebrew name with various meanings such as bearer of martyrs, the enlightened one, a mountain of strength, or the exalted one.

108. Tyler

An Old English name, indication an occupation. It means the maker of laying of tiles or bricks.

109. Ezra

Reference to Ezra can be found in the Old Testament. It means help.

110. Reuben

A Hebrew origin name. It means to behold, a son. There was a surge of popularity for this name after the protestant revolution.

111. Dewei

This name is catching up in many Western countries. It is an old Welsh name. the meaning is beloved.

112. Rehaan

An Arabic name. It means sweet. Another meaning is scented attire or flower.

113. Kenji

A Japanese name. It means an intelligent and strong son. Most Japanese parents call their second son Kenji.


 A Latin or French origin name. popularly believed to have been derived from ours or bear it means bear cub.

115. Storm

An Anglo-Saxon name. it is increasingly becoming popular in modern times. It means a storm.

116. Eli

It means in Hebrew My God or the exalted one or one with high status. This name has become popular in the last 5 years.

117. Dario

A Greek origin name. It means a rich or wealthy person.

118. Lake

A name inspired by nature. This name is a recent popular name for boys. It means a water body.

119. Treyton

An English name means a town full of trees. There was a tradition of naming the third son Treyton, however, modern parents do not stick to such norms.

120. Wren

A typical English name. It means a bird. This name had lost its popularity after the middle ages but made a comeback after the 1960s.

121. Cree

It is a native American name. It is believed the name means a tribe.

122. Kalen

A Gaelic name which is becoming popular in recent times, it means a slender or fair person.

123. Hugh

A Franco-German name. the meaning is believed to be heart, mind, and spirit.

124. Rush

It is an Old English name of obscure origin. This name is becoming popular in recent times. It means a person who lives by the rushes.

125. Zyair

An Arabic name which means unlimited happiness.

126. Keanu

This name has Hawaiian origin. The popularly interpreted meaning is the breeze.

127. Casper

This name can be traced back to Scandinavia as well as Persia. It means treasurer.


A derivative name from old English. The name indicates good fortune.

129. Zayn

This name has an Arabic origin. The meaning can be interpreted as beauty or grace.

130. Otis

An old German, English name. The meaning is wealth or prized possession who is the son of Otto.

131. Gray

It is believed that a set of people residing Scottish- English border who has grey hair called their tribe by the same name. The name caught on and became a popular first name.

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132. Nas

A recent popular name. It means people in Arabic.

133. Night

This name suggests the night time. This name is popular as a cool name choice for baby boys.

134. Basil

It is not only the name of a herb but also means in Greek: royal, kingly, brave, and fearless.

135. Duke

In middle ages, it used to be an important epithet, but with time, it became a name. The meaning is one of noble origin. 

136. Tarek

This name has an Arabic origin. It means a trailblazer or morning star.

137. Mark

It is an old Latin name which is still very popular. It means God of wars.

138. Leonardo

An old French name. it means someone who has the heart of a lion or lion-hearted.

139. Drake

An old Norse name. the meaning is a dragon or serpent.


The name can be traced to the Roman origin. It means title or honour.

141. George

A Greek origin name. it means a farmer or earth worker.

142. Philips

It means a friend of the horses. It has a Greek origin.

143. Harvey

An English name blazing.

144. Christopher

An English name. it means bearer of Christ.

145. Bradley

A typical English name. it means broad meadow.

146. Hawk

This is an uncommon name. it indicates a falcon who is a bird of prey.

147. Shiv

A Sanskrit name. It indicates the God who is destructive but also benign and kind.

148. Kofi

An African name. It is used for baby boys born on a Friday.

149. Leander

A name from Greek legend. Leander was a man as brave as a lion.

150. Steven

An Anglicized Greek name, it means a crown.

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151. Darius

A Persian name indicating a king, rich in possession.

152. Fletcher

An old French name. It means an arrow.

153. Albert

An old English, German name. it means someone noble and bright.

154. Bruno      

Old German name. it became highly popular in the last two decades. It means shield or armor.

155. Ashton

Originally an English surname. It means an ash-free town.

156. Charlie

A very popular name. It means a free man.

157. Bruce

Once a popular name among Scottish and Normans, this name has become very popular everywhere in the world. It means the willow lands.

158. Barney

An English name which means a strong bear.

159. Ray

This name has an obscure origin. It means a wise protector.

160. Rhett

This name originated in the Dutch lands. It means advice or counsel.

161. Conrad

A derivative of Proto-Germanic name. the meaning is bold or counsel.

162. Richard

Germanic name. The meaning is ruler, powerful king.

163. Felix

A Roman name meaning lucky or successful.

164. Jeff

An English name. It can have three meanings: peaceful pledge, traveler, a district.

165. Lowell

Anglo-French derivative name. It means wolf.

166. Chandler

It is a middle English occupational name. It means a candle maker.

167. Willis

Ancient Norman name, it indicates a well.

168. Virgil

A Latin name meaning flourishing. Made famous by the name bearer, poet Virgil.

169. Septimus

It means the seventh son. Hence there was a tradition to name the seventh son Septimus. Modern parents do not follow such traditions.

170. Sundar

A Sanskrit origin name. the meaning is handsome or beautiful.

171. Warren

Old French name. Popular since the 1920s. It means the dweller at the games reserve.

172. Alfred

A German origin name. Its meaning translates into an Elf.

173. Tiger

The name of a majestic animal. It has become a popular but uncommon name. A famous bearer is Tiger Woods, the golfer.

174. Hritik

A Hindu origin name. It means from the heart.

175. David

A very popular name for decades. It means a beloved person.

176. Owen

A Welsh name meaning young warrior.

177. Wilson

A popular medieval name. It means desire, helmet or protection.

178. Romeo

It means a pilgrim on the way to Rome. It is also the name of a character immortalized by Shakespeare.

179. Oscar

Old Norse name. It means a gentle friend.

180. Elton

A popular English name, it means settlement.

181. Lewis

English name with Walsh elements. It means brightness.  

182. Harley

Old English name. It indicates a meadow.

183. Lamar

The French origin name is a derivative for la mer meaning, the sea.

184. Kayne

Hebrew name meaning the spear.

185. Robert

Popularized by Normans. It means bright.

186. Jason

A very popular name. It has Greek ancestry. The meaning is a healer.

187. Abe

Hebrew name. The meaning is the father of a multitude.

188. Smith

Anglo-Saxon origin name. It means to strike or smite.

189. Abraham

A biblical name. It has Hebrew origin. The meaning is the father of many.

190. Arthur

A Roman origin name. It means one who is courageous.

191. Saul

An Israeli name. The meaning is asked for or prayed for.

192. Ravi

Sanskrit origin Hindu name, it means the sun.

193. Millard

French origin name. The meaning is gracious, brave and strong.

194. Chester

A Latin origin name. It means a walled town or a fortress.

195. Robin

A popular name. It indicates a bird. It can also mean fame.

196. Valentino

Italian baby boy name. It means brave or strong.

197. Tom

A biblical origin name. It is a colloquial form of the name Thomas. It means one who doubts.

198. Dwane

An Irish baby boy name. It means dark or black.

199. Dennis

A French origin name. It means a devotee of Bacchus, a pagan god.

200. Cillian

An Anglicized form of an Irish origin name. It means a little church.

Choosing the Best Baby Boy Name

The name will become your son’s identity. Everyone he will ever meet will first know his name. It is one of the most integral and impactful parts of a person’s life. You can even choose names according to birth months or tarot approved names. Get your naming strategy sorted before the big naming day. Take time.

Don’t name your child in a rush. Select a few and imagine calling your child by that name. If you do not want to keep the name private to you, discuss with friends and family on what they think. Choose the one that you truly love. It can be a name with deep meaning or a cool undertone. 

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